Cyber Planet 1999:

Hyper Rune

General Information
Type Manga
Created by CLAMP
Years on Air 1995-1997
Episodes 4 Volumes

Japanese Title: サイバープラネット1999 HYPER☆ルン


It is about an eight-grade girl named Rune Ayanokouji, who is destined to save the world from peril caused by notorious cyber-alien beings. She lives with her mad scientist grandfather, who is very smart, but has a habit of dressing her up in weird cosplay outfits. Rune was born with a sun-like crest on her wrist (known as the Crest of the Sun), and was told by her grandfather that she was the reincarnated Space Queen. Rune refuses to believe almost anything her grandfather says and tries to live a normal life, despite the fact that she works part-time as a cybernetic superhuman to ward off alien beings that have invaded the earth. Rune's childhood friends, Masaya and Masato Ibayashi, are also cybernetic warriors who bear the Crest of the Sun, but she doesn't know this until later in volume one. It is also revealed that her other close friend, Aina Hazumi, is also a Crest-bearer. A horde of cybernetic aliens hail from Planet X to dominate the earth, and they ensure that their plans are carried out successfully. Many of them are disguised as humans in order to conceal their identities. These alien forces are under the command of Emperor Gald, the mastermind behind the domination of Earth. In the beginning of the series, Gald is "asleep"—he hasn't been awakened to his full power yet. During this time, the aliens are trying to revive him so that he can lead them to their victory. There are five certain objects needed in order to destroy the aliens' operation. These are the six Elements of the Sun. Each piece resembles one part of Sun Crest (five points and a central core). Each one must be obtained before the aliens are able to steal them. In the meantime, another trio of aliens arrive on earth from Planet X. It turns out they're actually on a mission to protect Rune and defeat the evil horde of aliens. They disguise themselves as humans and go along with pseudonyms. Rune happens to befirend one of these aliens, but doesn't know that he is undergoing an important mission...

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