Groove Squad
Groove Squad.png
General Information
Type English Cartoon
Created by Patrick A. Ventura
Years on Air 2002
Episodes 1 movie

English Title: Groove Squad (US) / Groove Squad Cheerleaders (Australia)

Italian Title: Cheerleaders - La supersquadra

French Title: Puissance 3

Spanish Title: Groove Squad Súper Escuadrón - La Película (Latin America) / CC - Commando Cheeleaders (Spain)

German Title: Chrissy und die Cheerleader

Russian Title: Эскадрон красоток

Polish Title: Odlotowe Małe Agentki

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Chrissy, Ping, and Mackenzie are three run-of-the-mill cheerleaders, until a freak accident at the hairdresser gives them superpowers. With Mackenzie's X-ray vision, Ping's ability to fly, and Chrissy's super strength, the trio of unlikely heroes must balance their dream of winning the cheer competition with the newfound responsibility of protecting their city from a mad scientist, superpowered hippies, and a monster worm.

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