Akuma Senshi Akumeito W
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General Information
Type Live Action
Years on Air 2005
Movies 2

Japanese Title: 悪魔戦士アクメイトW

English Title: Demonic Mates Double

First Movie: Akuma Senshi Akumeito W Zarahn

Airdate: November 25, 2005

Mio Aikawa is an ordinary girl at first glance. But, that is only what she looks like on the outside under her hidden identity. The truth is that she is an underagent devil called Zarahn, who was reborn into the world of mankind to protect Satan, the Prince of Darkness. Satan is reborn as a kind-hearted boy named Kenji. She poses as his older sister, and forgets her mission as Zarahn as she gets accustomed to life on Earth and spends a succession of peaceful days. However, the evil hands of Angel Michael and his legion of gods, who scheme to take advantage of Satan to conquer the world are closing in on the brother and sister team.

Second Movie: Akuma Senshi Akumeito W Irahze

Airdate: December 09, 2005

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Mio and Haruka succeed in stopping the evil plans of Michael’s legion that forms the Evil Mate Double in the previous episode. At first glance it looks to be that peace is restored, but a new hand of evil approaches the two. The legion of the world of demons that is supposed to be on Kenji’s side sends out assassins seeking to kill him! Mio and Kenji are at the mercy of the whirlpool of a great conspiracy. And, the time finally comes for Haruka to carry out her hidden mission....

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