1 (102)- "Aikatsu Shiyō☆Redī Gō!!" ("Let's Aikatsu☆Ready Go!!")

Aikatsu! - Episode 102

Aikatsu! - Episode 102

(アイカツしよう☆Ready Go!!)

Airdate: October 2, 2014

One morning, Akari is out running before she begins her busy day. She happens to come across Yu and they run together, until she notices a card slip from the grasp of a mysterious girl passing them. She picks it up and calls to the girl, who takes it from Akari and thanks her. Akari is then called by Yu and they resume running, however, Akari can't help but think about how pretty the girl looked. While the girl turns over her card and notices it was a "chance encounter", and it will be followed by a "departure" of some sort.

Later on, Akari is in bed having a lovely dream of a sunny day. But suddenly rain pours down on her and a storm forms in the sky. By the time she wakes from it, she is alarmed to find the entire roof has begun to leak and in a panic begins to fret over her poster of Ichigo while trying to determine what to do. After Yu comments on how bad it is, both girls run to find buckets and pans to hold the water in. While Akari is saving her poster of Ichigo, Sakura comes in to inform her and Yu of their new living arrangements.

The girls are happy about this until they learn that they will have to be in seperate rooms though, since they do not have any open rooms for the both of them to share. This is a little saddening but with some encouragement from Sakura, and no other choice, they begin to pack their items and take a picture with her before leaving the damp room.

Arriving to her new room, Akari knocks on the door while Yuu realizes it belongs to Sumire Hikami, a very gorgeous girl that she has shared a few live auditions in the past. She continues while Akari observes the poster of Yurika nearby, going on to admit that she never actually talked to Sumire before. But before anymore is said, Akari is called to Orihime's office to be introduced to Sumire.

As soon as she arrives Akari happens to spot the same, mysterious girl from earlier. She is surprised to learn that this girl is also her roommate and they share a quick greeting with one-another. As it turns out, their classes are also next to each other, and before now that Sumire has never had a roommate either. Orihime goes on to tell the girls that there was another reason she called them to the room today and hands them the Aikatsu Phone Look, which includes a brand new App called Idolook. It will allow the user to manage her schedule, periodically recieve special job offers, and even upload her personal profiles for viewing. Orihime then hands Akari and Sumire their fall uniform coords and begins to explain their lovely accenting of Navy blue to bring all of the coords together. While the stars will show that those who have them are Starlight Academy students.

With that, Akari and Sumire return to their dorm room. Akari is still pretty flustered over getting to share a room with someone like Sumire, and they sit onto their beds and make an attempt to talk. After a few minutes though, Sumire offers to make some tea and begins to ask Akari some specific questions, such as what kind she likes, and if she would like milk. She then leaves to go make it once Akari answers.

When it is done, Sumire mentions that it is Apricot tea, and Akari is surprised by how sweet it is, even without the sugar added in yet. She goes on to then comment on Sumire's beauty once again, then mentions how interesting it is that Sumire happens to like Loli Gothic. It is then Sumire notices the time and mentions her private lesson. Akari tells her that she can go and offers to clean up everything for her, so with that Sumire leaves once she thanks her for the help.

Akari walks through the hallways a while later when she is greeted by Yuu, who has come to introduce her to her new roommate, Matsuri Hasegawa. They exchange greetings before asking Akari if she met Sumire yet. When she confirms that she has, she mentions how nice and beautiful she is, and how she like tea, but that is about all she knows so far. After Yuu explains that they were going to head over to the Cafeteria, Matsuri invites Akari to join them but she turns down the offer and they leave. It is then Akari gets a message on her brand new Aikatsu Phone Look, and to her surprise it is to announce the audition to be Ichigo's manager for one day.

Later on, Akari listens to "Ichi-Ichi-Ichigo in the PM", a thirty-minute radio program hosted by Ichigo that is about over. Sumire is also returning from her private lesson for the day at that time and sits down as Akari mentions how much Ichigo inspired her to become an idol. She plans on entering the audition coming up to be Ichigo's one-day manager and is very encouraged to do whatever it takes so that she passes it. Sumire wishes her luck, then Akari tells Sumire that they should take it together. Sumire is surprised and voices that Akari wants it so badly, that she can't understand why she would want her to join the audition. However, she does decide to join anyway.

The next day the girls decide to get as much training done before the audition as possible. They head out to jog and run for a while, then they practice their dancing, where Akari shows her a spin she was working on. Sumire offers some advice and then they resume before decide to stop dancing for now. But there is one final thing Akari wants to do before it gets too late, and she leads Sumire to Angely Mountain. She was inspired to do it because Ichigo did it, and she is sure it will be great training if they do it, and they can hope they will pass once they reach the top.

Once they get there, the girls sit and admire the beautiful sun as it sets in the distance. Then they return home, later that night and go to bed. While there, Sumire admits that this was her first time ever to have fun like today, this surprises Akari and Sumire continues to explain by voicing her confusion over Akari's desire to have her compete in the audition. Sumire has been trying to figure out Akari and realized that she simply has a lot of fun doing Aikatsu with others. Akari also admits that she just wants to become better friends with Sumire.

Sumire also brings up how she has never taken part in an audition with someone else before, and reveals that while growing up she pretty much kept to herself. But she has always loved to sing and dance, even when she was not watched, and after her sister happened to see it she thought Sumire would be suited for Idolhood. So she then introduced Sumire to Starlight Academy, in hopes of encouraging her to make more friends. But when Sumire entered, she saw everyone as a rival, because for every idol that ends up succeeding, another would fail. Many would end up suffering and because of that she only practiced on her own. It is then Akari thinks about Ichigo when she performed with Soleil, and how they may never have worried over rivalries because they had all been such good friends with each other.

Come the next day, the girls stand in the waiting area. Akari is happy that they were able to enter together and the two of them head inside. Where they change into their brand new school coords and appear on stage, singing to "Let's Aikatsu".

Once all of the girls who auditioned try out, Johnny brings them all into the waiting room to announce the results. Sumire is announced the winner, much to her surprise. She feels badly for AKari but she tells her that while she is disappointed, she is happy for Sumire and had tons of fun. So to celebrate, she decides that they should go to the Cafeteria and head outside. It is then Sumire thinks about the card Akari handed back to her a few days ago and pulls it from her pocket. She realizes just how correct it happened to be before catching up to Akari once she calls for her.

2 (103)- "Ī Koto Uranai" ("Positive Reading")

Aikatsu! - Episode 103

Aikatsu! - Episode 103


Airdate: October 9, 2014

While Akari is excited for Sumire's one-day manager gig for Ichigo, Sumire is feeling somewhat concerned over something. To make herself feel better she decides to check her fortune for the day. The result is-less-than desireable, which causes Akari to worry until Sumire teaches the trick she learned from her older sister. it is called Positive Reading, which is when you take something you don't like and put a positive spin on it.

Akari asks her what she can do for her fortune then, but Sumire voices that it may only be a thing she will come to realize in due time. She also thinks good things are sure to come afterwards, which makes Akari feel a lot happier again. She mentions that she would love to meet Sumire's older sister, and Sumire admits that she would like to invite her sister, but every time she attempts to she ends up worrying that she isn't good enough yet. Akari then suggests that they hope the day will come when Sumire can invite her sister.

The girls walk down the hallway with a bunch of magazines centered on Ichigo. They head into the cafeteria when they happen to spot a bunch of sweet foods at the counter. The girls standing there discuss how the new chef has been making a lot of them lately, so after they grab some tea and one snack, Akari and Sumire sit down. Sumire comments on how Yotsuba, the chef has so many blends of tea. She is quick to apologize after a moment though, worrying she may have began to ramble a bit. Akari insists it is fine since she is just happy they can talk like this, then she sits next to Sumire to go over the things in the magazine.

They do not get very far in the discussion however, because Ichigo has come by with a favor for them. She hands Sumire her bag and asks her to bring it to the van for tomorrow, but she tells them that they can look through it first to help Sumire learn what tomorrow may involve. So with that, the girls head back to their dorm room. They pull out a long cord for rock climbing, a little oxygen mask Ichigo used to sneak into Dream Academy, and a farewell parashoot given to Ichigo from Kaede before she left to America. Sumire really wonders if they would be using all of this stuff, and while unsure, Akari tells her that she can finally find out what makes Ichigo so great. The girls decide to go to bed shortly afterwards, but Akari struggles to get to sleep, feeling a little envious over Sumire.

The next morning, Sumire and Ichigo meet up. They greet each other and Ichigo begins to discuss how she had to do this in the past, but before she can finish she happens to spot Naoto and approaches him. She happens to quickly see Akari hiding behind his back, then finishes her statement by revealing it was originally Aoi who won the role of Mizuki's one-day manager, but because she felt a little jealous, she used Naoto to help her sneak behind them. Until she was caught that is, when they just allowed her to come.

In the van, the girls go over Ichigo's schedule. They see there is a lot to it, and upon getting out of the van they find a recording crew just waiting for them. Ichigo reveals to Akari and Sumire that they will be following them and recording the entire day, to have some footage to use for a special staring Ichigo.

They start at the radio station, where Ichigo is approaching the end of her program for the day. She thanks everyone for listening, along for their record-high amount of fan letters they have sent in since she announced the theme not even five minutes prior. They return to the van afterwards, and while traveling she has a snack and they come to a recording studio for Ichigo to record a brand new song. While this goes on, Akari and Sumire give drinks to everyone in the room.

They come to the main event of today soon after, where they will be doing all of the Aikatsu Ichigo is famous for. She asks them if they want to join her after noticing how excited Akari is, and eventually they arrive to the destination and begin their rock climbing adventure. While Ichigo doesn't struggle very much and reaches the top pretty quick, Akari and Sumire keep up. This also happens when they go swimming, and sky-diving.

Soon evening comes and Ichigo is ending the footage video for the day. Akari was very excited by it, but after she happens to notice Sumire seems troubled, she quickly asks her if she is okay. Ichigo also seems to notice this.

The girls get out of the van and it drives off. Ichigo compliments them, then asks the girls if they would like to come by their dorm room, where Aoi happens to be. Ichigo asks them what they thought of today, then she admits that she noticed that Sumire seemed to be a little troubled too. Sumire admits to them that she has noticed just how big of a gap is between herself and Ichigo, and she really doesn't have any of her talents or skill. Aoi claims that Ichigo is not just a normal idol though, while Ichigo admits that she used to feel the same way that Sumire did, commenting that she wanted to become an idol just like Mizuki. But even now she is still very far ahead of her, but it is just how things are, and the most important thing is to always put your all into doing what you can.

She then asks Sumire what her favorite thing to do is, and Sumire explains that she likes singing, and it was her sister who suggested she attend Starlight Academy after hearing her. Ichigo points out that singing is just Sumire's greatest weapon as of now, and she is sure that as long as Sumire puts everything into what she is doing, she can be one of those who shine the brightest, even if she feels hesitation. She then invites Sumire to come and sing at her concert the following day, because she would like to hear her sing.

In bed, Sumire thinks over what Ichigo said, along with Akari. Neither of them really thought about things the way Ichigo said them, and Sumire wonders if maybe she should tell her sister about the concert. Akari tells her that she should, and with that Sumire agrees to do so.

The next day, Ichigo and Akari have come to give Sumire some support before she heads onto the stage. She gives her a new set of Aikatsu coords, from the brand new type "Romance Dress". She explains that it was what all of the top designers came up with for this years theme, and because Aoi knew how much Sumire loved Loli Gothic, she is sure the Odile Swan Coord will fit Sumire well. Sumire thanks Ichigo, then runs to change before she appears on stage and sings "Tarte・Tatin".

After the performance, Sumire is approached by Ichigo and Aoi. They compliment her performance and Sumire thanks them before she says goodbye to them as Ichigo leaves to prepare for her performance. Sumire is surprised to see her sister, and she apologizes for not inviting her sooner. Her sister tells her that she doesn't mind, and goes on to bring up Positive Reading once more. She recalls the day when she first handed Sumire the fortune book, and when she first showed her how positive reading works.

When Sumire's fortune reads "nobody knows where you will end up", she feels down until her sister explains "without the kite string, you can fly to even greater heights". This cheers her up and she claims that Sumire will always be herself, even if she becoems an idol, and she will do just fine. The three girls then exchange smiles as Sumire mentions how precious Akari is to her.

3 (104)- "Aikatsu Dasshu!" ("Aikatsu Dash!")

Aikatsu! - Episode 104

Aikatsu! - Episode 104


Airdate: October 16, 2014

One day Akari goes out for a job when she happens to come across Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran. They exchange greetings and explain to Akari that they are heading out to work for a television show, where they will put on a performance as Soleil. This excites Akari, and encourages her to keep working her hardest too, but she accidentally runs into another girl while rushing around the corner.

She is quick to apologize, but the girl was more interested in hearing Akari shout "Aikatsu Dash", something she has never heard before. When it seems she also knows Akari's name, the girl goes on to ask where Akari get the idea to say "Dash", then decides that she likes it a lot and wants to say it too. So she attempts to leave for a photoshoot she was heading to, then stops and introduces herself as Hinaki before she leaves. Akari waves to her while trying to determine why her name sounds familar, then she recalls that Hinaki is a TV actor, then starts to wonder how she knew her own name.

In class, Johnny announces that it is time for a brand new Pon Pon Crepe Girl audition. Yu explains to Akari that it is known for being quite the gateway to success for new idols and Akari mentions that Kii won it last year.

The cafeteria is lively with chatter afterwards involving the Pon Pon Crepe audition. Some girls discuss how Mizuki had been the 12th Pon Pon Crepe Girl, and they mention how two years later, Aoi became the 14th Girl. Akari can't help but listen to the girls nearby as they ask if they will be entering. One wants to but hates how competitive it is. Akari then asks Sumire if she plans on entering, but unfortunately Sumire has another audition for that day. It is then she happens to spot Hinaki, who also sees her. Hinaki teasingly scolds Akari on addressing her too formely, then comments on how funny she is before asking to join them. After they tell her it is alright, it is mentioned that Hinaki and Sumire have the same classes, then Sumire tells Hinaki that they share a dorm.

It is then Hinaki mentions how interested in Akari she was. Ever since her audition a while ago, when she was so obsessed with Ichigo that she even introduced herself as Ichigo. Akari is a bit flustered and concerned at first, and tries to explain it until Hinaki claims it was a compliment, because of how fresh it was. She even calls Akari cute, then claims that she must really love Ichigo. She once again calls Akari adorable, but soon realizes she is out of time. She has to go to work, but happens to spot the Pon Pon Crepe Girl audition. She asks if they are entering, then after hearing that Akari wants to enter, she wants too also. She then leaves right after.

The girls go back to discussing the Pon Pon Crepe Girl audition and Akari voices concern that she may not be good enough. Sumire is sure she is though, and even voices that Hinaki has been in the industry for a long time, so she may have picked up on something. They begin to discuss how Hinaki has been on TV since she was little and look it up using Sumire's IdolLook. They see that she was a regular on a variety show alongside Otome, and she has also done reporting and hosted shows. They also see that she loves Vivid Kiss, and with that Akari decides that Hinaki would be perfect to take over as the Pon Pon Crepe Girl. Sumire still thinks that Akari would be good too though, so Akari is encourages to go for it.

A while later, Akari goes out to the Pon Pon Crepe shop in order to get a good idea on the taste. She orders one with Strawberry Milk and begins to eat it, only to run into Hinaki once again. Hinaki explains that she had an autograph session around the corner and decided to grab one while she was in the area. She joins Akari and goes on to comment on her awe-inspiring behavior and decides that they need to cheer each other on to get pumped for the audition. She also thinks that she and Akari need to hone their Yumminess skills together, and explains that it is needed to be a Pon Pon Crepe Girl. Impressed with this, Akari compliments how professional Hinaki is.

That night, Akari practices describing foods and feelings to convey with them by using the meal she and Sumire are eating. She explains what it is to her, but she is unable to find the right words, so she calls over Hinaki, who can't help but laugh at this. Akari explains that she wasn't able to do it right, even though it was good. So to help Akari, Hinaki demonstrates how she would do it, earning compliments from both girls. She is glad, but at the same time she feels like she is missing something. She then wishes that they all just do their best.

Later, while in bed, Akari thinks about Hinaki and wonders what she may think is missing.

The next day, the three girls meet up and try to practice with donuts. Hinaki appoints Sumire as the judge, then begins to eat one of the donuts. She comments on the wonderful taste of the chocolate and how it stays from being too sweet, then adds how she would love to keep eating it. Akari loved how she did, which makes Hinaki happy again. But when Akari notices her expression she brings up what she said the other day and asks why she may think she isn't good enough.

Hinaki explains to them that everytime she says something, it feels as though she has heard it a million times already. She can't come up with anything new or fresh. She is sure it is only because she has done plenty of food reports, but she hasn't been too proud of any reports lately, even if they come out perfect. However, when she was consumed with such thoughts, it was then she heard about the "Ichigo incident" with Akari. It was amazing and it encouraged her, because there is no greater expression of love then to introduce yourself as the subject without even thinking. Akari points out that it was just an accident however, but Hinaki claims that by being on edge, she could give gripping reports. She then thanks Akari for helping her get passed her doubts in the past, then tells her that they both should do their best.

Around sunset, the girls go out for a run in the track area. They clasp hands, and using "Aikatsu Dash", they keep running around together while Johnny and Orihime watch.

Later on, Sumire mentions how the audition will be coming the following day. Akari thinks Hinaki for helping her prepare for the audition, claiming that she would have had no idea what to do had she not met her. Hinaki tells her not to sell herself short though, since she helped her with her own problem sometime back. It is then Hinaki recalls that she has yet to pick a coord for the performance. She looks through her Vivid Kiss binder and explains how she tries to imagine herself ready to have fun while wearing one of the outfits, or if she feels down then wearing one will perk her back up. But she also likes to mix them up for a fresh new coord too, and with how much fun she has, she ends up losing herself to the excitement.

She spots the one coord item she was looking for and hands it to Akari, revealing that is the Emblem Hair Accessory. She is sure it would look great on Akari and asks her to wear it the following day. Sumire also thinks it looks cute and Akari comments on how fun it looks. Hinaki mentions to them that this is what she enjoys, to spread the fun with outfits, and to think up coords for other people to wear too.

Come the following day, the 16th annual Shining Pon Pon Crepe Compaign Girl audition is to begin. Girls from all over have come to compete in it, and Akari and Hinaki go backstage to await their turn. Akari seems to be a little anxious, but Hinaki knows she will do fine because they both practiced very hard. They need to use the tension though, and before they head inside, they clasp hands and use "Aikatsu Dash" to head inside. After they change, the girls appear on stage and sing "Let's Aikatsu".

After the performance, Orihime and Johnny discuss the performance. They mention how wonderful the hair accessory was for Akari, and Johnny reveals that Akari talked to him about it backstage earlier. She had showed him the accessory card and was very excited. In the audience, Ichigo and Aoi talk about Akari's performance while Ran mentions she seems to have broken out of her shell.

Later, it is announced that the winner was Akari. She is very surprised by this and Hinaki congradulates her. As Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran watch from the new room, Aoi mentions that Hinaki is one of the top first-year idols. Ran has high hopes for the both of them.

Later, when the trio leave, Hinaki and Akari exchange thank you's to one-another. She tells Akari that they will have to keep working together hand-in-hand from this point on, and Sumire mentions how they will all become busier now. So Hinaki suggests that they Aikatsu Dash every day and they share a laugh.

4 (105)- "Hajikeru Hirameki☆" ("Effervescent Sparkle☆")

Aikatsu! - Episode 105

Aikatsu! - Episode 105


Airdate: October 23, 2014

Sumire awakens to find Akari already awake and looking through things about the Pon Pon Crepe Image Girl event she recently won. She is still pretty surprised by the events, but she recieves a call from Johnny asking her to stop by Orihime's office as soon as she can, because she has to tell her something. After Akari agrees to come she runs right over.

Orihime congradulates Akari and begins to tell her about her busy schedule now that she has won this special campaign. She will be advertising at shops, appearing for handshake events, and even star in commercials. But before she does anything she needs a poster for the Pon Pon Crepe team to put up all over the country. This is usually everyones first impression of the new girl and she tells Akari to make a poster she can be proud of.

Akari meets up with Sumire and Hinaki and admits to being nervous. She shows them her super-busy schedule when Hinaki points out that her poster work will begin the next day. Akari is worried over how cute the previous poster girls were, but she promises not to let them down. Hinaki then tells Akari that she will be fine, since she was chosen above everyone else, they clearly wanted her true self. Sumire agrees, although Hinaki decides that a little preparation would not be the worst thing either. Akari thinks she should start to think of a pose first of all, and Hinaki tells her that it needs to stand out from the rest. So she offers to ask her mother to send over a bunch of posters, because she is an editor for a fashion magazine.

The girls remain behind in class to observe the many unique posters. Akari wonders how she can possibly display the feeling of Yumminess and Hinaki brings them to the practice area after they all change into their training wear. She shows them a trampoline and reveals that the Pon Pon Crepe posters are always shot midair using one. Akari is quite eager since she had a lot of experience over the summer break. Hinaki then hands her one of the donuts from the cafeteria and Akari is quick to get to work. At first she does wonderful, but when she lands to see the other two making peculiar expressions, Hinaki explains that Akari should not be flashing her panties. Which would have been possible with the pose she made had she worn anything but pants.

So they try again and this time Hinaki holds up her phone to act as the camera. She tells Akari to remember where the camera is located this time, in order to avoid anymore possible panty shots. Akari is able to do a few really nice shots and soon they take a break. They compliment her work and she decides to go again since she just got inspiration for a wonderful new pose. Hinaki comments on Akari's behavior, and when they get confused, she explains how she is enjoying her positive attitude. She is about to say that she would like to be more like Akari, but stops when she gets a remainder call for a gig she has. So she takes off and Sumire brings up what Hinaki was going to say.

As Hinaki is traveling to her gig location, Hinaki thinks about how wonderful Akari's training went.

While in their dorm room, Akari wonders if it is possible that Hinaki is worrying over her own Aikatsu. Sumire voices the desire to help her, as does Akari, but Sumire also reminds her that for the time being she needs to focus entirely on Pon Pon Crepe. Akari is very excited and promises that she will, because she trained hard and has the perfect image in mind. She thinks about it using a chibi variation of herself, but gets anxious upon realizing her many ideas are beginning to spill over one-another since she did so many poses. As she panics, Sumire tells Akari to look outside, and upon seeing how clear it is, and how windy it is, Akari decides to clear her mind by going for a jog before it gets too late.

To her surprise, Akari happens to spot Ichigo running in her direction. They stop to greet each other and Ichigo congradulates her for becoming the brand new Pon Pon Crepe girl. Akari is happy with Ichigo's words but is forced to admit that she kind of got mixed up due to how many poses she did, and she's so worried over Hinaki. Ichigo is able to recognize Hinaki by her first name, surprising Akari, and they go to sit down to discuss things.

They head to the small Gazebo nearby and Akari voices that she believes Hinaki may be beating herself up over something, but because she rushed off to work they have yet to see each other. Ichigo stands up again to start stretching and points out that when friends can't see each other it is important to focus on work, but making someone smile through work or not, is the most important thing. Akari takes these words to heart, and Ichigo mentions how she, Aoi, and Ran would always support each other to the best of their abilities.

She suggests to Akari that she focuses on being the new Pon Pon Crepe Girl, and even points out that Aoi thinks Akari would make a great Pon Pon Crepe Girl. With that she decides to leave, but she is stopped by Akari, who mentions that she is very happy to see Ichigo. Ichigo claims that she felt the same way, whenever she used to see Mizuki outside. She also tells Akari that she will always be there to support her.

Akari begins to head back when she finds Johnny there, trying to call to her. She meets with him and he mentions that he went through her schedule and found out that she will have the time to go and see Hinaki's event after the poster shoot. She is very surprised by this, and Johnny explains that Hinaki will be starring in a live concert for the debut of a new lip gloss. Akari thinks about things for a moment to realize that Hinaki helped her out despite having to prepare for her own event. This makes her very happy and she asks Johnny to take her there.

The next day, Akari is introduced while showing everyone her cute coord for the poster. Everyone welcomes her and Akari thanks them before they get to work. She begins to jump on the trampoline and poses with everything she's got, and they are quite surprised by how high she is able to jump. At one point she takes a bite out of the crepe and everyone panics, worried they need a replacement, but they continue when the photographer decides he actually likes it.

Eventually they finish and they let Akari eat the one she's been hanging onto. The man admits that he has never seen someone do that before, and she thanks them for the wonderful day.

At her own event, a woman nearby mentions that the announcement for the new Twin Lip is today. She will be performing a song for PR and they reveal the song, and even ask about the coord. They mention how bold it is, but it was the right decision to let her handle it. Hinaki stays in the dressing room and overlooks the original coord she had wished to use; the Smile Dwarf. But she is sure it may be too flashy for today's event. To her surprise, she is visited by Sumire and Akari and she invites them in. Akari discusses the poster for a moment, then claims it was because of Hinaki's inspiration during her training that she was able to do it. Hinaki seems sullen for a moment until she reveals that she keeps realizing how much she likes Akari's attitude. She had said the same thing yesterday, and Hinaki explains that Akari always runs with her inspiration the full way. Akari claims it is only because she has nothing else to do about things, but Hinaki argues that her power comes from how long it took for her to actually make a big break.

It is then the girls happen to spot the coord Hinaki plans to use. She mentions that she wont be using it, and she wishes that she could be more like Akari and the girls sit back down. She reveals that she was really young when she first entered the industry, and her mother is a fashion magazine editor and her dad was a cameraman. Hinaki was so eager watching them work that she decided that she wanted to too, so they dressed her up and got her some professional photographs taken by her father. They uploaded the best pictures and compliment how wonderful they turned out and Hinaki's dad decides to make a promise with her to put her best and most into everything she does.

Hinaki agrees and she ends the story by mentioning that she got her start right after that but at some point she lost the ability to effervesce from deep down. The accident that showed her this happened about four years ago, when she appeared as the first star on the public recording of Good Morning Studio. It had been kind of gloomy out and Hinaki tried to be herself and to make everyone happy, but when she just did what would normally do, she happened to hop into the air and slip after one foot landed into a puddle. The fall was so severe that it knocked her unconcious and she had been rushed to the hospital. It was nothing serious, and she continued with her normal behavior during recording, but since the accident, whenever she would hop into the air or do anything, everyone became overprotective. She did appreciate it, but she felt bad that they worried over her like this. Since then, whenever she got an idea she would unconcsciously ignore them.

Even now she is unable to resolve to go through with anything she wants to do. She reminds Akari of what she said the other day, and points out that it is her who needs to learn to be herself. All she can do is give the staff a peace of mind by acting how she thinks they want her to. She hasn't been acting like her real self, but seeing Akari put her entirety into everything she does inspired her to effervesce again. Sumire and Akari would both like to see the true Hinaki, but suddenly she gets a message with the draft involving the Pon Pon Crepe poster. She asked them to send her all of the pictures they would be considering and she lets Hinaki and Sumire see.

Hinaki is very inspired and loves how fresh Akari was by eating the Crepe for a change. She feels like she should be thanking Akari for giving her the courage to move forward and decides that she will try to show them her true Aikatsu by using the Smile Dwarf coord she wanted to use; since she thinks it will match the lip gloss much better. She reveals the song she also plans on singing and mentions that a line in there just fits the lip gloss wonderfully. She is sure that by changing now it may cause trouble to everyone but she really wants to show them her true self. So she goes to the people she talked with earlier and they happen to adore her new ideas. She thanks them and sends a sign to Akari and Sumire to confirm that things went well. She heads backstage and changes into the Smile Dwarf coord, then appears on stage to sing "Good morning my dream".

Afterwards, they comment on how great the change in outfit and song worked and thank her for the input she put in for them. She thanks them for believing in her and to her surprise, she finds her parents. They saw her performance and comment on how different she behaved out there and wonder if something nice happened. Hinaki admits that she thinks she may have gotten a fresh new start in Aikatsu and she decides to introduce them to her new friends, Akari and Sumire. They are very happy for Hinaki and watch as she interacts with them.

5 (106)- "Aidoru☆Harouin" ("Idol☆Halloween")

Aikatsu! - Episode 106

Aikatsu! - Episode 106


Airdate: October 30, 2014

In class, Johnny-sensei announces that it is time for the special Halloween Event known as the "Nightmare Party". He explains that the performance will be done by the girl who is able to collect the most candy, and right away everyone is very excited.

