1 (313)- "Rubī o sagase! / Mahō no ishi de majikaruchenji!" ("Search for Ruby! / Magical Change with a Magical Stone!")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 01

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 01

(ルビーをさがせ! / 魔法の石でマジカルチェンジ!)

Airdate: April 4, 2015

In a distant past, a young girl is in her lit bedroom at night, pondering as she looks outside the window. Turning around to look at a book on her bed, a flying orb suddenly smacks into her and knocking her down. Getting up, the girl sees the flying orb talking, apologizing as it thought it was a shortcut. Then the orb changes to reval its true form: A white female rabbit Jewelpet. The girl was amazed seeing an actual Jewelpet, she even recognizes from a book that she is reading. Looking at the book, it is a papyrus book of other Jewelpets and a castle. The rabbit supports her theory with her. Then the girl asks that she and the rabbit play together. But the rabbit says that she is in a hurry. So the girl insists that she should at least show her some magic. Agreeing, the rabbit casts a magic for her that makes the girl fall asleep. She was amazed, then falls asleep.

Time skips to the present and the girl, now a young adolescent, wakes up via alarm clock. Feeling the breeze outside her window, she goes to check her cellphone. She gets a message from her father that he has work at the time and has to go without making breakfast for her, which disappointed her. So, she decides to make breakfast by herself by cooking ham; she realized she forgot eggs with it but decided to eat with just ham. A boy with glasses then walks by brushing his teeth, remarking it's just called "grilled ham." The girl says good morning to him, identifying him as her brother. She then informs about their father about having another short notice job, he tells her that he got it in his own email.

The girl says that she is dulled out of cleaning up the agency, known as the Kirara Detective Agency. Then she begins to recall her childhood days of that magic even she saw that time, wishing she could cast magic. She then wondered if it was just a dream. The brother responds her about her claim, where he points out to the castle out in the distance from a window, who he identifies it as the Jewel Palace, where it appeared standing across town where magic is of no use. He clams science is superior to anything. He shows her a robot device that can clean anything, suggesting her that she should use it instead of magic.

The girl goes into a very messy room whereas she claims not even the cleaning robot would help her out. So she decided to clean up the room by hand. She heads to a closet to sort out her carried handful pile, but suddenly three orbs burst out and knocked her down. Getting up, she sees the orbs who eventually transform into Jewelpets; consisting of a white fox, a pink rabbit with glasses, and a white small bear. The girl became amazed to see more Jewelpets.

The pink rabbit wonders where they are, the girl replied that they're in a detective agency. Then she asks her own question on the closet they came out, where she quickly assumed the closet is actually a gate to the land of magic, Jewel Land. The white fox verified it. Excited it's the real way to Jewel Land, she opens the closet to see for herself, but unfortunately she finds it just an empty closet. The pink rabbit then understood it was a one-way trip. Labra began to worry, but the white fox says they can look for another gate.

The girl then introduces herself to the Jewelpets as Airi Kirara. Then the white fox introduces herself as Larimar, along with her two cohorts Labra, the white bear, and Luna, the pink rabbit. Airi asks if they can use magic. Labra says they all can. Airi gladly requested if they show her some magic. She requests if they can use a kind of magic that can clean up the agency. Luna takes up her offer; she opens her book and casts a spell that will clean up the room. It causes the debris to levitate and a trash can appears in the room. But it was completely useless.

Airi's brother comes in the room and sees the Jewelpets with his own eyes. Filled with determination, he plots to show them that science is superior than magic. Using the cleaning robot earlier, his robot cleans up the entire room and easily amazed everyone. Larimar is then reminded that they must find a figure named Ruby. Airi asks who Ruby is. Larimar describes that she has "ruby-colored" and that she had gone missing for seven years. Realizing the resemblance, she asks the Jewelpets if they can help her search.

Meanwhile, a black furred rabbit departs from an airport, plotting against Ruby. Accompanying her is a human girl in a white sun hat.

Airi and the Jewelpets are on the search for Ruby. Airi wonders on how they can find Ruby. The Jewelpets then show her their wristwatch devices that will help them find Ruby. Luna simply says the watch comes with a GPS device. Larimar's watch picks up a signal and leads the party to a shopping mall's stockroom. They enter the stock room to continue their search for Ruby. They manage to find Ruby, sleeping on a shelf stocked with a bunch of stuffed white rabbit dolls. Larimar wakes her up. Ruby checks her watch, then became shocked that she overslept.

Airi walks up to Ruby and picks her up. She asks if she remembers her seven years ago, the time Ruby put her to sleep with magic. Ruby remembers that day, but says that she is "relieved that she's alright." Airi was puzzled by that, Ruby explained that she messed up on her magic. Flashing back the time Ruby was casting sleep magic, it turns out she made a "sleep learning kit" appear, consisting of a radio set. It then bashed Airi on the head, knocking her out. Airi was shocked to learn the truth and briefly scolds Ruby for that.

Suddenly, two guards find the party and mistakes them as thieves. Surprised, Airi tries to explain that she a detective trying to find a missing Jewelpet. But the guards don't believe her and proceeds to catch them. Everybody makes a run for it. Ruby runs ahead of the pack and crashes into a stack of cargo, causing it to topple down on Ruby but Airi manages to pull her away before they crash down. Relieved, Ruby thanks for saving her. Airi reconiles that despite being clumsy, she told Ruby that she was glad she met her that night.

The guards evenutally catch up to the gang and manages to get them cornered. As Airi and Ruby wonder what to do, Airi's pendant suddenly glows and acts on its own. At the same time, Ruby's watch reacts and pulls itself towards the stone. As they connect, the stone and watch transforms Ruby into a little girl, surprising everyone. Ruby then casts her "Jewel Flash" magic with her wristwatch, which reverts everything in the entire warehouse back to normal and subconsciously sending the guards back before they caught the gang.

Ruby transforms back to his regular Jewelpet self. Airi was amazed seeing real magic and everyone else were amazed for Ruby. Nearby, the black rabbit finally found Ruby, but was perplexed at Ruby's magic and wondered about it as she stares on.

Cut off from the Jewel Palace, Airi tells the entire Jewelpet gang they can stay at the detective agency until they can find a way back home. Larimar asked everyone about the transformation magic that they've seen earlier. Referring to her pendant, Airi commented that her father bought the stone overseas. Labra tries touching the stone, but seemed to herself that she can't transform. Ruby boasts to herself that she can transform again. She places her hand on the stone for a brief moment, but nothing happened, much to her surprise.

Discussing about Ruby's slumber, Ruby replied that she was in training with a Jewelpet named Luea and fell asleep at some point while with her. Larimar then realized Luea also disappeared seven years ago. Then, a doorbell rings and Airi comes to the door to answer it. Opening the door, a girl in a blue dress greets Airi. But Airi appears to not recognize her, much to her annoyance.

Later, Airi realizes her name is Laura, a girl who was away for France. Laura said she came to have her solve a case for her. She presented her a letter that came to her mansion: It reads that a thief is plotting to steal from the Fukuouji. Forewarned of the thief's plot, she takes the case with sheer determination. Laura thanks Airi for her help, only for her to look slyishly.

Later, at the manor of Laura's home, she came to a black rabbit known as Luea herself on top of the building informing that Airi took the case and didn't realize it's a trap. They then take a yonder look at the Jewel Palace in the distance, where Laura commented it not being there the last time she was at home. Luea explained that the palace fell from the sky when it broke through the barrier between Jewel Land and the Human World and came crashing down in the town. The humans try to investigate palace, but they are unable to enter or interact with it at all. So it was treated as an everyday object where the people paid no attention to it at all. Luea also explained that the reason for the palace falling is because the magic in Jewel Land was growing weaker. So, the Jewelpets were sent into training to grow their magical powers to save their home.

Like all the other Jewelpets, Luea was sent out into the Human World to train and grow their magical powers. She was sent along with Ruby, where they vigorously competed with each other. But as Luea gone way ahead of her, she was shocked and upset that Ruby is gone. She searched around endlessly for her but collapsed from exhaustion. That's when Laura, her partner, found her in the streets of Paris and saved her. Laura commented how she ended up getting lost in Paris, but Luea changes the subject commenting about Ruby's spectacularly magic she saw the other day. Taking note of the pendant that changed her, Luea plots to use it for herself that can also change her into a human as well.

Back at the agency, Airi informs her brother that they will be out for the time being. But Ruby stops her, saying that she wants to eat dinner before they leave. Airi says they don't have any time to do it right now, so the brother decided to order pizza for them. But Airi also stated it takes time to have it delivered too, even thinking it needs 'magic' for that to happen. Getting the idea, Ruby decided to cast magic to make "Magical Pizza" appear. She creates a set of ingredients to make a pizza so she can cook pizza for everyone. However, Airi insists they don't have time at all and drags her away.

The gang heads for Laura's manor looking for the thief in the Jewelry room. Airi notices there aren't any security guards, but Laura says they "hiding in the shadows." Airi asks where the Legendary Treasure the thief plots to steal. Laura shows her the treasure: A pendant that actually looks similar to Airi's pendant to everyone's surprise. Luea, disguised as a "thief" and appears to be hiding in a vent, says to herself that the pendant is actually fake and will be used to switch out her real pendant.

As Airi and Laura compare their pendants, Laura has an idea of switching out her pendant with her own, knowing that 'her' pendant might be safe with Airi. Seeing the opportunity, Luea turns off the lights and snatches the (real) pendant from the case and escapes through the window. The gang goes after her and catch up to her on top of the manor roof. Luea boasts to herself that with the pendant, she'll be able use its power and gain strong magical powers. However, as she tries to use the pendant, she discovers it's not working as it would've expected. As she frets in frustration, Larimar sneaks up close and tackles her down, causing her to drop the pendant. Airi dives and catches the pendant, but Luea grabs it too. They end up struggling over the pendant, while Ruby joins in to assist.

Laura catches up to everyone, only to worry that Luea is having a hard time. Suddenly, Laura slips on the roof and hangs on the roof's edge. She's nearly losing her grip and Luea becomes distressed. But then, the pendant starts to glow. Getting the signal, Airi combines the pendant with Ruby and transforms into a human girl via "Magical Change." With her Jewel Flash magic, she makes a giant stuff rabbit appear and saves Laura from falling. Returning to normal, Larimar unmasks Luea and reveals her true identity. Ruby embraces Luea after reuniting with her, also telling her that it's bad to steal from other. Luea admittedly acknowledges her.

As everyone returned to the ground, Ruby says she'll forgive Luea. Luea nervously thanks to everyone for saving Laura. Ruby acknowledges her and then the gang parts ways. As they leave, Luea vows that she'll still get her hands on Airi's pendant and make the transformation magic hers.

