General Information
Type Philippine Live Action
Created by Noreen Capili

Joel Mercado

Years on Air 2012-2013
Seasons 3
Episodes 190


Aryana Ella Cruz and Paul Salas
Aryana narrates the journey of a girl as she struggles in the awkward but exciting adolescent stage while trying to escape her inevitable destiny as a mermaid on her fourteenth birthday. Two mothers from entirely different worlds: Ofelia is a human, who struggles for the acceptance of her mother-in-law, hopes that with the birth of her daughter she will gain the happiness and acceptance of her husband's family. Neptuna, an adult mermaid with a bright orange-and-gold scaly fish tail and matching bra whose pure and strong motherly love for her daughter, Perlita, knows no bounds and will do anything to make sure she is safe and happy. While Perlita has a dream of living happily with humans often goes near the seashore to watch the humans and even once stole the mystical pearl that can transform a mermaid into a human and back at will. Unfortunately, when she went near the seashore
to watch the humans who are now watching and playing the firecrackers, a drunken villager played with a dynamite and Victor, Ofelia's good husband confronts him and unknowingly throws the dynamite into the part where Perlita was hiding. Neptuna, who was about to warn her daughter, saw the death of her dearly beloved daughter and angrily promises to do everything she can to make Victor and Ofelia feel the intense pain and sorrow of losing their own beloved daughter. Ofelia and Victor's child, whom she named Aryana, is then born. As Ofelia was hoping for, she gained the acceptance of her mother-in-law.

During Aryana's baptismal celebration, Neptuna (as a human woman) steals newborn Ayrana and makes her her own daughter for a while until she discovered that she cannot make Aryana a complete mermaid unless her mother gives her to her willingly, and so Neptuna gave Aryana back to Ofelia with the agreement that on Aryana's fourteenth birthday she must give her back to her. Ofelia, with no intention of giving her daughter back runs away from their seaside village and goes to the urban city to forget about the mermaid curse on her daughter as Neptuna thought she would. Everyday, Ofelia gets a reminder that her daughter is and will belong to the sea when she turns fourteen. Aryana, who does not know that she is forever cursed to actually become a full-fledged mermaid on her fourteenth birthday. As she faces her destiny and fate of being a mermaid, Aryana is torn between choosing the sea where she belongs and the surface world of humans where her heart belongs.

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