Barajou no Kiss
General Information
Type Manga
Created by Aya Shouoto
Years on Air 2008-2012
Episodes 40 (9 Volumes)

Japanese Title: 薔薇嬢のキス

English Title: Kiss of the Rose Maiden


Anís Yamamoto's father gave her a rose choker when she was young, claiming it was a protective amulet and if she ever took it off she would be afflicted by a “punishment”. But after a certain incident which caused the choker to disappear, she received four cards. These cards enabled her to summon Kaede Higa, Mutsuki Kurama, Mitsuru Tenjō and Seiran Asagi, her Rose Rhode knights, who told her that she was the Rose Princess.

As the Rose Princess, she has to obtain Arcana cards which will eventually be used to prevent the Devil’s seal from crumbling. However, collecting all the Arcana cards is no easy feat as there are forces working against her. One of them was a group of people who called themselves the artificial Rose Rhode Knights and they, too, had a contract with an Artificial Rose Princess. This group of people wanted the Arcana cards so as to prove their existence as a true Rose Rhode Knight and Rose Princess.

The real Rose Princess has to clash with the artificial Rose Princess and her dominions during the course of getting the arcana cards, which made her discover secrets she did not even know existed.

Chapter List

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