Ikkitousen anime
General Information
Type Anime
Created by Yuji Shiozaki
Years on Air 2003-2014
Seasons 4
Episodes 49
Others 3 OVAS, 18 Specials

ECCHI WARNING: This Magical Girl may contain nude scenes and some scenes may refer to sexual themes. The level of it depends on the Show. Be careful about this.

Japanese Title: 一騎当千

English Title: Battle Vixens

Italian Title: Ikki Tousen - La Battaglia delle Supermaggiorate

German Title: Dragon Girls: Ikki Tousen

Spanish Title: Angeles Guerreros

Portuguese Title: Anjos Guerreiros

Russian Title: Школьные войны

Chinese Title: 一騎當千

First Season: Ikkitousen: Battle Vixens

In the Kanto region of Japan, seven high schools take place in a turf war for territorial supremacy: Nanyo Academy, Kyosho Academy, Seito Academy, Yoshu Academy, Rakuyo High School, Gogun High School, and Yoshu Private School. The fighters of each school bear the sacred jewels called magatama, which contains the essence of warriors from the Three Kingdoms era of Ancient China 1800 years ago, as well as their fates.

Hakufu Sonsaku, the descendant of legendary conqueror Sun Ce, is a highly skilled fighter with a strong sense of personality who goes to Nanyo Academy where her cousin Koukin Shuuyu attends under her mother's request. Her destiny, as with her predecessor, was to conquer all of the schools. But there is a darker and more dangerous side to her fate, one that may change the entire course of history forever.

Second Season: Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny


Loosely based on the novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", modern day Japan sees a similar struggle for power between different rival schools with the three strongest being: Kyosho Academy led by Sousou Moutoku, Nanyo Academy by Sonsaku Hakufu, and Ryuubi Gentoku from Seito High School. Together these three tousei, each with their own mangatama, fight for the honour of becoming ikki tousen and fulfilling their fated destiny through battle and conquest.

OVAS: Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny: Sekiheki Onsen Dai Kessen

English Title: Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny: Great Battle at the Red Cliffs Hot Springs

This is a 6 OVA episodes featuring the female cast in a hot spring setting.

Third Season: Ikkitousen: Great Guardians


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Preparing for the battles to come, tournaments and to fight against new opponents from over the world, Hakufu is working to have enough money to make her dream true. But she doesn't consider that old and new allies and enemies will come to scene, and also being a weak leader to the eyes of her companions. A sister also appears. She doesn't even know her mom's past so better to start from the local stuff before attempting to go worldwide.

OVAS: Ikkitousen: Battle Tour Club: Sexy Cosplay Dangerous Jobs

Japanese Title: バトルツアークラブ・セクシーコスプレ♥危険なアルバイト♥

Fourth Season: Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor

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The main fighters are summoned to a tournament that involves the heads of all the schools. But some of the heads send their trust fighters in their place. They don't realize that the tournament is just the face of a conspiracy to take over the clans. Hakufu now has a disciple as crazy and skilled as her and due to her laziness the disciple ends on the tournament in the place of her master. Now they must prove that the destiny imposed by the souls of the fighters living in their own is not always an absolute law.

Episode List

OVA: Ikkitousen: Shuugaku Toushi Keppuuroku

Ikkitousen OVA
English Title: Ikki Tousen in Kyoto

Airdate: November 12, 2011

Nanyo Academy along with the other Kanto schools hold class trips to Kyoto. Old rivalries break out, between the schools, but as if that wasn't bad enough, Kyoto's fighters also show up in full force to challenge the Kanto schools' fighters.

OVAS: Ikkitousen: Extravaganza Epoch

Two sequel OVAS from the series.

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