That evening, in their dorm room, Akari is going over this with Sumire. She adores Halloween and Akari begins to discuss the costumes herm other used to make for her. Sumire mentions that she dressed up a few times, but she never felt comfortable talking to strangers, so she is not very confident that she would be good at collecting candy. Akari claims that it will be very fun though, and is able to convince her to try anyway.

The next day, the girls sit down to discuss costumes and have come to ask Hinaki, since she knows so much about fashion. They sit down in the Cafeteria and Hinaki suggests something involving fantasy, such as a fairy or witch. They like the idea, and Sumire happens to know some information about myths and fairy-tales that could help them, but after Hinaki mentions that it is also popular to dress up like a movie character, Akari is inspired to dress up like the Stylish Thief: SwallowTail. But Hinaki and Sumire snap her out of it and she reveals that a new Aikatsu Navi has just come out and has just introduced a few new Halloween Dress coords inside. Whoever will be performing at the Nightmare Party will recieve one of them. They notice that Vivid Kiss, Loli Gothic, and Angely Sugar are making outfits, along with a new series known as "Dreamy Crown".

After Akari questions this brand, Hinaki mentions that the top designer used to be an assistant to Amahane, the top designer of Angely Sugar. She is very sure that the brand will catch fire soon, due to it's reputation involving the young designer. But there is still a lot not known about it since it's so new, other then the cat-inspired Halloween Dress.

Eventually Halloween Night comes along and Ichigo is giving everyone a pep-talk. She cheers for them and tells them all to gather a lot of candy. Hinaki reveals herself to be dressed as Tinkerbell, when she happens to spot Akari and Sumire in identical kitty costumes. Sumire explains that they are dressed as a fairy from Irisk Folklore known as a Cat Sidhes, and with that Hinaki decides they should be starting. They share a cheer and make a promise to have fun before heading out.

They stop at the first door and are greeted by a princess and a witch. The girls quickly recognize Akari as the new Pon Pon Crepe Girl, and also notice Hinaki. But to their surprise they spot a third girl a few feet away from them; one who is being very shy. Sumire's cuteness instantly attracts them to her and they offer her as much of their candy as she wants; which causes Hinaki to tease that Sumire's cuteness must be against the rules.

As the trio continue to walk, Akari compliments Sumire when she suddenly recalls that from the past, when she was little she used to recieve a lot of candy. She never even said Trick or Treat, so Akari and Sumire make her say it right on the spot. Once she does, they start to fawn over her cuteness and decide to have her actually say it to a candy-giver.

The girls eventually locate a crowd gathering around four girls; Otome, Kaede, Sakura, and Shion. Otome is very excited and she mentions that they cannot let such fun pass them by. They plan on handing out candy to the other idols, although Shion can't help but question Otome's excitement as they open a set of doors to reveal a dark room, where a coffin lays on the floor.

Suddenly Yurika appears, dressed up in a very fancy vampire outfit. She opens the coffin, full to the brim with candies; and even a cute little Yurika doll, and right away many girls begin to fangirl over her and come to see her. Shion then points out that Yurika is having tons of fun dressing up like herself for the event, and the four girls go to join everyone else in the room.

As the girls stand behind, Akari can't help but wonder where Ichigo is. But suddenly someone mysterious walks by with a jack-o-lantern head on and Akari is quick to realize it is Ichigo, when she walks away. Hinaki is a bit surprised, but they are quickly joined by Yuu and and roommate. Yuu mentions that Aoi is giving away tons of candy, and they go to visit Aoi; who takes a picture of the trio. Aoi invites them in and to the girls surprise, they find a whole ton of Halloween candies. She gives Akari some chocolate since she knows how much she likes it, and she even gives Hinaki something she mentioned enjoying from a small article interview. Sumire then shyly attempts to say Trick-Or-Treat and Aoi is quickly smitten and offers to give Sumire her entire Candy supply.

The girls head out to the main room and begin to discuss how Sumire is probably leading the Candy collecting race. Sumire insists that she isn't, but as it turns out from her swollen pack she's carrying, she most likely is. It is then all of the lights shut out and Johnny appears, dressed up as an egyptian mummy. He announces that they will be holding a Chance Time event, to give everyone a chance to catch up. He begins to explains that a few trials have been set up, and whoever can clear them will recieve a super high-point treat. Akari and Hinaki are very excited, along with the rest of the idols.

A group of girls come to the first Trial, where they spot a sign with a Jack-O-Lantern. They enter the room to find a haunted set, where Ran, dressed as a muskateer comes out. She explains that her trial involves posing, and whoever can show her a good, stylish pose while saying "Trick Or Treat" can continue, so first up is Akari. Akari is very cute, but Ran gives her a failing because it was not stylish. She then has Hinaki and Sumire try and allows them to pass. She also gives them a reward of Seaweed Stems.

Everyone returns for Trial 2, where Johnny wants everyone to follow his dance steps until he finishes the song he is dancing to. They all start and follow him throughout the building, but only Akari was able to come the closest to finishing. He gives her a present for her efforts, which are home-made Johnny chips; which include over one-hundred Johnny trading cards.

They move onto the final trial, to find out which Jack-O-Lantern dressed person happens to be Ichigo. The girls are very surprised, and he announces that whoever can find her will win the special prize. Everyone leaves to begin the hunt, but Sumire points out they should make a plan first; to see to it that they are able to find her. It is then Akari gets a dream.

Two of the Jack-O-Lanterns are being chased by a trio of girls and happen to duck behind some tall plants to escape them. The two Jack-O-Lanterns are revealed to be Ran and Aoi; and Aoi can't help but admit how much she likes to be chased by younger idols. They happen to come across a few items; rare idol photo-op shots and a special Halloween Ebi-Pon phone strap, and when the girls try to look at them, Akari reveals herself with Hinaki and Sumire. She is able to deduce they are Ran and Aoi, and there Sumire and Hinaki discover Akari's plan to weed out the imposters.

They use a picture of a kitten to lure out Otome, and trick Yurika by holding a big piece of Garlic on a long string to startle her. They then return to the Cafeteria to take a break and comment on how many Jack-O-Lantern are still running around. It will take them a long time to try to find Ichigo at this rate, but suddenly Akari picks up the scent of the freshly made donuts nearby. This inspires her to lure out Ichigo by using the scent to attract her inside by using a fan. It works and in Ichigo steps. Akari reveals the girl to be Ichigo, and they are given some limited-time Halloween Pumpkin donuts. Ichigo compliments Akari, who claims she knew to do this because she always watches over Ichigo and knows a lot about her. Ichigo then tells Akari to stop by later so that she can hand over the special chocolate. Akari promises to treasure it forever, though Ichigo insists that she eats it.

At the Hoshimiya household, Raichi laments that he couldn't see the costume Aoi chose to wear. It is then they get a knock at the door and Headmistress Orihime reveals herself. Raichi is very surprised and watches as the two woman head off to begin to talk about something. Raichi feels even sadder by this though and thinks more about Aoi.

Back at school, Johnny congradulates Akari for locating Ichigo. He announces that she is the number one winner for getting the most treats, and it is because she was able to obtain the chocolate from Ichigo, which is apparently the size of a skateboard. Johnny then moves aside to let Akari chose one of the brands Halloween coords.

She steps up, with the plans of choosing the Angely Sugar dress because of the cute, mischievous devil look. But before she picks it up, she happens to spot the adorable cat design that belongs to Dreamy Crown. She is a little surprised at first, but decides to pick it after feeling a deep urge to wear it. She makes her selection and heads inside to change. After doing so, she appears on a special Halloween stage and performs to "Eternal Flickering Flame".

Afterwards, everyone cheers for Akari and they compliment the Dreamy Crown dress. It was revealed that Orihime, Ringo, and Raichi also caught the performance and they also comment on it.

Elsewhere is a young man sitting in his office who was shown to have caught the performance.

6 (107)- "Futari no Dorīmā" ("Two Dreamers")

Aikatsu! - Episode 107

Aikatsu! - Episode 107


Airdate: November 6, 2014

Aoi is about to start a discussion about the decisive Concert; which is a very special time for idols where failure can have big effects. She reviews Mizuki's career and reveals that it was because of her solo live that occurred three years ago at the Star Rise Stadium was what led her to gain a boost in her popularity. She then asks the class if they also knew who was attending that performance; to which Akari raises her hand and mentions Ichigo. Aoi compliments her on this and mentions that Ichigo has had quite a few decisive performances, like when she won against WM in the Twinkle Star Cup and because of it, gained the next step she had been aiming for. Aoi goes on to say that for an idol, a decisive performance can be totally random. That is why they must work hard on their Aikatsu every day.

Sumire, Akari, and Hinaki walk down the hallway together while discussing how they feel after listening to Aoi. But suddenly she gets a message from Orihime about a solo gig she was just asked for. She runs to the office and is told about it being a concert offer, and was also the first one to ask for her specifically. Akari admits to being very surprised, then looks over the paper Orihime hands to her detailing the concert. It will be held inside a Shopping Mall to attract people to the many sales going on that day.

Later on the girls go have a break in the Cafeteria. Hinaki mentions that in the past few years, performances at the shopping malls have gained more prestige, and if Akari was to gain enough attention she may even be gifted with the chance to make a television appearance the following day. Before she starts to eat, Akari wonders if this is a Decisive Performance that Aoi mentioned earlier; and both Sumire and Hinaki believe it may be. So Akari decides she will need some big plans to make sure this goes well.

Later on in the day, Sumire helps Akari do stretches in their dorm room. She plans to keep doing her usual work and exercises, but she thinks she may need to step it up. They happen to observe the poster of Ichigo that Akari keeps near her bed and they determine that she will need to try to go and get a Premium of her own to wear. When asked about the brand, Akari admits that she enjoys Angely Sugar; but she actually would like to get the brand she used for the Halloween Event: Dreamy Crown. Akari voices that since she used it, she felt it was perfect for her, but she has no idea if it even has a Premium yet.

The girls go to meet with Hinaki in the Cafeteria with some tea to drink to discuss this. She mentions that a Premium hasn't been announced just yet since it's still pretty new, but there is a rumor going around that one will be occurring soon. Akari voices that despite this, obtaining a Premium isn't very easy anyway; since the idol has to be approved by the top designer first.

They go on to bring up how mysterious the top designer is and mention that the only thing they know is the name: Sena Tsubasa. Sumire makes an attempt to look up info on Sena but all they find out is that they used to work under Angely Sugar. Hinaki goes on to mention that if Akari was to somehow gain Sena's approval; she could gain a lot of popularity from this. But first they need to be able to find Sena, so she suggests that Akari go to ask Orihime to set up an appointment.

The next day, Akari mentions that Orihime has been doing what she can but she has yet to hear anything. From what she wasable to find, Hinaki thinks they may be focusing on designing the Premium Dress. So Akari has packed up some items and decides that because she doesn't have very much time before her concert, she will just have to go to look for Sena herself. Both Sumire and Hinaki would love to go with her, but they have their own lessons and off-set filming to tend to. So they wish her luck as she takes off.

Akari boards a train and heads through the area while thinking about what Ichigo had to go through to meet her own Top Designer. She can't help but wonder if she will have to go through her own trials as well. She gets off of the train and begins to walk through the forest while observing the map she made earlier on. She is a bit let-down; having assuming there would be a cliff or some big thing to overcome, but after thinking about that, she happens to spot a building several feet away across a big lake. She stops to admire it for a moment, then continues to run along the path.

Eventually she reaches the porch of the building and sees the Dreamy Crown logo handed by a building attachment. She sees no sign of anyone being there and curiously looks through the window to spot a small office. She decides to sit down and wait for the designer and finds herself wondering what sort of person Sena is; and hopes that the designer is a lovely woman.

As she falls asleep, she happens to awaken to the sound of footsteps and spots a young man carrying a bag of groceries. She greets him and introduces herself before asking the boy if he knows when Sena will be returning. He estimates about five seconds and walks to the door as Akari questions this. She is very shocked to learn that he is in fact Sena. He brings her inside and offers her some tea and Akari apologizes for stopping by so randomly like this. After Sena reveals that he caught her performance for Halloween, Akari brings up why she showed up today and asks if she could wear the Premium Dress for her performance. She explains how much she loves Dreamy Crown, for being both kawaii, but with a sense of proper-ness.

After noticing he has grown quiet, Akari grows concerned. Sena approaches the outfit he kept covered by a white cloth and mentions how decisive the first Premium Dress a designer makes is. This is because it will have a huge effect on their reputation, and only those who can complete a dress they can be proud of can truly call themselves a top designer. He claims the outfit not to be ready yet and reveals it to Akari, who is instantly taken by it's elegance. Sena feels as though something is missing however, and shows Akari the Tiara he has been working on making to compliment it. He also plans to add some red ribbon to accent the dress and pull everything together; but he is missing the proper dye he needs for that exact color. He explains how dyes tend to come from plants, but he hasn't been able to find the right red he's looking for. However he has an idea and shows Akari a picture of some vibrant, fresh berries. He thinks the color from them would work, but he can't get to pick them until after he finishes the tiara. Akari is then disappointed when he reveals that the coord will be done within a month or two.

She really was hoping to use it for her first solo performance in three days, but he claims it is impossible and insists that she if she wants a Premium then she should just use another brand. But Akari insists that she can just go and acquire the berries herself, considering how important this performance is for her. Sena seems to appreciate the gesture but he tells her the berries can be hard to reach or even find, but Akari refuses to give up. She asks that he lets her wear the premium if she can find them and sets out.

As she walks up another path, Akari thinks about how both she and Sena seem to be sharing the same goals for the time being. She comes to a brittle wooden bridge and slowly makes her way across it, then goes up a shaded hill; only to stop after she hears sound, then run off terrified after seeing a bush nearby shake. She eventually reaches a cliff and is quick to begin climbing it. The berries are just on the other side of it, and she's just happy to have her own cliff to climb to begin with.

Later on Akari returns with a huge amount of the berries and Sena is pretty surprised. He goes off to boil them and Akari wishes him luck in doing so. They patiently await and soon Sena finishes. He decides that it is unusable though, much to her surprise; explaining that the color is not what he originally had in mind. He wonders if the sunlight may have something to do with it, and because of this Akari offers to go and grab some more. He is surprised, but she just tells him to get to work on making the tiara. Sena agrees and Akari quickly leaves.

She travels down the same pathway and happens to find an alternate spot for the berries and picks a bunch of them. It is still not quite right though and she sets out for the third time and happens to find more berries and is very happy when Sena decides that the third color is appropriate for usage. As he begins to make more, Akari asks where the name Dreamy Crown was inspired from. He mentions how he imagined a crown filled with his many dreams; and to match this crown, he had a desire to make a top brand with the regal flair to match. He then goes on to add how he's always had an interest in clothing since he was little, and by the time he reached middle school he had began wanting to make some of his own. He had done a lot of research and became her disciple, and adored the outfits she made with lots of skill and care. During this time he would try to make his own, and while it was tough, the enjoyment he felt from it made up for this. But he kept trying and at some point, Amahane suggested that he start up his own brand. She was very supportive of him through this and was the one to tell him that when the time comes, a Premium Dress will be his decisive.

He reminds Akari that a card is an idols life, and as a designer he is the one creating this life for the idols. So he cannot afford to make any compromises and has to give it everything he has.

Later on he reveals that the dress is entirely complete. Akari can't help but fawn over it's beauty and he transforms the dress into a pair of cards for her. Akari thanks him and promises to be as decisive as she can before running off to the Shopping Mall. She runs backstage and changes, then after appearing on stage begins to perform to "Du-Du-Wa DO IT!!".

Akari runs out to greet Sena and asks him how she did. He compliments her, but is surprised to find Amahane behind him. She mentions how she came to see how his Premium was; especially since one can only become a true top designer once. Sena is touched by this, and she wishes him luck before complimenting Akari. Then she takes off. Akari and Sena then bond over their goals to become the top idol and designer, and then Sena leaves.

7 (108)- "Omoi wa Ringo ni Komete" ("Gather Your Feelings Into an Apple")

Aikatsu! - Episode 108

Aikatsu! - Episode 108


Airdate: November 13, 2014

Sumire observes Akari as she beams with joy; humming while looking over her brand new Premium Dress. Sumire voices the she wishes to have her own wonderful encounter like this some day, and Akari is able to realize why that is and mentions how happy she feels every time she looks at the cards. Akari brings up how Sumire enjoys Loli Gothic and Sumire decides that she needs to step up her own game too. So Akari suggests they go to look up some information regarding the brand.

The girls meet up in the Cafeteria and begin to discuss the brand. Sumire thanks Akari and Hinaki for helping her, but they claim it not to be a big deal since they were happy to help their friend and know how important this is to her. Hinaki goes on to discuss the information she was able to grab from her mom's magazine editor friend. When they are told that Loli Gothic will be preparing to release it's own new Premium coord, Akari suggests that Sumire go to visit Maya, like she had Sena. Sumire thinks it is a good idea but she is a bit concerned that Maya may not want to meet her. Akari admits that he seems scary and begins to panic when it is announced on KiraKiratter that he eats bats. But Hinaki claims this to just be a rumor; although it's also said that he is very hard to please. Which is why Sumire is concerned.

The girls begin to think about how they could go and meet Maya when Hinaki points out that the best idea would be to visit someone very close to Maya: Yurika. Akari looks up Yurika's schedule in hopes of finding out the best time to go and see her, and Sumire voices that she has been so busy lately; so she doesn't even see her around campus either. Hinaki is able to find out that Yurika has an outdoor shoot the following day for a commercial though, so the girls decide to grab a gift and go to meet her then.

Yurika has just finished shooting the commercial and is told to go on break. She corrects them by the way they address her and is greeted by the reporter who usually stays in the studio to chat with the idols. He has come out today to report live on Yurika's commercial shoot, near many fans who have been adoringly waiting for her. He asks the girls what they like best about Yurika and they mention how cool she is, how much she loves her fans, and just about everything else.

They happen to spot Yurika and she greets them while going to sit down. She checks out on Maya to find out that he has been making steady progress with his brand new dress and wonders what she could bring him as encouragement. However, she happens to pick up the scent of her favorite ramen and recognizes the girls holding the container as being from her school. But considering it is garlic flavored, she is quick to grab Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki and yank them into the tent set up for her to change and relax in.

She scolds the trio for bringing out the garlic ramen so carelessly, since her fans are there for her vampire character and cannot know how much she likes it. But she is quite happy and quickly lets her pigtails loose before sitting down to eat before it cools down. She thanks them for bringing it to her and Hinaki admits that she has never seen Yurika like this before. Yurika puts her glasses on and asks them why they have came, and listens as Sumire explains that as a big fan of Loli Gothic, she has come to ask Yurika about the chances of obtained the new Premium. Yurika mentions that she saw Sumire's performance using the Odile Swan coord Ichigo gave her and compliments her for looking nice in it. But she is unable to say much more and is told that she has ten minutes until they resume filming.

But before she goes, Yurika does reveal that the theme behind the new Premium Dress will be Snow White. Sumire is very taken by this and they think about the story of Snow White. She comments on how the dark image of Loli Gothic compliments the dark, world view of Snow White; and as a result Yurika calls her clever since she felt the exact same thing. It's then Yurika gets a message from Maya, explaining that he has finished a new dress that he thinks would look wonderful on her. He asks her to come by and check it out when she has a chance, so Yurika tells Sumire that she has to go and see Maya the following day. If Sumire and them feel like it, they can come with her.

Later on the girls begin to pick out which sweets they wish to have. The girls are concerned that Sumire may be eating too many but she mentions how Maya has a sweet tooth. Hinaki voices that she has learned today how much respect Sumire has for Yurika, and Sumire mentions that she wants to become more like her. Akari believes that with how Yurika acted around her; she believes she may have been put into her good graces. Before they go, Sumire asks that they are also given a few sliced apples, butter, sugar, and cinnamon. She mentions that she would like to make some baked apples before they head out, because of how important apples are for Snow White. Hinaki and Akari are a little concerned though, since Snow White was poisoned by an apple, but Sumire is sure that Loli Gothic will probably still use them since it is befitting of the image.

The girls return to their dorm room in order to have a taste test with some tea. She reveals that she learned to make them from her older sister, and she had been the one who inspired her own interest in Loli Gothic. On the day before she took the entrance exam for Starlight Academy, she even made Sumire the very same baked apples. That is why she thinks if the designer was to eat them, her sister would be very happy too.

As it is getting late the girls go meet up with Yurika outside of Maya's home. Akari and Hinaki are pretty nervous, and unknowingly Maya observes them from a room higher in the building. Yurika then begins to tell the girls about how came here with Ichigo, Aoi, Ran, and Otome a few years back for the first time; and while initially she was nervous, she was able to keep going because of the strength they gave her. Sumire claims she will do her best and the gate opens as Alan, Maya's pet bat flies by them. She explains how Alan will be leading them to Maya, and how she is letting them go in on their own, which startles the girls until Yurika threatens to suck their blood if they keep whining. She gives Sumire a few words of encouragement though, before they start.

Back at Starlight, Johnny runs in to tell Orihime about Sumire going to meet Maya. She confirms it and explains how Yurika informed her of it recently. Johnny feels better knowing that Yurika will be there, but begins to panic again when Orihime reveals Yurika only led them there and wont be helping them during this.

Inside the creepy home, the trio make their way through. Akari and Hinaki are very sure they will find Maya, but are easily startled by a cat that happens to wander by them. As they sigh with relief, Sumire quickly follows Alan down the dark halls until she happens to come across a strange woman; who ofers her a cute hair accessory and comb piece. She is joined by Akari and Hinaki, and almost takes it until Akari and Hinaki snap her out of it. They grab the mysterious girl and Sumire thanks them before she continues on ahead.

She follows Alan ahead, only to come across seven strange men dressed as the dwarves. They warn her that a hideous goblin lives down the path, then they invite her for lunch. Sumire thanks them for offering but she refuses; causing the many men to start fawning over her cuteness as they recognize her as Sumire Hikami. She is kind of surprised, but they allow her to pass after recognizing Akari and Hinaki. They throw off their disguises and quickly begin to ask for autographs, so Sumire takes this chance to continue down the path when she spots Alan fly by.

She continues and reaches a room full of idol portraits. In them, they are wearing a wide range of Loli Gothic dresses and she can't help but admire them. She is then asked by a mysterious person the name of the dress she stands before, and she recognizes it as Goth Magic, as the very first coord she saw. It was also the same dress her mother made for her sister, based on the image they had of Yurika. She then shows more knowledge and names more dresses. These being the Stripe Trench, and Holy Goth. She even finds the first dress she asked her mother to replicate for her, known as the British Coord. She decides that she needs to hurry up and continues to follow behind Alan while Yurika and the mysterious people she had helping the third part in the test comment on how well she did.

Sumire continues down the path and comes to a dead end, where only a mirror sits. She hears a strange voice and is asked who loves the Loli Gothic brand the most of all. At first Sumire struggles, and makes an attempt to say Yurika, but instead she claims that one day it will be she. The wall suddenly opens and grants Sumire permission into the room. She is surprised, but runs through the next door to find Yurika and Maya awaiting her.

Alan flies into the room and joins Maya as Yurika instructs her to introduce herself to him. He has Alan reveal the brand new dress and Sumire runs over to observe it. Yurika mentions that it was just a moment or so ago that he managed to finish it, and as Sumire expected; their are apples on the dress. Maya mentions that at first he hesitated to add them, since the apple adds a dark touch to the dress, and may have been in bad taste to use them. But Yurika simply asks Sumire what she thinks. She claims it not to be strange and reveals the dish she brought for them and asks them to enjoy the baked apples she made.

It is then Akari and Hinaki join them and they compliment the lovely dress. As they admire it, Yurika then mentions that she would like to see Sumire wear the brand new Premium and Maya compliments her for being a great senpai to a younger student; which seems to make Yurika very happy as well. Maya gives Sumire the coord cards and he tells her to use them well. She promises to do so and takes off for her performance. She changes and reappears on stage, where she performs "Tarte・Tatin".

Later on, Akari awakens to find Sumire already awake. She sees her staring and humming while observing her brand new Premium coord while Akari mentally voices how happy she is for Sumire.

8 (109)- "Aikatsu no Atsui Kaze!" ("Aikatsu's Hot Wind!")

Aikatsu! - Episode 109

Aikatsu! - Episode 109


Airdate: November 20, 2014

Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki are on their way to class. Along the way they discuss what they think the big news is, and upon arrival they quickly change and meet up with everyone else in the training room. There, Johnny announces that an exciting new drama titled Aikatsu Sensei is approaching; which immediately excites all of the girls, especially Sumire and Akari since neither of them had ever performed in a drama before. Johnny continues on to discuss the plot behind the drama, in which the new teacher will be causing quite the stir at the new school she teaches at, due to her devotion and unconvential methods. He also points out that the experienced teachers will be played by Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran.

Akari once again expresses the desire for this part and Hinaki wishes them both luck, although she plans not to go easy on them since they are still rivals. It is then a strange girl, revealed to be the transfer student, comes into the room, announcing her plans for to take part in the drama audition. She starts to pose and move in a way that easily impresses everyone, then she claims that she will be getting this part and nobody can take it from her.

Everyone is given a script to practice from soon after, and they watch as Juri is quick to gain more attention and shows off the fact she already seems to have memorized the entire script, and even practiced minor details; such as the title drop. Hinaki then happens to let slip that she knows Juri from the past by saying she changed, then greets her before the girls head to the Cafeteria for break.

Akari comments on that she had no idea Hinaki knew Juri, and Hinaki explains that they worked together as children. But then at some point Juri stopped taking jobs, so it's been a few years since she last saw her. When Akari asks why Juri quit, Hinaki admits that she doesn't know, which makes Akari rather curious. Sumire then brings up what Hinaki said in class, and she mentions that Juri was tender and gentle in the past. She brings up a moment from their past when both girls had just finished a photo shoot and bonded over the dresses they were offered to pick between.

They then watch as Juri comes into the room and selects what she wants to eat. Akari comments on how she keeps showing a hot-side, even when choosing something simple like that, and Hinaki wonders what could have happened to Juri to make her lose that tenderness and become so heated up. They wonder if maybe she is just really focused on acting, which seems possible to Hinaki since her mother is the famous actress Karen Kurebayashi, an actress that Akari and Sumire happen to recognize from the show "Carmen Saw It", which is a detective drama. Sumire also mentions that she and her family used to watch it together every week.

Hinaki then reveals that Juri's father is also a famous chef who has gained a lot of attention from his Spanish cuisine. But she stops the discussion as Juri walks by, and invites her to join them. Juri thanks them, but turns down the offer by explaining how for the time being she only wishes to focus on the role of Aikatsu Sensei. After hearing a few girls nearby, she finds herself somewhat sullen and begins to leave once they comment on how much she resembles her mother; somethat that is noticed by Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki.

Later on as evening approaches, Sumire and Akari wish Hinaki luck with her job for Gourmet Corner. Then they turn around and begin to head elsewhere while discussing how professional Juri is. Sumire admits that seeing her made her want to get into acting a bit more, and Akari agrees with this before saying that she thinks it would be fun to act alongside Juri. After both girls then comment that they would not mind playing student roles for Aikatsu Sensei, Akari asks Sumire about practicing together, and when Sumire agrees they quickly begin to make their way to their destination.

Hinaki happens to cut through the training field when she spots someone kicking soccer balls. To her surpise she sees Juri, then finds herself thinking back to how Juri used to be in the past again, until Juri spots her. They stare at each other for a moment before Juri resumes kicking soccer balls, and before she leaves Hinaki finds herself wondering what made Juri suddenly return.

The next day Orihime stops in class to announce that they will be holding the Aikatsu Sensei drama auditions that day, then goes on to introduce the girls to Director Katou, allowing him to take over for her. Director Katou goes on to explain that each girl will take their turn acting as Aikatsu Sensei, and also brings up that when they are not the one doing this, he would like for them to participate as background students. Then he continues on to Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran, and thanks them for taking the time from their schedules to do this.

Out in the hallway, Ran comments that Aoi fits the teachers role much better then she and Ichigo, and Ichigo agrees. But Aoi claims that they are both plenty experienced in her opinion, but stops upon noticing a woman walk by that she believes she may recognize.

In class everyone is busy setting up while the girls watch, except for Juri, who is standing off by herself. She happens to overhear Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki. Akari mentions that she and Sumire got the idea of acting as different character student types for each time they play the role of a background character. She also mentions that they made sure to memorize all of the lines for Aikatsu Sensei too, but they are interupted when more students start to recognize the woman standing in the hallway. She is a bit embaressed that she was found out, and the director invites her to relax after commenting on how it's been a long time since they last spoke. She accepts the offer and he resumes to work.

