Family Soldier
Pac lfamily soldier
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Naoki Otsuka
Years on Air 2007
Movies 2

Japanese Title: ファミリーソルジャー

First Movie: Family Soldier -Aoi-

Airdate: February 23, 2007

Miku Munakata lived happily with two daughters, Aoi and Midori, and a generous husband Haiji. Though she was an ordinary housewife, she had another face which the family didn’t know. She was the super heroine, the Red Angel, who fought against the evil. One day, her enemy, Bad Naturer found that the Red Angel was Miku Munakata, and caught Aoi and Midori as hostage. The earthworm monster, Genoma, beat the irresistible Red Angel all to sticks. The disappearance of her mask, due to the hard damage, let her daughters know the identity of the Red Angel. Genoma kept beating Miku in front of Aoi and Midori crying for their mother. Then, the sleeping power of super heroine in Aoi and Midori came to life.

Second Movie: Family Soldier -Midori-

Airdate: March 09, 2007

Pac lfamily soldier midori
Miku loses her transforming ability as she tries to save overconfident Midori who headed into enemy territory alone after gaining the transformation power. Seiren, evil female boss of Bad Naturer, nursing a personal grudge against Red Angel, would not let this chance go by. Seiren attacks and beats Miku who can no longer transform, and to inflict vengeance on her, the boss mercilessly keeps torturing Captured Miku with her crab and sea urchin power. At the news that Miku was abducted, Aoi tells Midori they must rescue her together, but Midori is too scared to fight again because of her traumatic memories when she was defeated and caught before. Now Aoi has to confront the enemy on her own, but Seiren’s power is too much for one girl fighter and Aoi gets severely beaten by the female boss. Aoi still keeps fighting, and it’s a losing fight, right in front of her mother Miku. Can Midori save the life of Aoi and Miku?

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