2 (314)- "Yume-darake no rōra / Rabura, o tsukai suru ra buu ~" ("Laura, Full of Dreams / Labra is Going Out on an Errand Labu~")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 02

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 02

(夢だらけのローラ / ラブラ、おつかいするらぶぅ~)

Airdate: April 11, 2015

Laura, having a meal with Luea, makes an introductory to the viewers of Jewelpet. She introduces herself as a young girl of the Fukuōji Family, a wealthy family who owns a world-class shopping mall and a local mansion. At glance, she could own almost anything. But, there is one thing she couldn't own at all...

Laura and Luea eavesdrop at the Kirara Detective Agency, where Laura glances at the one she couldn't own: Airi's brother, named Sakutarō Kirara. The two see him off accompanying Airi as they both headed out shopping, while Laura lovingly adores Sakutarō in the distance. The duo then returns to the mansion, where Laura shows a room of a whole collection of Sakutarō-related items. Luea asked why she has such a collection of him. She explains, that she had always looked up to big brother type characters as a child. She even tried asking her parents if she could have a big brother of her own; however they replied they can't do anything about it, much to her dismay. But then, she discovers that her friend, Airi, in Kindergarten, has a big brother of her own: Sakutarō himself. When Laura introduced herself to Sakutarō, he casually replied to her in a very nice manner. Laura suddenly felt attracted to him.

Since then, Airi, Sakutarō, and Laura have been best of friends since. Laura even grew closer to Sakutarō and started looking up to him. Luea then asks what makes Sakutarō special to her. She then explained again, much to Luea's slight annoyance on her persistence. Again in the childhood years, Sakutarō shows his latest invention to the girls: A "Super Flying Machine" - capable of flight as if they're using magic. Laura volunteers to try it out for him. So from an elevated point, Laura jumps off with the machine active, but it suddenly breaks apart and Laura hangs on the edge. She eventually loses her grip and falls, but Sakutarō manages to save her in time. From that moment, Laura fell in love in Sakutarō and admires him more than anyone else.

Yet, Sakutarō remains the only person she couldn't have no matter how she tries it. Seeing how much she treasures him the most, Luea had a reminiscent of that moment Ruby transformed into a human girl. In turn, the two realize they share a common with each other. So, Luea proposes if she manages to acquire the pendant, the first thing she'll do is make Sakutarō Laura's brother. So the two agrees to team up to achieve their goals.

Afterwards, Laura calls out to a person named Kato. She appears before her, ready to be at her service. Laura requests to prepare some 'cool outfits' for her; an outfit suitable for her in the night. They dress up in Gentlemen thief-like outfits, but then the two end up glaring each other at their indifferent name choices for their duo. Nevertheless, they head for the Detective Agency to sneak in and steal the pendant. In the process, Laura trips and the two ended up falling off the roof. However, Sakutarō manages to save them from the window. Laura then realized the moment was like the same time Sakutarō saved her since she was a child.

Laura and Sakutarō then lounge off the porch of the window. Laura looks at Sakutarō and saw that he's still the same kind boy since their childhood. Sakutarō, who doesn't realize she's Laura, ask what's she's doing at the agency. Laura tries to dodge it, but then she falls off again. Luea saves her by using her magic to create a parachute on her. Sakutarō becomes baffled at the current situation, while Laura hangs upside down fawning someday she'll make Sakutarō her brother. Luea then decided just put the thief act on hold and plan another day.

Airi Kirara is cooking pork curry for lunch today. She discovers she forgot to buy pickled vegetables with it. Labra boasts to everyone that she'll go out to buy it. However, the Jewelpets don't think she can handle going by herself. But Labra insists that she can do it.

So Labra heads out by herself. Worried that Labra still cannot go out on her own, Airi, Ruby, Larimar, and Luna secretly follow her from afar. Labra comes across a fork in the road and becomes stumped determining which way. Airi wondered how they can get her to go the right way. Ruby suggest they can stage a construction scenario and block all the wrong ways. So everyone tries to setup, but Labra uses her Jewel Watch's GPS to map the way, much to everyone's shock.

Labra manages to reach the shopping mall. She later sees a mother and daughter taking note of Labra. She deviously appreciates their praise to herself as they pass by. Airi and the rest of the Jewelpets continue to follow her, but then the same mother and daughter sees them together, alerting Labra. However, the four disguise themselves as ordinary objects to draw away her suspicion, though the mother and daughter were baffled on their unusual behavior.

Entering the store, Labra browse around to find the pickled vegetables, but currently has no clue where to look. She begins to lose confidence, but then she hears two women chatting about making curry. She gets an idea to follow the two so that they can lead her to the pickled vegetables. After a few shopping distractions, the two women eventually arrive at the pickled vegetables, to Labra's delight. However, she is unable to reach them due to her tiny size. She looks around to ask for assistance, but nobody is in sight.

Labra eventually loses her will to go on, coming to the blame that the Jewelpets were right about being too young. Airi and the others are inside the shop after a setback they've encountered. Then they saw Labra crying. Everyone were stunned to see her in a sad mood. But then, Airi's pendant begins to glow and Labra's Jewel Watch glows as well. The pendant sends off a magical energy and infuses with Labra. Boosted with powerful magic, Airi and Ruby tells her to transform. So Labra performs magical change and transforms into a human girl. Confident with her new body, Labra can finally reach out to get the pickled vegetables. But, she is still too short to get them, much to everyone's surprise. So Labra solves the problem by using magic to create a stool and manages to get the pickled vegetables.

Back home, everyone gets to finally enjoy their curry meal. Larimar queried about the last situation that they now discovered that other Jewelpets can transform with the pendant. Labra gloats that she's willing to transform again anytime. Aside, everyone praised the pork curry. Sakutarō later comes in, excusing for being late. He comes up to his pork curry meal, but is shocked to find it has no garlic with it. Everyone becomes dismayed to hear from Sakutarō's reaction, much to his confusion.

3 (315)- "Aidoru ni majikaruchenji! / Shippo nante dai kirai!" ("Magical Change Idol! / I despise my tail!")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 03

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 03

(アイドルにマジカルチェンジ! / しっぽなんて大キライ!)

Airdate: April 18, 2015

An image girl contest is being held at the Jewel Mall, whereas winning the position can make their debut as an 'idol'. Labra fancies to participate, but Luna says she isn't qualified for that, making her frustrated. So Ruby suggests to Larimar if she likes to participate in the contest. Larimar becomes flustered, but everyone encourages her.

At the Jewel Mall, Laura introduces to everyone as the contest's moderator, jury, and organizer. She turns her attention to the ballot containing a load of participants. She grabs one document, but reveals "only one person" participated in the contest: Herself. Unanimously, she declares herself as the 'winner' of the image girl contest. But none of the audience were impressed.

Ruby then stepped up on the stage, declaring a participant who will be competing in the contest and claiming her to be "the bestest idol ever." So Ruby heads back to the gang to fetch Larimar, but Larimar denounces that she can't Magical Change yet. Ruby decides to make it happen, by using her magic to stage an "in a pinch" scene; Luna joins in along with it. But Larimar is not impressed. Labra also tries to make a "pinch" scene by making her back itch, but still made no progress.

Laura comes in the back, hurrying the gang to reveal their "idol" to the stage. Ruby decided to use her magic to try and amplify the pendant. To Airi's surprise, it's actually glowing. Then the pendant sends out its magic, but Luna seems to note its trivial power. Larimar immediately jumps to fuse with it to Magical Change. She now becomes a human, but the gang became shocked at her appearance she is now. Without a thought, Larimar runs onto the stage, with Airi looking nervous.

As Larimar reveals herself on the stage, she turns out to have transformed into an old woman. Oblivious to this, Larimar tries introducing herself, but everyone were shocked of her less-appealing appearance. Labra decided to make Larimar see what's wrong with her by showing her a mirror. By the time Larimar takes a look of herself, she became shocked and ran away from the stage.

Labra concludes Ruby's magic didn't really help at all. Laura decided to declare herself as the winner again. She then setup a photoshoot for her debut. After inputing a command to call a photoshoot, a mechanical arm grabs and lifts Laura high into the sky. Surprised, she later gets a message from her father, saying that the "photoshoot" will take place as a bungee jump. Laura then finds herself positioned near the ledge on top of the mall, perplexed at her father's over-exaggerated planning.

Elsewhere, the old-lady Larimar is now discouraged because of her appearance. Just then, Laura runs up to Larimar, claiming "she still has a chance" and immediately makes Larimar take her place on the bungee jump photoshoot. After giving up her position as winner and denounces that Larimar "won" the contest, Larimar now finds herself high on top of the Jewel Mall, frightened.

Larimar surveys her situation and sees that the audience is expecting to see her jump. Though she wants to meet everybody's expectation, Larimar is too hesitant to do it. However, Airi and the others cheer for her, saying that no matter her appearance, she believes in her determination to become an idol. Larimar was relieved to hear their support.

The pendant began to glow again, but this time, produces genuine magic. The magic flies off to Larimar to fuse with her and Larimar Magical Changes once more. She then became a more appealing version of her human self. She jumps off and uses her magic to float herself down to the ground. Then Kato parachutes herself down to Larimar and takes photos of her. After Larimar lands on the ground, everyone clamored for her, and Larimar became happy now that everybody loves her.

The photos were later posted around the mall, displaying Larimar of her human form. Everyone congratulated to Larimar now that she achieved her dream as an idol. Larimar becomes flattered to hear all their praises, as the episode ends from there.

The gang are playing a game of hide-and-seek and Luna is seeking. As everyone hides out of sight, Luna easily finds Larimar, because of her tail. After tea break, Larimar goes into the bathroom and stars to think her tail is becoming a hindrance to her. Then she gets an idea: She can make her tail smaller using her magic. So she casts a magic spell to make her tail smaller. However, the spell backfires and instead makes her tail into a talking entity.

The gang call out Larimar asking if she likes to play hide and seek with them. But then the talking tail comes up to them and bad-mouths them with brutal honesty, while Larimar tries to maintain a calm atmosphere. Airi asks what is wrong with her tail. Larimar comes up to her and tries to ask for her help, but the tail changes the subject by asking for a game of hide-and-seek.

So everyone plays hide-and-seek, and Luna is seeking. She easily finds Larimar again, but when she tries to tag her, the talking tail threatens her to replace everyone's Jewel Watches. Frightened, Luna overlooks Larimar. By the time it's Larimar's turn to seek, her tail takes charge and plays rough finding everyone which knocks them all aside.

Thinking that Larimar wants to play unfair, Labra uses her magic to transport everyone to a snowy land and goes out far to hide. The tail takes initiative again and follows her, but everyone becomes slowed down by the chilly weather. Ruby uses her magic to make everyone warm, but backfires into creating an incoherent object.

