Flowering Heart
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General Information
Type Korean Anime
Created by Lee Woojin

Ishihira Shinji

Years on Air 2016-ongoing
Seasons 2+OVA
Episodes 100+ongoing

Korean Title: 플라워링 하트

Japanese Title: フラワーリングハート

Chinese Title: 變身少女花啦啦(HK) / 魔法指环少女(China) / 魔法花戒指的秘密(Taiwan , for comic)

English Title: Flowering Heart


A special magical story of an ordinary girl! Ari is a fifth grade student who transform into adult with a variety of magical powers to solve problems of everyday life. One day, going to home Ari discovers a strange hamster and ring. She collects hope energy on earth helping the others to save the Flowering Kingdom people of the despair energy.


  • Ari Jin ( 진 아리, Jin A-ri)
Twelve years old, born on July 20th, a fifth-year student at the Bocciolo Fiorito elementary school. Her symbols are pink azalea and ruby. She is willing and affectionate, and likes to help people in need.
Voiced by: Choi Da-in (first season (Korean), So Yeon (first season re-match, second season (Korean) and Nancy Kim (English).
  • Suha Woo ( 우수하, U Su-ha)
Twelve years old, born on September 4th, best friend of Ari and her classmate. her symbols are the forget me not flower and the sapphire. she is a "straight A" student whose parents are divorced and are busy working and is a huge fan of mystery novels.
Voiced by: Yang Se-na (first season (Korean), Jung Hye-won (first season re-match, second season (Korean) and Jacqueline Youn (English).
  • Min Sunwoo ( 선우 민, Seon-u Min)
Twelve years old, born on December 1st, best friend of Ari and her classmate. her symbols are the dandelion flower and the topaz. She is a lively girl who loves sports; has two younger brothers and two younger sisters.
Voiced by: Kim Chae-eun (first season (Korean), Kim Eun-ha (first season re-match, second season (Korean) and Dami Lee (English).
  • Princess Shuel ( 슈엘, Syu-el wangja)
Twelve years old, born on October 27th, is the princess of Flowering Kingdom by adoption. her symbols are the snow flower and the diamond. Ex-girlfriend of Prince Chess, has a strong and selfish character and works alongside Queen Cannabis to gather the energy of despair. In the end of the first season, when she realized her mistakes, she joined Ari, Suha and Min, thanks to which she learned to be more interested in others.
Voiced by: Esther (first season (Korean), Yang Jung-hwa (first season re-match, second season (Korean) and Anna Paik (English)
  • Prince Chess ( 체스 왕자, Cheseu wangja) / Tubby ( 뚱 이, Ttung-i).
Seventeen years old, born August 8, is the crown prince of the Flowering Kingdom. When he is driven out on the Earth he takes on the appearance of a hamster that is found by Ari and was named Tubby and was kept as her second pet to her dog Happy. He temporarily reshapes human form thanks to the energy of hope gathered by Ari and her friends.
Voiced by: Um Sang-hyeon (Chess)(Korean), Jeon Tae-yeol (Tubby)(Korean) and Mike Yantzi (English)
  • Prince Trump ( 트럼프 왕자, Teureompeu wangja)
Thirteen years old, born on March 11th, he is the younger brother of Chess and a prince of the Flowering Kingdom. During his childhood he was sent to the Earth by his mother Cannabis to gather the energy of despair together with the cat Mao.
Voiced by: Shin Yong-woo (Korean) and Matt Anipen (English)

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플라워링하트 오프닝 티져 영상

Flowering Heart Theme Song

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