Cherry & Berry
9784063791358 1L
General Information
Type Manga
Created by Hatanohiyoko
Others one anime short

Japanese Title: チェリー&ベリー

English Title: Cherry & Berry (Literal)

Cherry & Berry is a children's Japanese Magical Girl manga with minigames and stickers that children can play with. The story is about the daily adventures of 5th graders Cherry and Berry. They can use their magical crayon to transform into any costume or career to solve problems or help others.

In the bonus DVD of the January 2014 issue, おともだちピンク (Pink Friends; one of the magazines that features the manga), there is an animated short of Cherry and Berry, based on the strip of manga in that specific issue.

チェリー&ベリー(Cherry & Berry) animed short

チェリー&ベリー(Cherry & Berry) animed short

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