Future Man
Pac lfuture man
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Kanzo Matsuura
Years on Air 2010
Movies 1

Japanese Title: フューチャーマン

Airdate: December 10, 2010


As a strategic team against the secret organization called the Angolian which plots to conquer the earth, the Futureman gathers people called the new races who obtain innate special abilities, and organizes the special force. Then, these fighters are clothed in the Future-Suit, and have fought against the Angolian for the peace of the earth. Here is a new race beauty named Jeanne has been continuing a trip to get away from a town infested with the new race discrimination. Such a day, she sees a boy who is attacked by the Angolian and tries to rescue him. However, the boy is taken as a hostage and Jeanne is beaten up by the combatants of the Angolian. She is driven into a corner but suddenly the Futureman appears and rescues them, and asks her join their team with this boy named Santa(means a third son in the family) but Jeanne begins her journey again. However, after that Santa and the Futureman are captured by the Angolian, and in order to rescue them, Jeanne wears the Future-Suit and heads for the foe’s secret base...

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