Fushigi Mahou Fun Fun Pharmacy
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General Information
Type Anime
Created by Yukiko Hakuba

Itou Ikuko

Years on Air 1998-1999
Episodes 48

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Japanese Title: ふしぎ魔法 ファンファン・ファーマシィー

English Title: Mysterious Magic Fun Fun Pharmacy


Popuri and her friends

In a small town, there was a curious pharmacy called “Fun Fun Pharmacy”. Popuri, a girl who has just moved to town, found this pharmacy and meets the shop owner, Miss Fukiko. Miss Fukiko is actually a witch and sensed Popuri’s strong feelings for wanting to become a witch. She presents her with a mysterious medicine bottle that allows Popri to mix, summon and create magical spirits of her own.

Magical spirits appear from this mysterious medicine bottle called Ardelle's Bottle (アルデルの小びん Aruderu no kobin?). These magical spirits do not speak words but are lively and have their own will. Inexperienced as she is, the magical spirits do not always follow Popuri’s spells but little by little, they learn to handle magic in their own way.

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