Bakuen Sentai Blaze Five
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General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Toru Kikkawa
Years on Air 2007
Movies 2

Japanese Title: 爆炎戦隊ブレイズファイブ

English Title: Flame Explosion Rangers Blaze Five

First Movie: Bakuen Sentai Blaze Five -Pink-

Airdate: March 09, 2007

Blaze Red / Mayumi Ichinose, Blaze Blue / Reina Futaba, Blaze Yellow / Natsuki Mitsumine and Blaze Black / Saori Yotsuya - The four girls are brave fighters Blazemen fighting against the demonic army of Empire Evil Dread. The evil army sends off a new villainess named Scarlet Lips, formidable monster woman that the girls cannot beat even with their special tactics Blaze Attack. They realize they need to upgrade their skills when Reina meets a girl Asuka Goyou fighting against the soldiers from Evil Dread on her own. Believing in her potential as Blazeman, Reina gives Asuka a special bracelet to transform. Asuka succeeds, and becomes Blaze Pink, but other girls are against Asuka’s joining the members because of her chronic heart condition. Seeking recognition as Blazemen member, Asuka keeps fighting, but while trying to protect Blaze Yellow, from the attack she is caught by Scarlet Lips and is going to be ruthlessly tortured....

Second Movie: Bakuen Sentai Blaze Five -Blue-

Airdate: March 23, 2007

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By enduring the evil woman Scarlet Lips’ terrible tortures, Blaze Pink / Asuka Goyou is now getting recognition as group member from Blaze Red / Mayumi Ichinose and Blaze Yellow / Natsuki Mitsumine. Still only Blaze Black / Saori Yotsuya couldn’t be friendly to her as she bitterly feels Asuka took Blaze Blue / Reina Futaba, Saori’s partner, away from her. Then, trying to save Asuka who chased the enemies too far during another battle, Reina is captured by new villainess Raven Hair. Raven Hair, master of torture, keeps tormenting Reina using all kinds of torture skills. Being accused by Saori and feeling responsible herself, Asuka tries to find out where Reina is kept and finally detects the place. She hurries over to the enemy’s hideout alone, but couldn’t do anything as Reina is taken hostage, and she too gets beaten up mercilessly. Can Asuka save Reina and defeat the evil lady Raven Hair?

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