Dead Gorgeous
Dead Gorgeous.jpg
General Information
Type English Live Action
Created by Barbara Slade
Years on Air 2010
Episodes 13

German Title: Die Geister von Ainsbury

Spanish Title: Difuntas Encantadoras

Italian Title: Le sorelle fantasma


Dead Gorgeous follows the adventures of three sisters, Rebecca, Sophie and Hazel Ainsworth who died in a terrible carriage crash along with their beloved nanny, during the Victorian era. Feeling they did not get the chance to experience life properly, Rebecca applies to the ghost council for another chance of life. Their wish is granted but they return 150 years after their death to find their home has been turned into a private boarding school. Unable to reveal their secret the sisters are forced to fit into the 21st century as students in the school that used to be their home. As three refined, old fashioned young ladies, they are baffled by modern life but with the help of their ghost-guardian Agatha, and a motley selection of ghosts they manage to survive the challenges modern culture brings. They struggle during their attempt to adjust to modern life but do get helped by these people.

Episode List

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