Aoi comes by Karen and greets her a good morning, then thanks her for her help from a guest appearance she had taken part of on Naughty Detective. Aoi goes on then to introduce her to Ichigo and Ran, and she comments that they look much cuter then they do on television. With that, Karen discreetly informs the girls that she came in hopes of sneaking a peek and listens as someone nearby tells the other staff to get her some coffee. She feels badly for the attention she is getting, but Ichigo believes it was inevitable since she always seems to catch everyone's eyes wherever she goes. After Ichigo then admits that she thought Karen would be a lot different, she mentions how she tends to get that sort of comment a lot.

They are joined by Orihime, who claims that someone tender and kind like Karen is able to do a complete 180 whenever she dons the character of Carmen, and Aoi believes this to be the mark of a top actress. Karen apologizes for showing up like this then, and reveals that she came to see Juri's audition; something she couldn't just ignore or pass up on.

In class Hinaki informs Juri that her mother has come, but she already knew. She thinks back to that memory of them as children when they were choosing dresses again and recalls how close Juri was with her mother. Hinaki tells Juri that she has changed since then, from the tender and loving girl she knew, but Juri informs her that she wants to earn this role with her skill, causing Hinaki to wonder if Juri is worried that people think she is riding her mother's coattails. When Akari questions what this means, Hinaki explainss how celebrity children often get cast in great roles and make a lot of television appearances; which builds publicity for the publication or show.

Juri confirms that Hinaki's suspicion is correct, saying that she doesn't want people to think that she is chosen just because she is Karen Kurebayashi's daughter. Hinaki then asks her if she quit in the past because people said that to her, and Juri admits that she never thought about it much. She thinks back to the past and discusses how much she loved taking jobs as a child, and how she assumed that one day she would become a famous actress just like her mother. But one day she happened to notice how hard her mother was practicing and realized that she would never become an actress like her if she didn't change. She confronted her mother afterwards, but Karen understood and explained how she had gone through something like this herself in the past. So from that day on she spent every day training and working very hard to make sure people saw her as Juri Kurebayashi, and not just Karen Kurebayashi's daughter.

After so long, when she finally felt confident in her abilities she decided to take the transfer exam to get into Starlight Academy. The girls understand this, but she is let displeased when some nearby crew members recognize her as Karen's daughter. However she is caught off guard when Akari expresses the desire to act alongside her, along with Sumire and Hinaki, who agree with her words. This touches Juri and she thanks Akari for such kind words, since they have relaxed her and she promises that she will act as Aikatsu Sensei, not Karen's daughter, or even herself. With that the audition begins and Juri is called first.

By the time her audition ends, Akari and Hinaki comment on how natural her acting was, as does Karen and Orihime. Akari then discusses how the rest of them did their audition, and soon after it was announced that Juri won the role as Aikatsu Sensei; which makes everyone very happy for her, even if the failed.

Later on in the day, as everyone is preparing to pack up and leave, Karen approaches Juri and apologizes for dropping by like this. At first she is a bit hesitant, but she grows happy to see that her mother has begun to see her as a real person with talent. She then thanks Akari, Hinaki, and Sumire and claims she was able to embrace the role because of them. With that, Hinaki welcomes her to the academy and the episode ends as Juri poses.

9 (110)- "Jōnetsu no Sanguria Rossa" ("The Passionate Sangria Rosa")

Aikatsu! - Episode 110

Aikatsu! - Episode 110


Airdate: November 27, 2014

Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki watch as an episode of Aikatsu-Sensei comes to an end while on break. Hinaki points out how much activity has been going on around the show and Juri, but they notice how odd she is behaving when she comes into the room. They invite Juri to sit with them and ask her if she is having trouble with the role, but she just mentions how unhappy she is with her acting for the climactic moment; in which Aikatsu-Sensei will unleash the passion inside of Principal Samusugi, a man known for sucking out motivation from students.

To make her feel better they try to tell Juri that everyone likes her acting, but this doesn't help. So to try to ease her worries Hinaki suggests that she practice the performance on them, then decides that Sumire can act as the Principal. They change into their training clothes and go into the Dancing Room, where Juri and Sumire begin to act.

As Juri expected though, she is unhappy and claims that she is not nearly as hot as she could be. She thanks the girls, then runs off as they try to comfort her. Juri runs to her families home and eatery, Bailarin, and sits down with some tea. Her father brings by some pudding for her and he brings up how her mother went through a rut like this when Juri was really little. This surprises her and she asks to know what happened, but when Karen walks into the room she joins her daughter, so her dad says that she can explain what happened to her.

Karen begins with saying that she had gained her very first drama role playing a girl born on the day of the Tomato Festival. This girl would help to prepare for it, but she struggled to capture the part right and the more she tried, the futher from her goal she fell. However, what kept her going was the Sangria Rosa Premium dress she was given to wear for it. It was able to help her connect to the role much better, after she found herself taken by it's beauty. It reminded her so much of the tomato, and to her surprise Juri is able to recall the dress also. In fact, she claims that it is the reason she loves Sangria Rosa so much to begin with. Karen agrees with this and believes that with it and that role she was reborn as an actress; which makes Juri voice how much she would love to wear her own Sangria Rosa Premium dress too.

The following day Juri announces her plans to locate Encierro, the top designer for Sangria Rosa. She is uncertain though, and explains how her mom was unable to get ahold of the Encierro because he fell out of contact. Her mother told her that he tends to seclude himself whenever he gets stuck on a new dress, and they even have a few spots that they know of where he goes. So her plan is to check those places, but this causes the trio to show concern for her.

Juri believes she has no choice though, so before she goes Sumire offers to read a fortune for her. But she lands on a page that tells them that no matter how long Juri tries, she will always be trapped. With such an ominous reading however, Sumire uses Positive Reading to say that Juri is only lost right now because she is so worried over too many things. Following her intuition would be the best solution, so with that Juri thanks them. She leaves, but the girls trail behind her.

On the train Juri thanks them for coming with her, then admits how she wasn't very confident. They are happy to help, and when Akari admits that she is mainly curious over meeting Encierro, they start to discuss him until coming to their first stop, where Juri comments on the wind and believes he is not there. They board a bus and resume discussing him, when it is revealed that he loves the Flamenco Guitar and roses. When they arrive to their next stop Juri feels this place to be wrong too, so they notice a train; and upon stepping on it, Juri notices how different the area feels. She confirms that this third location is the spot where Encierro is, having realized how it has the scent of the Andalusian winds.

It is then Sumire spots a strange man with the flamenco guitar. Juri is quick to run down the nearby steps and approaches him, where she asks if he is Encierro, the top designer. The man confirms that he is, so Juri quickly apologizes for being so disruptive and asks him to make her a premium dress. He tells her that he isn't in the mood however, which makes the girls discuss how he is acting.

He brings them back to the design studio and explains how he used to be a passionate designer. He doesn't think so anymore though, and he recalls how he used to feel whenever he would enjoy a banquet with his friends, or watch a bullfight. But now he believes himself to have just burned out, which surprises the four girls. Encierro continues on by saying that the more he pushed himself to create an even hotter design, the gap between himself and his assistants and friends became even larger. Before he knew it, he had nobody left to stand by his side, and he can no longer bring out the passion he once had.

As he leads the girls back outside, he apologizes to them since they came all this way. He asks how Juri was able to find him though, and she brings up the Andalusian winds once more; saying that she could sense them here. She then attempts to tell him why she came, but he shuts the door on them right after. So they head over to the nearby shore and resume discussing the current events.

Despite the odds though, Juri feels the need to keep trying. She believes that the flame in his soul has yet to go out completely, even if he feels as though this is true. The others are confused, and Juri brings up how he is in such a town, where the Andaludsian wind is, then she claims to want to be the thing that will snap him out of this. With that, Akari asks that she, Sumire, and Hinaki help her out, and they pick up some items and ask to use his kitchen.

Hinaki brings up what Encierro said about Banquets and Akari suggests that maybe making him some hot spanish cuisine may be the thing to remind him of this. After they finish they give him the big meal, and while he finds that he enjoys it, he still feels rather down, so they retreat to the kitchen.

It is then Sumire recalls that he also enjoys bullfights, so Akari and Hinaki pretend to be the bulls while Sumire and Juri play the role of Matador. Encierro calls them cute, but this didn't help much so they go back outside. Hinaki then gets one final idea and she mentions the roses again, so they split up and run all over the city in search for some.

After they manage to each find a bouquet they bring the roses back to Encierro, and at first this seems to work. He is very happy and he claims that he has finally understood their feelings, but he does not feel any better.

As it is getting late, the trio sit down for a small nap as Juri sits off in the distance. She thinks about how the day went and is clearly disappointed and questions her own passion and how she is unable to warm even the iciest of hearts. But out of nowhere she feels something, and with it she rises and begins to dance and pose in a flurry of passion; which awakens the girls and gets Encierro outside to see what is going on. He approaches Juri and she voices that even if he believes his flames of passion no longer burn, she is sure that they do; for she was able to feel the hot Andalusian winds coming forth from him.

Encierro joins Juri in performing the passionate poses and he voices how she was able to remind him of something important. No matter how cold the heart, the hot seed can be planted and blossom into a huge flame. With that he requests that she let him make her a Premium Dress, and Juri quickly accepts.

From then until he finishes, Juri worked very hard on her dance, posing, and acting. They come by to pick up the dress and he introduces the girls to the Rose Glass Princess coord. They are charmed by it's beauty and he transforms the dress into a set of coord cards for her, and then he asks if she would be willing to model the coord in a debut show.

As the show approaches Juri thanks the girls for helping her. She is happy to have befriended them, and they mention that they feel the same way that she does. She then puts the cards into the machine and changes, appearing on stage to perform to "Passion flower".

Later on at school the girls watch the scene that Juri worked so hard to pull off. They comment on how the popularity of Aikatsu-Sensei keeps rising, causing Sumire to tease by saying that they can't just sit around and let Juri get all of the attention. Akari then says that they will continue their own idol activities, and the trio cheer together.

10 (111)- "Dia Mai Fan!" ("Dear My Fan!")

Aikatsu! - Episode 111

Aikatsu! - Episode 111

(ディア マイ ファン!)

Airdate: December 4, 2014

Yuu comes across Akari reading over a fan letter when she notices this person tends to frequently send her mail, and that he was even the author of the first fan letter she ever received. Akari confirms this and comments on how she would like to meet Asahi.

Elsewhere, Asahi is in class viewing pictures of Akari from prior events when a fellow classmate happens to notice. He is quick to deny what the boy questions him of doing, then shuts the book as Noel watches from a distance. After the classmate walks away Asahi resumes looking through the pictures when Raichi approaches and compliments him for who he chose as his favorite idol.

After class they head over to Cafe Vivo, where Asahi explains how he became a fan of Akari's to begin with. He admits to finding her really cute, but what touched him was watching her refuse to give up when she performed so poorly during her entrance exam. He couldn't help but cheer for her, and while Raichi agrees with this, he claims his most favorite will always be Aoi. He shows a picture of her to Asahi when suddenly he gets a new Tweet, it reads that she has gained a guest appearance on a show called Tuna Palace, and she mentions how excited she is.

Asahi asks about KiraKiratter then, and Raichi claims that any true idol fan would know to keep tabs on this program, then shows a Tweet from Akari to Asahi. In it, she discusses how she ate a huge amount of curry after a hard training session. With this Asahi decides that he will need to keep tabs on KiraKiratter from now on, and Raichi happens to spot that Akari has just left after Tweet. It explains her upcoming handshake event.

At the Cafeteria, Akari brings up her excitement regarding their handshake event when she and Sumire are joined by Hinaki. She congratulates them for the achievement when Sumire points out that a performance will take place afterwards. Both girls have never held a handshake event though, so they really hope it goes well. Hinaki begins to discuss how precious a handshake event is, to both the idol and the fans, and this worries the girls so they ask her to give them advice. Hinaki is eager to help, so she starts by telling them to be filled entirely with gratitude for the fan who came to see them. She tells them to firmly hold hands, but to still be gentle. She also provides an example while explaining the importance of making the most of the few seconds they have with that specific fan, to ensure that they have a lasting impression.

The girls retreat to the Dance Practice room while thinking over her words. They decide to take turns as both the idol and fan, but find it pretty awkward and not very satisfying, considering how well Hinaki did earlier. It is then they hear pictures being taken and find Aoi standing behind the nearby door. Before joining the girls she comments on how rare it is to find two idols holding hands like this, then she listens to them as they explain their problem to her. She admits that it can be a bit stressful the first time since they do not wish to disappoint or bore the fans, so they cannot help but worry. However she has an idea to help the girls and invites them to the Recording of Tuna Palace. She is sure by watching her they will get the idea and feel for this.

At the recording area, many fans await for Aoi's arrival, three of which happen to be Raichi, Noel, and Asahi. As they stand there, they explain the differences of out-waiting, and in-waiting to him; with out-waiting meaning to wait for an idol to leave their prior destination, while in-waiting means to await for the idols arrival. By a stroke of luck, they see Juri leaving the nearby building and she stops to greet the fans. Then she takes off and Asahi admits his surprise to see how calm and docile the fans were, since he expected them to be very wound up. So Noel explains how important it is for the fans to keep their manners in check. If people were to make a fuss, it can bother others and get the idols into trouble.

They go on to discuss how Raichi is able to detect idols and sense their Aura when eventually Aoi arrives. Raichi is very surprised to see Akari with her and tells Asahi, but by the time he can see, he only catches a glimpse of her back; but this makes him happy anyway.

Inside the building, Aoi thanks the Host of Tuna Palace and she introduces him to Sumire and Akari. They have come to observe, and the man compliments how cute they are while the girls watch him and Aoi interact.

The recording for Tuna Palace then begins, and once the topic is announced, Aoi begins to tell her tale of an event that took place when she went abroad to film for Naughty Police Chief. She had been on break when some desperate-looking locals came towards her in a hurry. They had mistaken her for a real cop and asked her to stop a thief. The host would not believe that Aoi would pursue the thief, but she claims she really did, and even caught him.

A break then takes place for Tuna Palace, and in this time Aoi interacts with her fans in the audience. Akari and Sumire watch her as she is asked to perform her Characters Catchphrase, and when she does it drives them wild while the girls comment on it. As Aoi prepares to leave later on, they even tell her how they felt watching her and she expresses how important it is to think through a Fans perspective. She brings up how Akari started out as Ichigo's fan and asked what Ichigo did that made her happy. Akari mentions that Ichigo just wanted to make her happy and she was able to do it, so Aoi points out that to all Idols, the most important thing to them is to make all of their fans happy. Television and the Internet are good, but nothing beats meeting an idol in person, and as an Idol, they need to take care of the time devoted to them from each fan. So she is sure that if they can think about the Fans specific feelings then they will get the answers they need.

n their way home, Sumire questions what would make the fans happy, but Akari has no answer. She brings up that she doesn't have the same speaking talents of Aoi or Hinaki, so she will just do the best she can. After she passed her audition she has been able to speak with Ichigo in person; something that she sometimes still finds hard to believe, but it always makes her happy and she treasures every single moment they share. Hearing this, they suddenly realize that instead of worrying over what to say, they should just be honest with their fans and focus on their own feelings. So they need to do everything they can, even if they know they can't sound as nice as others would.

When the Handshake Event rolls around Noel watches as the girls begin to interact with the fans. She gets a call from Raichi, informing her that Asahi can't come because he has gotten sick. He would not mind showing up, and if he had to, he would force himself to attend. But he does not want to make Akari sick by coming into contact with her. Noel then asks if Raichi will come, but he informs her that he has some things to help Asahi with, and he asks Noel to do him a favor.

One of Akari's fans question what the source of her cheerfulness is, and at first Akari struggles until she gives it a moment. She claims that she feels cheery seeing everyone smiling, which pleases him greatly. Sumire then gets visited by a little girl wearing the same hair ribbon that she has. She finds it difficult to speak to the girl at first, unsure of what to say until the girl interrupts to comment on how pretty Sumire is. Sumire shyly thanks her before noticing the hair ribbon, then she goes on to compliment how nice it looks on the little girl. Akari then gets another fan who claims she looked very adorable on her Pon Pon Crepe Poster, then Sumire happens to please a fan who finds her very cute after she admits to being nervous.

It's then Noel appears, which surprises Akari. She admits that she came for someone else and asks Akari to speak with them on the Phone. At first Akari is pretty confused, so Noel goes on to explain how the person really wanted to come today, but he ended up getting sick. She then mentions his name is Asahi while handing the phone to Akari, causing her to realize that the fan letters she keeps getting are from the same person, so she takes the phone and starts to speak to him. She thanks him for all of the letters he sent, and Asahi is surprised that Akari knows of him. He wishes her luck during the performance and before she hangs up, Akari wishes him to get better.

Asahi is very happy that he was able to speak to Akari, even if it was not exactly in person, and Raichi shows him how to set up the Avatar program. Which allows a fan to watch and cheer for idols on stage from anywhere. He mentions how the avatar can be changed to match a specific idols image color and points out that he uses Blue, which is Aoi's color. Asahi selects a light shade of pink, as Pink happens to be Akari's image color, then the Avatar is sent to the Stage, with other pink, pale blue, and un-decided Avatars.

The girls wish each other luck by the changing Booths and head into them. Where they chose their brand new Swan Lake Premium Rare coords. Then they appear on stage and perform to "Du-Du-Wa DO IT!!".

Afterwards, Asahi is very happy by the way things went. Raichi is very impressed with the special appeal the girls were able to perform for the first time.

Akari receives another fan letter from Asahi and reads over it in the Cafeteria. Asahi congratulates her before saying that he will see to it that he can see her in person next time.

11 (112)- "Gō Gō! Ichigo Ōen-tai" ("GOGO! Ichigo Cheer Squad")

Aikatsu! Episode 112

Aikatsu! Episode 112


Airdate: December 11, 2014

Akari and Sumire sit down to watch the press conference for Ichigo, in which she will be announcing her solo live event coming up. There with her are Orihime, and Ran and Aoi acting as Ichigo's producers to answer questions and provide information for others. They watch as everyone discusses why they chose this name for the event, and what Ichigo wishes to achieve during it. After they shut off the program, Akari voices that she would like to help out but she is unsure of how to do so. To help her feel better Sumire offers to help out too.

The girls meet with Hinaki in the Cafeteria for breakfast and sit down. Sumire has already explained to Hinaki what is going on while they waited for Akari, so Hinaki asks her how she managed to get Ichigo to let her help out. Akari admits that she ambushed Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran when they were returning to the dorms last night and after she asked, Ichigo agreed. To keep the mood, Hinaki decides to reveal some hot facts she has recently learned in preparation for the event. These being that this is Ichigo's first time holding a big event by herself, Ran and Aoi are her producers, and it will be held at Starrise Stadium, where Ichigo watched Mizuki perform for the very first time.

She then reveals she has at least twenty more, but she wants to wait until after they eat breakfast. With that Sumire asks how the performance planning is going so far, but Akari reveals that they really haven't gotten anywhere just yet. Hinaki admits that this is a common tactic in the idoling world, to make sure they hype the concert and boost ticket sales. Akari isn't even sure what she will be helping out with yet, but she suddenly receives a text from Aoi asking her to spare some time so that they can discuss the event.

Akari quickly runs to find Aoi and greets her and Ran. She sees that they have been working on a logo. They discuss including a little Ichigo on the poster and use a doll for an example, then send this idea to the designers so that they can incorporate it into the poster. With that they begin to discuss what Akari can do to help. They want her to work on promotion, like publicity and advertising, to make it really exciting. They ask her to try to think up some ideas and Ran suggests that she can ask Hinaki and Sumire for some tips.

In their dorm room, Akari goes over what happened and both girls agree to help out. But when they do not have any ideas, Hinaki asks Akari what she thinks may be important for publicity. Akari points out that it needs to be fun, easy to recognize at first glance, and the impact needs to be strong. But now they need some specifics and Akari is quickly inspired and they get to work making some giant shapes.

Soon the first publicity event comes along and the five girls meet outside of the van waiting for them. Aoi explains that Ichigo ran back to grab her Aikatsu Phone and tease her until she returns. The trio watch as Aoi, Ichigo, and Ran interact with each other and compliment this before they all step onto the Van.

There Aoi goes over the scedule with them all, explaining that they have interviews and advertising to handle. First up is a live, very short segment on a program. She warns Ichigo to focus on what she says, to avoid screwing up due to this, and to assure them that she can handle it, Ichigo practices speaking. Ran then asks what Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki will be doing and Aoi admits that she doesn't necessarily know yet, since they haven't told her. Akari reaches nearby and takes out a giant bag and hands it to Ran while she explains that she wishes for her to join them. Ran takes the giant strawberry out of the bag and watches as Sumire and Hinaki put their hats on before voicing displeasure behind it.

On location the girls walk by and start to greet everyone working there. They walk onto the stage, where the two hosts are after being introduced. There it is revealed that Aoi was also given the giant strawberry hat. The hosts asks how people can pre-order tickets for the event and Ichigo directs their attention over to Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki to reveal this information.

Akari reveals the number everyone can call but she is flustered after it turns out she held it upside down. They discuss how charming Akari is before pointing out how Ran is wearing the hat, which surprises her since she did not think it looked so nice.

Eventually Akari, Hinaki, and Sumire return to the van and discuss how Akari fumbled with the number card. She is hoping that nobody really paid it any mind and isn't too worried over it since nobody seemed angry. Sumire goes along to mention how she liked to see how well Soleil worked together, then voices how she hopes to do that some day with Hinaki and Akari too. Hinaki is sure of it though, and soon they are joined by Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran. Then they take off for their next event, which is at a Studio for a few various meetings. Hinaki point out how common these are with idols as well, while Ran explains how this is set up, to ensure that they can meet up with a bunch of people in a small amount of time by staying in one place.

The girls are surprised to see Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran split up here, and Aoi explains to them that while they may often be together for most of the time, they also have their own activities to focus on. She tells them about something that frequently goes on between her and Ichigo before she decides to discuss the rest of their plans. Ichigo will be holding a Guerrila Live Performance soon and she asks if she can leave the opening up to them instead, so when they agree she tells them to just take things easy until they are ready. Then she takes off for her own meeting.

In this time Ichigo has a photo shoot before taking place in an interview, while Ran discusses a coord set and Aoi holds a meeting. As the trio watch this, they comment on how tense the atmosphere is, but they can feel how much everyone wants this event to succeed. The girls also discuss how they were unable to tell that Soleil is ever apart due to how close they seem to be. Akari then states that they need to step things up a bit.

Later on they head to the performance area and inside of the tent, Aoi discusses how important this is for their promotional campaign. Everyone has put their strawberry caps back on and they go out for a talk session with the host. The woman greets everyone and they take turns introducing each other and reveal the event by showing a large screen with the logo. They notice a decent amount of attention from the passerby's, including a few film crews.

However the girls are caught off guard as the many crew members try to interview them and they have no idea what to say. Ran, Aoi, and Ichigo watch from the back and they offer to go on stage to help the girls, but Ichigo tells them to wait a moment.

Akari tries to think over what the man asked them while Hinaki and Sumire try to find a satisfying answer. Akari reveals that they honestly have no idea yet, but she believes that the entire event will be amazing because of how great Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran are. Soleil may be best friends but they are apart way more than they are together, and despite this they always shine brightly because each girl can bring her talents and allow them to shine.

With that, Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki run off of the stage and Ichigo comes out to congratulate how well they did. She is very excited to reveal herself to the audience, as they know they aren't expecting it, and Ichigo brings up which song she wishes to perform. She surprises Akari, by choosing the one she, Sumire, and Hinaki often sing to and voices how much it inspires her. She's been planning on using it for something important and thinks this is it, so she runs back and changes into her brand new school coord. Then, Ichigo appears on stage and performs "Lets Aikatsu".

After the performance, the girls discuss how wonderful they thought it was. Ichigo asks Akari about how her day went and Akari mentions how she feels inspired to find her own specialty because she is sure if she can shine doing her thing, then it will help them reach greater heights as a group. Ichigo promises that she will give her event her all and she gives encouragement to Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki.

12 (113)- "Oshare☆Vividdo Gāru" ("Stylish☆Vivid Girl")

Aikatsu! - Episode 113

Aikatsu! - Episode 113


Airdate: December 18, 2014

Orihime chats with Johnny-sensei about Christmas, which is coming up in a week. As he is busy ironing an outfit, they discuss how Sakura is in charge of the committee this year.

In another room a bunch of classmates are setting down boxes of items. Sakura comes in to introduce herself to everyone and reminds them that a week remains until Christmas, but she has also come to inform them of the opening in the Aikatsu Christmas Stage. Juri reveals that she can't since she will be busy with the year-end special episode of Aikatsu Sensei. She also has rehearsals for the Fashion Show that takes place the second of January. She promises to at least make it to the Christmas Party though, and takes off after Hinaki reminds her of her plans for the day. But before she leaves the room, Juri insists that they should try out for the Christmas Stage. The girls decide to go for it, but Hinaki decides that if this is the case then she has to find her own Premium Dress to go along with theirs. Akari and Sumire are surprised that she does not have one yet, but she does not have a proper response as to explain.

The girls head back to Akari and Sumire's dorm room, where Hinaki begins to discuss how they helped Ichigo with the Great Starmiya Ichigo Festival. She thinks it would be nice if they could make themselves work the same way Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran did back then, as well as there is something she wants to try. But instead of telling them what it is, she compliments the wonderful tea Sumire made. They discuss it's Christmas appeal until Akari interupts to ask what it was.

Hinaki goes on to say that she wants to perform a Heroine Appeal. She explains that amongst each brand's fairy-tale theme is a heroine dress; based on the main characters of each tale. With a complete set of Heroine Dresses a Heroine Appeal can be achieved. This is why she wants to get her own Premium Dress, to achieve this special Appeal.

Later on, Hinaki and Otome has just finished some filming work. The director compliments their jobs well done and tells them about the upcoming DVD release before he tells them to take things easily. Otome grabs onto Hinaki's arm and begins to tell her about a hot chocolate shop a third of the way down the hill and tells her that they should grab a drink. She runs off full of glee, while Hinaki questions running so far back up the hill before trailing behind her.

The girls head out to the nearby park and sit down to enjoy their drinks. Otome decides that she will have to bring a drink to Makoto, since she is sure he'll love it too. This causes Hinaki to ask her if it was hard to obtain a Premium Dress, and she voices how Akari and Sumire both went to their Top Designers to get their Dresses Made. Otome insists that it is hard, then she recalls how it felt to wear her first Premium Dress. Hinaki is sure she is right, and she voices that if a Top Designer has given someone a Premium Dress, then it means the designer has approved of the person. Otome asks Hinaki if she is alright, and she insists that she is fine.

While Akari and Sumire are setting up, they discuss the Vivid Kiss Top Designer, Kayoko. They begin to discuss Hinaki's plans of being on stage together to perform a Heroine Appeal, and they really want to help Hinaki obtain her Premium Dress. Sakura recalls how Mikuru had to raise a rare flower for Kayoko in order to obtain her Premium Dress, causing them to realize that they have to show Kayoko how earnest Hinaki feels about Vivid Kiss.

The trio go to speak to Orihime about meeting Kayoko. They explain their plans, earning Akari a minor teasing from Johnny-sensei about the appeal. He compliments how well she is growing now, while Hinaki admits that she has never been able to find Kayoko before. She asks Orihime to track her down for her so that she can show Kayoko her feelings for Vivid Kiss, at least once more time.

This surprises them, and Hinaki explains how she approached Kayoko three years ago in the past; only to be refused. She begins to explain how she came across Vivid Kiss, one day while observing a magazine. In which she saw colorful outfits and decided to wear one for an upcoming performance. She decided to ask Kayoko for a Premium Dress, but struggled to determine what outfit to wear to it; until she came across one she could copy from a magazine.

She went to Kayoko, who asked her wha the notes had been on recent Fashion Points, and she points out how Hinaki copied the coord from page 57 of this months Fashion Mini. This disappointed Hinaki, although she claims there isn't anything wrong with a little imitation. But she wont hand over the Premium Dress because Hinaki is still missing something. She refuses to tell her what it is, but tells her to return when she determines it.

Orihime wonders if this means that Hinaki may have figured it out then, if she wishes to see her now. Hinaki is very confident that she will be accepted this time, so with admiration Orihime decides to help her out. She points out that Kayoko will be holding a party the following day, but she will only allow those who are deemed fashionable enough to enter. Johnny points out that her parties are known for strict fashion checks, while Orihime mentions that if Hinaki can be approved then there is a good chance she may be able to get her request.

