Japanese Title: アイドル×戦士 ミラクルちゅーんず!

English Title: Idol × Warrior Miracle Tunes!

Idol x Senshi Miracle Tunes! (Japanese Version)

Idol x Senshi Miracle Tunes!
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General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Miike Takashi
Years on Air 2017-2018
Episodes 51

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The Land of Music ruled by the Demon King. The king steals an item called the “Music Jewels” is stolen by magic, and turned the people of the land into evil called “Negative Jewels.”

The Land of Music’s Fairy Rhythms team up with a three person idol group called the “Miraclemiracles” work together to bring us the Idol Senshi Miracle Tunes.

With the power of music, the Miracle Tunes purifies the “Negative Jewels,” and revert them back into “Sound Jewels.” Can they defeat the Demon King and bring peace back to the Land of Music?

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『ミラクルちゅーんず!』TVCM 30秒

『ミラクルちゅーんず!』TVCM 30秒

Idol x Warrior Miracle Tunes! (European Version)

Idol x Warrior Miracle Tunes
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General Information
Type Spanish and Italian Live Action
Created by Roberto Cenci, Toño López
Years on Air 2018-2019
Episodes Ongoing


There is a kingdom separate from the human world called the World of Music. In this land there are treasures called "Jewels of Music" capable of conferring special powers on anyone who owns them. Demon, the Lord of Darkness, who plans to conquer the world, discovers and takes possession of it. Using his dark power he transforms the jewelry into "Negative Jewels", so that the people who collect them become bad and try to spread "negative aura" on all those around them. To recover the Jewels of Music, three elves from the World of Music, Poppun, Rocky and Benji, receive the task from the Goddess of Music to go to the human world and find three idols of music to collaborate with, in order to form the group of warriors Miracle Tunes. To save the world, girls will use the power of the Jewels of Music to defeat evil, singing and dancing to purify the Negative Jewels and bring them back to their original forms.