Avalon: Web of Magic
General Information
Type Books
Created by Rachel Roberts

Allison Strom

Years on Air 2001-2010
Episodes 12



The magical land of Aldenmor is in trouble, threaten by the evil Dark Sorceress. Magical animals Ozzie the elf-turned ferret, Ariel the Snow Owl Lorelei the unicorn, Phelonius the fairy bear, Stormbringer the mistwolf, and Lyra the winged leopard must flee their home seek help on Earth. These animals bond with ordinary teenage girls: Ozzie, Ariel Lorelei, and Phelonis bond with shy healer mage Emily Fletcher, Stormbringer bonds with outsider warrior mage Adriane, and Lyra bonds with power shopper blazing star mage Kara. The mages each have their own magical jewel to help focus their magic: Emily with the Rainbow Jewel, Adriane with the Wolf Stone, and Kara with the Unicorn Jewel. Aided by their friends and magical jewels, Emily, Adriane, and Kara must save Aldenmor by finding Avalon, the legendary lost home of all magic.

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