Franny's Feet
General Information
Type English Cartoon
Created by Cathy Moss

Susin Nielsen

Years on Air 2004-2011
Seasons 4
Episodes 52

Spanish Title: Los pies mágicos de Franny

Italian Title: I magici piedini di Franny


Frances "Franny" Fantootsie visits with her Grandpa every day at his shoe repair shop in Vancouver. They like to talk about matters until a customer comes. The customer presents the problem shoes to Grandpa, and he gives the pair to Franny to place inside the shoe repair box. Franny tries on the footwear (either in her stocking feet or barefooted) and they take her to a magical place such as a Native American powwow in Wyoming, a sunny beach in Jamaica, or a high mountain in China. At the end of each episode, after Franny solves the problem in a magical place, she receives a treasure and adds it to her shoebox treasure keeper and solves her own problem. In the fourth season, Franny's clothes change into a costume based on where her imagination takes her (for example, a swimsuit in Jamaica, pioneer clothing for a pioneer-time farm, etc.). The opening has also been redone; the theme is the same and shows the same events as the first three seasons but the animation has been redone to show Franny in costume for the events, as opposed to her regular clothes. At the end of each show in seasons one and two on PBS Kids in the United States, comes Music Time with SteveSongs; in season three, it was Dot's Story Factory. In season four and onwards, it was "Who's That Dog?", a segment that shows a live-action child showing the viewers his/her dog and its special tricks.

Episode List

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