Later the trio head out to go shopping to find something for Hinaki to wear. First they try something punk, then try something soft and delicate. They try one more outfit, but she still thinks something is off. They decide to take a break and have some tea before going out to try some more shops. Hinaki thanks Akari and Sumire for their help and explains that it was because of them that she gained the courage to face Kayoko again. When she had first been refused by her, it was very shocking. So much that she assumed she would give up on ever obtaining one, but after she met the girls, Aikatsu became fun again. She points out that next week will be the first time they get to be on stage together after they have become friends, which is another reason she wants to obtain a Premium Dress. With that they get up and they resume their search.

When the event arrives, Hinaki, Akari, and Sumire observe everyone riding the boat with them that will be leading them to the Party Location. Hinaki is very excited, and when they arrive they head over to the fashion check area. Hinaki is seen by Kayoko, so she begins to show what she's learned by posing and showing off her attire. She points out the fashion points of Flair, with her outfit, then she shows them something fun to wear with Akari's, and friendship, showing off Sumire's outfit.

Everyone is amazed by the girls outfits, but suddenly they slip over water that has spilled nearby, accidentally getting grape juice all over their outfits. They momentarily panic until Hinaki gets an idea and starts to rip off the stained parts of clothing. Akari and Sumire do this and modify their outfits to create something unique, which Hinaki claims was the object she missed in the past; a fashion sense all on her own. Kayoko comments on this and she grants the girls entry. But as Hinaki heads inside, Kayoko stops her to ask her to help bring this party to it's next level. At first Hinaki is confused, but she quickly understands and runs behind stage to change. She puts on a coord and appears, performing to "Good Morning my dream".

After the performance, Akari and Sumire catch up to Hinaki. They are approached by Kayoko, who tells them she was inspired by her performance for a Premium Dress, so she tells her that she better be prepared for the Christmas Party since she wants her to wear it. The trio embrace while Hinaki voices her excitement for the Christmas Party.

13 (114)- "Happī Tsurī Kurisumasu☆" ("Happy Tree Christmas☆")

Aikatsu! - Episode 114

Aikatsu! - Episode 114


Airdate: December 25, 2014

Johnny has just finished training with Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki, when Orihime comes into the room with Hinaki's brand new premium rare cards. She reads the note Kayoko sent along with it before voicing her own excitement of this performance.

Later on, the girls are finishing the set-up for a tree when Akari thinks about the time Ichigo went and chopped down a huge tree and brought it back to the Academy. Yu's roommate asks why Ichigo had done this and they explain how she did it to help a friend, then Akari recalls how that day, three years ago, was also when she first saw Ichigo perform. Since then she dreamed of becoming an idol, and to find herself here even now still causes her disbelief. It is then Sakura comes into the room and assembles everyone helping out to come into the Cafeteria.

There, she reveals how smooth the work has been going. All they have left is to finish decoration, cooking everything, and the stage preparations. So she asks that for anyone done to go and lend a hand to anyone still working. After they spot the director dressed as a snowman nearby, Akari explains what an "off-pic" is to the audience.

As she and Hinaki are finishing with decor, Sumire and and a few others have been making cakes and other items with Yotsuba. While Hinaki gets the Director to get a close-up of Sumire, Sakura comes in to inform everyone that everyone from the highschool devision will be returning to the school that night. The girls are excited, with Akari hoping that Ichigo and the others will be able to come by for the Christmas Party.

The girls continue to prepare the items for the cake with Yotsuba until everyone else is done. He lets them get to the decorative portion of the cake making when everyone is surprised by Otome; who was lured in by the sweets and asks to lend a hand.

Juri walks into the room and starts to admire the nearby Christmas Tree. She apologizes to Akari for not being able to help, since she has to film the special promotion for Aikatsu Sensei now, but Akari claims it to be alright. As this goes on, Hinaki narrates an introduction for Akari and Juri while the Director films them. Akari asks Juri if she will be returning, and Juri discusses her intention of showing up in time, since she's been waiting for this Party for a long time.

This surprises Akari, so Juri explains how it began back during the middle of her Hiatus. She had to spend the Christmas with her grandparents since her mom and dad had to work. They had gotten her presents and prepared a special dinner, and even made a little bonsai Christmas Tree. She even recieved her New Years present a bit early. Then, three years ago she witnessed Ichigo, Aoi, Ran, and Otome pull the tree back on Television. It deeply touched her, and Akari admits that she felt the exact same way. Before a classmate comes by to tell her that the ride for her showed up, Juri begins to discuss the tree she assumed they would be going to cut down. She is disappointed that she can't be there to help, so she wishes Akari luck before taking off.

This confuses the girls, and Sumire asks what they should do now. Akari voices that she wants to go and cut down a tree, so with that the girls take off, with the Director following them outside. Sumire and Hinaki are concerned, but as they do not wish to leave Akari alone, they see no other option than to come with her.

Akari walks around in search of an Axe when she happens to spot Naoto. She makes an attempt to ask him, but he is able to guess what she wants and hands it to her. He warns Akari to be careful and she promises she will be before they begin to head out of Campus, having changed into warmer clothing. Hinaki begins to ask where they can find the tree, but Akari already knows so she isn't very concerned. The Director shows up with his van and inists on lending a hand to the girls, and in no time he is able to drive them to Akari's destination in mind.

She bursts into Tsubasa's office; to which she is gently scolded, before asking for a favor. She asks him to let her take the tree near his home, as it is the biggest fir tree there, and Tsubasa voices that while he would not mind, Dreamy Crown doesn't own the land. He is unable to help and Akari apologizes for asking him this, but he believes he has another idea.

He calls Asuka, to ask if the girls could take one of her trees, and she sees no harm in it. But she asks them to wait twenty minutes first, so that the filming going on outside can finish. With that the girls leave for Angely Mountain. Sumire reads a fortune when they suddenly stop at a small trail. The Director reveals that the Van cannot take them any further than this, so the girls step off. Akari is quick to begin making her way up, with a tired Sumire and Hinaki, and Director following the energetic Akari.

Suddenly, Akari falls over. She assures them that she is fine and forces herself to stand before she continues. They reach the tree in question but the girls wonder if she can do it or not. She insists that she can do it and quickly starts to axe the tree; with Sumire and Hinaki alternating every few swings. As this is going on, Asuka can hear them from inside.

Eventually the girls begin to saw the other side of the tree and in no time get it down. They wonder how they can get it down the hill, but it suddenly starts to slide down on it's own. Akari chases after it and jumps onto the tree, joined by Sumire, Hinaki, and the Director. With that they steer the tree down the massive hill and make a crash landing. They find that the tree and snow has covered the Van, and the Director is concerned, as it wont fit on or in it, anyway. The girls are joined by Juri's mother, who reveals she was on Angely Mountain and came to lend them a hand.

The party begins, and Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran have arrived. They spot Sakura out in the hallway and she voices her concern, as they should have arrived by now. Upon hearing a helicopter though, they run out to find the girls, Orihime, and Johnny-sensei watching as the tree is being brought in.

Ichigo compliments the tree while the other classmates show up to lend a hand decorating it so that Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki can prepare for their performance. They go to change and arrive on stage to perform with "Hello Winter Love".

With the tree decorated and the performance done, everyone heads back outside to admire the tree. Juri is very happy to see how it turned out before revealing that her mom told her what happened. As others tune in to watch the program, the girls end the episode while wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

14 (115)- "Hokkori☆Kazumasatsuki" ("Unwind☆Japanese New Year")

Aikatsu! - Episode 115

Aikatsu! - Episode 115


Airdate: January 8, 2015

Akari and Juri join Akari's parents for New Years dinner. She thanks them for the invite, expressing her gratitude with her passionate gestures. As Akari's father begins to ask if Juri had ever been to her dads home land, he begins to get excited and discusses the soil and land itself, much to the girls confusion. Akari's mother explains that as her dad is a Geologist, he tends to be very focused on things related to the land.

With that, they offer Juri some of the potato they prepared for their meal, but Akari's dad struggles to stop discussing soil; especially when it turns out that her mother has been doing ceramics since she graduated from school. They are both clearly passionate about the soil, and wish to keep discussing it, though Akari claims they have done it enough and just wants to talk about something else. Juri claims it to be fine though since she just learned something new about Akari, much to her confusion.

After they eat, Juri and Akari go to sit down on the couch nearby. Juri compliments the nice meal, along with the nice dishes they used. But Akari is quick to stop her mother from discussing it. As Juri asks Akari what she likes to do for the New Year, her dad comes into the room again and he tries to resume discussion with the sands, now that he found a book and looked up some things related to Spain. His words strike something in Juri and she is able to make him very happy with her response, although Akari warns her about it since she doesn't want him to keep rambling about the soil and land.

After Juri comments on how fun she's having so far, Akari recalls that she has a fashion show to deal with the following day, causing Juri to recall that this is what led to her being invited there to begin with. Which causes them to think back to when the invite occured.

The girls decided to chat about their New Years plans one day in the cafeteria. Akari mentions her Pon Pon Crepe year-end campaign until the 29th, then she plans to enjoy her winter vacation. Hinaki also has work until then, and then she will be going away on a family trip. Sumire will be staying with her grandparents after she finishes work on the 27th, and after hearing this, Juri realizes that she will be the only one in the dorm area around the 30th. She has a new years fashion show on the 2nd, and rehearsals all the way until the 31st. She will not be attending the trip that the family usually go on, so her parents are going to use the chance for a little trip for themselves. Sumire asks if Juri will be lonely, and she admits that this will be her first New Years alone. In hearing that Akari invites her to spend New Years with her.

Ending their flashback, Juri admits how happy she is to have been invited. Akari is a little surprised as she mentions that she was excited to get to learn more about her. Juri mentions that usually Akari appears to be pretty shy, but when the time comes, Akari is one to heat up and become filled with passion. She thinks Akari may even be more passionate then her and tells Akari about the many stories she heard about her in the past. Such as when she learned to perform the special appeal, she spent a lot of time on the trampoline to learn it. She believes that Akari may be a very inspiring figure.

As they discuss this, Akari's dad once again gets into thinking about Soil. He mentions how much it inspires him, and Juri is able to relate to this feeling he describes. But Akari stops him yet again, causing her mother to comment on how they always have this sort of dynamic. Akari insists that she doesn't get along very well with her dad, but this makes him depressed for a moment until he decides to just try to think of some better, exciting things for next time.

This causes Juri to say that Akari must get her optimism from her dad, and while Akari doesn't agree, her mother and dad seem to think so. It's then Akari's dad asks Juri to perform her famous pose, which he has been looking forward to see. Juri performs it, but once again it encourages Akari's dad to discuss the soil. So her mother changes the subject by reminding Akari of the New Years cards. She tells her to remember to grab them, and they start discussing how she has been getting a lot from friends and family lately. Most of them in fact were addressed to her. She asks them to stop discussing it though since it embaresses her, and this grows worse as they offer to let Juri see pictures of her when she was little.

They grab the albums and start with an image of when Akari was three. She really liked to build blocks and could spend the entire day playing with them. Juri remarks that Akari has been passionate since she was little, and they look at a picture of her building sandcastles with her dad in the back yard. They describe how much work she spent building them after the one fell apart, and they start to discuss how Akari isn't the type to give up anything.

She recalls how depressed Akari was when she failed the entrance exam. But she refused to give up, and she kept trying and eventually got in. Akari's dad says that failure can be a good part of growing up and gaining experience, which makes Juri think that Akari has definitely got her optimistic spirit from her parents. With that, her mom asks if they would like to go and visit the shrine.

Everyone gets dressed in their kimono and with that they head to the Shrine. Where they walk down the pathway to the very top. They pray and observe the scenery, only to stop again as Akari's dad mentions how shrines are built on very sturdy ground. Akari stops him and she and Jury head over to find a good fortune station, completely ignoring her father as he resumes speaking.

They head to a restraunt and order some red bean soup. They begin to eat, but Juri finds herself distracted when she sees that Akari and her dad eat the same way. She talks about how much Akari takes after her dad, but Akari insists they have nothing in common. At this point, she realizes how sad it makes him when she says this, although Juri's words start to make her reconsider, which makes Akari's dad happy.

Later on that evening, Juri has finished with her bath. Akari is worried she may catch a cold from it, though Juri assures her that she is fine since she her body and heart always remain hot. She thanks Akari for inviting her there once more before claiming a desire to become like Akari. She is able to keep plodding through any hardships, and while she is a new idol she plans to keep at everything, like Akari. So with that the girls prepare for bed, and it turns out they share the same sleeping habit of tossing and turning. Akari lets Juri sleep on the side of the bed she wants, though Juri warns her that she has a tendency to shout in her sleep. The girls share a laugh and with that, get to sleep.

The next day, Akari and her family stand in the audience waiting for Juri to perform. It is her turn next and they are very excited. She stands backstage and takes out her cards before heading over to the machine, where she puts the cards in and changes outfits. On stage she performs to Passion Flower.

After she finishes, Akari and her family head out of the building. They express how wonderful the performance was, but with Akari's words, the topic of soil come up again. As she scolds him, Juri happens to spot them and watches while she thinks about her own parents and their own opinions for her shows. She turns to look back at the items on the desk and thanks her parents for everything.

15 (116)- "Ōzora Janpu!!" ("Ozora JUMP!!")

Aikatsu! - Episode 116

Aikatsu! - Episode 116


Airdate: January 15, 2015

Akari and Sumire are preparing for their first day of a brand new school semester. Akari is disappointed by the rainy weather, but she perks up after the Weather Forecaster explains that the rain should be finished later in the day.

In Class Johnny-sensei greets everyone and tells them that with three months left before they move onto second year idols, they should concentrate of their New Years resolution. Akari is not very sure what her own is though.

By the time break rolls along, Akari decides that she will make a brand new signature. This causes Hinaki to realize she's never seen either of theirs, so the girls all take turns showing their signatures to each other. Akari makes a very simple one, which surprises them until Hinaki mentions how rare it will be after she makes a brand new one. So she asks for Akari's autograph as Akari mentions that she also wishes for a long-term goal also.

The girls are ready to train and wish to go for a run, but to their disappointment the weather hasn't cleared up yet. For the time being they head into the lesson room to stretch and practice. They discuss resolutions again, causing Akari to realize that she wants to find something that she excels in and can do on her own.

Just then they realize that the weather has indeed cleared up, They see the sun shining outside and head back out there for their run.

They come to a bench and sit down for a break while continuing their discussion. Akari isn't very sure what she is good at though, and Hinaki mentions her own plans of focusing on Variety Shows, like the one she does with Otome. But she sort of wants to go focus on fashion, one of her personal passions as well. Sumire has the idea of focusing on her singing, but Akari still struggles.

As Evening rolls around, Akari sits up at her desk and tries to practice an autograph. She has gone through many copies and isn't particularly happy with any of them. She thinks about her own specialty, and while she likes to sing and act, she doesn't think she's the greatest at them.

Akari heads outside in hopes of clearing her mind, but she is surprised to run into Ichigo. They go to the same spot Ichigo usually traveled to during the evening and Akari begins to discuss her plans of finding her own path. She wants to find her own, special talent, but she has no idea where to start.

Ichigo admits that she never worried over such things, but she encourages Akari and tells her to just trust her feelings and follow whatever she's interested in. Her words perk Akari right up and she compliments Ichigo for always knowing what to say to help her. She leaves for the Dorm after and finds Sumire fast asleep, so quietly she fixes her blanket and goes to bed with the intent of focusing on her plans the next day.

Akari explains to Sumire what Ichigo said while browsing the IdoLook for an Audition. She happens to spot one related to being a Weather Forecaster and Akari quickly decides that she was meant for this one.

They go to Hinaki to pass on the news and she agrees that Akari would be right for the job. They offer to help her practice for the time being, and with three days before the Audition they run right over to one of the training rooms. Sumire prepares the Camera as Akari mentions that she took the time to right down the days Forecast. They begin, but Akari manages to turn her back to them, and point in the wrong location rather quickly.

Akari is a bit crestfallen over how hard this is, considering how easy the pros make it look. Hinaki points out that they have people helping them a little, but this wont make a difference if you're not zoned in. Akari tries once again, this time taking in what Hinaki mentioned and she happens to get in a good, solid practice. She decides to call Training a day, but is unsure of what to do now.

Suddenly Sumire gets an idea and they all head outside, where Juri has managed to get the Giant Fan outside. She mentions finding it in the Academies Giant Device Storage and they recall the one time when it lifted Yurika into the air with her parasol. Which was how Sumire got the idea to begin with. She turns on a hose of water and aims it for the giant fan as Akari tries to act like a Professional Forecaster.

She is quickly blown back as her umbrella flips inside out, but Hinaki thinks this is a good thing since reactions are vital for coverage of weather events. Juri scolds Akari for getting out of Camera Frame, while Sumire decides to turn up the water as Akari walks back over.

The girls head inside to take a break and Sumire apologizes for putting the water too high back there. Akari is happy to have their help though, and they are surprised to see Aoi. She mentions spotting Akari's signature for the Forecast Audition, and to help her, she'd like to introduce Akari to a Weather Forecaster she befriended on one of the sets for a Drama she was working with. Akari is quick to accept her offer and she takes off after Aoi writes down some things for her.

While riding in the Van, Akari watches a video of the Forecaster Aoi mentioned, a woman named Ayaka. Akari is very eager to meet Ayaka and thinks about how Weather Girls are also like Idols in a way.

After arrival she looks for the room Aoi wrote down for her. She steps inside and sees many people, and introduces herself to one of the staff before explaining why she came. The man calls for someone named Kohashi and Akari is very surprised to see her true appearance. She finds many books and papers on her desk and the woman apologizes for how messy her desk is as she hands Akari a drink. Akari mentions that she does not mind however, and Kohashi properly introduces herself.

Akari mentions that this room wasn't anything like what she expected; something very cute and sparkly like the Forecasters look on Television. But behind the scenes, there is apparently a lot one needs to study before they can work as a Forecaster. Kohashi mentions that every day before she does her work, she talks with other people in the room and she tends to her script, so that she can say things apropriately. The Forecast can affect the moods and plans of any viewer, and while Akari agrees with this concept, Kohashi reminds her that the Weather isn't always good news.

While most people like the sunshine and are happy when it doesn't rain, if it did not rain then Farmers would be in real trouble. She compares it to idoling by saying that Idols need to be aware of all the different viewers as they try to connect to them. It is impossible to please everyone, but you can still try if you know what to say. Akari takes to heart what Kohashi says to her and as she leaves, she tells Akari that she can stop by again when she wishes to talk if she would like.

Akari realizes how naive she was, since she never thought about the people watching her perform in that way. Sumire asks her what she plans to do about the Audition now and Akari points out that while she isn't ready to become a Forecaster, it still seems fun and she wants to try anyway. She's going to trust her feelings and follow her path.

When the Audition comes, Akari is seated for the Interview. The man asks her where her interest came from and she admits that while she is still a new idol, she knows that being a Forecaster wont be easy. But she had a gut feeling and wanted to try it out, and now she understands that she can clear her Viewers feelings with her words, and it isn't any different then when she is doing her idoling. The man then asks her what she wants as an idol, and Akari mentions her intentions of helping others enjoy their time and relieve burdens of being lonely or sad, and to make them hopeful. So she plans on studying a lot to brighten everyone's day with her morning Broadcasts. With that she thanks them for the Interview and leaves.

Later on, Hinaki mentions that the Audition news should be posted soon. She gets a message and excitedly announces that she got it. Sumire and Hinaki congratulate her and Akari goes on to put on a special performance. It is announced that she will be hosting a new morning news segment known as Good Morning Watch. She gets out the coord cards she chose for her first performance and changes into them before appearing on stage, where she sings to Du-Du-Wa DO IT!!.

After the performance Akari is introduced by the man who gave the Interview. He explains why she was chosen and she mentions her feelings on this, saying that she will work very hard to brighten everyone's day. A giant poster then appears behind Akari and she is asked to sign it, and with that she introduces everyone to her brand new Signature. Akari then announces that it is time for her brand new program to start.

16 (117)- "Utagoe wa Sumire-iro" ("Sumire-Colored Singing Voice")

Aikatsu! - Episode 117

Aikatsu! - Episode 117


Airdate: January 22, 2015

Akari suddenly awakens after a night of tossing and turning to find Sumire watching her. At first she worries she woke her up, but Sumire explains that she wanted to see Akari off as her first day as a Weather Girl. After Akari thanks Sumire she comments on her bedhead, then laughs a little while watching her try to fix it.

Later on, Sumire helps Akari fix her hair before she gets ready to go. Akari thanks her while putting her jacket on, then comments on how she would love to have smooth, straight hair like Sumire. However, Sumire mentions that she likes Akari's hair a lot before they exchange goodbyes and she leaves. With that, Sumire decides that it is her turn to find her specialty.

The girls join together during breakfast to watch as Akari's Weather Program begins. She is announced by the hosts before her and she stumbles at first upon greeting the viewers and welcoming to the segment. She talks of the time before revealing that the current temperature is only three degrees, then she goes on to describe the next thing - only to forget what it is until Oozorotter arrives. She introduces him as her weather helper, then taps on his giant shell to reveal what the weather for the day is like.

She reveals that it is sunny, but reminds the viewers not to forget that the winds are causing it to be chilly. So she suggests to them that if they go outside, they need to dress warmly. With that she ends the segment and the girls comment on how well she did, even if she did almost mess up a few times. Juri was especially passionate regarding the program, while Hinaki pulls out a magazine to reveal her own news. She has passed the Audition to become the exclusive model of Puchi-Puchi.

Hinaki mentions that after they saw Soleil and they thought of their specialties, she had no idea where to begin. But after Akari went for the Forecast Program, she just tried this and due to her love of Fashion, she is very excited over it. These words deeply hit Sumire and she realizes that she is the only one remaining with no Specialty in mind. Suddenly she starts to cough and the girls express concern over her. She has a singing lesson and didn't want to miss it, so even though her throat is a little sore she doesn't mind. With that she decides to get to it.

Sumire changes and heads into the Lessons room. But before she can start she coughs again. The teacher asks if she is okay, then decides to hold off on the Singing Lesson while she is not feeling well. Sumire tries to insist upon otherwise, but the teacher tells her that she should just focus on getting better. Disappointed, Sumire changes back into her uniform and leaves.

While walking down the hallway Sumire gets a call from Orihime. She reports to her office, where she is informed that she was invited to partake in an Audition to become the Image Girl for a brand new Shampoo. Orihime shows her an image from the Audition Poster and she mentions that Sumire's name was brought up as one of the most promising candidates. After noticing her disappointment, Orihime reminds Sumire that it is up to her whether or not she takes this Audition. Many idol have walked down several paths before they found the Aikatsu they could call their own. Since it is so early for her, she has many choices, and it is only her choice on what kind of idol she wants to be.

Before Sumire goes, Orihime points out that she has a while before the Audition comes, the following Monday. She listens before coughing again, then takes off. After, Orihime brings up the time Sumire revealed that she really loves to sing and likes doing it, but a lot of her job offers only come to her due to her beauty. She has a choice of pursuing her own idol goals, or picking to do something that would be too easy for her.

That evening, Sumire returns to her dorm room to think over her options. She looks over the Audition poster when Akari arrives to see it, voicing that she is sure Sumire would pass. As Sumire begins to cough again Akari asks if she is okay, and Sumire brings up the Herbal Tea her sister use to make for her when she got sick.

The two girls soon go to bed afterwards, but neither of them are able to sleep. Akari brings up how Sumire hesitated towards this Shampoo Audition and asks her if she really wants to do it or not. Sumire claims that she doesn't not want to do it, and Akari mentions how she assumed Sumire would try to keep singing, rather than keep taking models work. Sumire admits that while she loves to sing she is also really happy that she was singled out for a job offer. She really wants to do her best, and if all of the industry veterans think this is the path she is suited for, then she should just stay on it. While Akari is disappointed to hear this answer, Sumire wishes her a good night and goes to sleep.

The next day Sumire takes part in a photo-shoot. They call a break and begin to overlook her pictures, commenting that they are really nice. Sumire happens to listen to them discuss her and the upcoming Shampoo Girl Audition, somewhat saddened while she looks through her phone. To her surprise she spots an Audition for Rookie Singers to get a CD Debut. The Audition happens to be held on the 19th, the same day as the Shampoo Audition.

On her way back to Starlight Academy, Sumire stars at the Audition Post. She gets out and thanks the driver while sadly heading onto school grounds, deciding that she just can't blow off the modeling Audition.

Akari approaches Azusa and her friend after they leave a building. She apologizes for dropping by like this and they go off to discuss Sumire, where she reveals what has been going on lately. Azusa admits disappointment since she assumed Sumire would be pursuing a Singer's path after the concert she had been invited to. Akari is sure that if Azusa gave her a little push, Sumire would reconsider, but Azusa tells her that it is Sumire's decision.

Akari brings up that Azusa had been the one to get Sumire into Starlight Academy, but Azusa claims that it was Sumire's final decision. She often worried that her reserved personality would make it hard for her to fit in, but she thinks the reason she can do so well is because she made a good friend like Akari. As the big sister, her job is just to watch over Sumire.

Sumire comes into the office to find Orihime with someone. She shuts the door and is introduced to Mizutani-san, the woman in charge of the Shampoo Commercial they were speaking about. She has dropped by so that she could meet Sumire and give her some samples of the Shampoo. Sumire thanks her as the woman is quickly taken by her. She is sure that Sumire fits the look they are searching for and is excited to see her Audition. While Sumire seems happy, Orihime has her doubts.

Sumire returns to the dormitory later on and sits down with the bag. She decides that she should just take the audition when Akari appears with a bag. She tells her to wait a minute and runs off to make something, returning a moment later with some tea. Surprised, Sumire tries it and realizes it is her sisters tea. Akari explains that before Azusa had left, she asked for the recipe so that she could make it to help Sumire's cold.

Sumire thanks Akari and thinks about how much she loves singing. Before she joined the school she was always too shy to sing in front of others, but Azusa had convinced her that she was very talented. Then she had read her fortune that relates to this situation, and because of Akari's words and friendship she finally realizes what she wants to do.

The following day, Sumire heads to the location of the Shampoo Production. Johnny-sensei, dressed in a nice suit joins her to aid her in talking with Mizutani. At first Sumire apologizes for turning down the offer, and she explains that above all else she wants to be a singer. Even though she doesn't know if she will pass this Audition she still wants to try and follow her feelings. She apologizes again for turning Mizutani down after being specifically requested, and while she is a little disappointed, she is actually happy that Sumire is being honest and came this way to tell her. She mentions that she would like to hear Sumire sing and she promises to do her best.

From that point on, Sumire uses the remaining time left to sing and train for her Audition. She reveals that she is over her cold, thanks to Akari and her sister, and while practicing Orihime happens to watch while passing by. She is very happy with Sumire's decision.

Sumire goes out for a run and she is joined by the others. She is very surprised to see them, but happily runs to catch up with them.

During the day of the Audition she watches as Akari ends her Forecast Segment. Then she leaves, where the announcer reveals that the winner of the Audition will be granted a Debut CD. There are seven girls, three from Starlight and three from Dream Academy. As this is going on, the others watch from their various locations.

Sumire runs backstage and changes into her desired outfit. She appears on stage and performs to "Tarte・Tatin".

After the performance, it is announced that Sumire has won. Happily Sumire runs back to the Academy to find the others waiting for her. She embraces them while they congratulate her and she thanks them. She then calls Azusa to inform her of the news and she also congratulates her.

17 (118)- "Miyabi na Aikatsu!" ("Miyabi's Elegant Aikatsu!")

Aikatsu! - Episode 118

Aikatsu! - Episode 118


Airdate: January 29, 2015

Sumire hands a copy of her Singers Debut CD to Akari and Hinaki. They comment on the covers design before asking her to autograph the copies for them when Akari suddenly gets a message from Yuu. She was to see her off before she heads over to Kyoto as part of the Exchange Student Program. Hinaki tries to recall how Exchanging Students works before Akari reveals that Yuu will be gone for an entire month.

Outside, the trio stand with Orihime, Johnny-sensei, and Yuu's roommate as she is saying goodbye to them all. Akari hands her a box of sweets that Yotsuba made and asked her to hand over, and she tells Yuu that she can call her whenever she feels lonely. Yuu teases Akari before she mentions how impressed she is with her decision.

Yuu admits that it sounded like fun to her, and she was going to use this to test her Skills. Orihime comments on this rare opportunity, while Johnny tells her to show everyone Starlight Academy's best to make them proud and she guarantees that she will before taking off. Akari then asks if they will be getting a new idol, and after it is confirmed she voices excitement in getting to meet her.