Airi says they won't be able to find their way back and her cell phone isn't working either. In Ruby's distress, she blindly uses her magic to create more uncorrelation, while Luna is panicking. However, Larimar rallies everyone together to keep holding on to their hopes. Larimar's tail stands staring, seemingly concerned. So everyone now start looking for Labra. Larmiar falls down due to harsh conditions, but her tail vigorously motivates her to keep going. As everyone continues, they manage to find Labra, face down sad in the snow. Approaching her, Labra becomes relieved to see everyone again. But Ruby is now feeling very cold. In response, Larimar's tail inflates itself with air and wraps around everyone to keep them all warm.

After the cold subsides, Larimar's tail begins to fade. In Larimar's arms, her tail said she thought she was a useless person, but now she sees that she revalues her tail now, and becomes proud of her. In its last moments, the tail makes her promise to never hate things of value. Then it reverts back to a normal tail and everyone is placed back at home. Larimar agrees to heed her tail's advice.

4 (316)- "Mahō nante iranai!? / Papa tte don'na hito?" ("You don't even need Magic!? / What kind of person is Dad?")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 04

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 04

(魔法なんていらない!? / パパってどんなひと?)

Airdate: April 25, 2015

Sakutarō uses his vacuum cleaner robot named Mambo to clean the household, while Airi sits and watches him control his robot. Although convenient, she told him it's bothering her since she says she can use magic since they have the Jewelpets with them. However, Ruby and Labra are lazing about. Sakutarō continues berating magic over science, but Airi continues arguing with him. She tries to get Ruby and Labra to demonstrate their magic, but they fall asleep, much to her disappointment. So Sakutarō says he has made his point, but the girls continue to go against his ideals. So Sakutarō decided to prove to the girls once and for all science is better than magic, by inventing a "Mecha Jewelpet" that can do everything a Jewelpet can. The girls become astonished, while Luna intrigues herself to see what he can do.

Sakutarō begins working on his mecha Jewelpet project in his room. During work, Ruby, Labra, and Larimar come in to show off their talent of using their magic to do various of their respective chores. Such as doing the laundry, making pizza, and a specially brewed tea with magical milk. This leaves Sakutarō with various suggestions, all while being challenged science could not do any of the other Jewelpet's magical work. By midnight, Sakutarō falls asleep due to tiredness. Luna on the other hand, was watching his dedicated work from the distance.

The following day, Sakutarō completes his invention and shows off his latest work: The Mechanical Jewelpet. He activates it and makes him do every in the house, from laundry to carpentry and even phone business. Everyone were surprised, though Luna to herself, respects him.

The Jewelpets were still not impressed. Ruby, Labra, and Larimar later challenged the Mechapet to various things requested by themselves. They later start making lots and lots of more requests on the Mechapet. Being flooded with too much information, the Mechanical Jewelpet malfunctions and goes on a rampage throughout the town. Everyone chases after the Mechapet and Sakutarō tries to stop it. Eventually, the Mechapet jumps into a river and becomes submerged underneath.

Sakutarō becomes dismayed losing all his hardwork and effort. Luna feels sympathetic for him. Then, Airi's pendant glows and transforms into magic power. It then fuses with Luna, magically changing her into her human form. With her magic, she casts a spell to grab the submerged Mecha out of the water. Then she reverts back to her regular form.

The Mechapet later breaks down due to the malfunction. Luna feels sorry for not being able to help the Mechapet. In Sakutarō's demise, the other girls cheer him up by saying it was impressive either way. Sakutarō appreciates their encouragement. He grabs onto Luna, thanking her for showing her magic to him that made him realize an importance...But selfishly proclaims he should of made Mechapet waterproof, much to everyone's surprise. In spite of his ego, Luna is only glad Sakutarō is back to normal.

Airi gets a call from her father. He tells her that he forgot magnifying glass and asks her to find and deliver it to him. So Airi and the Jewelpets search around the house and eventually finds his magnifying glass.

Airi leaves the house and goes off to deliver the magnifying glass to him, leaving the Jewelpets to themselves. Ruby then taught up of an idea: To discover who Airi's father really looks like. So the others agree to discover his identity.

Rummaging around the house, the Jewelpets find rather interesting objects around the house, ranging from props, tradional Japanese, and recreational items. Luna uses all the items the Jewelpets found to draw hypothetical artist representation of Airi's father one by one with each clue. After finding various items, Luna puts all the clues together to come up with an illustration. The result was a mixed representation based on all the objects the Jewelpets found, much to everyone's disappointment.

Airi comes back and sees everyone depressed. Airi later sees Luna's drawing and takes a look at it. She concludes it looks just like his father "in the old days", much to her amusement. This shocked the Jewelpets, discovering that they were right all along. Airi explained that his father was intrigued with detective work and collected various items of a typical detective. She also commented that he somewhat went too far wearing all of them at once. Then Airi shows the Jewelpets a picture of what he looked like in the old days: A slim masculine man during the days at the beach.

5 (317)- "Meronpankānibaru / Soshite min'na inaku natta" ("Melonpan Carnival / And Everyone's gone")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 05

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 05

(メロンパンカーニバル / そしてみんないなくなった)

Airdate: May 2, 2015

Airi serves melon bread for breakfast. The meal was later followed up again in lunch, dinner, and even in the following days. Eventually, Larimar had enough and demanded an explanation why they're having the same food over and over again.

Sakutarō answers Larimar's question for her, saying that today is the "Melon Bread Carnival". He further explains that there is a collection system that involves gathering 40 seals for a free dish. He concludes Airi is but obsessed with collecting those seals just for getting free stuff. Then he leaves with no resolution for her condition.

Larimar starts to worry for Airi being too obsessed with melon breads and requests she should stop. However, Airi showcases a devoted passion for melon bread and festival, completely ignoring her in the process and dances festively. Ruby, Labra, and Luna subconsciously join her festival dance without complaints. Larimar, despite her annoyance, unanimously joins too.

Then suddenly, Airi notices she has one seal left to collect. Desperate, Airi goes to the mall and runs store to store to find more melon breads, but all the shops she went to are either sold out or serve different kinds of bread/food. Eventually, Airi becomes too dismayed to continue.

Ruby tries suggesting they could try buying more bread tomorrow, but Larimar makes a second statement that today is the last day of the festival. Nearby, Laura and Luea walk by in the distance and see Airi depressed. They see it as a chance to take the pendant away from her, so they start off by approaching the group. Laura offers them to support them in any way she could. Just as they're about to ask for Airi's pendant, Ruby cuts to the chase that Airi wanted the free melon bread dish.

Laura started to sympathize with Airi's misfortune. In her altruism, she gives them a "service ticket" that allows them to have as many melon breads served to them. Luea tries reminding about taking the pendant, but Laura refuses for today just to help a friend out. Then she leaves.

As Airi continues qualming herself, Ruby cheers her up by telling her not to give up. Airi becomes relieved to hear her support and tells her might be the good time to use magic. So Ruby uses her magic to make a melon seal appear. However, nothing happened, much to everyone's disappointment. Despite this, Airi says she's fine now and thanks Ruby for her support. Ruby becomes glad to hear her praise, but then suddenly everyone noticed Ruby has the melon seal on the back of her head.

Everybody went home Airi ignorantly tries getting the seal off from Ruby, but is stuck tight on her. Airi then tries suggesting turning Ruby in along with the seals to get the free dish, to which the Jewelpets quote she would be doing unpaid work at the bakery. Seeing it as the only option, Ruby agrees to let her do that and promises to her that she'd visit her time to time. But suddenly, another melon seal appears on Ruby, to everyone's surprise. Then another one appears, then more and more start appearing on Ruby.

More seals keep appearing and appearing, leaving everyone baffled what to do with Ruby's predicament. But Larimar notices that Ruby is looking flat and rounder. Sakutarō comes in and notices Ruby's condition. He speculates it's because the magic is now reciprocating the Melon Festival's seal bonus system and when forty seals appear on Ruby, she will turn into a "dish." Thinking this will make Ruby disappear, Airi becomes worried for her. Then thirty-nine seals appear on Ruby, bring her closer to her transformation. Ruby then requests that she takes good care of her if she becomes a dish, and Airi bargainly promises to care for her. As they tearfully see to each other, Airi's pendant begins to glow.

Everyone begin deciding who would transform to save Ruby. Larimar tries to volunteer and touches the pendant, magically changing her to her human form. But then the 40th seal appears on Ruby. In haste, Larimar tries using her magic on Ruby, resulting in a flash of white.

The following morning, Airi serves melon bread to everyone (again), much to everyone's annoyance. Though Luna explains they must finish the leftovers from the carnival. Then Ruby comes in, who is (literally) now a dish. Labra quoted that even the pendant's magic couldn't have saved her, Labra tries replying she didn't know what to do at that time. Luna concludes their theory of whoever put the effort in their transformed state.

The episode ends with Ruby quoting to the viewers not to overdo things too seriously.

Somewhere in the room of books, Labra curiously looks around. In the kitchen, Airi serves melon bread to everyone, to their dismay. Larimar notices Ruby is still a dish but Ruby is content about it. Then Larimar notices that Labra isn't with them and wondered where she is. So everyone started looking for her, but find no results. Then Sakutarō says he found Labra's Jewel Watch in the washroom, leading the Jewelpets that Labra could be missing. Airi gleams, indicating it as an imminent case.

Heading into the washroom, the gang traces up the current info of Labra's disappearance in the washroom. Luna comes out of the toilet, takes off her Jewel Watch to wash her hands. Seeing that, Airi thinks Labra might have forgotten her Jewel Watch while washing her hands; Larimar takes it as a possibilty, but Sakutarō says that's leading her nowhere.

Back at the living room, Sakutarō checks up on the security cameras and finds no evidence that Labra left the house, indicating she's still inside. Airi gets a call from her father, saying she should check the security camera in the study. Everyone goes into the study room to investigate. They find the camera in the ceiling and Sakutarō checks its recording. They find Labra in view, but the feed briefly cuts off and she disappears, much to everyone's surprise.

Airi tries calling her father, but to no avail. Luna studies the construction plan of the house and decides to check up on something, so she goes away; Larimar follows her. Airi becomes anxious and wondered what's in the study room, thinking it could be the gate to Jewel Land, but Sakutarō states the Jewel Watches didn't react to magic. After more hypothesizing, the group returns to the study room to find Luna and Larimar. Sakutarō checks the camera feed again for them, but discovers they disappeared just like Labra.

Ruby decides to use magic to make everybody reappear. But Sakutarō warns her that if she fails she might disappear herself. Airi begins to worry, but Ruby shows no hesitation and assures her to always remember her incase she does. So Ruby begins to cast her spell to make everyone reappear. However, she ends up making Sakutarō disappear.

With Airi and Ruby the only ones remaining, they begin to worry for each other they might disappear. They made their solem vows to each other that the two would not forget each other if they disappear, and that they would always be together forever. As they hug in comfort, the two disappears from the view of the camera feed from a brief cut off.

