Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld
General Information
Type English Cartoon
Created by DC Nation
Years on Air 2013
Episodes 7

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Princess Amethyst and Pegacorn

The story starts with a teenage girl named Amy Winston sitting in her room playing a handheld video game when she all of the sudden gets called by the game and gets transported inside Gemworld. She's told she's the princess of this world and must go on a quest before she can be sent back home on Earth. Aided by her own alicorn and some sort of magical energy sword, she comes across several challenges caused by the bad guy of the game, Dark Opal along with finding Prince Topaz, the defeated hero of the game who gets reduced to skeleton.

By the end she manages to defeat Dark Opal, restore the Prince, and with her quest ended, she gets sent back home.

Episode List

1- "Level 1: Your Quest"


Amethyst Princess of Gemworld - Episode 01

Airdate: January 05, 2013

A young girl named Amy Winston is playing the handheld video game "Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld." She is unable to defeat the evil Dark Opal with Prince Topaz only to be magically transported to Gemworld as the long-lost Princess Amethyst.

2- "Level 2: Village of the Frogs"


Amethyst Princess of Gemworld - Episode 02

Airdate: January 12, 2013

Dark Opal sends a giant spider that battles Amethyst.

3- "Level 3: Random Encounter"


Amethyst Princess of Gemworld - Episode 03

Airdate: January 19, 2013

Amethyst must take a dip in a lake after an encounter with a slime, but must also battle the enormous centipede-like creature that takes residence in the lake.

4- "Level 4: The Turquoise Cave"


Amethyst Princess of Gemworld - Episode 04

Airdate: February 09, 2013

Amethyst battles Prince Topaz (who had been turned into a skeleton by Dark Opal in the first short) and earns his treasure after defeating him. Nothing left to hold him back, Amethyst puts Prince Topaz's skeleton back together and urges Prince Topaz to travel the world.

5- "Level 5: Battle in the Stormy Peaks"


Amethyst Princess of Gemworld - Episode 05

Airdate: February 16, 2013

Amethyst saves the Frog Prince from Dark Opal's spell and obtains her pendant's jewel Prince Topaz told her she needed. However, is she prepared to face Dark Opal himself when he shows up in person?.

6- "Level 6: The Final Battle"


Amethyst Princess of Gemworld - Episode 06

Airdate: March 02, 2013

Amethyst faces off against Dark Opal.

7- "Level 7: Time to go Home"


Amethyst Princess of Gemworld - Episode 07

Airdate: March 09, 2013

Amethyst defeats Dark Opal and returns to her own world.

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