Somewhere in Kyoto is a girl preparing to leave for Starlight Academy. She speaks to her teacher and he wishes her well before voicing how good he is sure this decision will be on her part. With that the girl gives one last farewell before turning to leave. She can't help but wonder if she will really determine if she has the potential to become an idol or not.

Back at Starlight the girls discuss Akari's weather report for the day. She is embarrassed over her mess-up, but they convince her that she still did better than the last time, and she will find her groove soon enough. With that Akari promises that she won't make anymore mistakes and Hinaki reminds her of the Exchange Student Program again. Akari looks to find an image of Yuu in the cute Himezakura school uniform and the girls comment on it.

It's then Hinaki happens to spot a strange girl. They identify her as belonging to Kyoto and she observes the many astonishing idols surrounding her.

In class, Miyabi is introduced to everyone as the exchange student from Kyoto's Himezakura Girls Academy. Miyabi asks why he addressed her as "honey", and Johnny explains that this is what he tends to call all of his students. She is still curious, but she says no more and introduces herself to everyone.

After class, Akari speaks to Miyabi and asks to be her friend. She agrees to it, then is surprised when Juri comes by to meet her. She expresses the desire to learn more about Miyabi's school but because she has some filming to do first, it has to wait. She makes her exit quick, and according to Akari is just as hot as usual. Miyabi happens to comment on how everyone is so different which does not go unnoticed by Akari. However, Miyabi decides not to discuss it. Akari then brings up Yuu to her and comments that she decided on her own to partake in the program, so she asks Miyabi why she chose to participate. She claims that she did not choose to come here though.

The girls get to work with dance training, but Akari finds herself impressed with how talented Miyabi is. This continues as Miyabi jumps on the trampoline with her paper parasol, and later as she spots the premium cards she happens to have outside of the school. She is very shocked to learn that only after two months of idoling, she's already gained such impressive cards, then goes on to remark how incredible Miyabi is. She insists that she doesn't deserve this praise though, then stops as she watches two passing students walk by.

Later, Akari is observing a photo Yuu took. She is happy to see that she's already made friends, then notices that Miyabi is reading something by herself. As other students comment on her beauty and refined-behavior, Akari asks Miyabi if she wishes to join her for lunch. Miyabi refuses however, and mentions that she has some other business to do before getting up to leave the room. As she does, Akari is joined by Sumire and Hinaki. They notice her expression and ask about it as Akari reveals that Miyabi didn't choose to come to Starlight.

Outside Miyabi hides by a tree while observing a bunch of the students. Unknown to her, the trio watch from a bush several feet away. While they try to watch her, Hinaki begins to fret that Miyabi is a spy sent to infiltrate the Academy, but Sumire and Akari quickly shoot down the idea.

It's then Otome suddenly appears and surprises Miyabi. From the surprise she falls back and Otome quickly gets down to the ground with her to shake hands. She explains that she had really wanted to meet the "love you" exchange student Sakura told her about. While surprised, Miyabi remarks that Otome is cute.

She heads down the nearby pathway by herself. The others continue to watch her to see Miyabi stop in front of a window, where nobody else is. Sumire feels a little bad they are spying on her, but they are shocked when she suddenly forces herself to make a cutesy expression while repeating Otome. She gets very flustered and angry when Akari accidentally yells, revealing their location to her.

The four girls head out to the fountain while Miyabi once again states that she didn't want to take part in the exchange program. Her teacher had pushed her to do it, thinking she would be able to discover her true idols potential while here. They ask if she has discovered anything, and all Miyabi can say is that they are cute. She feels she isn't Idol-like, but she struggles to explain it.

Since she was scouted she felt out of place amongst other idols. Her teacher approached her to recruit her, but she didn't understand what he saw in her and he refused to tell her, since she had to figure it out herself. From her first day every idol she saw was doing their best to push themselves and work hard to achieve their dreams and it inspired her to join.

With a little help from her teacher she was able to perform in concerts. But she really wonders if someone so rigid and stuffy has what it takes to really be an Idol. Akari claims that due to her talents she shouldn't need to worry, but Miyabi states that talent has nothing to do with her problem. She was hoping to find an idol who was like her, in hopes of understanding her teachers intentions. She refuses to stand on stage from this point on until she can.

Suddenly Johnny appears to reveal that a Special Live will go on to celebrate the Exchange Event. However, Miyabi isn't very happy and worries that she won't find her answer. However, Akari, Hinaki, and Sumire plan to help her out.

The girls change into their training uniforms. Sumire goes over her singing exercises and the teacher remarks that it has improved since last time. To their surprise they find Miyabi on the floor, who comments that she is very moved by Sumire's singing abilities and she asks for her training.

She goes outside with Hinaki, who decides to get a picture of her and help her confidence. She comments on the Yamato Nadeshiko air she has about her and calls it cute while moving to the side. She asks Miyabi to smile for her, but she does not do it at first, until Hinaki encourages her by putting on a silly mask.

Miyabi finishes her dance lesson with Johnny and while wiping off the sweat from her face, Akari shows Miyabi her performance using her phone. Miyabi is concerned that she has messed up and she asks Akari about it, but she admits to not having noticed at all. So until evening Miyabi continues to practice in order to improve the parts she messed up on.

Later on, while Sumire is asleep, Akari goes over the forecast for tomorrow's weather report. She happens to hear sounds coming from outside and sees Miyabi practicing with her Naginata. While she makes her way out she comments on how cold it is and Miyabi reveals that she was raised to believe that one is to never neglect their daily training. Akari questions if Miyabi comes from a family of Samurai, but she reveals that a long time ago the family did, but no more Samurai exist in Japan these days. Akari then comments that this is why Miyabi speaks the way she does, but she is quick to quiet down out of concern she just offended her.

Miyabi assures Akari that she is well-aware of how she talks, and is fine with Akari saying this. She voices that she does not think an Idol should speak so stiffly like this, and points out that she failed to find any idol like herself. While disappointed with this, she is surprised when Akari points out that this is actually an amazing thing. This is what makes Miyabi special as an Idol, being one-of-a-kind.

Akari calls her incredible once again, then discusses how she used to imitate Ichigo when she first became an Idol. She doubted her abilities as an Idol, but Miyabi already has an Idols light in her that isn't like anyone else. It's then Miyabi realizes what her teacher meant and thinks back to his advice of seeing the idols of Starlight Academy.

Meanwhile, in her office, Orihime is speaking with Miyabi's teacher. He comments that Miyabi had an elegance about her that he knew was the radiance of the unique idol. He believes in her, but he knows that she must discover this for herself before she can truly walk down the path of an Idol.

The following day, Miyabi observes her cards. Happy that she may have finally found her own Aikatsu, she heads inside and places her coord cards before stepping into the machine. She changes outfits and appears on stage to perform to "Light Pink Day Tripper".

After the performance, the trio meet with Miyabi and compliment her performance. Hinaki shows her the fans reactions, which makes her feel happy. To Akari's surprise, she addresses her by her first time and grants her permission to do the same for herself. Akari then questions if she will be switching school uniforms, but Miyabi refuses, despite Hinaki pointing out her nice legs. Miyabi calls it embarrassing and scolds them after they call her cute, then they begin laughing.

18 (119)- "Nadeshiko no Mai!" ("The Nadeshiko's Dance!")

Aikatsu! - Episode 119

Aikatsu! - Episode 119


Airdate: February 5, 2015

Miyabi is writing a letter to Nagaoka-sensei back in Kyoto, explaining how everything has been going so far. She mentions that because of Akari and the others she has began to finally realize what his words meant when he approached her to become an Idol. She also thinks she realizes why he chose to send her there and promises to find her own Aikatsu before she returns. With that she ends the letter and goes to the mailbox to send it, where she runs into Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki. After she greets them she explains that she writes a daily report to her old school. Hinaki questions why she just doesn't send email after, causing Miyabi to admit that she isn't a really good typer, and she asks Akari to teach her to improve.

While they wait around in a nearby building, Miyabi practices her typing as Hinaki and Akari try to encourage her. She worries she isn't meant to do things like that while Sumire joins them, revealing that it's time for Miyabi to go on stage. She changes into another outfit and begins to move around, showing everyone her moves of a samurai while using her staff. This little performance seems to leave an impression on everyone, including one person in particular as she ends her turn and heads out to change back into her uniform.

In the hallway she informs the girls she will be heading to the Dojo the Headmistress pointed out to her. Akari wonders how she isn't tired yet, but Miyabi mentions that she thinks she messed up somewhere in the routine and wants to go to get instruction before she forgets it later. The girls wish her luck and they wave her off while deciding they can just all hang out later on.

As she heads to the dojo, Miyabi thinks about how different the roads are between her home and this area. She stops to look around and happens to hear someone, but when she looks she is unable to see anything so she keeps going while the girl hides. The girls trails behind her and eventually Miyabi turns to run down a path to take out her staff and surprise the girl, who falls back after she sees it.

Together the two girls sit down and right away, Tomoyo begins to go on about how much of a fan she is. She calls Miyabi cool and comments on how she can be cute too, which surprises Miyabi before she continues to explain how she is only seen as someone cool. She is tall like most of the boys their age, and she is also the captain of the volleyball team, but she can't be cute. She really wants to try but is worried she will just make a fool out of herself for even trying. She then asks Miyabi to teach her, but Miyabi is unsure of how to respond.

She goes to meet up with the others and admits that she didn't answer Tomoyo and regrets it, but she didn't know what else to do - especially when she hardly understands what being cute is anyway. Hinaki claims that she too would have struggled to come up with an answer, and Sumire wonders if taller girls really do have a lot of trouble when it comes to girlish clothing. Hinaki insists this isn't the case though, since a full-length Maxi Skirt can bring out the figure of tall girls. After Miyabi mentions the desire to try to help the girl, Akari suggests that they just look back at their idol predecessors for some research.

The four girls head into the library and begin to look over some books. They look up the histories related to idoling and different terms for it, but before they can really figure out anything, Sakura joins them to ask Miyabi to accompany her to Orihime's office.

There they explain to her of the Yamato Nadeshiko Festival that is approaching. They want Sakura and Miyabi to perform together and Orihime explains how they are sure their talents would work well with the Festival. While Sakura is happy to partake in this she asks Miyabi to agree, since she knows they are the only two who can do this. Miyabi decides to accept in order to repay them for welcoming her to Starlight Academy, then watches as Sakura busts out into Kitaoji Theater.

Miyabi reveals what will be going on to Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki before deciding that she has to get some personal training and words from Sakura. She also decides that the experience should lead her to the answer she needs to Tomoyo, and that she must do it on her own. Akari and the others decide to give them her full support, even if they are unable to help out further.

In this time, Sumire and Miyabi perform traditional dance using paper fans and stop to take a break. Sakura mentions that she will be going on stage first before commenting on Miyabi's training, calling it perfect and beautiful to watch. Miyabi thanks her for noticing this and mentions how she tries to put her skills from the dojo into things outside of it.

She goes on to admit that she never thought she would be idoling now, and Sakura agrees before explaining that she dreamed of becoming an Idol. At first her family was a bit against it, especially Sakon, but she gathered up her courage to convey to everyone how she truly felt. At first it was very difficult, but because she was able to take the first step the world she longed to be part of had opened up to her.

Miyabi takes these words to heart and heads to her dorm room later on that evening. In bed, she looks over her Starlight Academy uniform, which she still chooses not to wear, then thinks over what Sakura said.

The next morning she is disappointed to find out that it is raining. She had intended on visiting the dojo again and wonders if the gloomy weather will remain all day. She happens to notice the time and turns on Akari's weather program, where Akari mentions the time, then asks Ozorotter to come out and reveal if it will keep raining all day, but when he comes out he slips and drops his shell. Akari chases after it and picks it up, opening it to see a congratulations message inside, to celebrate her one month anniversary. Ozorotter gets up and pokes Akari to have her say something regarding it. Akari mentions at first that she didn't think she would be able to keep up with this but she chose to took the plunge and was able to find something she enjoys a lot. These words resonate within Miyabi and she continues to watch as Akari gives the forecast while tearfully expressing gratitude.

Miyabi watches as the sun begins to appear and the clouds part, and comments on Akari's first step. She opens the Email tab on her phone and begins to type in a message onto KiraKiratter, which Tomoyo happens to see. She finds out about the Festival and reads over what Miyabi wrote, causing her to realize that she too has to take a step if she wants to open up her world.

Later on while behind the stage Miyabi reveals what she did to the trio. She really hopes that Tomoyo will see it, and that her message will reach her, but she is concerned that it may not. Sakura then joins them to tell Miyabi that it's her turn now, so Akari wishes her to do well and promises her that her feelings will reach the girl. So Miyabi changes and heads out on stage to perform to Light Pink Day Tripper.

Afterwards, the girls surprise Miyabi as she returns backstage, revealing Tomoyo from behind them. At first Miyabi is surprised to see her wearing a cute outfit, but she quickly tells her how nice she looks.

As the sun sets Miyabi speaks with Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki while they make their way back to Starlight. Miyabi claims that an idol who can fill someone with courage is amazing and tells them that she is happy that she became an idol. Which makes them feel happy too.

The following day Miyabi writes another letter. She admits that originally she hesitated when the idea of her becoming an Idol came up, but now she plans to return her feelings and show the gratitude she feels by following her Aikatsu until the end. She asks that Nagaoka-sensei continues to watch her and support her, then sends the Email. She is joined by the others and they comment on how fast she has improved, wondering if she studied a lot. She teasingly points out that Blogs are vital to keep up with modern information society, then calls the way of the idol to be pretty busy, causing the others to laugh as she continues to type.

19 (120)- "Sutā☆Barentain" ("Star☆Valentine")

Aikatsu! - Episode 120

Aikatsu! - Episode 120


Airdate: February 12, 2015

While the girls find out they received lots of chocolate from their fans, Johnny is bringing chocolate for Soleil to the Academy with three trucks. Akari asks what are they going to do with all that chocolate, and Hinaki explains that the headmistress is starting up a new event, "Thanks, My Valentine!".

Hinaki explains that it is a party where the idols take all the chocolate they received and show they noticed each one. Yotsuba explains that the headmistress chose him as the head patissier, and he needs to find a way to use all the chocolate. Yotsuba tells the girls that he's going to pile up the chocolate into a tower symbolizing their gratitude for all the chocolate. The girls offer to help with the party.

The friends start running, but soon they are stopped by three girls that ask them if they are from Starlight Academy. They explain that they're going to bring chocolate to Yotsuba. Hinaki asks them if they're his friends, but the girls answer that they were fans of him since he debuted. The girls show them his CD with his autograph, and Akari's friends learn that he was an idol. Yotsuba's fans ask Akari and her friends if they could deliver the chocolate for them.

The friends bring the chocolate to the chef and they tell him everything. Hinaki says that the fans looked sad when they told them that he retired soon after debuting, and Yotsuba explains that he was sad about letting down his fans, but following his dream of being a chef hasn't left him any regrets. In her room, Akari looks sad and explains Sumire that she was thinking how incredible Yotsuba is, and that he worked hard to make his dream come true.

The next day Akari asks Yotsuba if he decided how to build the chocolate tower, and he answers that he did. That night Akari is running and wondering how to show his fans how he's doing. Akari finds Ichigo running and they sit on the fountain. Ichigo asks Akari how she's doing as the Pon Pon Crepe Campaign Girl. Akari answers that since it's almost Valentine's Day their chocolate crepe event is revving up. They start chatting, then Ichigo tells Akari that she, Otome and Sakura are going to be the MCs for the event, and that they had a meeting with Yotsuba. She tells Akari that hearing about the chocolate tower made her all fuzzy and warm. Akari tells Ichigo something about Yotsuba.

It's the day of the "Thanks, My Valentine!" event, and some Starlight Academy girls are looking at the heart-shaped chocolate tower while Ichigo, Sakura and Otome are presenting the event. Yotsuba is cooking pancakes for the friends, and Hinaki is looking at the tower. Kayoko arrives and gives her a new Premium coord, the Bubbles Mermaid Coord. Juri asks her friends if the fans are watching Yotsuba on TV, and Miyabi answers that they're watching for sure. Ichigo introduces their super chef who built the chocolate tower by himself, Yotsuba. Ichigo then asks him if he used to be an idol. He then answers that he used to, surprising all the students. Ichigo asks him how is his new life as a chef, and he answers that he couldn't be happier. He says that he's surrounded by people that enjoy his cooking, and that seeing their smiles encourages him. He says that that is his true happiness. The fans watching the interview say that they're glad. He says that the reason that the reason he was able to make it as a chef was because the support everyone provided when he was an idol. The interview finishes and everyone is clapping.

Johnny asks Yotsuba if he's got any chocolate, and he answers that he's got just a bit. Yotsuba shows Johnny a box full of chocolate, and Johnny admits that he's number one. Yotsuba then says that Naoto has gotten much more, and he shows him a mountain of chocolate. Johnny is shocked. Hinaki and Juri perform Poppin' Bubbles.

After the performance, Akari gives Ichigo some chocolate and thanks her for doing that for Yotsuba. Ichigo replies that she only helped her and gives Akari some chocolate too. Akari is shocked and says "thank you" while crying. Ichigo tells her that she's overreacting while Akari's friends watch the scene.

20 (121)- "Mirai ni Yakusoku!" ("A Promise to the Future!")

Aikatsu! - Episode 121

Aikatsu! - Episode 121


Airdate: February 19, 2015

Miyabi looks over her journal and notices that she has not wrote in it for sometime. It wasn't that she didn't want to, but she had so much to write that she had no idea where to start. She notes that she only has three days left at Starlight before she has to head home to Kyoto.

Akari meets up with Sumire, Juri and Hinaki, then she announces herself as the Party Planner related to Miyabi's send off party and the girls begin to discuss. Akari looks back to her first interaction with Miyabi, then comments on how they did so much this past month, so now she feels lonely realizing she has to leave. But it isn't their style to be sad so she wants Miyabi to leave with nothing more than happy memories.

Later on in Orihime's office, they brief Miyabi about a special performance. In honor of her last day as an exchange student they wish to have her perform on a special stage. She is free to perform solo or bring friends to perform with her if she wishes, and Miyabi asks if she can use the stage as a competitive concert. After she leaves, Orihime mentions surprise, since she assumed Miyabi would have used this to perform with Akari and the others. But Johnny claims this is fitting of Miyabi and they wonder who she will decide to challange.

Miyabi steps in Sakura's path while she runs around the track. She thinks about their time in the past when they performed in the Yamato Nadeshiko Festival and decides that she is the only person to challange. So she asks Sakura to accept it and an announcement is put out to reveal it.

Akari is highly shocked and she asks why Miyabi is doing this. Miyabi explains that she wants it as the compilation of her exchange experience, then shows them how she has a profile of Sakura already put together. She is very amazing in her eyes, and Hinaki mentions that Sakura is a top contender for the Starlight Queen Cup the very next time it comes around, causing Miyabi to outright state that she can't stand up to Sakura just yet. She is putting more pressure on herself using this competition and takes off to begin to train.

She spends the day running for a while until she decides to stop for a break under a big tree. She thinks about a time when she did it before and had been called under the tree with Hinaki and Akari after they spotted her. Then she heads to the training room to practice singing and thinks about the time she and Akari rolled on giant balls, then begins to practice her dance while thinking about her training with Juri.

Miyabi thinks about the times she has had in a month while she heads to the dojo. She recalls another time when the girls had finished training, but stops as Sakura comes by. To her surprise she finds her standing behind her and notices that she is carrying the same supplies.

Elsewhere, Hinaki shows the girls helping her design the decoration idea she drew. They compliment how nice everything goes together and how it fits Miyabi, which Hinaki eagerly agrees to. In the nearby room, Sumire and Juri take notes from , who shows them the best way to handle confections using matcha as an ingredient. He comments how happy he is to be helping them to fulfill such a wish and the girls thank him.

In the dormitory, Akari stares at the long, blank piece of material. She has no idea what to write on the banner and happens to spot the origami bunnies they made a while back. While she didn't think hers was any good, Miyabi claimed the opposite, which made her feel a lot better, but she feels sad again. She is joined by the others and she reveals that she didn't do anything yet since she doesn't know what to write. She shows them what she has considered but they all feel too sad, so Hinaki suggests that Akari get her mind off of it by going to do something else for a while. She tells her that maybe inspiration will come if she goes to visit Miyabi, but Akari is disappointed with the idea of not helping out. But they convince her that they wont even start putting things together until later on anyway.

Akari heads to the Dojo and runs inside while hearing noise. She watches the two girls train and is pretty surprised by the sight, crying out in alarm. She greets them as they end the match and they mention not even realizing she was there, having been so engrossed with their naginata practice. Akari admits that she had no idea Sakura practiced naginata and Sakura points out that while she isn't a practitioner of it, she often partakes in training before a decisive match.

They begin to discuss the concert again and Sakura promises that she will make sure to give it her all as a Starlight Academy Student. Miyabi thanks her, then asks why Akari is there. Akari admits that she came to visit Miyabi but worries now that she is only interupting, but Sakura tells her it is okay by her, as does Miyabi.

As the sun begins to set, the girls change and Sakura leaves. Miyabi compliments Sakura and Akari suddenly realizes how much Miyabi has changed. She recalls how she was able to shed her hesitation she originally presented upon arrival to Starlight, and now she seems to have truly discovered her Aikatsu. Miyabi wonders if this may be true and comments that meeting everyone helped her a lot more than she imagined. With that they exit and Miyabi decides to run off for a jog, leaving a depressed Akari behind.

Akari heads to a room and begins to practice making an origami bunny again. She is joined by Sakura, who comments on the bunny before asking to speak to her. They get some tea and Akari explains how sad she is knowing Miyabi has to leave. Sakura claims she can relate and recalls how Ichigo left for America three years ago. She was so sad watching her leave but she learned something new, the stronger the bonds between two people, the harder it can be to part. But she also learned in this time that because of the bond, no matter how far apart they may be, their hearts will remain connected. After she hears this Akari suddenly realizes that Sakura has a point. Even though Miyabi will be leaving it doesn't mean this is goodbye.

The day of the Special Live finally arrives. The girls stand together and wait for Miyabi, and to their surprise they observe her wearing the Starlight Uniform. They are all taken by it and compliment how cute she looks, but Miyabi is embarrassed over the skirts length. Akari asks her what made her decide to wear it however, and she plans that she had wanted to wear it to become one of them, and she always found it to be cute. She then scolds Hinaki for calling her cute and the girls share a cheer before she and Sakura run off to change. They appear on stage and perform to Light Pink Day Tripper.

After the performance it is revealed that Sakura is the winner. Everyone cheers for her and Miyabi claps, showing her approval for the result. While the girls are sad she lost, they are also happy by how well the performance went. Sakura and Miyabi promise to stand on the same stage again, and back in Kyoto, Nagakao-sensei is shown having watched the performance and he comments on how befitting her name is.

After, the girls head to the send off party. Akari has Miyabi speak and she tells everyone that she has learned a lot and she plans to cherish her memories and lessons for the rest of her life. They then reveal their hard worked treat they made for her, and share a big group photo before they go outside to see her off.

The sun is setting and Akari reveals the banner to say "see you again, Miyabi-chan!". Miyabi is touched by the grand gesture and Akari hands her the Camellia origami she made. She comments that she got the idea from Miyabi's pretty hair ornaments and she thanks Akari for the gift. Akari then tells her that she refuses to say goodbye, because as long as they have their Aikatsu they will see each other again someday. With that Miyabi says one last thing and takes off.

Several days later while on break, Miyabi sits down to watch as Akari puts on a forecast report. She looks at the flower origami that Akari made for her and stands up to observe the bright sky.

21 (122)- "Vanpaia Misuterī" ("Vampire Mystery")

Aikatsu! - Episode 122

Aikatsu! - Episode 122


Airdate: February 26, 2015

One late evening Hinaki stops by the dorm to see Sumire and Akari. She has brought some snacks and Sumire mentions making some of Yurika's favorite rose tea today, but one thing remains. It's then Juri steps into the room and reveals the DVD she was sent out to get. The girls are very excited to see themselves in to the thirty minute drama they were all in and they get it set up. It isn't to air until next week but as the actors for it they get special viewings now. The drama starts with the loud crashing of thunder and lightning on a rainy evening, while bats fly around the Academy. The girls appear and announce the name of the Drama.

Akari and Sumire sleep as the time reaches two-forty am. She hears a voice and awakens, but sees nobody and tries to return to sleep. It calls to her again and Sumire slowly exits the room. She walks down the hallway and hears the voice continue to speak to her and makes her way to a set of doors. She steps outside as the rain pours down and proclaims her desire for eternal radiance as an Idol, then turns as the mysterious figure (Yurika appears). She promises to give it to her, but only for a price and decides to suck her blood, causing Sumire to scream as bats fly by outside. The only thing remaining at the scene is her shoes.

Back as the girls watch the movie, Akari and Hinaki panic at the frightening sight before commenting on how wonderful Sumire did during the scene. Sumire admits to being a little embaressed over how she acted at that part and Akari points out that she put a lot of effort into perfecting her sleep at the beginning of the scene, but feels it hadn't shown. Juri then points out that they will get to see the savior who appears at the academy to locate the missing Sumire Gelato.

In the Drama, Akari confronts Headmistress Legend Orihime and demands to know why she wont do anything to help locate Sumire. She claims she already did though and has sent someone to help, and just then the savior arrives, a girl by the name of Jurius Caesar Salad. In the office, Orihime thanks her for accepting the offer and coming, and Jurius assumes there was a vampire attack, given her job as a Vampire Hunter. Orihime reveals what has happened and Jurius asks for evidence that it was a vampire attack. She lacks the evidence though and tells her that she has a hunch and tells Jurius to just focus and trust her.

As this is going on, the nosy Hinaki Twister listens from out in the hallway. She runs off and happily comments that because Sumire is out of the way she can surely take the name of Starlight Queen now. Outside of the Drama, Hinaki also appears to be embarrassed over her variety show character. But the girls encourage her by saying that her character role makes the drama more enjoyable, and she has enough experience to make it work well.

In the Drama, Akari sadly thinks about Sumire Gelato. She visits various spots they used to be at together and wonders where she could have went. But as she leaves the room she spots Jurius again and tries to stop her. She introduces herself as Akari Sunshine and asks Jurius if she knows anything about what had happened. She tells her she has nothing to tell her though, then tells her to stop sticking her nose into their business.

Outside Juri continues to walk while thinking about Sumire Gelato. She believes that if she was attacked by the vampire then surely she may also be one, but she thinks something suspicious is going on. Something involving Orihime, who happens to be watching her at the time. Jurius heads to another location and continues to do some information searching. She heads to the dorm room and heads to the top of the building while checking out the spot Sumire was last visible.

The Headmistress heads into the cafeteria to inform Shun Yotsuba that because their target has arrived, he must begin his part in their mission.

Akari sadly walks up the stairs while thinking about Sumire Gelato again. She is interrupted by someone calling out to her and to her surprise, sees Sumire up ahead. She runs to her friend and they go back to the dorms. There Sumire explains that she had to abruptly head home for a while and Akari is glad that it wasn't anything serious. Sumire apologizes for worrying her, then asks Akari if she is okay. As Akari gets up to grab some of the chocolate she got the other day for Sumire, she is unaware of her friend sneaking up on her. Eventually Akari catches her doing it, then asks if she is okay before commenting that she doesn't look okay. While trying to look at her eyes she thinks she momentarily spots a fang peaking out from Sumire's lip, but she claims Akari is only imagining it.

With that Sumire brings up a secret special party that will be held at the Academy. Akari is curious as to what she means, but Sumire stops upon spotting Hinaki Twister eavesdropping in on them. Sumire invites her inside to learn more about it, then continues to say that it will reveal the secrets to obtain Eternal Radiance as an Idol. Right away Hinaki is taken with the idea and agrees to attend, and Sumire tells Akari that she is expected to come too. Akari knows something is wrong and worries, but she decides to go anyway. Unknown to the girls, Jurius happens to be watching in on them and realizes her suspicions have been confirmed.

As the Drama goes onto commercial, Akari is very much into it and wonders what will happen to them. Juri points out that she should already know though and they resume watching it.

When the party arrives Sumire helps the girls prepare their outfits. They leave and prepare to go to the party while Jurius slowly trails them. She is attacked after Sumire spots her and she uses her abilities to vanish while the girls head outside trying to find the party's location. Sumire tells them to go ahead, then Akari asks her why she isn't coming with them. Sumire assures the girls that she will be joining them soon and Hinaki runs off with a hesitant Akari in tow.

