Houma Hunter Lime
General Information
Type Anime
Created by Tetsuro Amino
Years on Air 1996-1997
Episodes 3

Jewel BEM Hunter Lime logo.png

Japanese Title: 宝魔ハンターライム

English Title: Jewel BEM Hunter Lime

Italian Title: Bem II, il mostro umano


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For centuries, the magic and human worlds have been at peace with each other, though physically seperated by a magical gate. Once upon a month, the door behind the full moon opens. Now it just so happens that on one such night, when the powerful magic spheres are stolen by a demon and fall to the Earth below, the king of magic sends Boss, a fighter; Lime, a master transformer; and Poogie, a master morpher to pirsuit the demon and retrieve the stolen six power gems. The demon escapes to the human world through the open door, and Lime, Boss and Poogie follow him. With not much time, the trio must retrieve the spheres which, when in contact with the human world, suck up the negative emotions of household objects and become BEMs, Bug Eyed Monsters!

Episode List

1- Mr. Candle: Get Back the Jewel Bems

Airdate: October 26, 1996

2- Mr. Purse: Find the Bad Things

Airdate: December 21, 1996

3- Mr. C. Ringe: Needle of Vengeance

Airdate: March 07, 1997

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Opening and Ending


Jewel BEM Hunter Lime - Opening


Jewel BEM Hunter Lime - Ending



Jewel BEM Hunter Lime - Transformations

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