General Information
Type Manga
Created by Arina Tanemura
Years on Air 1997
Episodes 6

Japanese Title: イ・オ・ン

Chinese Title: 愛情魔法I·O·N


Ion Tsuburagi (粒 依音 Tsuburagi Ion?) is a friendly and cheerful high-school student who likes to eat. When she was young, she had learned how to chant a jinx to make miracles occur, which involves her spelling out her first name as if it were a magic spell. Ion has a crush on a boy named Mikado Hōrai (宝来 帝 Hourai Mikado?), who's interested in psychic powers, and has his own lab at school. When she finds out that he has a club for psychic researchers, she plans to join the club and ends up becoming its president. During one of Mikado's experiments, she touches an object similar to one that her late father made which she swallowed as a child and gains two psychic powers: telekinesis and levitation, which she activates by chanting her jinx, and begins using them to save people from getting seriously hurt.

The student body president, Koki Shiraishi (白石 広貴 Shiraishi Kōki?), has feelings for Ion, though she has never returned his feelings, instead regularly avoiding him. He hates psychic powers and Mikado, because Mikado studies them, unaware of Ion's powers. Even after Ion's feelings for Mikado become obvious to him, Koki continues to pursue her.

Ai Minase (水瀬 藍 Minase Ai?), Mikado's ex-girlfriend, transfers to their school to be with Mikado. Also psychic, she can bend spoons and sense card types, though her powers can go out of control if she doesn't concentrate. Though she knows he only dated her because she was his test subject, she is initially jealous of his affections toward Ion. Eventually she realizes she doesn't really like him and befriends Ion after Ion saves her from harm during another experiment.

As the series progresses, Mikado begins to return Ion's feelings, though he is initially confused as to whether it is the same as with Ai and he just likes her because she is a test subject. Eventually, he realizes he does love her as a girl, not an experiment, after Ion appears to lose her powers. At the end of the story, they become a couple and it is shown that Ion's powers have returned.

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