Dennou Shoujo Mink
General Information
Type Manga
Created by Megumi Tachikawa
Years on Air 2000-2002
Episodes 28 (6 Volumes)

Japanese Title: 電脳少女Mink

English Title: Cyber Idol Mink

Chinese Title: 電腦少女Mink


Mink Shiraishi and her friends Moriyama Kanoka and Toriumi Mahoko are out shopping for the latest CD by their favourite idol Illiya when Mink somehow ends up purchasing a mysterious CD-rom called WANNA-BE instead. She and her friends notice that the date written on it is 2099. Kanoka, a computer fan, boots it up on her laptop, believing it to be a program that will allow the users to create their own idol. The girls set about doing so and name their idol "Mink" when suddenly the idol springs out of the laptop and merges with the real Mink. Mink finds that she can now transform into her "Cyber Idol" form by saying "WANNA-BE Stand by....setup!" She then pursues a pop career, although the robot Om (who came with the WANNA-BE package) warns her that if her identity is discovered by anyone other than Kanoka and Mahoko, she will be deleted, as using technology from the future is a serious crime.

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