Bug tte Honey
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General Information
Type Anime
Created by Tokyo Movie Shinsha
Years on Air 1986-1987
Episodes 51
Movies 1

Japanese Title: Bugってハニー

English Title: Honeybee in Toycomland


A unique program which adopts the toycom games which are loved by children all over the world into animation.

The story starts off by the kidnapping of Genjin Takahashi, a superstar in the world of toycom games. He is kidnapped by Kyura-the-Great, who plots evil in order to rule this game world and become the star himself. Honey Bee, living in this game world and also the girlfriend of Genjin, learns of this and sets out to save him. She goes to the actual world to seek the help of three game geniuses and brings these three toycom buddies to the game world. With their help and desperate struggles, they try to overthrow Kyura-the-Great and rescue Genjin. Can they overcome the numerous roadblocks of hidden tricks and riddles?

Episode List

Movie: "Bug tte Honey: Megarom Shoujo Mai 4622"

Japanese Title: Bugってハニー メガロム少女舞4622

English Title: Honey the Bug Dance Megarom Girl 4622

Airdate: July 21, 1987

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