Meanwhile, Laura and Luea decides to make another attempt to steal Airi's pendant. Laura rings the door bell to get the gang's attention, but after a few seconds, there was no answer. So they walked away in disappointment without saying a word.

Back at the study room, it's revealed that Airi and everyone were in a secret room behind the library books containing various stuff. Airi also deduced that when the room opens, it generated noise on the camera to make it look like everyone disappeared. Not only that, Sakutarō is also a dish himself to his dismay.

6 (318)- "Oyatsu dorobō wa dare? / Obake o yattsukero!" ("Who's the Snack Thief? / Defeat all the Ghosts!")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 06

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 06

(おやつドロボーは誰? / オバケをやっつけろ!)

Airdate: May 9, 2015

Labra enjoys snack time in a box. But when she opens the box, she is shock to find out that her snack has disappeared. When the gang comes for an inquiry, Airi says her snack must've disappeared before her break. In conclusion, anybody in the house could be the thief, so everyone decides to figure out who is the thief.

While Airi decides to take charge who the snack thief is, Ruby, Larimar, and Luna wants to be detectives too with her to find the thief. They all thought of magically changing into their human forms to use their magic to solve the mystery. But, they all distinctively point fingers at Labra, claiming to be the thief. As the four argue against each other who should be the detective, Labra is beginning to doubt they are of any use at all and is considering of taking matters into her own hands.

Airi settles down the topic of using magic and states they should solve the problem to themselves only. Airi begins to brainstorm, then comes up with a theory. She states that the room they are in has a locked window. And that the only way the thief can come in is through the door in the room. So she declares the thief could be any of the Jewelpets. However, they argued that Airi herself could be the thief. This leaves her started and the Jewelpets start getting ideas about her. Then they end up chasing her around the room.

Sakutarō comes into the room. Airi sees him and hides behind him pleading for help. Sakutarō wondered what was going on, but then the Jewelpet notices a food filling on his cheek, and Ruby distinguishes it as a Mont Blanc cake. Larimar ask where did the crumb came from. He stated it was a sample from a similar box in the same room. The Jewelpets then conclude that Sakutarō isn't the thief. Sakutarō also adds that he never knew it was Mont Blanc due to its unusual color he claims.

Larimar and Luna then asked how Ruby knows it was Mont Blanc, saying they never knew what a Mont Blanc looks like. It then leaves Ruby nervous and panicky. The Jewelpets then start to realize Ruby is the thief and Labra, out of anger, attacks Ruby.

Airi answers the doorbell at the door and sees Laura, looking sadded. She tells Airi that some ghosts appeared at school and wants Airi to solve the mystery. Airi becomes shocked after hearing her.

At night, Airi investigates the haunted school and bring Ruby along with her. Ruby wondered why did she bring her along with her, Airi replied that Laura tried relying on her to solve the mystery of the ghosts that appeared in the school. Ruby thinks Airi just wanted to show off her skills and becomes uninterested. But Airi begged Ruby to accompany her.

Elsewhere, Laura and Luea eavesdrop on the two and reveal to themselves it's a trap to steal Airi's pendant, where they plan on scaring Airi so it'd be easier to take it from her. So they put their plan into motion by first conjuring fireball spirits, powered by Luea's magic. Airi and Ruby become initially scared, but then they suddenly see a fire dancer performing limbo, to their confusion. Laura became displeased seeing how absurd it got. Luea had no idea how that happened, however.

Airi and Ruby enter a music classroom. There, they see a portrait that is actually crying. Then they hear it talk, to their surprise. But the portrait explained he's next to a Mozzart portrait with peeled onion. Ruby solves this by using a marker to draw a face mask to block the smell. The portrait thanks him, much to Airi's disbelief. Laura and Luea pop out, seeing that the trap didn't work. So they move onto their next plan.

In the science classroom, Airi and Ruby encounter a moving mannequin. When it looks into a mirror, it becomes frightened by its own reflection. Later, Ruby goes into the bathroom to use the toilet. Then finds no toilet paper. Then ghostly hands appear to 'help' Ruby, but is oblivious of their presences in plain sight. Airi seems confused, hearing Ruby talking to herself. When she tries going into the bathroom, she becomes frightened by the appearances of the ghostly hands. Ruby comes out, then sees the ghostly hands. But she is not deterred by their presence.

Airi becomes rattled she won't be able to handle the ghosts. But Ruby says she isn't afraid of them at all and says that Airi might be able to overcome sooner or later. Airi believes she has a point and feels she's getting less frightened of them. Laura sees the two getting used to their scare plan as she sees them in a corner. She then sees Luea, who became demoralized when her magic isn't working the way she thought. Laura motivates her to not give up in the midst, saying she is always there for her.

Feeling content, the two head outside and resort to making a stuffed toy into a 'great ghost'. Luea focuses, then casts a spell on the toy. Meanwhile, Airi and Ruby investigate the gymnasium. Then they heard screaming. As they tried looking, they suddenly see the giant stuffed toy monster through a window. They head outside and see Laura and Luea running away from a giant stuffed toy. Airi urges Ruby to help them out. So Ruby casts her magic, but ends up summoning another giant stuffed toy, then the two end up being chased themselves. The girls eventually cross paths and end up stopping before each other. Then the two giant stuff toys collide, resulting in magic dissipating and the toys revert back to their inanimate original sizes.

Airi and Ruby notice Laura and Luea, and Ruby later discovers they were the ones making the ghosts appear. She believes it being a "Test of Courage" for Airi and herself, probably to 'entertain' the two. Though nervous, Laura and Luea went with the flow to dissuade them away from their original plan. Then they leave goodbye, with Luea still plotting to get Airi's pendant.

7 (319)- "Sakutarō yōshi-ka keikaku / Gānetto ga kita!" ("Sakutaro Adoption Plan / Garnet has arrived!")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 07

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 07

(朔太郎養子化計画 / ガーネットが来た!)

Airdate: May 16, 2015 Laura is in her secret collection of Sakutarō, looking up every bits of him as her "big brother". Thinking she should make her into her brother right away, Luea suggest that she have her parents adopt Sakutarō into the family so that Sakutarō can become her actual brother. Taking her advice, Laura agrees.

After following Luea's advice, Kato denounces that according to the specs that the family requires for Sakutarō, he doesn't meet the requirements for adoption. Disappointed with the result, Laura takes it into her own hands to make Sakutarō adoptable. They locate him conspicuously and Laura requests Luea to use her magic to make Sakutarō her adopted brother. Complying, Luea casts a magic spell to make Sakutarō Laura's adopted brother. However, her magic words were misinterpreted to turn him into a toothpick instead, leaving them utterly surprised.

Ruby comes around the corner, carrying food in a bag. She crashes into Laura and they both drop their items. The two quickly retrieve their belongings, and Luea scolds Ruby for not looking where she's going. Ruby briefly apologies, then continues walking. Laura and Luea return to the manor. Luea apologies for turning Sakutarō into a toothpick, but Laura reassures her it's fine having him as a toothpick. So she brought some cookies so she can give him some dessert to "eat". As she tries to indulge the toothpick Sakutarō to eat some, she accidentally breaks him in half, ultimately shocking her. Luea, however, takes a closer inspection on the toothpick and discovers it's not actually Sakutarō; just a regular toothpick. They realized their toothpick got mixed up with Ruby's bag when they both collided and that Sakutarō is in fact with Ruby.

At the Kirara household, the girls have takoyaki for today's meal. Luna wondered where Sakutarō, but Airi says he hates takoyaki because of the style. So Ruby indulges everyone to eat. However, Airi notices the lack of number of toothpicks for everyone so she goes into the kitchen to get more. Luna tries to solve this problem by using her magic to create more toothpicks, but her spell misinterprets to creating a "son-in-law" play situation.

Laura arrives and appears in front of the four. She makes them a proposition: They exchanges their toothpicks they have with a whole boxes of toothpicks she brought for them. However, Ruby absentmindedly cuts to eating takoyaki and grabs a toothpick. Laura and Luea panics thinking it could be Sakutarō and Luea attacks Ruby, causing her to lose her toothpick in the air. As Laura tries to chase after it, Airi comes into the room with toothpicks and Laura crashes into her, causing a bunch of other toothpicks to spill onto the ground with the suspected Sakutarō.

So, Luea and Laura tries explaining the situation, but by making it look like a "training accident". To find out which toothpick is Sakutarō, Airi suggest using Sakutarō's dislike for takoyaki and try sticking the toothpicks to spot his reaction. As she tests with every toothpick, she gets no reaction so far. Ruby suggests she uses her magic to return Sakutarō back to normal. So she casts a magic spell to return Sakutarō to normal, but she accidentally turns the takoyakis into a giant octopus.

The octopus grabs Airi, Laura, and Luea and holds them in place. Larimar tries saving them by using her magic, but creates a takoyaki stand. The octopus later destroys the toothpick boxes causing a massive spill of toothpicks on the Jewelpets.

Laura laments for all the mess she made and disdainfully wishes she could apologize to Sakutarō. At the moment, Airi's pendant starts to glow with magical energy. Luea notices it and she struggles forward to touch it. But Ruby dives in to connect with the stone, magically changing her into her human form. Then she casts a magic spell to return everything to normal, especially Sakutarō. Sakutarō becomes unaware what was going on, then he finds takoyaki on his head. He tastes and to his intrigue, becomes content of the flavor. Luna is surprised to hear that he never tasted it.

The girls now feast on their takoyaki meal. They suddenly noticed that Laura and Airi are gone and Airi wonder where they went. Elsewhere, Laura and Luea are observing the from Jewel Palace at sunset. Luea says that Sakutarō now likes takoyaki after returning him to normal, and Laura plans someday that she'll make Sakutarō part of her life.

The girls get a view on the Jewel Pad of the Kirara Detective Agency website that Sakutarō recently made for the business. Airi also states that he added a new form of inquiry called "online consulation", which allows email communication for detective consulation. Just then, the gang recieves an email from a client, saying they want to be a "cute stylish girl."

Reading the message, the sender is "Nene" and the gang think the she may have used the wrong address. Larimar decide to respond the reason and sends a reply answering the sender's question. The recipient later replies quickly, saying they're not 'amused' with the answer, to Larimar's displeasure. Labra says it could be another magic case, so she casts a spell to create cuteness, but makes the Jewel Pad decoratively beautiful. Ruby gives it a shot; she casts a spell to make the Jewel Pad even cuter, but makes the Jewel Pad on a humanoid body.

Another message is sent, saying it's weird by just saying "cute" only. Getting a hunch they're being observed, Airi opens the room's window and she sees a glasses girl in the distance, who hides away quickly. Assuming it might be their sender, Nene, Airi asks Luna to switch the Jewel Pad on 'voice mode' so they can converse with her actively. After Luna switches it on, Airi calls out to Nene and asks to speak with her directly. But she replies on her Jewel Pad that she doesn't want to because she claims she is not cute. Airi replies back to her that she and the girls won't be able to give advice to her if they can't speak directly with her and know who she is. Luna opens her book about girls, and she says that a girl is capable of becoming a lovely girl and make anybody fall for her. But Nene responds she is incapable of love and nobody likes her. Luna simply replies love will eventually come for her, but Airi adds that might be difficult just by waiting it out in nothingness.

