Fushigi Tantei Mio
Pac lwonder detective mio
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Naoki Otsuka
Years on Air 2006
Movies 1

Japanese Title: 不思議探偵MIO

English Title: Wonder Detective Mio

Airdate: December 08, 2006


Mio, A high school female student/private detective, was asked by a big shot of the underworld Ishioka to do something about ”someone” who had been following him. At one night while she was asleep someone grabbed her neck and whispered, by a female voice, ”Back off from Ishioka”. Yes, it was the woman who was killed by Ishioka and, as a ghost, had been attacking him; her name is Reiko. Mio, in her dreams, underwent tortures that were exactly the same as the ones used by Ishioka for Reiko, which included ”whip”, ”stun gun”, and ”spreading her legs out”. Awakening by her own screams, Mio suffers from real tortures this time by Ishioka who is possessed by Reiko’s spirit that intends to get rird of her as an obstacle! Will she be able to hold herself under this intensity?

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