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General Information
Type Philippine Live Action
Created by ABS-CBN
Years on Air 2008-2009
Episodes 8


Dragonna TV Series-617757524-large.jpg

Tomboyish Olive (Shaina Magdayao) comes from a race of Tagon or Taong Dragon with a blood of a dragon thru her family. Olive will discover that she has the power to create fire. Olive dons her costume: Dragonna. Rona's real name is Olive has acquired her own identity transform into a female taong dragon. Can Edgar is actually carry out his plan without falling in love with the feisty girl but will he fall in love with Rona?

The three firemen namely Narcisso (Bayani Agbayani), Elmo (Long Mejia) and Junior (Arnold Reyes)


will discover that water will prevent Rona's "hot" temper because of the argument that Rona and Edgar (Jake Cuenca) got into. Olive/Rona turned into a superheroine called; "Dragonna", to meet up with her brother Rafael.

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