Larimar gets an idea and suggest getting help from someone from the Jewel Palace who knows about fashion. She uses her magic to call forth, the master of fashion, Garnet, and she appears in the room tossed right out from a closet. As she asks what's going on, Larimar tells her that a girl on the Jewel pad needs advice of becoming a cute fashionable girl. Hearing that her skills of fashion are needed, Garnet agrees to help. However, she mistakenly takes in the humanoid Jewel Pad and exits the room to everyone's confusion.

At the Jewel Mall, Garnet starts picking clothes for the humanoid Jewel Pad to make it fashionable. Then she realizes the "girl" has a Jewel Pad for a face. Nene, still on the line, only wanted to ask that she needed mail consulation on how to become fashionable cute. Garnet replies that she cannot resolve it unless she speaks with her in person, but Nene says she has no confidence in herself to meet directly. She says that whenever she's around other fashionable girls, she feels like that she's out of place. Garnet tries assuring her, that every girl has their own way of becoming fashionable and hopefully she'll find the way that makes her cute in her own unique way. Nene is later seen hiding away from Garnet nearby as she hides while chatting on the Jewel Pad.

Out in the distance, Laura and Luea sees Garnet. Laura also knows Garnet is a master of fashion, and thinks she could ask her for fashion device that would make her appealing to make Sakutarō her older brother, to Luea's annoyance. Meanwhile, Airi and the girls search for Garnet. Back at Garnet, Laura and Luea appear before her and asks she comes with them. Garnet tells them she is busy at the moment, but Luea insists and she kidnaps Garnet in a bag. Nene, who is hearing all the commotion, decides to stand up to save Garnet. She confronts the two and tries to grab the bag away from them, but they accidentally drop the bag, tossing Garnet. Nene manages to grab her accross the ledge, but the two falls off.

All the girls watch in horror as Nene and Garnet falls down. As the two falls, Garnet gets a close look at Nene's face and recognizes her. Nene smiles and she embraces her in her arms as they continue falling. Then, Airi's pendant glows and it starts transfering its magic power to Garnet, magically changing Garnet into her human form. Then she uses her magic to give herself wings and save Nene from falling. After being saved, Nene tells her that she realizes and understands how to become cute and fashionable and she runs off confident, though Garnet didn't get a chance to speak with her.

Airi and the girls come up to the human Garnet and praises her appearance. Wondering what they meant, Garnet looks in a mirror and becomes amazed at her stylish new body. However, she reverts back to her Jewelpet form shortly, to her dismay.

The gang later returns to the Agency, where they now discover it even allows other Jewelpets than themselves to magically change though it doesn't last long. Garnet acknowledges the pendant is in fact very mysterious. But then she realizes: She needs to return for her karaoke. She heads back into the closet to return to the Jewel Palace, however the closet can't return her because it's a one-way gate, persey by Larimar; and she states that the gate of return is somewhere in town. Garnet insists that she has rented the karaoke for eight hours and she dashes out of the room's window, to hastily find the gate of return to the Jewel Palace. The episode ends with the girls watching Garnet goes.

8 (320)- "Suītsu dai sakusen desu wa!/ Sango no suītsu-ya-san" ("Sweets Operation! /Sango's Sweet Shop")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 08

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 08

(スイーツ大作戦ですわ! / サンゴのスイーツ屋さん)

Airdate: May 23, 2015

At the Kirara Detective Agency, Sakutarō asks the girls if they have any sweets on them. Outside, Laura eavesdrop on their conversation with a radar gun, overhearing Sakutarō's interest for sweets. So Laura decides to make some for him, and Luea joins along with her. Soon after start, the two horribly fails to bake sweets.

Luea suggests that they should just order sweets, but Laura rejects this, saying they should make the sweets themselves so they'd be full of 'affection'. Understanding this, Luea then calls an expert from the Jewel Palace. So the two waited for the expert to come and they arrive at the door: The cat Jewelpet, Sango. So Laura and Luea asks of her expertise on how to bake sweets. So Sango agrees to give them sweets advice.

However, Sango ends up ordering a variety of sweets from all over the world, to Laura and Luea's confusion. They reminded her that they need to learn how to make sweets, but Sango argues that to make sweets, they must 'taste' other sweets. Laura understands what she meant: To feel the flavor and quality of other sweets. Sango ends up scrunching up a lot of sweets in the process. Laura tries following her advice by tasting the sweets, but Sango pushes her away, to Laura's dismay. Luea, nervously tried assuring to "trust" the expert. Laura then serves up sweets to Sango with a variety of desserts from different countries. As Sango continues eating up all the sweets, Laura tries reminding that they need to try making homemade sweets, but Sango immediately rebuffs it and demanded more sweets served to her.

Luea has been carefully observing her habits, and started to feel doubtful about Sango. Unable to comprehend Sango deviating from their original purpose, she decided to call Ruby. After chatting with her, Luea comes to inform her that she made a mistake calling Sango. Though Sango was called the "expert in sweets," Luea was clarified that Sango she is an expert in eating. Luea became very sorry for making the mistake, but this left Laura angry believing she was being deceived by Sango. She storms in front of her and unleashes her anger on Sango for tricking them. Sango worriedly replied that she was just very hungry just traveling the world. Luea tries urging Laura to forgive her, but Laura continues assaulting Sango. She jumps to catch Sango, but she evades her and she ends up crashing into the pile of boxed sweets. Luea and Sango tried to check if she's okay. Laura emerges, but is covered in a mess of sweets, leaving the two surprised.

Elsewhere at sunset, Airi, Sakutarō, and the Jewelpets finish a shoping trip for sweets and desserts. Then the gang hears a groaning noise. When they turned around, they see Laura in a heap of creamy mess. They mistake it as a monster and everyone runs away scared. Laura tries going after them pleading them for help, but the gang continues running away from her. Luea and Sango observe the commotion on top of a roof and are stunned with the mess that they've made. Luea calmly blames Sango for not being honest with herself, though Sango doesn't take it seriously since she just loves to eat sweets; to Laura's dissatisfaction.

Since that moment ago, Sango finds herself kneeling on the ground before Laura standing firm, begging to be forgiven as she prepares for the inevitble punishment. However, Laura denounces that she made her promise to her that she'd reward her regardless of the circumstances, to Sango's surprising relief. So Laura asks what she'd like and Sango decided to tell her.

The following day, Airi and the Jewelpets head to the Jewel Mall to shop around. They encounter a shop out of the ordinary, assuming it must be a new shop. So the Jewelpets approach it to see what it is. The shop sign reads "3 x 5 = 15", to their confusion of the shop's name choice. Then Sango appears before them, revealing herself to be the owner of the shop. The Jewelpets are excited to see Sango again, intrigued that she moved into town. Airi comes by and see Sango. The two both greeted each other for the first time.

The gang head into the shop where they cater to Sango's menu. They were told Laura helped her out and it was Sango's dream to open a sweets shop. However, she states that her business hasn't been going well because no customers have ever visited her shop. The gang takes a look at her items and seems delighted at the quality she had. But Larimar also states that the shop is located in the corner of the mall. So Ruby makes a suggestion that they help Sango's shop thrive. Sango thanks them for their help.

The Jewelpets then start promoting Sango's shop by attracting customers. Their Jewelpet appearances interests the crowd for their cute and adorableness. So customers now start heading inside to try some sweets. However, when they head inside, they were suddenly disappointed and everyone started to leave. When the Jewelpets noticed something was wrong, they ask around to find out. One of the customers stated that there was "nothing" to buy at the shop. So when the Jewelpets check what's wrong, they became surprised there was litterally nothing to buy even though there was some awhile ago. Ruby tries to find Sango to ask her about the problem, but when the gang finds her, they are shocked to discover that she has eaten up everything. Ruby scolds her for what she has done to make her realize her own idiocy.

The gang were forced to close the shop for the day in order to resolve Sango's problem of eating up her own commodities. Although Sango was shocked what she was doing, she quickly decided to stop eating up her own food. But Labra asks if she would stop eating it. This leaves Sango nervous, eventually admits she won't control herself. So the rest try to figure out what to do now. Luna suggest that Sango stay at home, but Larimar states that she needs to keep her own shop running. Labra suggest eating a lot of breakfast, but Larimar also stated that her stomach is bottomless; she even ate all of Sweetsland because of her. With currently no ideas open, Sango begins to panics. In a random suggestion, Labra states that she should eat her own food in the open and hope that she'd be forgiven by her customers as time passes.

But then the Jewelpet realizes it's already dinner time and that they have to return to Airi. Sango still tries asking for their help, but Larimar promises to her that they'll return tomorrow. As everyone gone home, they told Airi about Sango's own problem and Airi becomes displeased it didn't go well for her. But Larimar also stated that Sango is under "special trainning" to control her habits of eating her own stocks. Back at the shop, Sango is seeming trying to control herself of eating a slice of cake. But lest, she is unable to control herself and eats it anyways, to her own dismay. As she scolds herself, she suddenly realized something.

The next day, the gang heads for Sango's shop in order to help her out again. Suddenly, they overhear a shopper complimenting something delicious. They see them with a shopping back of Sango's shop name and they all realize that Sango's shop must be thriving. When they head over to the shop, they discover a long line of customers for Sango's shop. They head inside and find Sango, amazed to hear that she didn't eat up on her own food. Sango is pleased, but asked for their help for her busy business. But suddenly, the gang looks at Sango's wares and discovers she is selling snack-related products. Sango told them that these products were popular since morning and as a result, she didn't even eat her own food. Ruby and Labra later sees sweets in the back, but Sango pushses them out saying they're "hers". So, the episode ends with the gang left stunned at Sango's change in menu while the customers keep rolling by.

9 (321)- "Watasu futsū no inu ni modoru dasu" ("Return the Real Dog")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 09

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 09


Airdate: May 30, 2015

Airi and the Jewelpets have pizza for lunch while Sakutarō is away. However, he comes back on short notice and the girls quickly clean up everything. After getting back, he explained that the store he was visiting is closed on the holidays and never realized it. But then, he notices Kirara is hiding something, and eventually uncovers that she ordered pizza behind him by using a lie detector invention by him.

Fuming over her brother's gullibleness, Airi visits the Jewel Mall to blow off some steam. But then, Ruby notices someone out of the familiar: A pink dog, identified as King. The gang comes up to greet him, but then realize it's just an ordinary dog. However, Luna has her doubts about his typical appearance. As the girls pet 'King', a girl comes up to them. The girls see that she's the dog's owner, and that the dog's name is "Momohime". After they exchange pleasantries, she and the dog head off together.

