English Title: Lilly the Witch

Spanish Title: Kika Superbruja

Hexe Lilli (Cartoon Series)

Hexe Lilli
Kika Superbruja 1 Kika En El Salvaje Oeste-Caratula
General Information
Type Cartoon
Created by Magma Films
Years on Air 2004-2014
Seasons 3
Episodes 52


Lilly is just a normal girl, with the same hopes and worries as any other girl her age - until one day she finds a mysterious book in the attic, a book that comes with a small, quirky dragon attached. From that moment on, her life changes completely as she embarks on a series of adventures to distant lands, ancient periods of history and even unseen parts of our own world. If only she could tell her friends or even her little brother! Lilly is afraid, however, that if the magic book were exposed to everyone else, it wouldn't be hers any more or, worse, its magic would no longer work...

Episode List

Hexe Lilli (Live Action Movies)

Lilly the Witch
General Information
Type Live Action
Created by Stefan Ruzowitzky
Years on Air 2009-2011
Movies 2

2009 Movie: Lilly the Witch: The Dragon and the Magic Book

The old witch Surulunda orders little clumsy dragon Hector to find a successor for her. Bringing along a magical book, Hector flies into the room of the young girl Lilly. She agrees to be the new witch, and has to prove her fitness for the job during a probationary period of 99 hours. She has to deal with evil Jerome who wants to steal the book, which he wants to use to control the world. For this purpose he tricks people into looking into his eyes, so that he can hypnotize them. The victims, including Lilly's mother, start to behave oddly, and dress in grey.

Lilly and her little brother Leon often quarrel. However, when Jerome kidnaps Leon and demands the book for his release, Lilly gives up the book temporarily. The two, together with two boys from school, succeed in recapturing it, and saving the world from Jerome's control. This also improves Lilly's relationship with Leon.

2011 Movie: Lilly the Witch: The Journey to Mandolan

The throne of Mandolan is bewitched - a big problem for grand vizier Guliman, who wants to be king himself. His evil sorcerer Abrash tries to deceive Lilly to help them. But there's no fooling a superwitch! With the support of crafty rickshaw driver Musa and Hector, Lilly frees the noble King of Mandolan and his people from the tyranny of Guliman!

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