Hi-sCool! SeHa Girl
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General Information
Type Anime
Created by Masayuki Kibe

Sōta Sugawara

Years on Air 2014-2016
Episodes 13
Others 1 OVA

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Japanese Title: Hi☆sCoool! セハガール

English Title: Sega Hard Girls


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The story of the anime will revolve around Dreamcast, Sega Saturn, and Mega Drive, three anthropomorphized Sega game consoles who have just enrolled in SeHaGaga Academy at Tokyo's Haneda Ōtorii station. They are given an assignment needed to graduate by a suspicious teacher, and to clear this assignment, the girls need to enter the world of Sega games of the past (and future) to earn 100 medals to graduate. The girls must try their best to graduate without incident.

Episode List



"Dai Go-jū-yon Kai Hanpa Ja Nō! Zenryoku de Gū~ Yūshō Suru no wa Onrī Yū! Subete no Gakkō Gyōji o Kako ni Suru! Sehagaga Gakuen Taiikusai" ("The Excessive 54th Annual! Go Give It All You've Got! Only You Can Be the Champion! Surpass All the School Events of the Past! Sehagaga Academy Sports Festival")

(第54回 ハンパじゃノー!全力でグー!優勝するのはオンリーユー!すべての学校行事を過去にする!セハガガ学園体育祭)

Airdate: November 3, 2016

The special episode was bundled with the complete series DVD set and focuses on a school sports festival.

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