However, Luna is still getting a hunch he is King. She noticed because his Jewel Watch is hidden inside of his crown. Surprised, the girl have decided to follow King. As they follow him, they start to have ideas why is he acting like an ordinary dog. Airi think he might have had a memory loss after coming from the Jewel Palace and probably realize he's a domestic dog. But Luna states that Jewelpets differ from human animals and Jewelpets are aware of species relationship. So the gang might realize King shouldn't act like a normal dog even losing his memories as a Jewelpet. Thinking it could be another mystery, Airi decides to call Sakutarō for assistance.

King's owner heads off to the bank while leaving him to stay outside. With her gone, Airi and the Jewelpets come closer to him to get a chance to speak with him. They want to "talk" to him by using Sakutarō's lie detector, to expose his identity as a Jewelpet. After answering questions, and despite him acting all adorable-like, the lie detector eventually reveals he's really a Jewelpet. But he still continues to act oblivious. Thinking it's still the memory loss, Airi asks Ruby to restore his memories. Though, she ends up making a heavy weight fall on King, but he manages to get out of the way.

King becomes exasperated to the horrors of Ruby's horrible magic. Realizes he is actually now speaking, his identity as a Jewelpet is exposed. So after they properly greet each other, the Jewelpets ask why is he pretending to be an ordinary dog. He explains that he has been the least popular Jewelpet in Jewel Land due to his failure in magic and skills. When the time came where he must leave the Jewel Palace to improve his magic, he only ends up living the life as a bad boy. Eventually, he was found by his owner to which he calls Sumire. Seeing how beautiful she trusts him, he decided to become her pet dog, and begs to the girls that he let him stay with Sumire. Feeling bad for his story, the girls have decided to allow him to like like a pet dog. Just then, King's owner Sumire comes out and comes across the girls.

The girls were eventually invited over to visit her apartment. They get to know each other chatting; Sumire being a University student. Airi then notices a photo of her and the pink Momohime. She explains that she and Momohime have been best of friends since childhood. But she was surprised that she (King) was in town and she was happy to have reunited with her. Luna secretly put Sakutarō's lie detector on her just to confirm it is true; to the girl's surprise. Sumire then heads out of the room to grab some tea. The girls tell to King that they will support his role being Sumire's dog.

Now looking after King, the girls have decided to give King some dog training at the detective agency. They give him dog performance training, though they throw in unrelated training like dances and household human chores. The second training they give him is veterinary inspection. Though the doctor's play ends up humiliatingly bad. Lastly, the girls take King to a dog park to give him dog communication training, though it didn't work out well. The sun sets, and King thanks the girls for the 'training' and that he understands how to act like a dog. So after he heads back to Sumire's room, he continues his dog impersonation with Sumire. She tells him that he is glad to have made some new friends. Airi and the girls leave knowing Sumire really loves King in his dog impersonation.

Just then, the two gets a visit from a door-to-door salesman and he offers to sell a golden good luck plate to her. But to King, he is under the premonition that the salesman is tricking Sumire into spending her earned money from her part-time job. He is considering of talking to her just to persuade her to not buy it, but then she will realize he is not to dog. As he tries to think hard, he realize he can call Airi and the others though his Jewel Watch. King calls them, asking them for help. So the girls rush back to the apartment to help King. While waiting, King notices Sumire is interested to buy the plate and comes back to the room. Quick thinking, King swipes Sumire's wallet and tries to keep it away from her. However, she distinctively orders him to give back the wallet and King had no choice but to comply. So as Sumire heads back to pay, King had decided to speak out to stop her from paying the salesman at the expense of his secret identity.

Then, Airi's pendant begins to glow and it transforms into magic power and travels a very long distance to King. He magically changes to take the appearance of a masculine adult man. There, he then stops the salesman from selling the plate to Sumire and takes it away to protect her. However, Sumire claims that she wanted to help men in their forties just to help them have a little good fortune, to King's confusion. She even believes that even after his human transformation she believes he is Momohime, but King still believes she might have not realized that truth. Airi and the girls arrive and try reasoning he is still a normal dog, even by speaking out with words at heart. Getting an idea from out her words, King begins to casts his magic spell on the salesman.

That following day, the girls say that the con saleman has disappeared and wondered what King's magic has done to him. It's revealed that he is now going door to door, apologizing to customers who've bought his golden plates. Airi then also noted that from her words, Sumire now accepts King, who is now in his open Jewelpet identity but still treats him as her trusty pet dog.

10 (322)- "Nade nade-ya-san paka ~♪ / Chikyū metsubō paka ~♪" ("Patting Shop Paca~♪ / Earth's Destruction Paca~♪")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 10

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 10

(なでなで屋さんパカ~♪ / 地球滅亡パカ~♪)

Airdate: June 6, 2015

Airi returns home, but she appears to be in a sad mood. The Jewelpets asks what's wrong with her. She told them that she had been moving so many stuff for the teachers at school, that she became very tired hauling things. She slumps down in fatigue. Then someone arrives. When the Jewelpet looks who it is, they find a Jewelpet named Angela. Labra runs to her happily reuniting with her best friend.

Ruby introduces Angela as one of their friends; Labra adds she is her best friend. Airi greets her, though still tired. So Angela asks that she pets her. Airi then unconciously pets Angela. And through the fluffiness of Angela's fur, Airi gets a burst of energy and snuggles Angela in joy, entirely refreshing her energy though to Labra's jealousy. Angela also comments that she loves to be petted through the specialty of her fur, that she even became a "petting nurse." Ruby gets an idea to satisfy her interest, and opens a small petting shop in public so that everyone can pet her. After getting a few tired or stressed men to pet her and relieving them, more bystanders take interest in her stress-relief fluffiness and they all gather around to pet her.

The rest of the girls are surprised of Angela's unique ability to relieve stress. Then someone calls out from the crowd, revealing to be Laura. She comes up to Angela, offering her and her petting business to become part of the Fukuōji company and open up petting stores all around. But Angela is not interested in her offer. So, Laura offers curry as a proposal (to the girls' disbelief). Ruby gets a bite and becomes impressed (furthering the girls' disbelief). Laura then offers the two a jar of diced pickles as a bonus, Ruby conciously accepts it and becomes thrilled (even furthering the girls' disbelief). Ruby ultimately accepts Laura's offer, and tells to Angela she'll be great running her own petting shop, much to Angela's worry. Laura and Luea revel in their accomplishment to own Angela.

Angela is then taken around the world by Laura's company, letting everyone the chance to pet Angela and her soft fluffy body. Airi and the gang look at news of Angela's accomplishment, where her stress-reliever has quelled the conflicts around the contries. Luna even noticed that up to five billion people have already petted her, causing Larimar to feel jealous of her, against her idol status at Jewel Mall. Aside, Labra says she is having problems trying to contact Angela, only that Laura keeps interrupting her calls.

Suddenly, Angela surprisingly came back. However, she appears to have become fatigued and unfluffy, then she collapses on the floor. Everyone puts her in bed to have her rest up and think of a way how to heal her up. Ruby decides to use her magic to solve the problem. She casts magic on herself to make herself pettable, however she makes a bald hat on herself (much to everyone's disbelief). Labra smacks her away in rejection. As the girls continue thinking how to heal her up, Larimar suggests that some fluffy laundry could work. Labra takes her idea and then uses her magic to create laundry. Then she rubs it on Angela, but she does not seem content with it. Luna asks what she's using, she ultimately reveals she's just using gigantic men's boxers. Then Larimar suggest some food might help. Luna takes her advice and uses her magic to create healing food. But she ends up creating a useless bean sprout, to everyone's disbelief (again).

Larimar then notices that Angela's condition is getting worse; she is losing her fluffiness again. Labra mourns on Angela's body that she's losing her fluffiness, begging that she wants to ride on her again. Angela weakly comforts her in response. Then, Airi's pendant starts to glow again. Airi then hangs it over Angela, requesting her to touch the pendant so that it can heal her. Angela touches it and magically changes...however, she transformers into a motorbike instead of a human. Labra excitedly rides on Angela and the both rev out of the room, and Angela feels very healthy.

The episode ends with Labra and Angela riding together, treasuring their unbreakable friendship.

Labra and Angela, as a motorbike, drive and stop by at a viewpoint on a cliff. Then Angela returns to her normal Jewelpet self. Labra and Angela adore the view of the town's skyline. Then they get a close look with a spyglass. However, they became shocked at something they saw: A terrible event.

The two return to the agency, where they try to relay the terrible event they both saw: The Earth is shrinking. At first, the girls became horrified, but Larimar and Luna have their doubts. However, Sakutarō comes in and verifies it with information regarding the universe shrinking as well. Ruby even believes Labra and Angela's warning, and Luna and Airi too. Larimar, in spite the absurdity of the situation, reluctantly decides to "save" Earth along with the group.

Ruby proposes a solution to save the Earth from shrinking: She suggest they should inflate the Earth with air so it would grow. So she casts a spell to create a magical straw that will allow her to breathe air into the Earth. After much effort though, Ruby runs out of air and became exhaused. However, it turns out Ruby's "straw" is actually fish cake (to everyone's astonishment).

Luna suggest that someone could go inside the Earth and have themselves expand so that the Earth could expand with them. However, Labra thinks that could be a dangerous plan, to everyone's horror. But Angela propses that she will do it. Worried about her safety, everyone decided that they will go with her. So they all start digging for her. Unpleased with their flattery, Angela casts a spell to put them all to sleep. Then she goes into the hole alone, intending to self-sacrfice herself for the sake of their lives.

But as Angela goes deeper, she falls into a tunnel and meets two deep surface moles. After asking for directions, they point to their direction and Angela sees something bright and shiny. Meanwhile, the girls, now awake, are mourning since they could not go with Angela. Airi randomly tries calling for Angela on her Jewel Pod, but to her surpise, she got a connection. When everyone else calls to connect with Angela, they discover she is partying with dancers in a festival parade (to everyone's astonishment) on the other side of the world. Angela returns to the girlsthrough the same hole.

The girls think of another plan but are unable to come up with one. Ruby casts a random spell and just turns into a moss ball, believing she could become the new planet for everyone's survival. Airi then suggested that Labra confirm the rumor of the Earth shrinking one last time. So everyone head to the same spot where Labra and Angela foresaw the event. Labra looks through her spyglass and still saw Earth being smaller. However, Airi and the others still see everything normal from their viewpoint. Larimar asks Larimar for the spyglass. So when she sees for herself, she discovered something: She was only looking through the wrong end of the spyglasses. Labra takes the spyglass and views it through the smaller end, and she and Angela became relieved they can see clearly, to everyone's shock of Labra and Angela's idiocy.

Angela transforms into a motorcycle, deciding to explore the world of Earth. So she rides off into the distance as the Airi and Labra wave goodbye to her.

