Cosmo Pirate Shuna
Pac lCosmo Pirate Shuna
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Motoharu Takauji
Years on Air 2007
Movies 1

Japanese Title: コスモパイレーツ シュナ

Airdate: September 28, 2007


A mysterious man called Vinter has been following this woman. His purpose is to get the pendant on her neck. Winter attacks her with cold air and she has nothing to protect herself. But, a detective shows up from nowhere and saves her. This detective, however, knows her secret which is supposed to be known by no one on earth. She is a princess of the pirates that used to dominate the Galaxy collecting piles of treasures. The detective also has an intention to get her pendant, and which is achieved by forcing her unconscious. As waking up, she searches him and find him to be cornered by Winter. In order to retrieve her pendant, she transforms into the princess of the pirates.

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