Dengeki Tokusou-tai Bionic Force
Pac lbionic force
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Toru Kikkawa
Years on Air 2007-2017
Movies 3

Japanese Title: 電撃特捜隊バイオニックフォース

English Title: Special Unit Bionic Force

First Movie: Dengeki Tokusou-tai Bionic Force - Brainwashing & Torture

Airdate: September 28, 2007

An evil group called ”Death Dealers” has been shaking up the peace of the world. They take on terrorism, assassinations and suchlike. To fight against them, four female cyborg fighters in special suits got together as Special Unit Bionic Force. However, Red Force, the leader of the Force, Kanon, loses contact on her mission. Blue Force, Mio, goes out to search her, but gets kidnapped by the enemy and suffers brutal tortures by a female high-ranking member of Death Dealers, Pierra. Red Force is brainwashed and attacks Green Force, Fubuki. The youngest among the Force, Pink Force, Chika, falls into the hands of a monster, Snake Doctor. In the desperate situation, the four fighters must find a way out.

Second Movie: Dengeki Tokusou-tai Bionic Force - Destruction & Violated

Airdate: October 12, 2007

Pac lbionic force2
Death Breaker, a higher-rank officer of Death Dealers, shows up before Piera, who hates Bionic Force more than anything. Meanwhile, Red Force disappeared leaving a message, saying she must quit Bionic Force as she bitterly regrets that she was manipulated by the enemy and attacked her partners. Before the final battle against Death Dealers, sub-leader Blue Force decides to confront their deadliest enemy with only two members, Green Force and herself alone, telling Pink Force to go and find Red Force for them. The two fighters fight bravely, but they are soon overwhelmed and wounded by the enemy’s powerful attack. The fighters find themselves in a pinch as their mechanical parts in their limbs get severely damaged. Moreover, vengeful female officer Piera stands in the way of Pink Force looking for Red. Blue Force and Green Force are captured and tortured by Death Dealers: Pink Force is tortured by Piera while Red Force refuses to fight. Now, can Bionic Force win the battle?

Third Movie: Dengeki Tokusou-tai Bionic Force 2017

Pac lbionic force2017
Airdate: September 22, 2017

Tsurugi four sisters, Kaho, Fuka, Mitsuki, and Mina are attacked by a monster of Evil Dragon Family that plot destroy humans. They are mechanized their body, the first and second daughter Kaho and Fuka is their whole body, the third daughter Mitsuki is her arms, and the fourth daughter Mina is both legs, to battle with the Evil Dragon Family as Cyborg Fighter Bionic Force. Meanwhile, Mina accidentally sees her best friend Maki who were missing, and chases her. Maki confesses her distorted love mind to Mina and that she is a princess of Evil Dragon Family. Maki and her subordinates Raia, Jyuka, and Nene attack Mina. Mina can’t fight with Maki with full power. Mina is defeated and tortured violently.

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