11 (323)- "Kappa ni shiyagare" ("Just do it Kappa")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 11

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 11


Airdate: June 13, 2015

The girls go on a picnic trip out into the woods. They decide to camp out on a creek nearby to eat for lunch. But then, they hear an ominous presence nearby. Suddenly, a girl with a turtleshell jumps out of the bushes to attack, but it foolishly falls into the river. Larimar jumps into the water to help her, but discovers the river is just shallow.

After pulling the girl ashore, they check to see if she's okay. She wakes up, then sees the girls and she became frightened. The girls tries consuling that they tried to help her after jumping out of nowhere and almost drowning in the water. Though embarrassed of her own clumsiness, she thanked the girls for saving her. But then she passes out for no reason.

So the girls took the mysterious child back home. Shortly, Sakutarō is thrilled to discover that the girl is actually a kappa, a species of legendary monsters that are neither human nor animal. He also denotes they must stay moist with water. Excited see a real kappa, he wants to thoroughly study the girl, but Airi is worried about harrassing her. She argues with him that he usually denies mythical stuff as he is obsessed in science, but Sakutarō rebutts that even science can try to understand mysteries and unconfirmed legends, to Airi's astonishment of his own hypocrisy.

Larimar tries introducing herself to the girl and to everyone. As she opens up, she also introduces her name is Miya. She then simpily tells them that she wanted to 'frightten' them. This left Larimar confused, but Sakutaro clarifies that kappas are mischevious and love to surprise people. She also tells them that she tried so many times to scare people but is unable to, and that she can't swim. In fact, she doesn't have the courage to scare anyone. And if she continues being unable to scare anybody, then her kappa cohorts will make her leave their group. So everyone decide to help her have the will to surprise people.

To start off, the Jewelpets pulls pranks on Sakutarō to display the reaction of being "surprised." Though, this leaves Sakutarō somewhat annoyed. Later, the girls make a ghostly prank on Sakutarō that he faints in fear. Miya now feels she is starting to enjoy surprising people.

Content, Larimar asks her that they test her courage, by appearing in a talent show with her. But Miya becomes concerned, saying that since she is a kappa, she is made to tricked people since early times and is not accustomed to being a 'nice kappa' to the humans. But Larimar insists she is cute and regardless of her status, she can be popular. She also assures she can use magic to help her be cute. So she casts a spell on Miya to make her pretty, giving her an idol-like costume to wear.

When everyone gets to the talent show, Miya finds herself on stage and, surprisingly attendance is low. Miya becomes nervous, but Larimar encourages her to do something. She then makes an unenthusiastic koala impression, astonishing the Jewelpets in disbelief but leaves the audience uncontent. Miya tries another attempt, by spinning two plates on two sticks. This slightly impresses the audience. So Miya continues to keep spinning, but later it becomes stale and Miya beginning to be discouraged.

Larimar tells Miya to not give up. She signals Airi to proceed with their next strategy. So Airi relays to Sakutarō to start. He presses buttons on his mobile device and starts some dance music through the stage speakers. The Jewelpets hop up on the stage and start dancing, and encourages Miya to dance with them. So Miya begins dancing along with them while spinning plates. The crowd eventually get more interested in the performance and gathering around, starting to clamour for Miya. The Jewelpets decided to help impress the crowd by using their magic to change Miya into a variety of costumes.

For the finale, Larimar signals Sakutarō to take it from here. He ultimately does so on command and he splashes Miya with water, causing the magic wears off and changing her back to her original appearance. Sakutarō then shows to the crowd that she is a kappa. The audience were stunned at sight, and Miya started to assume the worst. However, the crowd ultimately applauds believing the kappa was impressing them, and became a crowd favorite. Miya's friends all gathered around her and congratulated her for performance. Miya became pleased she was an idol and was all thanks to everyone. Larimar then stated that now she can show her resolve now that she is more confident in herself.

The girls returned to the mountains, to bring back Miya back to her other kappas. Miya is still nervous but Airi assured that she's no longer her old self. Then, Airi recieves a rain warning on her Jewel Pad. The sky started raining and begun to soak everyone wet. Though the girls arrived at the same river point where they met Miya. Larimar tells if Miya might be able to cross the river inspite of the torrental current but Luna reminded her that she can't swim. But then, the cliff breaks apart and Larimar falls into the river, getting swept up by the river's rushing current. She hangs on for life on a nearby rock.

Airi quickly asks Ruby to use her magic to rescue her. But Ruby panics as she casts her spell, then makes a useless small ship appear. Labra confidently casts her spell to save Larimar, but makes a haul of saftey equipment pile on Labra. Luna casts her spell and makes a life ring appear, then throws it at Larimar but is unable to reach her. Miya just stands there, being under the assumption on what to do to save her. Then Airi's pendant starts to glow. Airi takes it off and tries to throw it to Larimar, but Larimar loses her grip and becomes swept in by the river current.

Miya gets an idea and asks Airi to lend it to her. Airi gives it to Miya, and then Miya confidently dives into the river. Then she begun swimming towards Larimar and manages to grab her in time. Then she delievers Larimar the pendant, magically changing her into her human form. Then she casts a spell to make the heavy rain disappear. She is then seen floating in a magic bubble with Miya in hand.

Larimar thanks Miya for saving her, but Miya insists she has all the credit. Larimar also noticed that Miya is actually swimming, she replied that she must have forgot how to because she was desperate. Then, Miya's kappa friends appeared and see how gradually she has developed. They all became impressed how she grown and they all accept her. The girls then notice the other kappa and so Miya returned to them peacefully. She then says her thanks and goodbyes to all the girls, telling them they will be best friends forever. Then all the kappas vanish, Miya along with them.

12 (324)- "Petto o kaitai rabu~ / Omoide no Jueru Wotchi" ("I want a Pet Labu~ / Jewel Watch Memories")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 12

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 12

(ペットを飼いたいらぶぅ~ / 思い出のジュエルウォッチ)

Airdate: June 20, 2015

I want a Pet Labu~: Labra herself is a Jewelpet, but she wants a pet of her own. When she found a banana on a cardboard box, things get rather complicated for her. Jewel Watch Memories: And old woman named Tokiko visits the Kirara Detective Agency, asking her help in searching for the owner of an old Jewel Watch belonging to Titana. She states that Titana has been missing for 60 years now.

13 (325)- "Mezase! Jueru-jō / Sen'nyū! Jueru-jō" ("Aim! Jewel Castle / Sneak in! Jewel Castle!")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 13

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 13

(めざせ!ジュエル城 / 潜入!ジュエル城)

Airdate: June 27, 2015

Aim! Jewel Castle: As Ruby is lazy on figuring out how to get back to Jewel Land, Opal appears in front of her and tells her about a way to go back to Jewel Land. The problem lies in the portal to Jewel Land being located everywhere in the city, and some locations are hard to get in.. Sneak in! Jewel Castle!: Airi and her friends finally arrive to Jewel Land thanks to the portal. Seeing the castle in it's glory, she learns more regarding the pendant she has.

14 (326)- "Watashi! Juerupaddo! / Oyoge! Juerupetto!" ("We are Jewel Pads! / Swim! Jewelpets!")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 14

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 14

(わたし!ジュエルパッド! / およげ!ジュエルペット!)

Airdate: July 4, 2015

We are Jewel Pads!: Sakutaro creates a new app for the Jewel Pad, but things go bad when everyone but Luna get trapped inside the Jewel Pads. They must find a way to get Luna to notice them before it's too late. Swim! Jewelpets!: Laura invites Airi and her friends to her private swimming pool, in hopes of stealing Airi's pendant and winning over Sakutaro's attention.

15 (327)- "Dekai furo nya a yume ga aru! / Kon'na sushi-ya wa iyadēsu!" ("Huge Bathhouse Wish Happens! / This Kind of Sushi Shop is a No!")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 15

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 15

(デカイ風呂にゃあ夢がある! / こんな寿司屋はイヤデース!)

Airdate: July 11, 2015

Huge Bathhouse Wish Happens!: When the house bathtub breaks down, Ruby use her magic to summon a large bathhouse. However, she unknowingly made a connection with Laura's bathroom instead. This Kind of Sushi Shop is a No!: Peridot, now working in a sushi restaurant must deliver a huge order of sushi by noon. However, things don't go easy as Peridot develops a habit on snitching the food.

16 (328)- "Dokutā S no shima / Fuerupetto de nanbāwan!" ("The Island of Doctor S / The Fuerupetto is Number One!")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 16

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 16

(ドクターSの島 / フエルペットでナンバーワン!)

Airdate: July 18, 2015

The Island of Doctor S: During a summer cruise, a thunderstorm cause a giant wave to wash up the ship and separates the group in a deserted island. As Sakutaro's group tries to find a way out, Airi's group tries to make the best of it. But little that they know, they aren't alone. The Fuerupetto is Number One!: Sapphie invents a device that allows her to clone herself as a way to gain more friends. But the clones soon get out of hand when they started making too many clones of themselves. Airi and the jewelpets started up a competition in hopes of finding the real Sapphie.

17 (329)- "Aidorudebyū wa ōsawagi!? / Juerukafe de sutā tanjō!?" ("The Idol's Debut Makes a Fuss!? / A Star is Born in the Jewel Cafe!?")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 17

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 17

(アイドルデビューは大騒ぎ!? / ジュエルカフェでスター誕生!?)

Airdate: July 25, 2015

The Idol's Debut Makes a Fuss!?: In hopes to continue fulfilling her dreams of becoming an idol, Larima decides to get some training from the other Jewelpets, but she soon realizes how tough it was and later gets unsatisfying results. A Star is Born in the Jewel Cafe!?: As Larima prepares for her debut event, she starts feeling a bit uneasy, thinking she may not have the qualities of becoming an idol.

18 (330)- "Majikarusutanpurarī / In kan teikokunogyakushū" ("Magical Stamp Rally / The Counterattack of the Empire of the Seals")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 18

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 18

(マジカルスタンプラリー / インカン帝国の逆襲)

Airdate: August 1, 2015

Magical Stamp Rally: During an annual event, Ruby turns into a stamp marking inside a girl's notebook, but after getting separated from her, Ruby tries to find her. The Counterattack of the Empire of the Seals: As Airi becomes tired of always having to use a seal for incoming packages, Ruby uses her magic to no longer need seals. But when their home seal comes to life instead, it runs away and gathers other seals to set a journey across sea.

19 (331)- "Ribenji! Rubī vs. Rūa / Kureyon o kureyo n-ra bu~u~!" )"The Revenge! Ruby vs. Luea / Give me crayons Labu~!"

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 19

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 19

(リベンジ!ルビーVSルーア / クレヨンをくれよンらぶぅ~!)

