Alice Kara Mahou
General Information
Type Manga
Created by Matsumoto Natsumi
Years on Air 2006
Episodes 8 (2 Volumes)

Japanese Title: アリスからの魔法

English Title: Alice from Magic


When Alice was little, her late mother foresaw that when Alice turns 13, an event will change her life forever. Alice, now a spirited 13 year old, plays and bickers with her friends, has a boy she's interested in and, like her mom, loves to foretell future using Tarot cards. One day, together with her classmates, Alice watches stars when sudden meteor shower passes. Only, this meteor shower is not a normal one, in fact, it's not "stars" that are falling but magic jewels! These gems can be absorbed by human bodies, causing various side effects, most of them not pleasant. And so Alice, armed with a key to open human heart and a magical bunny for a sidekick, sets out to extract all the gems before they cause too much damage, healing hearts along the way.

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