It's then Sumire is attacked by Jurius and thrown to the ground in a net. She claims it to be futile though and attacks Jurius again, causing her to ask how she can be so powerful. However, she doesn't answer her, instead she gets to the top of the building and runs off as Orihime arrives to help Jurius.

Akari and Hinaki step into the Memorial Hall and notice that the entire area looks pretty dreary. The observe the statues of the idols prior to them and stop at the front of the Hallway.

As Jurius is being helped by Orihime, she reveals that Sumire Gelato isn't the only vampire there at the Academy. It is cursed by many vampires.

Suddenly, the Grand, Legend Mizuki awakens, along with the other statues and Johnny-sensei reveals what has been going on to the girls. Orihime reveals that these idols are vampires out of her own wishes, after she wished for them to shine for eternity. She had their blood sucked, with the first victim being Legend Mizuki, who was attacked by Yurika. Then they converted the rest of the idols, including Otome, Kaede, Aoi, Ran, and Ichigo.

Orihime realized her mistake however afterwards, as the vampire idols cannot be with their fans, due to the vampire-sunlight rule. With that Mizuki reveals that she will be changing them into vampires too, but Akari refuses while Hinaki accepts, ready to gain the radiance they hold. Yurika then sucks Hinaki's blood, changing her into a vampire and they move on to Akari, who frets that it's up to her to do something.

Just then Jurius and Orihime show up. They call to Akari and she asks what they need to do. They hand Akari a special donut, new to Starlight Sweets menu. The vampires will revert to normal if they eat this special garlic donut and the trio quickly get to work trying to return them to normal. Akari is able to fix Otome and Hinaki, while Jurius rids of vampire Kaede and Ran. Then they target Aoi and Ichigo while they're distracted. Jurius is attacked by Yurika and slowly loses consciousness as she approaches her. But to her surprise, Jurius tricked her and forces her to eat a bite of the donut.

Johnny then prepares to suck Orihime's blood, but his gentle manners allow her to easily make him eat the donut. Akari however, struggles to give one to Sumire and finds herself wearing down. Sumire prepares to bite Akari, but Akari forces her off and after they fall Sumire accidentally eats it. The girls then regroup to attack Legend Mizuki and they hand Akari a special weapon, allowing her to transform with the help of their abilities. Akari shoots a special donut arrow at Mizuki and reverts her back to normal, along with everyone else.

The following morning Jurius prepares to leave. She is joined by the girls, who have come to see her off but they arrive too late. So Akari calls out to her and thanks her for her help while Jurius thinks that vampires shall always be around and the Drama ends.

The girls comment on how amazing the climax for the drama was and they begin to discuss how everything went, unknown of the little fang peeking out from Sumire's lip as she sips her tea.

22 (123)- "Haru no Būke" ("Spring Bouquet")

Aikatsu! - Episode 123

Aikatsu! - Episode 123


Airdate: March 5, 2015

Tsubasa scribbles out the recent fashion he spent a while designing before realizing it's already morning. He gets up to prepare some tea and turns on the television to watch Akari's weather program. She and Ozorotter reveals that while Spring is approaching it's still pretty chilly out and suggests that everyone dress warmly. With that the segment comes to an end.

Akari happens to spot Ozorotter and approaches him to thank him for helping her earlier when she messed up. She happens to spot the flowerbed he is observing. She comments on how they will be opening very soon before she hears on the News that Tsubasa will be announcing a brand new Premium Dress.

The girls excitedly chat about the new dress while wondering what it may look like. Akari shows that everyone else is excited too before Hinaki goes over the Romance Dresses they have already seen; like Sumire's Snow White coord, Juri's Cinderella coord, and her own Nutcracker coord. Juri mentions that with the current trend happens to be fairy-tale outfits and Hinaki recalls the Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty set's Dreamy Crown has already made. Akari tries to think of what this next dress will be based on but stops upon getting a message from Orihime, asking her to come to the office.

Akari arrives to find Johnny-sensei and Orihime inside waiting for her. They mention the call they just got and Orihime reveals that there will be a Live event from the TV Channel the weather and news happens to run on. They want Akari to partake in it to represent her Oozora Weather program. They also want her to put on a concert for it, and Orihime even plans to show up to watch.

Outside, Akari thinks about how nice it would be if she could wear the new dress. She knows that the new Premium Outfits can only be aquired if the Designer approves of the Idol, but just because she has gotten two from Tsubasa doesn't mean she may get this next one. But she plans on working very hard to at least try to get it.

With that she gets right to work training with Sumire. She also uses to the time to focus on practicing for her weather program. Unknown to her, Ichigo happens to be watching.

Tsubasa has been observing all of his fairytale related books in search of any idea to help with this Spring Dress, but so far he hasn't had any luck since none of the stories fit. He wonders if Amahane goes through this whenever she does her work too, then he goes to pay her a visit with some coffee. He finds her busy at work and observes her amazing drawings. He compliments how wonderful they are, although she feels they are far from being as good as her normal work. She discusses how important it is for an Idol to work on her own whenever she is on stage because whether she likes it or not she doesn't have others helping her. She needs to create a dress that is fit for such a stage.

She observes a picture of Ichigo and comments that she focuses on her whenever she designs so that she can capture the energy that Ichigo posseses. This causes Tsubasa to realize that maybe Ichigo may be good inspirtation as well, given the passionate speech Amahane was able to give. He wants to one day be able to design a dress for her as well, so he plans on having her wear this brand new one.

At the Television Station Akari goes over their plans for this Live Event. She makes sure to take notes and they go over what they plan to call her segment for it. She comments on it and everyone voices how they feel about her doing this, because they are sure she will do a great job. They also discuss how popular Oozora Weather has been because of her, but she claims it is because she has Ozorotter helping her. They insist otherwise though, since this is still just the beginning for her, so they need to focus on just making it exciting.

Akari rides the train while thinking about the dress she should wear. As it comes to the Station she gets up just in time to avoid missing her stop and happens to spot Tsubasa. She calls to him from across the room and she announces her event to him. She tries to tell him what she was hoping to say, but the door closes before she is able to so he doesn't get to hear her. As his train leaves he comments on how she hasn't changed since he first met her and spots a sign for the news and weather program. Seeing Akari makes him realize that he has to become motivated like she has and stick to his goals.

That evening Akari lays in bed. She tries to sleep but finds it too difficult, so Sumire tries to talk to her. Akari voices that she feels like she needs to get more by explaining that she needs to improve her work so that she can brighten everyone's day, and make them smile no matter what the weather. But she isn't exactly sure how to do that and winds up falling asleep before she answers Sumire. So with that Sumire gives her a vote of confidence and goes to sleep as well.

The next morning Ichigo is preparing to leave when Akari stops her. She comments on how early Akari is up and she reveals that she will be doing some film work outside of the city. Akari thinks this will be fun and she comments on how chilly the weather is, even though Spring is just right around the corner. Ichigo comments on how this is a nice thing on it's own however and compares it to getting to eat strawberry parfaits, or wearing cute spring-clothing. Getting to wait for it is just as fun as experiencing it, and in this moment Akari realizes something and runs off.

Akari runs home, much to her parents surprise since she has her weather program. She runs up to her bedroom and pulls out her shelf in search of something while her parents curiously watch her. After her father runs from the room Akari's mother gets an idea and she goes to fetch it before Akari leaves again for her show.

Akari runs to the location and happens to find Ozorotter watering some flowers. She observes them to see that they have bloomed before it spots the book in her hands and questions it. She is unable to explain though, since they need to get ready for her Weather Program. They start and she reveals that the forecast is sunny and the cold front is passing by now. She then reveals what she brought with her, the story she adored as a little girl: Thumbelina. As a child she would search every tulip she could find in search of Thumbelina, then she shows the tulips that Ozorotter has been tending to.

In this time Tsubasa suddenly gets an idea. He finds his inspiration and begins to draw it out. After he finishes he makes his way to Angely Mountain and takes the elevator up to visit Amahane. But before he can go, Ichigo suddenly runs into the elevator and greets him.

They step into her office and he reveals that he has finished. He wanted her to be the first one to see it and Amahane asks if Ichigo could wait a little bit so that she can take a quick look. Ichigo doesn't mind at all, but she admits to wanting to see the brand new dress, so they let her stay. Tsubasa doesn't mind so he unveils the beautiful dress, explaining that he got the inspiration from Thumbelina. They compliment on pretty it is and he explains where he got his idea. Ichigo compares what he did to Akari by bringing up that she is immature as an idol but she puts everything she can into Aikatsu. She always tries to make everyone surrounding her cheery and upon hearing this Tsubasa realizes something.

In the Cafeteria the girls discuss Akari's concert the following day. They ask her if she is ready but she doesn't really sound convincing. She hasn't been able to decide what to wear, but just then Hinaki joins the girls to reveal the News Segment that is currently on. It is revealed that the Premium Dress has been completed, which surprises the girls. They don't have many details but Tsubasa comments on how spring-oriented the dress is. In hearing this, Akari decides that she just has to go to ask Tsubasa if she can wear it.

She runs to the train station but sadly realizes she has just missed it. As she stands there however, she spots Tsubasa and they approach each other to talk. He tells her to wait and runs across the station to hand over the cards. Akari is very excited to accept them and he comments that it was because of her he was able to finish it. He wishes her luck with her performance and Akari promises that she will do her best. When the event comes along, Akari's concert is announced to everyone. She stands behind the stage and speaks to her cards before putting them into the device to change and appear on stage, where she performs to Blooming♡Blooming.

After the performance ends Akari takes off after saying goodbye. She sees Tsubasa, who compliments the concert. She claims the cards helped her a lot and thanks him for his help. Tsubasa points out that a Designer and Idol are like a team, and together they can really help each other keep going. But he takes off while telling her that if she should ever start to falter he probably wont give her anymore dresses. At first Akari is confused, but she smiles and promises to keep giving everything she has.

23 (124)- "Kuīn no Hana" ("The Queen's Flower")

Aikatsu! - Episode 124

Aikatsu! - Episode 124


Airdate: March 12, 2015

An important meeting is called in Starlight Academy. The girls comment that this isn't an everyday thing and watch as Orihime steps up onto the stage to announce the big, upcoming event. She felt that it was best for herself to tell everyone and reveals that the Starlight Queen Cup is approaching this Spring. It is opened for everyone and she hopes they will all consider entering it.

As this is going on, a woman on Television also reports the news to everyone around Town. She mentions that it is usually held in Fall, but for a change they have decided to hold it now to make way for a new tradition.

In the Cafeteria, Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki discuss the goings-on. They look through a magazine that discussed previous Queens, including the current Starlight Queen Otome, and Mizuki, who held the title for three years. They discuss how Ichigo had gave Mizuki a run for her money during her third year however, then mention that the both of them are on top of the Idols World currently. The girls feel they may not be ready for such a role, but they do not plan on letting it stop them either, so they quickly get to work training for the Starlight Queen Tournament.

They run by the school grounds and discuss who they think may stand a good chance at winning. Hinaki brings up Sakura and how everyone is convinced she is the top contender for it. She has been really popular lately and neither of them would feel bad to lose to her. But to their surprise they happen to find her running up ahead of them and she spots them and stops to talk to them. She comments on how motivated they seem to be and they reveal their plans to enter the upcoming event. She reveals that she will be entering as well and wishes them well. Before they can discuss more however, they are joined by Otome who has come to tell Sakura that Shion is coming by. She reveals that she has been packing up to move out of the Starlight Queen House, where she has been staying since she won the title previously. She will be moving back to the dorms for whoever wins and she mentions that she feels a little overwhelmed with the moving since it's so big.

She invites the girls inside and Hinaki comments on how cool it is, revealing that she went in before. They follow Otome, but Sakura stops and reconsiders since she wishes to continue her training. She thanks Otome for her kind words and runs off, much to the girls surprise. They watch her leave and head inside soon after.

It's then they spot Shion, who has been helping to clean up since the recording for her Drama ending earlier. She claims Otome wouldn't have been able to finish on her own anyway and Otome decides to give the girls a tour, first with a very slippery hallway. The she leads them to the bath, along with Ga-tan her rubber duck, and a waterproof Ebi-pon she stole from Ran. Then she leads the girls to the bedroom and she reveals that everything packed consists mainly of magazines she's been in. They admit that they expected to see more and Otome finds herself unable to resist looking at them, causing the girls to comment that they understand why she's taking so long to pack. With that, the tour is finished and they thank her. She decides there is a final spot to show them however, and leads them to the lesson room. She reveals a strange marking on the floor and claims that it was the remnants of Mizuki's dance practice. They offered to fix it when Otome moved in but she insisted that it was left the way it was, so that she could remember how much work Mizuki went through.

The girls sit down for some tea and discuss the house. Otome mentions that she has been able to focus a lot more since she's lived there and points out that it isn't just a reward she gained from winning, but it's a lot more special. She started to think about Sakura again and Akari recalls how she backed away and Otome comments that maybe Sakura didn't feel comfortable coming inside yet.

Sakura continues to train late into the evening. She didn't want to enter the House and refuses that she will not until she becomes Queen. As the girls are leaving they spot Sakura run by and they wonder if they weren't taking this seriously enough.

Sakura continues to train throughout this time, practicing her poses and dancing. She also remembers to go out running but finds herself too worn out and stops for a rest. Otome approaches her with a basket for a picnic and she pours them some drink, but she incidentally spills it. Sakura cleans the mess and they discuss how nice the drink is before she thanks Otome, claiming that because of her a burden is gone. She thinks about how she always had a friend and upperclassman to rely on during her time there and thinks back to when she first joined the school and how Mizuki inspired her to become an Idol. At some point she wished to become an admirable mentor, just like Otome, and she reveals her wish to become the Starlight Queen. She doesn't want to triumph over other idols, but because she wishes to become an idol of respect. Sakura promises to do her best and they soon pack up and begin to walk back to the school as Otome reveals she still has a lot of packing to do.

Eventually the Starlight Queen Cup approaches. Otome gives the announcement for the show to begin, where a man reveals that Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran have even attended. It is also shown that Mizuki is watching from somewhere. The girls all take their turns to perform for everyone, but they all ended up eliminated in the first round. However they put their everything into it, so they're not that unhappy. They are glad to know that Sakura also made it to the final round.

Sakura heads back after the announcement and thinks for a moment before she chooses which cards to use. She changes and appears on stage and performs to "Blooming♡Blooming".

After her performance the finalists step back on stage, where the announcement is made that Sakura won. Everyone begins to cheer or her and she expresses surprise before thanking everyone. Ichigo compliments her for winning and she is given the official Queen tiara from Orihime as Sakura hands her some flowers. She comments tha this is a very responsible job, but she has full confidence in her to know that she will do well. Sakura thanks Otome as everyone cheers by embracing her.

That night, Sakura approaches the Queen's Home and opens the gate with her ID Card. She hesitates before taking her first step and comes inside, then looks around before she is surprised to find all of her friends there, ready to throw a party for her.

24 (125)- "Akogare no Mukōgawa" ("The Other Side of Admiration")

Aikatsu! - Episode 125

Aikatsu! - Episode 125


Airdate: March 19, 2015

Sakura is in the middle of an interview after her win for the Queen Cup. They discuss her popularity and how much more recognized she is now, and she goes over the history and her plans to live up to the reputation of past Queen before her.

In the Cafeteria, the girls are discussing Sakura while they flip through a magazine. Akari is dedicated to stepping up her game, though she voices that she wasn't expecting to be the Queen, she needs to put in a lot more effort. It's suddenly Akari gets a KiraKiratter post describing the surprise press conference Soleil will be holding. Hinaki questions this and they begin to wonder what it might be about. They turn on the Press Conference and watch as the girls thank the audience for showing up today. They go on to announce their plans to hold a special Spring Tour Nationwide. They will be performing at five various stadiums and the tour will last for six months. They reveal the title of the tour, Soleil Tour, Out Dream, which causes everyone to cheer. They wish everyone a chance to attend if they get the chance and the conference ends.

Later on the girls are walking when they spot some strange staff members at the front. Juri approaches to reveal that Soleil's project room is just right nearby and explains it is a space devoted to the planning for the Tour. The girls are surprised that it's in the school and they decide to try to find out more, coming in with some snacks. They find a lot of work going on and Ran approaches them, along with Aoi. They all sit down for some tea Sumire prepared, along with some star donuts they picked up. The girls feel a little bad stopping by without warning, but nobody seems to mind. They are joined by Ichigo, who is able to devour a single donut in a single bite and she joins the girls while they discuss the project room. Since the girls are all so busy, it only makes sense that they find a single place for everyone to meet at.

They mention how long they were planning this special tour and even admit that on certain days, they couldn't even get their schedules lined up. With Ichigo's radio program and variety programs, and concerts to top it off. Aoi also spends all of her time on set whenever she isn't asleep, and Ran has been busy with her fashion shows for Spicy Ageha. However they wanted to come together to hold a proper national tour, no matter what it takes or how long. They reserved half of a year just for it and they discuss the name a little more after Akari guesses a small part of it. They admit that having this dream gives them the motivation to keep going, but before they can say anymore the girls are called off to discuss their wardrobe. Akari stops them first though, to tell them that they will try to lend a hand if possible.

That night the girls hang out in the dorms and discuss Soleil. They also discuss Sakura's dream that she managed to achieve, causing Akari to say that they need to chase after their own dream, then announces her goals of one day catching up to Ichigo after she thinks back to the promise she made with her a while back. She will see to it that it comes true one day, but she is a bit concerned since it can be really hard. Sumire agrees, since there can only be one starlight queen and top idol, it can't be shared. Akari even admits that Ichigo was unable to become Starlight Queen, despite how talented and popular she is, which causes them to also realize that not all dreams come true.

For a while after, many meetings and promotions to sell tickets were going on. The girls helped out as much as they could, from selling tickets on their promotions and giving the girls a drink after some training. Ichigo is very dedicated to keep going and suggests while they take a break that they do some crunches. The girls admit that they are surprised to find Ichigo willing to keep working, but she soon finds herself distracted and asks why they were doing crunches to begin with. They remind her before the girls comment on it again. They reveal that they will spontaneously keep training no matter what because of their first and most important number one dream. They make Ran tell the girls what it is and she mentions that they all want to keep Soleil going. It's become very important to the three of them and together they came up with it's name, so it is very special and they want to do all they can to keep it going. Ichigo claims they should keep going even at old age, but Ran is skeptic by pointing out by then they may no longer be able to dance. However, Ichigo decides that even if this dream is impossible, as soon as you latch onto the idea you just want to keep pushing.

Later the girls head back to the dorm and discuss what they learned earlier. Sumire mentions that even though Aoi said they don't know if they can achieve their big dream, they just want to keep going. With these words the girls are very motivated and Akari recalls to when Ichigo handed over her microphone she used during the Starmiya Festival, telling her to inherit her dream of an idol. While she is unsure if she can do it or not, she plans to stick with her dream.

Soon the day to kick off the tour begins. The announcer reveals Soleil's plan to put on a performance before they go and everyone begins to cheer. The trio share words of confidence and support with each other and they go to change into their desired coords before appearing on stage. After they appear, they perform "Good morning my dream".

In their dorm rooms the girls begin packing up their items for the time while they will be away. Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki arrive to see them off out in the hallway. Akari wishes them all well and they meet up with Sakura, Orhime, and Johnny-sensei who have also showed up to say goodbye to them. Akari tells Ichigo that she will become the Queen and they all say goodbye to them as they step aboard the bus and they all wave to each other while the bus begins to drive away.

25 (126)- "Pokkapoka♪Ofu Taimu" ("A Warm♪Off Time")

Aikatsu! - Episode 126

Aikatsu! - Episode 126


Airdate: March 26, 2015

Akari is woken up by Sumire and Hinaki one day and sleepily performs her catchphrase for her Weather Program before realizing she isn't actually doing the show right now. Akari is excited knowing that today is the start of their special time together and quickly gets up to get ready.

The girls go to the Cafeteria for breakfast and Akari thanks them for waking her up. Hinaki corrects her by saying to an Idol, they do not have a Vacation, but off-time. She reminds them that they are celebrities, so it's only proper. The girls sit around for a moment before realizing that they should find something to do to avoid wasting their time, especially with knowing that soon New Students will be coming and they don't want to disappoint them. Sumire claims they should make the most of the time they have right now and they begin to dig through some magazines or ideas back in the Dorm.

Akari happens to find a bunch of nice eateries, while Sumire comments that she would love to visit some tea shops and look around the general stores, and Hinaki wants to visit anything trendy. However she thinks the best idea would to be doing something outside of the usual for them, so Akari suggests they visit Dreamy Lake, where Sena lives working on his brand. She compliments the wonderful aspects of the area, until Hinaki wonders if they would be bothering Sena. Akari claims they can just pitch a tent outside to turn it into a day trip, and she calls Sena to ask him. After they get the okay the girls leave for their homes to prepare.

At her place, Hinaki asks her mother for help with some food-related tasks after she thinks about an article she wrote just recently. Her mother tells her that anything is okay to eat when camping, but it's really important to prepare it properly and some items can take really long so it's best to microwave them the night before going. She also tells Hinaki to have fun trying to find her own style of making the food and warns her to bring some seasonings as well.

While sitting down for some tea Sumire voices how she would like to bring some iced tea for the trip but she hasn't been able to make a good cold tea before. Her sister tells her that it can take longer, but steeping the tea in water will help to cool it. She allows Sumire to use some of the brand new tea she got for the Spring and while she goes to fetch it, comments how much Sumire has changed since she befriended the girls. At first Sumire is confused until she explains what she meant, which makes her happy.

Akari speaks to her dad while he studies some crystal he found in a rock. He begins to discuss the wonderful digging opportunities she would have while there until her mother reminds him it is only a day trip. He begins to discuss how well Akari has been doing since she began idoling a year ago while her mother recalls that she wished to do something before Akari left. She takes a photograph of her and Akari decides to turn in for bed.

The next day the girls meet up at the train station. They happily discuss the warm weather and find Akari with a bunch of items. Much to their surprise. She explains how her dad helped her to back and shows them the tent, ground sheet, hammer, shovel, and pick-axe. The girls point out that those are items for digging, causing Akari to realize her father tricked her. After they realize the time the girls board the train and sit down for lunch, which consists of bento they packed. The girls enjoy their meal while driving past the country-side and soon arrive to the forest.

They walk through it and comment on how long it has taken since their arrival. They wonder if Akari is going the right way and begin to panic after Hinaki mentions the possibility of them running into a bear, but to their surprise, it's just Sena. He questions the large bag Akari has with her before revealing he came to collect some new materials to make dye, since now is a really good time with Spring. The girls observe Dreamy Lake for a moment before they make their way to Dreamy Lodge, where Sena offers to let them stay in his place. The girls refuse however, although he doesn't mind, and claim they would rather use their tent.

They set it up, but to their shock it falls right apart as Sena watches. He then puts it together for them they thank him for the help before inviting him to join their barbecue. He refuses since he just ate, then calls them hopeless after they fail to light their barbecue. He then helps them prepare for it and set up realizing they can't make the food either. They enjoy the meal and begin to discuss their plans of taking part in the following years Starlight Queen Cup. They discuss their intentions to win, even if that means they need to compete against each other, and even Sena thinks it's a worthy cause. However he tells them that from this point on, they will also be competing against one-another. With that he goes inside as they go for a walk.

The girls try to think about what he told them, but when they are unable to get a good response Akari tells them that they should hold a little competition here. The girls are confused until she points them to the dock and boats, explaining that they can try to get to the middle of the lake first and whoever does wins. The girls decide it may be fun and they get ready.

Sena happens to hear them and looks out of the window. They all insist they win, so to settle it they try to fish to see who gets the first bite. For a while none of the girls succeed, until Akari suddenly gets a bit, along with Sumire and Hinaki. But it turns out they all got a bunch of trash and try to determine who could win from that, so they decide to have Sena help with the next competition by seeing who can yell the best over to him. They agree and Akari starts, then Sumire, then Hinaki. The girls all find themselves touched by the words they choose to yell for Sena, as is he, and they comment on how much fun competing against each other is, so they finish it by yelling to Sena all together. He is unable to tell them though, so he yells something else instead, which makes them laugh.

The girls continue and they realize their off-time is finished. They fall asleep on the train and return to school after dropping off the items at home. They comment that while school hasn't entirely changed, with their off-time over they are official second years now and right away they got an offer that surprised them to no end. Sakura comes by to tell them about the Newcomers' performance, to welcome all of the new students and she was hoping they would star in it. The girls eagerly agree, but Akari is worried they may not be good enough until some new girls spot them from nearby and begin to excitedly chatter about them. They decide with this that they need to be good older classmates to the younger, new ones and they promise to do their best before running off to start training until the performance comes.

When it does, the girls exchange words of confidence before they run to change into their outfits. They appear on stage and sing to Pretty Pretty.

They exit the building to find a whole crowd of new students who watched the performance. The girls are surprised by their words, since they didn't think they did anything special or different, but they are touched by it none-the-less and with that, they all share a cheer with the new students.

26 (127)- "Hoshizora Entoransu☆" ("Starry Sky Entrance☆")

Aikatsu! - Episode 127

Aikatsu! - Episode 127


Airdate: April 2, 2015

Akari discusses the upcoming Entrance Ceremony while she approaches Starlight Academy with Hinaki, Sumire, and Juri.

Elsewhere is another girl approaching the school. She is very excited to be taking her first steps towards idoling. Another girl is shown walking along the path nearby and comments on how many idols are surrounding her before addressing the Academy.

The girls have picked up their papers regarding their mentor work as second years and discuss that they need to work hard to be good older schoolmates. Akari reveals that she has been given Rin to mentor and Hinaki explains that Rin is a girl who uploads videos of her dancing online. Sumire then reveals that she got Madoka and they recognize her last name and are able to notice that she is related to the top designer of Angely Sugar.

After everyone spots Rin further up ahead, Akari runs up to greet her, which surprises her for a moment. She congratulates Rin before introducing herself to her. Rin is excited since she recognizes Akari from her Weather Reports. As the girls speak, the trio comment on them from nearby until they spot Madoka. She apologizes for staring and introduces herself to Sumire, who reveals she will be her mentor for a while. Madoka is very happy to hear this and the girls comment on how cute she is. They are joined by Akari and Rin to introduce her and everyone heads over to the Entrance Ceremony. Rin admits to being nervous and she gets flustered as Rin comments on how cute she looked.

Meanwhile, Johnny walks with Orihime and they discuss the fact that they haven't had any problems as of yet. Orihime believes this to be a good thing, though she teases Johnny by discussing their brand new teacher.

An assembly is held to congratulate the new students for being accepted into the school. She tells them that their idoling career is entirely up to them and Johnny appears to introduce everyone to the brand new teacher, Naoto. The girls are highly surprised by this since he usually worked as the groundkeeper and they wonder what he will be teaching. Naoto is asked to give a speech and he keeps it simple by introducing himself and tells everyone to treat him as they would normally.

A while later Akari watches Rin and Johnny as they exchange handshakes. She comments on how cool they look and Rin is surprised by Johnny's comment that they seem to be on the same wavelength. Orihime takes out Rin's ID Card, the Aikatsu Phone, and her school coord set. She thans her and takes them as Orihime explains how important the Aikatsu cards are to an Idol. She suggests that Rin study with Johnny as much as she can, due to her expert dancing skills. With some words of encouragement the girls leave the office, where Akari tells Rin that she can talk to her about anything. Rin goes on to comment on how Akari is everything she expected, saying that she was always able to brighten her day.

Outside, by the fountain, Juri and Hinaki are speaking with the freshmen they were assigned to mentor. Hinata, the girl under Hinaki is very bubbly and lively, and Juri believes them to be a good match. While Hinaki likes how Juri and Shizuka are polar opposites. Juri comments that Shizuka has calmed her down, while Shizuka agrees to this. They are joined by Sumire, Madoka, Akari, and Rin. They have come by this way to show Madoka and Rin the dormitory, which Juri comments is a good idea. She explains how she and Hinaki were heading to the Cafeteria with Hinata and Shizuka and with that the two groups split up.

Rin and Madoka decide to unpack now that they have reached their room. They thank Sumire and Akari for all of their work and head inside, where Madoka is quick to comment on how big the room is before sitting down. Rin asks that she is able to address Madoka using her first name, then asks that Madoka calls her Rin before offering to help her unpack. Madoka is curious at first and points out that Rin hadn't started on her own items, but she claims it to be fine since they can work faster together. As they start to open the box and unpack they discuss the upcoming Audition for new students. Madoka is surprised by this but Rin wishes her luck if they both decide to take part in it.