Airdate: August 8, 2015

The Revenge! Ruby vs. Luea: Luea challenges Ruby in a magical duel, in which if Luea wins she'll get Airi's pendent. Give me crayons Labu~!: Labra enjoys coloring with crayons, but when her favorite color crayon becomes short and dull. Labra used her magic to transform her and the other Jewelpets into crayons.

20 (332)- "Oshikake shisutā! / Sango manatsu no dai gyakuten" ("The Uninvited Sister / The Great Midsummer Change of Sango")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 20

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 20

(押しかけシスター! / サンゴ・真夏の大逆転)

Airdate: August 15, 2015

The Uninvited Sister: When Airi comes down with a cold, Laura volunteers to take over Airi's place as Sakutaro's sister for the day. The Great Midsummer Change of Sango: Sango becomes depressed when no one has been arriving to her Sweet Shop, but soon the Jewelpets discovered she has been trying to serve hot sweets during summer.

21 (333)- "Koewokikasete / Rubī to Rubī" ("Let me hear your voice / Ruby and Ruby")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 21

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 21

(声を聞かせて / ルビーとルビー)

Airdate: August 22, 2015

Let me hear your voice: After Airi's Jewel Pad gets destroyed, the Jewelpets try getting her the latest model as a replacement. But when they discover that almost everyone in town wants one, it becomes harder than they expected. Ruby and Ruby: While enjoying her brand new Jewel Pad, Ruby suddenly gets strange phone calls and even get a call from herself from another world.

Note: All of Ruby's partners made a small cameo in this episode.

22 (334)- "Majikaruperappera de bairingaru!? / Sakutarō, natsu matsuri no koi!?" ("Magical Bilingual Fluency / Sakutaro, in love during the summer festival!?")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 22

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 22

(マジカルペラッペラでバイリンガル!? / 朔太郎、夏祭りの恋!?)

Airdate: August 29, 2015

Magical Bilingual Fluency: When Ruby's magic accidentally turns Luna into a professional business worker, Airi and the Jewelpets are amazed on her new talent. Sakutaro, in love during the summer festival!?: During the summer festival, Sakutaro tries to find a girl who helped him find his parents while he was younger.

23 (335)- "Ningen-kai kara kita isōrō" ("The freeloader who came from the human world")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 23

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 23


Airdate: September 5, 2015

The freeloader who came from the human world: While experimenting with Airi's pendant, Sakutaro accidentally transported into Jewel Land, where he meets another Jewelpet named Alex, who seems impress by Sakutaro's knowledge of science.

24 (336)- "Me ga denai-ra bu~u~ / Sukerupetto de fasshonshō" ("The Sprout does not Appear Labu~ / The Fashion Show with the see-through pet")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 24

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 24

(芽がでないらぶぅ~ / スケルペットでファッションショー)

Airdate: September 12, 2015

The Sprout does not Appear Labu~: Labra becomes frustrated when her potted plant hasn't sprouted yet, so Ruby use her magic to her out. The Fashion Show with the see-through pet: Garnet agrees to help out Larima with her idol dream by making a dress that only skilled idols are meant to wear.

25 (337)- "Rubī no raibaru!? Guranaito" ("Ruby's rival!? Granite")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 25

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 25


Airdate: September 19, 2015

Ruby's rival!? Granite: When Airi and the jewelpets discover Granite who is unconscious and acting strange than usual, Sakutaro declares that Granite has been poisoned by an rare mountain plant. Airi and her friends must quickly find a flower called "nice good looking man" to cure Granite before it too late.

26 (338)- "Jueru bentō majikaruchenji/ Abake! Majikaru uranai no himitsu! / Sakutarō no majikaru otogibanashi" ("The magical change into a jewel bento / Uncovered! The Secret of the Magical Fortune Telling!" / "Sakutarō's Magical Fairy Tale")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 26

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 26

(ジュエル弁当マジカルチェンジ / 暴け!マジカル占いのヒミツ! / 朔太郎のマジカルおとぎ話)

Airdate: September 26, 2015

The magical change into a jewel bento: Curious about how Airi's school is like, Ruby used her magic to transform her and the jewelpets into character bentos. Uncovered! The Secret of the Magical Forture Telling: Ruby starts acting strange when she secretly does a forture telling making club. The Magical Fairy Tale of Sakutaro: In a parody of Cinderella, Sakutaro declines on going to a party, but when Ruby (who is a magical pumpkin fairy) shows him the delight of parties, he soon starts to enjoy himself.

27 (339)- "Sore wa otome no tatakaidatta / Sore mo otome no tatakaidatta" ("It was the fight of a young girl / It was too the fight of a young girl")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 27

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 27

(それは乙女の戦いだった / それも乙女の戦いだった)

Airdate: October 3, 2015

It was the fight of a young girl: Sakutaro invites Luna to a bus trip to a part shop, but after Luna ate some sweet potatoes, she develops stomach issues and struggles not to pass gas. It was too the fight of a young girl After inviting Airi and her friends, Laura creates a scheme to frighten Airi and the jewelpets so she can be alone with Sakutaro.

28 (340)- "Juerurandobiri no petto ga 10-bu de mahō reberu o 40 agete jueru-jō o gen ni modoshita hanashi / Jueru-jō, jigoku no mahō gasshuku!" ("The Story of Jewel Land's Worst Pet Who Multiplied Her Magic by 40 in 10 Minutes and Restored the Jewel Castle / Jewel Castle, Magical Training Camp from Hell!")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 28

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 28

(ジュエルランドビリのペットが10分で魔法レベルを40上げてジュエル城を元に戻した話 / ジュエル城、地獄の魔法合宿!)

Airdate: October 10, 2015

The Story of Jewel Land's Worst Pet Who Multiplied Her Magic by 40 in 10 Minutes and Restored the Jewel Castle: An unexpected visit from Opal causes the Jewelpets to undergo rigorous training to help restore the Jewel Castle. Jewel Castle, Magical Training Camp from Hell! After failing to restore the Jewel Castle, the Jewelpets undergo rigorous training. Meanwhile, Opal, Airi, and Laura speculate on a mural which holds a prophecy.

29 (341)- "Koisuru aidoru" ("The Idol In love")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 29

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 29


Airdate: October 17, 2015

Larimar, while in her human form, meets Souya, a boy who wants to ask her out on a date.

30 (342)- "Watashi no, o ani-sama… / Rubī vs. Rūa Chichūkai-fū daisakusen" ("My Own Big Brother... / Ruby and Luea's Decisive Battle, Mediterranean Style")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 30

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 30

(わたしの、お兄さま… / ルビーVSルーア 地中海風大決戦)

Airdate: October 24, 2015

My Own Big Brother...: Laura meets an Italian boy by the name of Mario who claims to be her older brother. In spite of this, she pines for Sakutaro. Ruby and Luea's Decisive Battle, Mediterranean Style: A follow-up to the previous episode, Laura, Luea, and Airi's Jewelpets go to rescue her and Sakutaro from Mario.

31 (343)- "Juerurando no hihō o oe! / Shūrai! Kabocha ningen" ("The Hunt for Jewel Land's Treasure! / Invasion of the Pumpkin People!")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 31

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 31

(ジュエルランドの秘宝を追え! / 襲来!カボチャ人間)

Airdate: October 31, 2015

The Hunt for Jewel Land's Treasure: Airi receives a lithograph from her father by mail. Sapphie's translation reveals it to be a guide to a treasure, so she, Airi and her Jewelpets set out to find it. Invasion of the Pumpkin People!: The gang's celebration of Halloween is interrupted by the sudden appearance of mischievous living jack-o´-lanterns.

32 (344)- "Jueru pettoda ~yo! Zen'in shūgō/ Megane wa Runa no ichibudesu" ("The Jewelpets Are Here! Everyone's Reunited / The Glasses Are a Part Of Luna")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 32

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 32

(ジュエルペットだョ!全員集合 / メガネはルナの一部です)

Airdate: November 7, 2015

The Jewelpets Are Here! Everyone's Reunited: Ruby, Sapphie and Garnet set up a celebration for the Jewelpet franchise's 7th anniversary, but soon they realize that hardly anyone chose to attend. The Glasses Are a Part Of Luna: After failing to get Sakutaro's attention, Luna, along with the help of Garnet, chooses to change her image.

33 (345)- "Mahō shōjo ni natchatta!?" ("Have I Become a Magical Girl!?")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 33

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 33


Airdate: November 14, 2015

When Airi touches the Magical Stone from her pendant, she turns into a magical girl; she ventures out to find what to wish for.

34 (346)- "Oruvu~owāru, rōra / Harō, yume no Hariuddo de su!" "Au Revoir, Laura / Hello, Hollywood Dream!"

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 34

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 34

(オルヴォワール、ローラ / ハロー、夢のハリウッドでーす!)

Airdate: November 21, 2015

Au Revoir, Laura: When Laura receives a letter from her father telling her to join him in France, she struggles to confess the matter to Sakutaro. Hello, Hollywood Dream!: Peridot is scouted by a famous movie director to perform in his upcoming movie. However, she worries that she won't be able to perform due to her not knowing English.

35 (347)- "Iketeruu~otchi de majikaruchenji? / Shōrai no yume ga hoshī ra bu~u~" (Can "We Magical Change With the Cool Watch? / I Want a Dream for the Future labu~")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 35

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 35

(イケテルウォッチでマジカルチェンジ? / 将来の夢がほしいらぶぅ~)

Airdate: November 28, 2015

Sakutaro invents the Cool Watch, which allows the Jewelpets to Magical Change whenever they want. However, it has a fatal flaw.

Seeing that the Jewelpets have defined dreams for the future, Labra roams the city searching for her own.

36 (348)- "Airi nante daikirai!? / Sakutarō, kekkon suru! ?" ("I Hate Airi!? / Sakutarō Is Getting Married!?")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 36

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 36

(あいりなんて大嫌い!? / 朔太郎、結婚する!?)

Airdate: December 5, 2015

Ruby and Airi get into a bad argument, leading to Ruby switching places with Luea as the former stays over at Laura's house and the latter enacts the latest plan to steal the Magical Stone.

Mittermeyer hatches a plan to marry Sakutarō so he'll become Laura's big brother.

37 (349)- "Koi no Juerufurasshu" ("Jewel Flash of Love")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 37

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 37


Airdate: December 12, 2015

Larimar has to resolve her relationship with Souya as she takes the next step in her idol career.

38 (350)- "Sayonara no yokan" ("Premonition of a Goodbye")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 38

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 38


Airdate: December 19, 2015

The Jewelpets are being secretive, so Airi investigates what they might be planning. Meanwhile, the Jewel Castle is on the verge of collapsing, prompting Opal to look for a solution.

39 (351)- "Mataauhimade" ("Until We Meet Again")

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 39

Jewelpet Magical Change - Episode 39


Airdate: December 26, 2015

As the Jewelpets decide among themselves who's to be the next Jewelina and restore the Jewel Castle, Airi, Sakutaro and Laura come to terms with their departure.

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