Angel Core:

Tenshi-tachi no Sumika

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General Information
Type Anime
Created by Ran Misumi
Years on Air 2003
Episodes 2

HENTAI WARNING: This Magical Girl Show contains lots of nude and explicit sex scenes, be careful and be sure that you are 18 years of age or older to watch it.

Japanese Title: ANGEL CORE エンゼル・コア~天使たちの住処~

English Title: Supernatural Teen Sluts


This first entry in the Angel Core series follows a young soldier (fighting for a fictional, futuristic empire) as he's transferred to a secret military installation, where's he surprised to discover that his new job will be having sex with gorgeous young "Angels," a group of genetically unique women who need regular intercourse to nurture their powers.

Episode List

1- "Tenshi-tachi no Sumika~ Jōkan" ("Life of Angels Part 1")


Airdate: January 25, 2003

2- "Tenshi-tachi no Sumika~ Gekan" ("Life of Angels Part 2")


Airdate: April 25, 2003

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