GIO Master Oria
Pac lG.I.O. Master.jpg
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Motoharu Takauji
Years on Air 2008
Movies 1

Japanese Title: GIOマスターオリア

Airdate: January 11, 2008


More than ten years ago, some unknown energy source is detected in ”OOPARTS.” The government launches a secret project to use the energy that seems almost infinite.However,a doctor named Kawasumi is missing from the lab with OORARTS. The doctor knows the purpose of the government and runs away so that no one abuses its power. In the battle between the police and the evil organization,Kawasumi’s daughter Yuhi (Oria) appears, wearing special armored suit. After a scuffle Oria encounters Asa Yamasato, her childhood friend and a female officer. Yamasato thinks Yuhi died and discovers a file about Yuhi’s death and accident.As she tries to take it out,she is knocked down unconscious by someone. Meanwhile, the evil organization has developed “anti-GIO device” that forces the GIO system, main power source for Yuhi, to feed only harmful negative energy into a body. Yuhi sneaks into their hideout,but because of this new weapon, she can not use her energy and is defeated. Yuhi is tortured by the syndicate while Yasamaso’s body is tied to the anti-GIO device. They force her to see her best friend suffer in pain. Yuhi apologizes to Yamasato and raises the level of her energy, which in turn torments the Yamasato’s body strapped to the anti-GIO device. And Yuhi keeps raising the power....

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