In class, Naoto explains the audition to everyone. The winner will become the model for the front cover of the Starlight Academy New Student Directory. The students must apply in pairs, so he tells them to all find a partner. He then calls out Johnny, who is hiding behind the door. He claims that he wasn't hiding though, but everyone just laughs.

Later on, Rin and Madoka explain what happened to Akari and Sumire. Akari comments that it is a yearly event and the girls decide to partner together after Rin says it would make sense since they are roommates. Akari and Sumire tell them that they will root for them to win. After they finish the girls head to the dance room to get to training. Rin decides to do some warm ups first and they comment on how well she did. Rin then tells Madoka that she could learn to do it too and Madoka promises to follow her whever she goes. Rin insists she doesn't need to though, but she offers to do the same for her so that they can become one throughout their idoling.

Later on in the day, Madoka asks Rin when she started to dance. Rin explains that she learned gymnastics as a child and demonstrates by doing a flip. One day when she was passing by a park she saw some street dancers and was instantly taken by the appeal of it, and she wanted to learn how to dance and become like them. She wanted to learn all she could and set out to do it by herself. She wants to become an idol who can excite the fans with both her singing and dancing, to which Madoka comments on wanting to learn even more about her now. With that they decide to resume training and Rin tells Madoka that they are different, so they should focus on just having fun.

The girls spend the rest of the day practicing their dance until they take a break. Rin compliments how well Madoka did and she thanks her, claiming that she helped her. They are joined by Akari and Sumire, who have come with some snacks for them. They thank them and Akari explains how they had a feeling they would find them there. Madoka comments on how her body adjusted to Rin's movements pretty quickly, causing Akari to comment that the girls will probably do really well during the Audition.

During the day of the Audition the girls prepare in their dorm room. Madoka knows she hasn't suddenly become an expert dancer, but she feels happy in knowing that she was able to learn to convey her feelings of how much fun she is having. She loves to dance with Rin, which resonates with her. She mentions her dance instructor she had and tells Madoka how she said the same thing to her. Her instructor was able to make her learn that she needs to focus on just having fun to convey feelings to the audience and Madoka remarks on how nice of a mentor she sounds.

As the girls head into the changing area, Johnny greets them with some words of encouragement. They thank him before they continue along their way and change into their school coords. They appear on stage and perform to "Let's Aikatsu".

Afterwards, Naoto goes on to announce who has won the audition. He reveals it is Rin and Madoka, much to their excitement and they are asked to step onto the stage. Orihime congratulates the girls and gives them some words of encouragement by saying she is looking forward to seeing what their future Aikatsu will bring. The girls speak to each other for a moment before the audience cheers.

27 (128)- "Yume no Shōtaimu" ("Showtime of Dreams")

Aikatsu! - Episode 128

Aikatsu! - Episode 128


Airdate: April 9, 2015

Akari and Rin have just finished training for the day. As they towel off, Rin expresses her delight in being trained under Johnny-sensei and claims that all aspiring dancers look up to him. He is happy to hear this as she starts going crazy over his well-known pose. Rin goes on to thank Akari for joining in her lesson and Akari compliments her talented dancing. Johnny tells Rin to always keep dancing until she no longer can, and to show everyone on stage this passion.

It's then Naoto and Orihime join them in the room. She has come to speak to Rin about a job offer involving the huge event approaching entitled Super Dance World. They want to have Rin dance for the show and Akari tells her to make sure her performance counts, then comments on how she will need an outfit. She asks Rin if she has a favorite brand and after she answers "Dance Fusion", she reveals a recent rumor announcing that the first Premium outfit will be coming out soon. After Akari points out that it is still fairly new, Orihime reveals that the top designer was Johnny's partner in the past, a man named Sunny.

Outside, taking another break, Akari and Rin discuss Johnny and Sunny's partnership in the past. Rin reveals that they had been the first performance she saw when she was five, after her interest in street dancing had come. It was so exciting and everyone was blown away by their dancing, and she claims that it is because of them that she likes dancing so much now.

As the girls head to the Cafeteria, they finish their discussion as Akari claims she can understand why Rin had so much fun. Then she voices how she wished she could have seen them dance together, while Rin agrees. They are joined by Yotsuba, who reveals to the girls that back when he was an idol, he had taken lessons from them. Rin claims she is jealous and he continues on by saying he had no idea that Sunny quit being a dancer to focus on designing. However, their sullen mood only stays for a moment until he points out that because Sunny was so stylish, he's bound to have some amazing outfits in mind.

The girls are joined by Sumire and Madoka, and they resume discussion on the Premium Outfit. Rin is planning to get it no matter what and while Sumire looks up the brand, she gets into a quick rant over how amazing Sunny is. From the fact he is a designer to the fact that he understands how easily the clothing needs to be for the idol to move in. After she calms herself down, the girls share a laugh before Akari points out what it takes for a girl to obtain the Premium Dress. Madoka points out that it isn't easy, but Rin is dedicated to obtaining it.

Elsewhere, Johnny-sensei has been hanging up his wet laundry. He stops to compliment that Akari's weather report was right, then observes his track suit as it dries. He thinks back to his time dancing with Sunny and is joined by the girls, sitting down with them to talk. He thinks it would be perfect for Rin, but when the girls ask to know more about Sunny. Before he says much, Rin claims that Johnny is simply a stage name, and Akari is left shocked when it turns out it is the truth - however he refuses to tell her his true name, since it's a secret.

Rin then asks to meet Sunny, and Johnny admits that he hasn't seem him in years. He thinks back to the past when their dancing unit came to an end, when Sunny revealed he wished to quit dancing in order to become a dancer. At first surprised, Johnny could see that Sunny had made up his mind and promises to raise idols fit to wear his outfits, while Sunny promises to make outfits suitable for dancers. With that, they say goodbye as Sunny takes off, with Johnny wishing him luck.

Rin suddenly interrupts to proclaim that she will become this idol. She will light up the stage with his clothing and mentions her desire to see them dance again; which resonates within both Akari and Johnny-sensei.

Later the duo head to where the design studio is. Rin hesitates before approaching the door, but her anxiety gets the better of her and she trips, slamming her hand on the doorbell. After a voice begins to speak, she is too nervous to say anything so Akari steps in. She introduces themselves and reveals they come from Starlight Academy and Sunny invites them in.

The girls step into the office and are greeted by Sunny and together they all sit down to have some tea and donuts that the girls brought along. They start the discussion by bringing up Yotsuba and how he has become a chef now, then he compliments the donut before teasingly commenting on how he has put on a bit of weight since he quit dancing. The girls awkwardly respond in hopes of not offending him and he gets up to show them that he can still dance pretty good though. They watch with amazement and as soon as Akari comments on how well he danced, he thanks her, using the term "honey", which catches Akari's attention since it reminded her of Johnny. He seems curious by this and teasingly asks about him still using this despite being a teacher.

It's then Rin approaches him and starts to dance. He claims she's pretty-good, then asks why she came today. After Rin reveals it was for the dress he decides she can have it once she shows him her dance. Rin agrees and she goes off to change clothing, then she dances for Akari and Sunny, who seem to be both impressed. After she finishes, Sunny gets up to reveal his Premium Dress, the Soul Marionette. He changes the outfit into a set of cards for Rin and hands them over with words of encouragement. Rin promises she will do her best, but she asks that Sunny and Johnny reunite and dance on stage again. It would mean a lot to her and he admits that while their paths will cross, it does not mean they will get on the same road again. His path is the designers path, while Johnny's will be to teach idols. Although they may get together again, they will not be dancing together again.

Later on, Johnny asks Rin to stop with her dancing. She is surprised by this and he comments on how out of sorts she seems to be. Rin apologizes and he asks her to let him know if something is bothering her. She asks him why he and Sunny wont be dancing together again and tells him how much she wants them to be together again. Johnny claims that they are still a team, even if they do not follow the same paths anymore. He asks Rin to think things over because he is sure she can get an answer and he sends her off.

As Rin makes her way through the dormitory, she thinks over his words of friendship and teams. However, she hasn't been able to think of an answer yet. She stops upon hearing Akari in the room practicing her weather report with Sumire, Hinaki, and Juri. She watches from the doorway as the girls discuss their own plans and what-not. She then thinks about how supportive and friendly they are being together and runs in to announce she finally understands what Johnny told her. She points out to the four girls how they are so different and yet remain great friends, and Akari admits they felt the same way in the past.

She tells Rin to chase after her dream and the following day she runs back to visit Sunny. She reveals her dreams to him and he tells her the same words that Johnny told her sometime prior. This causes them both to laugh and eventually the performance approaches. In the back, Rin speaks before running up to change into her new Premium Dress. She then appears on stage to perform to "MY SHOW TIME!".

While standing in the main hall of the building, Johnny and Sunny approach each other to discuss how they believe their dreams have seemed to come true. Sunny claims that this is only the star though, as this was simply chapter one. So they must continue to walk down the road. It's then he comments on Johnny's track suit and hands over a surprise, a brand new track suit. Johnny is very happy about this and he quickly puts it on to show them, and while he happily shows it off, the girls watch from a distance.

28 (129)- "Tōku no Hanamichi" ("Talk Show Runway")

Aikatsu! - Episode 129

Aikatsu! - Episode 129


Airdate: April 16, 2015

Orihime has called Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki into the office to discuss a new offer for them. She explains that they have been invited to attend a special two-hour event on a show that will be featuring celebrities whose popularity has just started to began heating up. Johnny-sensei fills them in on anything they may need to know before commenting on how special it is.

In the Cafeteria the girls read over some articles involving the show they will be appearing on. Hinaki discusses how much of a big deal it is, then comments that it can be difficult to actually get a chance to be on the show. The girls are rather concerned over their talking skills but Hinaki manages to encourage them.

Akari is leaving the office when she happens to hear that Maguro is there. She approaches his door and decides to greet him, walking inside once he confirms that she can come in. She introduces herself to him and mentions that she will be coming onto his show very soon. But he mistakes her for playing the role of Ozorotter - which turns out to be a joke before he proceeds to try again, scolding Akari for being so nervous. He tells her to try to get it together by the time the show rolls along and Akari promises to do better before taking off.

In the classroom she discusses how the meeting went to Hinaki and Sumire. Hinaki doesn't sound too surprised and she reveals that Maguro is known as being a "talk show demon", and if you don't please him enough he will cut the idols footage out of the program when it airs. Akari frets over this as Hinaki reveals that even Ichigo screwed up on his show, but this makes Akari want to work twice as hard to do better. The girls are joined by Johnny, who has come in with a bunch of papers. He asks Hinaki to tell Sumire and Akari more about Pre-Questionaires and she starts by saying that when someone is watching a show, it just looks like it's a bunch of people sitting around talking. But in reality it actually involves the host having the guests filling out some sheets so that they can select the most interesting topics to discuss. They are very vital for a talk show.

The girls sit down and start to fill out their questionnaire, but Akari worries over her answers, while Hinaki feels her own lack freshness. Sumire admits that she is unable to think of any special talents. Suddenly Akari gets an idea and points out that Sumire is great with positive reading, since she has a lot to discuss on the subject. Hinaki then points out that they would be better off helping each other with the answers instead of trying to do them separated. They are quickly able to fill the papers out in no time and suddenly Sumire recalls something. She writes it down and explains that she tends to do this whenever she has difficult things she must remember at a later date. The girls compliment the idea and get up to leave the classroom.

The trio walk down the hallway when Otome approaches them. They are surprised to see her but she reveals that she came to congratulate them. They fill her in on what happened and she admits that it took her a while to get used to talk shows. After she mentions that she has her own tips and tricks for getting through them, Akari asks Otome to help them learn. Otome agrees and they go outside by the fountain. She starts by saying the answers should be short but have a lot of impact, due to limited time and many guests. She shows them her introduction and tells the girls that they can have impact if work and some effort is put into it.

Soon the day arrived and the girls are given their topic lists for the day. The man who gave them the book takes off and they go over the structure and layout of the show, along with which guest will get which questions. Akari is able to locate their questions and points out that their introductions will go first, then Sumire happens to spot her positive reading discussion to follow, then Hinaki sees that her interesting story is next, followed by Akari's inspiration to become an idol. Hinaki is pleased to see that the staff must think they are interesting if they selected these things and the girls feel anticipation for the show. The man from before arrives to tell the girls that Maguro has come so they come to his room to greet him.

This time Akari is ready and she is able to give him a great introduction, along with Hinaki. When Sumire's turn comes she keeps it very short and simple, which confuses Maguro at first until he asks if she left anything out. She simply gives a secretive gesture and he claims to enjoy this, having identified the type of girl Sumire is. He suggests that the girls just act like themselves during the show and he tells them to be honest with their answers, asking if they practiced for the show. They claim they did, along with Akari revealing his nickname and why they worked so hard. Akari admits that they fretting he may actually turn into a demon if they were to mess up. To their surprise, he takes out a notebook to write down some things and teases the girls by claiming he won't let them see since they are secret. The girls find this amusing and laugh before he comments that the girls seem different than when he first met them tagging along with Aoi.

This surprises the trio and he suddenly walks off, asking the girls to wait a moment. Suddenly Akari seems a little confused and mentions that she was invited after he saw her on Oozora Weather. Which means that despite his hectic schedule he is still able to tune in to other programs and recall simple meetings with others that may not have even been formal. The girls are impressed by this as he returns, to reveal that he has edited some of the scripting. Hinaki doesn't understand and he compares talking to food, saying that while there is a lot it always needs to be fresh. He reveals that the topic listing is more of a guide than anything, so you have to learn to just roll with it. The girls comment that this makes sense and they are told to go onto stage. Akari is somewhat nervous but Maguro is able to calm them down.

With that the show begins as Maguro steps onto the stage. He greets everyone and brings up the first topic, a self-introduction. Akari discusses how much impact they were able to have for the guests and she discusses how well it went. He then asks Sumire about her Positive Reading and she pulls out her book. She reads his fortune before explaining the positive spin on it, by explaining that he should focus on letting others stand out on how show so that his efforts can bear fruit. But she warns him to be careful with his words and he claims to feel better. So next he asks Hinaki about her Interesting Encounter and she points out that it has to do with Akari, explaining that the first time she saw her, she had accidentally introduced herself to everyone as Ichigo during her Audition. Akari claims that this is because that this was just because she really likes Ichigo. Hinaki says that Akari is very interesting, causing Maguro to tease by asking if she is more interesting than he is, causing everyone to laugh.

Akari goes on to discuss how she forced herself to gather her courage to speak to him for the first time. He brings up the "talk show demon" nickname and she tries to explain how these were rumors she heard. In the end, the talk show was a big success and Maguro reveals that a Special Live is going to take place between the trio. He questions what sort of song they may perform for everyone while the girls run backstage to change. When they reappear they perform to "Pretty Pretty".

Afterwards the girls change as everyone is taking down the set. The girls thank Maguro for everything that day and he compliments the girls for their job well done. He goes on to discuss something that has been on his mind and comments on how they are professionals. He says that a lot of what they do is the very same, so they must continue to keep running forward.

29 (130)- "Yunitto no Mahō" ("Unit Magic")

Aikatsu! - Episode 130

Aikatsu! - Episode 130


Airdate: April 23, 2015

Sumire is walking around outside when she finds out she got a message from Orihime, asking to speak to her at the office. Curiously Sumire wonders what she may wish to speak to her about.

Elsewhere, Madoka and Rin are walking along the path as Rin complains about how tough singing lessons are. She comments that she usually loses focus so far in and winds up making mistakes. Madoka comments on how Rin seems to be the type of person to lose focus on wherever her weaknesses tend to lie, however, she finds that Rin works very hard to train and improve herself, which she finds "dazzling". Such words touch Rin and she runs off to go dance.

Sumire continues to walk when she stops, feeling the breeze rush by. She looks up ahead to spot Rin and observes her for a moment before she continues to the Office. Upon arrival Orihime explains that they want Sumire to release another single - however, this time it is to be a Unit release. While she is very talented, the fans wish to see another side of Sumire as an idol and she shows her the special song wrote for Sumire to make a unit for. She listens to the song and suddenly, the image of Rin dancing flashes through her mind.

In class Sumire checks for Rin. Madoka approaches her to ask what she is doing and points her out towards Rin, who is quick to get flustered when they approach. Sumire asks to speak to Rin for a moment and proposes the idea of forming a unit. This quickly catches a lot of the girls attention and they swarm to find out more. Rin is very shocked and acts if Sumire may have mistaken her for someone else, but Sumire assures her that she hasn't. She wishes for Rin to become her partner.

The girls sit down together and go over the lyrics of the single they will be producing and Sumire explains what encouraged her to choose Rin. She thinks she would make a great partner for her and she is sure together they can bring out the full luster of the song. She hands Rin the lyrics sheet and allows her to look over it, and after deeming them to be lovely, Rin agrees to join.

That evening, Madoka decides that she and Rin should do some idol studying. They study the various Aikatsu Units throughout the past few years and Madoka shuts off her phone before commenting on how important it is for the various units to show the best of each person in it. Their different contrasts are what make a great team, at least that is what her grandmother said to her. Rin takes these words to heart.

In her room, Sumire is going over her decision with Akari, Juri, and Hinaki. Akari thinks it is a good combination and Hinaki is very excited. Juri asks if she has a unit yet and she admits that she does not, so they try to think of something. But after they are unable, Juri simply mentions that she is sure the girls will make a very cool unit.

With that, Sumire and Rin spend their time training together. They practice singing, rollerskating to jump and pose, and running. As they are doing this, Johnny and Orihime watch from a distance and comment on how they are doing. They know the girls will do well and Orihime is excited to see where it will go. Johnny leaves with the girls to take them to dance in the training room - only to observe the Rin is trying to work extra-hard to impress Sumire and live up to what is expected of her partner, but in the process she lands wrongly and hurts her ankle.

Late in the day, Madoka and Sumire stand together while they wait for Rin. She joins them with with Johnny, who delivers the news that Rin has sprained her ankle and will be unable to train physically for at least a week. Rin feels very down with the news and Madoka questions what she is expected to do, with their unit premiering in a week. Rin insists she can do it, but Johnny forbids it, telling her not to make light of injuries. Rin feels worsened now, realizing that their one time chance to debut may be in jeopardy.

As the girls are leaving their dorm room, they are surprised to find Sumire there waiting for them. She asks how Rin is feeling and she mentions that a lot of the swelling has gone down. Sumire apologizes to Rin and comments that she noticed that she was straining herself during their dancing and as her partner she should have pointed it out or had them stop. However Rin believes this to be untrue and claims it was her own fault for showing-off and overdoing it.

In class, a depressed Rin thinks about how much she wishes to just get back to dancing. As Naoto is calling out the girls names, Johnny suddenly pops out from under his desk to tell her no dancing. This proceeds to happen during lunch when Rin simply allows Madoka to eat the dumpling she refuses to touch and Johnny reveals himself in a chef uniform. Then finally later in the day while Madoka is writing, Rin believes she may finally have a chance to do some dancing since Johnny isn't there, but he surprises her with a sudden text message - causing Madoka to wonder if he might be a psychic.

The following day, Rin observes Sumire's CD and she thinks back to when she accepted Sumire's offer to be in a unit with her. She realizes that she may have been too quick and not have taken it seriously enoug and goes to find Sumire, who is training in the dance room.

Sumire is surprised to see Rin there and questions what she is doing, since she shouldn't be there during her sprain. But instead of answering, Rin asks Sumire what her plans were for their unit debut. Sumire comments that she was thinking that they can postpone it, but Rin tells her that she's only caused trouble so she should just pick someone else for the unit. She apologizes for turning her down, since Sumire specifically asked for her, then takes off before she respond.

In bed, Rin thinks about what happened and decides that instead of moping about it she should just get over it. She really should have realized that this was way more than her capabilities, even though it could have been a lot of fun. She gets out of bed and thinks about the lyrics to their song for a while.

In their room, Sumire is explaining what happened to Akari. She mentions that Rin felt a lot of pressure to live up to everyone's expections and strained herself too much. However, Sumire doesn't want to give up on a unit with her because she knows it could be great. Sumire claims that this is because Akari has helped her change, since she knows in the past she would have gave up. Her older sister was the one who gave her the courage to overcome her timidness and take the first step to idoling, and Akari was able to teach her the importance of continuing to move forward. Akari thanks Sumire for thinking about her so highly and the girls share a laugh.

The next day, Sumire approaches Rin to hand her a paper. She wishes to continue their Unit and to see to it that they can, she has decided to release their unit as a solo live for the time being, and she asks Rin to be her partner and dance teacher. Rin is surprised by accepts the offer.

In the office Orihime speaks with Johnny about the change in plans. She comments that she hadn't expected this to happen but they are happy that Sumire has become so strong-willed.

With that, Sumire spends her time practicing to the song. As Rin watches, she thinks about Sumire having to fill the role of two dancers now, then stops her to suggest a better response during a part in the song. Sumire understands and soon stops for a break, when Rin hands her a towel. She asks Sumire why she is so invested on this unit happening and Sumire starts by pointing out how much Rin loves to dance. She comments that she loves to sing just as much, and she has devoted herself to it, just as Rin has with her dancing. She has felt the urge to keep practicing and improving herself, and she feels fate within the song. She believes it can light the future of their shared path.

Eventually performance day rolls along and Sumire stands backstage. She observes her cards and gives herself a moment of encouragement before placing the cards on the changing device. She steps inside and changes, then appears on stage to perform to "Tu Tu Ballerina".

After the performance ends, Sumire waves to everyone while Rin watches. She announces that she wants to dance and decides that she wants to stand next to Sumire on the stage. Madoka is happy to see her like this and they watch as Sumire admits their plans had been for a unit. She explains that even if it was good, it's full effect cannot be reached with just her and she introduces Rin, asking her to come to the stage. She promises to make Rin shine, and she knows Rin will make her shine just the same.

30 (131)- "Kagayaki no Danshingu Dīva" ("The Radiant Dancing Divas")

Aikatsu! - Episode 131

Aikatsu! - Episode 131


Airdate: April 30, 2015

The idoling world is ablaze with the announcement of Sumire's unit with Rin. A true performance of the unit's debut will be announced, along with their chosen name very soon. Akari, Juri, and Hinaki excitedly discuss the turn of events and start to wonder if they have thought up a name yet.

At the moment, Sumire is taking off and greets her fans while passing by. She heads back to school to reunite with Rin and reveal their unit name to Orihime and Johnny. They discuss how they came across the name, saying that they took Rin's love of dance and mixed it with Sumire's talents in singing and the name came to them in due time. They thought really hard but wanted a simple name, and Orihime voices that she believes the fans will like this name. She goes on to reveal their first job, a shampoo that originally offered Sumire the role of image model a while back. She recalls how it had come up while she was trying to decide which Idoling path to take and had considers entering a Rookie Singer Audition. She refused the audition to be a model and the offer came from the same woman who originally pushed to have Sumire work for them.

While showing the girls their upcoming schedule, they discuss how the girls will be really busy. Rin is surprised to see the packed schedule and Orihime points out that first they must record their song. The girls head out to the recording company to discuss the pre-recording of the song. Rin watches as Rin nervously trails behind her and they step int othe office, where they join the people at the table. Sumire addresses Rin to everyone, then Rin asks what they will be doing in the meeting. Sumire grabs a nearby paper while informing her that they will get a chance to meet the entire team and talk about specifics regarding the commercial.

With that the meeting starts. The supervisor reintroduces herself as Mizutani to Sumire. They share a quick greeting and she explains that the moment she heard the song was the moment she knew it would be perfect for their brand new product, which has the theme of "cool beauty". She believes both girls embody this, along with the song and the man next to her tells the girls to keep this in mind when they record. Mizutani wishes the girls luck and they take off soon after.

Rin is a little worn out by now and Sumire has her listen to the song. She had gone ahead and recorded their last voice lesson and she explains how a voice can sound pretty different when recorded. She feels that to lower the surprise factor from it, it is important for one to repeatedly listen to their own voice.

Eventually the day of recording arrives. Sumire has awoken Rin around six am and they go out for their morning run, pointing out that it takes ones voice at least five hours to fully warm up in the morning, so since their recording is at eleven they will be cutting it really close. They do some stretches to loosen their bodies, then they head right over to the recording studio.

There they test out the microphone to make sure it works. Rin tells them that she did a lot of practicing thanks to Sumire and she starts to sing the song while Sumire sits by and drinks some quince honey tea she prepared earlier. After Rin finishes she gives her the drink while explaining it's wonderful properties. As Rin happens to observe the drink, along with some lyrics and cough drops, Rin mentions how much Sumire enjoys singing. Sumire then runs in for her own turn, but the man outside of the booth tells her that she seems to be too tense. Rin suggests that Sumire loosen her shoulders and when she tries, she sings much better.

Afterwards the girls head back to Starlight Academy, where Johnny gives them an evening dance lesson. He compliments the girls, along with Rin's ability to dance since her ankle healed. He wishes the girls luck with their debit and brings up the magic of units. However, as he recalls what Orihime said, Sumire finds herself wondering about a few things.

In this time, word begins to spread regarding the girls brand new unit, debut performance, and name.

Akari happens to spot Madoka in the Cafeteria and questions what she is up to. Madoka explains to her that because Rin has been so busy, she hasn't had much class time and was copying her own notes to give to Rin later on, so that she can study in any free time she has. She happens to spot the book Akari is holding and as it turns out, she does the same for Sumire. Madoka is happy to know that they thought the same and after a while they take off while discussing the concert.

They were lucky enough to score tickets from Sumire and Rin, due to how quickly they sold out, and Akari mentions just that because their friends have soared quickly, they can't stay too far behind them. As they approach a wall nearby, Madoka comments that she hopes to experience the power of an Idols Unit at some point, which Akari agrees with.

Rin happily observes the CD with Sumire in a shop and recalls how excited she felt when she first saw her original debut a while back. She claims to feel even more excited now though and thanks Rin for being such a wonderful party. Rin however, is too flustered to respond, so the girls prepare for their autograph session.

To their shock, the men nearby inform the girls that they may have a problem. They have too many people and with so little staff, they don't believe it'd be wise to fit so many people inside. The girls observe the massive crowd of people outside waiting to see them and they start to fret over what to do. Sumire greets everyone for coming and she tells them that the autograph session may take a long time but she promises that they will not forget anyone. So she asks for them all to be patient and wait until they can finish, even if they wait outside and everyone cheers for her before they run back inside.

There, Rin thanks Sumire and explains that because of how new everything is, she's been struggling when it comes to adjusting to it all. She is hardly able to keep her bearings but because of Sumire being there, she is able to handle it just a little better.

That evening the girls return to the school and they promise to put on the best concert the following day. As Rin prepares to leave, Sumire stops her and invites her back to her dorm room for some tea. She feels bad for keeping her, but she is sure their bonding will pay off. They discuss what Orihime said the other day and wonder how they may fill the second half of the magic for a unit. Sumire voices that the first half probably involves finding a partner, so the second half would involve the actual ability to shine with her. She mentions how they barely knew each other until just recently, and because they can understand and enjoy each other, their feelings are in synch and it will allow them to brightly shine; more than they ever imagined. They listen to their song together and by the time Akari and Hinaki happen to reach the dorm room they find Sumire and Rin asleep on her bed. Akari covers them and happens to spot the Tutu Ballerina lyric sheet opened, just nearby, and compares the moment with a specific lyric.

The next day everyone has shown up to watch the girls perform. They step into the machine and change into their brand new unit coords, then appear on stage to sing "Tutu Ballerina".

Afterwards, Orihime speaks with Johnny regarding how the girls did. He voices confidence in their performance and Orihime wonders who may be the next idol to reveal such a brilliance to them.

Suddenly, Juri is struck by inspiration to find her own partner...

31 (132)- "Shakunetsu no Jōnetsu Harapēnyo!" ("The Burning Passionate Jalapeño!")

Aikatsu! - Episode 132

Aikatsu! - Episode 132


Airdate: May 7, 2015

One day, Madoka, Akari, and Hinaki are checking out the recent idol rankings to see that Dancing Diva's are on top of the chart again. They have held high rankings since they formed their unit, and Hinaki suddenly recalls how much Juri has spent her time lately searching for her own unit mate. They look up to find her approaching a random girl sitting nearby and she asks the girl if she'd like to be her partner. She is instantly taken by how cool Juri is, but as it turns out the girl simply wants to focus on her idol modeling - but she will be looking forward to seeing Juri's unit.

