Ginga Tokusou Shiner
Pac lgalaxy special agent scheiner.jpg
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Sosuke Higashimura
Years on Air 2013
Movies 1

Japanese Title: 銀河特捜シャイナー

English Title: Galaxy Special Agent Shiner

Airdate: January 25, 2013


Maki Kohga, aka the Milky Way Special Agent Scheiner, assigned to guard the Earth along with her partner Lenny, has been fighting fiercely with Kuhma, an organization of vices. Four episodes: 1. A Kuhma cadre Loh assaults Lenny on the cosmic carrier Queen Scheinus, Scheiner’s base ship, attaches on her body Kamyukami and succeeds in sneaking onto Queen Scheinus. While Scheiner is held up on Earth to deal with the fighters, what will happen to Lenny who’s fighting alone! 2. Cicadas out of season make mankind crazy! Awaiting Scheiner on her way to investigate, Mimmies, robotic assassinators shaped in cicadas, swarm all over her. Scheiner is having trouble getting into her battle suit, annoyed by the ringing cicada chirping, and gets her blood sucked up by the Mimmies! 3. Jewella, once responsible for devastating Lenny’s mother planet, now appears on Earth. Its only objective is to go after Lenny who is the only survivor. Lenny is revengeful, but danger creeps on her. 4. Priest Loh captures Lenny, knowing that she is Scheiner’s weakness, calls up Scheiner and lets the assassinator robot Zed stomp on Schener who’s been made irresistible. Allowed to put on the battle suit but not to fight back, Scheiner is subjected to harsh torture until her life...

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