In the Cafeteria, the girls discuss by asking Juri if she has asked anyone else. She mentions Shizuka, a girl that she mentored earlier on and she believes that due to their opposite personalities, everyone thought they were really interesting. Shizuka had genuine interest, but she turns down the invite because she feels she isn't as good as Juri. Juri claims it doesn't matter, but she also tells her that she isn't sure what type of idol she wants to be yet. She wants to use this time to devote herself to studying for the time being, until she figures it out. Such reasoning deeply resonated with Juri and she respects her decision, much to the agreement of the other girls. She wants to make a unit more than anything though and voices that she was inspired after watching Sumire and Rin perform together, and she wants to form a tight bond with someone that she can be with for more than just one job. She wants to form something fresh and unexpected, and compares this to the chocolate-covered potato chips they have to snack on. These words inspire Hinaki and she promises to help Juri find the best partner. Akari and Madoka agree to lend a hand also.

With that the girls began to locate a good partner. Juri followed her intuition to approach anyone who caught her interest, but the first girl is unable to understand her request, saying that she prefers cool songs and does not really get her "chocolate potato chip" theory. The girls watch from the distance as she promises to become more intense. She tries to show everyone her dream of being in a unit, but while they are unable to understand her, she catches the eyes of so many fans. With that, Hinaki approaches and she offers to translate what Juri is saying. She explains the Chocolate Potato Chip to everyone and everyone promises to cheer for Juri, having caught on now. While they observe from the distance, Madoka and Akari realize how perfect Juri and Hinaki are together.

Hinaki and Juri go outside, where Juri keeps trying to get someone's attention to agree to form a unit with her. As Hinaki tries to help her out, Akari and Madoka pass out fliers. They overhear plenty of girls chatting with Juri and how they wish her well, then they listen to the girls next to them who genuinely wish to try, since it sounds like a lot of fun - but they aren't sure they could keep up with Juri so they decide not to bother.

As the girls meet up in the Cafeteria again, they reveal this to Juri and Hinaki. This makes her disappointed but she is happy that they are at least excited. They ask if she clicked with anyone, even a little, but Juri admits that she hasn't. Hinaki wishes her luck and Akari brings up a hypothetical question by asking Juri which of them three she may choose to partner with. She never once gave that any thought, so Akari suggests that she tries it out by choosing one of them, telling her to try to imagine what sort of unit she would make using Hinaki. She is sure this can help the search, and Hinaki agrees. So Juri agrees, deciding that the most important thing for her unit would be and then tells the girls what she saw in her vision. As they watch Hinaki and Juri chat, Madoka and Akari decide they are right after all and they voice their idea to the girls. At first, Hinaki and Juri are surprised by this, but the girls seem to be perfect for one-another. They are sure of it, so Juri admits that she feels very comfortable around Hinaki. She agrees to this but she worries that a wonderful unit may not happen between them, since they've been friends for a long time now and it isn't really "fresh".

Akari claims this to be untrue though, saying that Juri's passion is like the salty-ness of a potato chip. While Hinaki is sweet, much like the chocolate. It fits them wonderfully to create a unique, brand new flavor. The grls agree right away and decide that because of their long time friendship, a fresh and new unit didn't actually seem all that possible. But now, they feel very happy about this and know that it was still unexpected, so they call each others partners and make it official.

That evening, Sumire returns to find Rin in their hotel room. She reveals Juri and Hinaki's plans to become a unit and Sumire mentions that she already found out. They never expected that, but they are happy anyway and decide that they can't just slow down now that they are catching up. Orihime and Johnny-sensei also discuss how wonderful the news is. They have asked to hold a concert and filled out the proper things.

So with the time before then, Juri and Hinaki spend it practicing their dancing and exercises. To their surprise, they find a box of the chocolate-covered chips and happily accept the box left by Madoka and Akari before they open it. They begin to discuss the unit name but struggle since Juri is quite hung up over the chocolate covered chips. Hinaki eventually tells her that they can't use a unit name with them, no matter what she tries to do with the name. She mentions that a name had right away clicked in her mind upon forming the unit, and soon the performance day arrives. They will be revealing the name publicly and stand backstage while waiting to begin their concert. Juri admits to being nervous, but Hinaki tells her that they will do good because she stand there with her. With that, they reveal the name of Passionate Jalapeno. They share a few more words, then run to change, appearing on stage, where they perform to "Poppin' Bubbles".

After the performance the girls stand up on stage, where everyone cheers for them. They exchange more words while Akari and Madoka compliment their performance and job while done.

32 (133)- "Harō Nyū Wārudo" ("Hello New World")

Aikatsu! - Episode 133

Aikatsu! - Episode 133


Airdate: May 14, 2015

One late morning, Akari awakens to see that it is four am. She spots Sumire, who has gotten dressed and was heading out for work. The girls exchange greetings and Akari reaches into the nearby shelf to take out a container of cough drops that she got for Sumire. She accepts the gift and takes off after they wish each other luck with their work for the day.

A few hours later at TV TKY, Akari is in the middle of her Weather program and announces what the current temperature is. She reveals that it is sunny with some clouds to appear throughout the day, then ends the program. She then heads over to the news staff to take part in their morning entertainment news, having come to discuss the recent popularity of units due to being a student of Starlight Academy. She gives supportive words regarding the units between her friends. They ask if she will have her own unit and Akari confirms that it is a plan of hers at some point.

After school she makes a call to Sumire to discuss that morning show segment she was part of and how she used it to promote Dancing Diva a little. Sumire thanks her before Akari asks what she is currently up to, and tells her that she's on a music show at the time. She then asks to confide in Akari by asking if she has a few minutes to spare. After Akari confirms that she does, Sumire voices her concern over missing so much school lately - due to all of her work with the unit. She has been worrying over Madoka, since she was her mentor and hasn't been able to see very much of her since she and Rin formed Dancing Diva. Akari offers to take care of Madoka in Sumire's absence and claims that it works out, since Sumire has been tending to Rin as her unit mate. Sumire thanks Akari, then promises to talk to her later before hanging up, having to return to work.

While Akari walks around, trying to determine what she can do to help Madoka, she happens to spot her after she calls out to her. To her surprise, Madoka is able to read exactly what she was thinking and calls her sharp. Madoka claims Akari is just really easy to read and the girls start to walk together. They discuss Sumire's call and Akari tells Madoka that she can always come to her in times of need - causing Madoka to say she is very much like a Senpai, which makes Akari very happy.

It's then Orihime shows up, having come to see Madoka. A job offer for her has come up, involving a broadcast station that is sponsoring a Super Live event for new idols. She chose Madoka to represent Starlight Academy and is excited to see what kind of performance all of her hard work so far has led to. Madoka is awestruck with the news, while Akari congratulates her and the girls head over to the Cafeteria. For a moment, Akari is taken in by Madoka's cuteness but snaps herself out of it to tell her that she will need to do some preparation work for the New Idol Super Live. Madoka agrees and reveals to Akari that this will be the first time she's ever stood on the Performance Hall stage. Akari knew that and she tells her that with training she will do really good. She also tells Madoka that it is important to pick out an outfit to wear and asks if she has anything in mind. Madoka would like to wear an Angely Sugar Premium Rare, so Akari tells her that the best thing to do is to make the request as early as possible. Madoka, while understanding, tells Akari that she is unable to ask her grandmother.

Akari invites Madoka back to her dorm room to continue their discussion. For a moment, Madoka finds herself distracted by Akari's stuffed animal, then by the poster of Ichigo in the Angely Sugar dress. She sits down and begins to tell Akari why she is unable to ask her grandma for a dress of her own, stating that since she was little she's always watched her. Her interest in idoling first came when she caught sight of a beautiful dress her grandmother made, and she could only think about wearing one of the outfits when she grew up. She announced her desire to wear the dress to Asuka, and she told her that Madoka will have to be an idol then, since those are what she makes outfits for. Madoka agrees right away to this, and from that day she only dreamed of becoming an idol. When Asuka realized that she kindly encouraged Madoka to follow the dream - but she was also strict and saw another side of Asuka she never knew about before. She would spend all of her time pent up in her atelier and she fixated on the tiniest of details and would work on nothing else until the dress was perfect.

One day she told Madoka why perfection meant so much to her, saying that with each new idol she gets, the more resolve the girl has. Whether it be trying to handle being refused, as well as shouldering the responsibilities should she accept. So for each idol she pushes past her limits and bounds, laying her life on the line to make each dress more perfect than the last. Madoka refuses to ask to wear one of the dresses because she lacks the self-confidence as an idol to do it. Akari insists that Madoka has plenty though, and with that they start to train. Akari wants to help her build up her confidence to ask Asuka for a dress. Some days they would be visited by Sumire, and eventually the day of the performance was approaching.

One day Madoka calls a break when Akari brings her a drink. She mentions that the event is coming and she claims that Madoka has improved largely in such a short time. Madoka is very happy but she still isn't sure if it enough, since she believes Akari is the only reason she was able to keep going and improve, even a little bit. To make her feel better, Akari mentions to Madoka that she lacks confidence too, even up until now. But this is why she trains so hard, with the resolve to improve. She is sure that Mizuki and Ichigo knew they weren't perfect either, and that was why they worked so hard to shine so brightly. Nobody starts off thinking they are as good as they actually are, and because she has seen Madoka's efforts she believes she is ready to pay her grandmother a visit.

The girls head out to the forest towards Angely Mountain. They approach a split road with both signs holding the Angely Sugar logo. However, one path is bright and pretty, with flowers adorning it while the other path is dark and messy. Madoka chooses the latter path, so they run forward and come to Angely Mountain. Madoka begins to climb while she thinks about what Asuka told her in the past. She refuses to give up and climbs while Akari observes from afar. After they reach the top, Madoka thanks Akari and they are greeted by the Gardener. He brings the girls in for some tea and cookies and comments that he didn't expect Madoka to climb the mountain like she did.

They are joined by Asuka and Madoka tells her of the request, stating how much she loves the dresses, and why she watched her grandmother so much. That was what made her realize that she couldn't just wear them with only half a resolve; she loves them a lot and trained very hard, and she knows that she isn't entirely there, but she asks to be given a chance. Asuka is quick to agree, much to her surprise. She voices that she has seen how much Madoka desired to wear the dresses, but when day she suddenly stopped asking, even after being accepted into Starlight Academy. She is glad to see that there is a reason for it, and Madoka says she wanted to wait until she had the confidence for them. Asuka agrees, then mentions that she also hadn't expected her to climb the mountain. She thinks back to when Madoka was born, and of the time they spent together and tells her that she showed her something new. She was what encouraged her to continue making the dresses and now she hopes to inspire Madoka to see something new while in this dress. She hands Madoka a coord set and Madoka promises that she will make it shine right next to her.

With everything settled, Akari and Madoka decide to leave. Madoka thanks Akari for all of her help, saying that she has done a lot for her that day, and now she is ready for the Event.

As her turn approaches, Madoka stands in back while observing her card set. She changes and appears on stage, singing to "Hello New World".

Having watched her performance, Asuka thanks Madoka for being able to show her another new world. Madoka runs up to Akari and embraces her as thanks for helping her. Akari also thanks Madoka and the girls smile to each other.

33 (134)- "Omowazusu Sukippuzu♪" ("Spontaneous Skipping♪")

Aikatsu! - Episode 134

Aikatsu! - Episode 134


Airdate: May 21, 2015

Rin happens to find Madoka watching her performance from the other day. She is very happy with how it turned out and earns a compliment from Rin, so she shuts it off after mentioning that Rin had work related to her idol unit, Dancing Diva. Rin confirms this, and to their surprise, Sumire shows up. At first this makes Rin worry that she missed their meeting, but Sumire claims that had nothing to do with the visit. She was running early so she decided to pay Madoka a visit. She apologizes for not being around very much lately, since she was supposed to be her mentor. She compliments how well Madoka's performance was, and Madoka thanks her before saying she's been watching a lot of Dancing Diva's performances too. She then watches as Rin and Sumire explain to each other how happy they have been with each other since forming their unit, and Madoka trails behind them to say farewell as they get into the van to leave. She thinks about what they were saying and decides that she wants to be in a unit too.

Madoka stands in her dorm room, practicing how she will be able to ask someone to be in a unit with her. She practices by being herself, as well as the person that she is asking. She continues to do this for a while after.

Akari walks into the Cafeteria to find Hinaki and Juri speaking with Yotsuba, who has made a brand new donut specifically for them based on their unit. Juri and Hinaki are excited about it and he tells them that they need to try it first, since it gave him enough difficulty to make. The girls dig in, but Yotsuba expresses no surprise after they both recoil from the high level of spiciness. Juri apologizes for requesting a donut like this, as Yotsuba explains it was really hard to balance the flavors just right. He tells her not to worry about it though, since he likes being of aid, and he even brought them some normal donuts. The girls decide to restart with the design of a unit donut and Akari simply smiles, only to be greeted by Madoka, who runs into the room to speak to the trio.

She tells Akari that she has a request, then voices her desire to be in a unit with Akari. She does it using her sweet charm, but gets shy and tells Akari that it's entirely up to her. The girls are impressed by how bold and honest she behaved, and Madoka tells Akari to take her time to decide. But to their surprise, Akari decides to join her right away.

The foursome leave the Cafeteria and Juri and Hinaki leave for a photo-shoot. They stop to discuss Akari and Madoka's unit forming and they decide that something must have clicked for the girls right away - in order for them to decide so quickly.

Akari suggests that she an Madoka start a strategy meeting and they leave in another direction. So Madoka asks what would be going on in a strategy meeting while they walk, then starts to skip up ahead while Akari tells her. They head into Akari and Sumire's dorm room and set up a table to discuss unit names; coming up with ideas such as Smileys, cute sky, sky symphony, Sunnys, and MadoPika. Akari stops to question the last one, and Madoka explains that she combined her name, with the "pika" feeling she gets from Akari. But Akari tells her that if Mado is read like "window", it just makes them sound like a cleaning spray. Madoka realizes this and quickly scolds herself for something so silly.

The girls take a break later in the day to discuss of any goals they may have or need to focus on. Akari asks Madoka if she has anything that she would like to prepare, other than lessons. Madoka voices that she would like to learn about Akari, so she tells her to set her alarm clock for 3:50, much to Madoka's curiosity.

When her phone alarm goes off, Madoka quietly gets out of bed while watching Rin for a moment. She dresses and sleepily makes her way out the door to see Akari, who is waiting for Madoka with one of the vans. Madoka is impressed with how energetic Akari is and she explains that it's because she got used to doing her weather report by now.

On location, Madoka watches from afar while Akari sits with some staff and discuss their plans for the day. The man announces that reports are saying that the day will be chilly, so Akari asks if she should warn the viewers by telling them to dress warm. The man likes this, and tells her that it makes her sound considerate. Akari then mentions her pointing to a man sitting next to her, then everyone heads outside to begin recording the program for that day. Madoka continues to watch from behind everyone else and watches as a man runs up to Akari, to hand her another shell while saying they forgot to discuss something. Akari thanks him, then begins the program. She explains how the weather will be, then reveals their special announcement before ending for the day.

Akari and Madoka go out later on for a photo-shoot Akari has. Madoka continues to watch before hearing some school girls across the street. The girls recognize Akari and Madoka and get excited as Madoka greets them in response and waves. Then a group of older women approach and while unable to recognize Madoka, they see Akari and greet her, having recognized her from Oozora Weather. Madoka is happy to see how much attention Akari gets from all of her hard work an once she finishes, Akari signs an autograph for the school girls across the street. Then, before they go, they spot a girl who was hiding nearby. Akari approaches the shy girl and asks if she would like an autograph, then gets a piece of paper from her photographer and signs it for the younger girl. The girl thanks Akari and promises to cherish it and runs off after they exchange goodbyes. As they make their way back to the van though, Madoka wonders why Akari would agree to be in a unit with her - given her amazing personality and talents.

On their ride back, Akari happens to notice Madoka staring at her. She asks her if something is wrong, but Madoka tells her that she felt like she learned a lot about Akari, and her kindness is what she loves about her the most. Akari thanks Madoka before saying that when she first started Oozora Weather, it was all she could really do. She learned to be much more considerate than she ever was before and Madoka compliments her. Akari claims that she can only change because of her friends surrounding her. The people they meet can change the way one acts, and open tomorrow for a new beginning - which is why she agreed to be in a unit with Madoka. At first Madoka questions this, and Akari mentions her desire to treasure their meeting, and seeing a brand new light in the world by being with her.

After they get home, the girls begin to head back when suddenly, Akari watches Madoka. She starts to skip down the pathway and this inspires a unit name, so Akari stops Madoka to reveal her idea. They announce their unit name, Skips to everyone in the office and right away get compliments. Akari explains the idea behind it before Orihime voices her excitement to see how far their unit can go, and where this brand new path may lead them.

Eventually the day of an Inaugural Concert approaches. Akari leaves to buy her and Madoka a few drinks and finds herself in such a good mood that she skips down the hall; just to stop as Sena comments on this. Akari is surprised to see him and approaches to ask if he came to watch. He tells her that he did some, but he also prepared a unit dress for Skips. Akari loves the coords and comments on how cute they are before Sena hands her a pair of Cute-type Aikatsu bracelets. Akari thanks him and she runs back to Madoka, to give her a bracelet and her coord set. Madoka is very touched by Sena's gesture and the girls head into the changing booth. They change into their brand new unit coords and appear on stage, singing to "Hello New World".

After their performance, everyone comments on how cute and great Skips is. Naoto comments that they make a good team, while Jonny and Orihime discuss how much greater Akari has become since she initially began.

Backstage, Madoka compliments their job well done too and Akari tells her that they will spread their wings even further from this point on, which Madoka agrees with.

34 (135)- "Sekai no Chūshin wa Kokone!" ("The World is Centered Around Kokone!")

Aikatsu! - Episode 135

Aikatsu! - Episode 135


Airdate: May 28, 2015

The girls have come to say goodbye to Yuu. She is leaving for the idol school in Kobe, as part of the exchange program again. Matsuri says that while she will be lonely until she returns, she will cheer her on. The girls wish her well and she takes off. Akari explains how the idol exchange program works, using Miyabi and Yuu as an example when she switched with her a while back. Hinaki mentions that the girl that will be coming is a friend of Miyabi's, then brings up her name, Kokone Kurisu. The schools are far away but they've had multiple gigs together and befriended one-another like that. Juri suggests that they welcome Kokone with wide, open arms, and the others agree to it as Akari voices her excitement.

Elsewhere, Kokone is shown skipping up to the entrance of Starlight Academy. She seems to like it, but states that it doesn't really matter if the new world is there or not, because it's entirely centered around her.

In class, Johnny introduces the new classmate joining them. Kokone steps inside while he describes where she comes from and how she is part of the exchange program. Kokone does her usual cute pose, and to her surprise, nobody really responds the way she is used to. She watches with annoyance as they simply call the pose cute and are encouraged to make their own. She sits down next to Akari and is quick to recognize her and Juri, who sit next to each other. While she is impressed, she doesn't really care and reminds herself that the world is centered around her.

After class ends, the girls offer to show Kokone around. She accepts and they show her a bunch of the schools hotspots; including the room where statues of Starlight Academy Alumnae are. Kokone is able to recognize a lot, due to what she heard from Miyabi after she returned home. This causes Akari to bring up how close Kokone must be with Miyabi and she recalls how they met at an event and quickly became best friends. Juri comments that they are both Kansai idols - so it makes sense that they share a lot in common. It's then they are joined by Sumire and Hinaki, and again Kokone is able to recognize them. She is very excited to see them and she proceeds to show off by doing her pose in front of them. Once again she doesn't get the response she wanted and asks if it's possible nobody knows who she is before throwing a small fuss.

In her office, Orihime and Johnny enjoy a snack and some tea while they discuss how popular Kokone is in Kobe. She is known as a local idol and only focuses her activities within a certain region. Orihime is sure that the girls of Starlight, along with Kokone will both grow from this experience. With that, Johnny and Orihime begin to discuss how yummy the chestnut sweet they are eating tastes.

Kokone takes a picture of herself standing in front of Otome Mansion, but Akari quickly corrects her by saying it's now officially the Sakura Manor. Sakura became the starlight queen, so now it is hers. They also describe how Mizuki owned it as Mizuki Palace, causing Kokone to claim that Miyabi's information is outdated. As a few girls walk by, they welcome Kokone to the school and she wonders if everyone was just playing around with her. She is sure these girls will react to her, so she once again tries her pose. They call it cute before leaving, causing Kokone angrily turn and show the girls her CD.

Akari and the others tell her that they had no idea she had a CD though, but they would like to listen to it. Instead kokone demands to know why they haven't heard of it, since it plays at least two hundred times a day on FM Mount Rokko. She then takes a small mascot keychain from her pocket; a squirrel that kind of resembles her. They find it cute, but think it is a mouse - which agitates her further. She doesn't understand why nobody there recognizes her, considering how much attention she gets back at home. She is disappointed to learn that she was only popular at home and runs off in tears.

Kokone comes out to a patch of forest and lays down. She begins to wonder if maybe everything isn't focused on her like she thought, which is what she recalled Miyabi saying before she left. As she lays there, she spots a four leaf clover and sits up as Akari and the others locate her. After realizing she is hungry, Akari suggests they go to the Cafeteria for some donuts.

There, Kokone tries one, but she doesn't really feel much better. She does agree that the donuts are good, but before anything else is said they are joined by Yotsuba. Right away Kokone gets excited and addresses him with his idol nickname, Yosshun. The girls are surprised, since they never heard of this name before. Right away Kokone expresses her love for Yotsuba while handing him the four leaf clover while the others just express shock. She is so flustered to have eaten a donut made by him and they explain how he works as a chef there. Kokone admits that he was her first love when she was little, and because of him she aimed to become an idol. She hadn't expected to meet him there though and immediately claims that Starlight Academy is the best.

It's then Akari asks why Kokone didn't know about Yotsuba beforehand - but she mentions having texted Miyabi about it. She simply explains that she didn't know Yotsuba was Yosshun she adored so much. Kokone goes on to explain that she adores Yotsuba so much that she loved his name a lot, and even chose the brand Retro Clover and the girls comment that it fits her image. Yotsuba then asks if Kokone is related to the family that runs Cataigne in Kobe, and Kokone confirms that they do. She is very happy to know this and he explains to the girls that it is a famous restaurateur, and how great their chestnut pastries are. Kokone has brought some for Orihime and Johnny-sensei, so they go to see if any was left so that the girls could try them out.

By the time they get to the office, it turns out that Johnny has eaten it all. He feels sad for them and offers to run the entire way to Kobe just to get some for them but Kokone tells him not to bother - because her family is about to open a new branch of their shop here. It will be opening in a few days, and she will be holding a performance to celebrate it.

Later on, Kokone spies on Yotsuba. She comes around the corner and asks what may be bothering him. He explains that he has been trying to create a brand new donut but lacks inspiration. He explains to her that as a place for idols to relax and rest, which was something he didn't get very much of during his own idoling days. To deal with such tough times he would usually have a sweet snack, and Kokone brings up something her father always says. Yotsuba agrees and comments that he wants a new donut to make everyone rejoice in happiness as they enjoy it. Such words inspire kokone and she tells him that she will be right back.

She runs out of the building and past Akari and the girls, all the way to Chataigne. She greets her parents, who are surprised to see her and she asks to borrow a few items.

Around the school, multiple girls chat about the random event Kokone has been putting together. She gathers Akari, Sumire, Juri, and Hinaki, along with a few other students to help her put together a new donut. After they finish, Yotsuba tries it and instantly seems to like it. He comments on how well the chestnut works with the flavors, and adds that the dried fruit was a nice touch. He thanks Kokone for her help and mentions that he's already got a bunch of brand new ideas now. Everyone claps for her, and Akari repeats Kokone's catchphrase and pose, which makes her happy.

On the day of the shop opening, the girls have come by, along with a bunch of customers and other Starlight Students. Orihime chats with Kokone's mother, while Johnny purchases many sweets and takes off. As Orihime chats with her mother, she explains how Kokone got her catchphrase and pose, stating that they used to say something very similar to her as a little girl; that she was the center of their world. Since then she just repeated it, abit differently. It is a bit embarrassing now, but Orihime comments that it sounds lovely.

With that Kokone changes into her desired coord. She appears on stage and performs to "Love Like Caramelize".

Afterwards, Yotsuba appears to congratulate Kokone's mother. She is very flustered and excited to see him while he hands her a bouquet of flowers. Kokone thanks the girls for what they did, to help open her eyes and make them realize there was a lot in the Aikatsu World to see; although she still believes the world to be centered around her. But to humor her, the girls respond the way she wants this time.

35 (136)- "Sono Na mo, AmaFuwa Nadeshiko" ("Their Name is Fluffy Sweet☆Nadeshiko")

Aikatsu! - Episode 136

Aikatsu! - Episode 136


Airdate: June 4, 2015

Orihime has called a meeting for the students to reveal that because of the recent making of units, she has decided to hold the Unit Cup. Everyone is elligable to compete and she suggests that whoever wants to enter can make a unit for it now.

The girls head into the Cafeteria to chat about the recent news. Akari and Madoka have already decided to enter, as has Juri and Hinaki. Dancing Diva is the most popular idol unit for now, but they are encouraged to try their hardest to keep up with them.

Walking through the hall is kokone. She doesn't want to miss out and pays someone a visit.

As the girls train they are surprised to learn that Sumire and Rin will be entering. They explain why they have chose to do this and they watch Kokone as she passes them. She tells them that she plans to enter and she spoke to Orihime about her concept, along with her ideal partner. She will be coming at any moment - and just then, Miyabi arrives. Akari is very surprised, but to Kokone's shock the girls swarm Miyabi to catch up with her. She apologizes for not having said something sooner, but it had been a last minute things. She apologizes for making Kokone wait and the girls deduce that she is who Kokone spoke of. She didn't really have a reason to refuse the offer, and she believes it'd be fun to compete against Akari and the other girls for the first time.

In this moment, Rin and Madoka decide to introduce themselves to her. They reveal that they watched her performance against Sakura, and she tells them that she learned about them from Akari. The girls are happy to receive approval from Miyabi, while Kokone is pretty upset that Miyabi is ignoring her. Miyabi claims that this isn't the case though, because she came just to see Kokone. She reaches into her pack and takes out a bag of roasted chestnuts and right away manages to get Kokone to calm down and take the gift. The girls decide to wait a moment in order to observe the friendship between both girls, then they resume with their training.

In their dormitory, Miyabi and Kokone try to think of a unit name. Kokone insists that the name is cute, and shows Miyabi what she thought up. She insists that it fits perfectly, but Miyabi isn't very sure about the name. She hesitantly responds and the girls get to work. They bring some merchandise and ask to have some time on a television show to show their new unit. Miyabi apologizes for not having brought proper paperwork or asking ahead of time, then they go on to ask for a handshake event outside of a CD Shop, and get a recording of them in the park. Kokone scolds Miyabi for not putting her entirety into it - but she's pretty worried over acting cutesy and having people see her, since it makes her uncomfortable.

From the distance, Orihime, Johnny, and Naoto watch and observe the girls. They discuss how much work the girls have already and comment that they put a lot of work on their own just to try to get their name known, but Orihime believes they can still learn some things from the girls here.

On the news program, Good Morning Watch, the hosts introduce the brand new unit. They introduce themselves to the audience before discussing the Unit Cup and asking for their support. The hosts think the girls are adorable, and this continues as Akari works on her weather program and they take more Camera Time. She worries that they may get ahead of her pretty quickly, but it just encourages her to work harder.

Later, the girls are going over their coords to wear for the unit. Miyabi is unhappy with what Kokone picked, because it's too cute, which she is not. Kokone insists that she is though and claims that the unit concept is all about cute. Akari likes the coord but that isn't enough to make Miyabi very happy. She is able to tell that Kokone is lying when she claims she simply forgot, because she knew full-well that Miyabi would refuse to join had she been told this beforehand. She isn't mad but she really doesn't want to wear that dress and walks off. Kokone yells at her while Akari begins to worry about them.

Later, she meets up with the others to discuss what happened. Hinaki points out that Miyabi is more into mature outfits and doesn't really do cute, and both Rin and Madoka have been able to take sides on this argument. Rin understands Miyabi better, since Madoka tries to get her to wear cute, frilly clothing, but on Madoka's end, Rin always rejects what she picks out because she isn't really into cute clothes. However, they have never got into a fight over it before, and Madoka admits that she keeps doing it because Rin looks cute when she gets flustered. The girls determine that while Kokone probably knows that Miyabi doesn't like cutesy things, she insits upon them anyway. They also reason that Miyabi didn't get upset because she understands that Kokone didn't mean any harm. The girls decide to brainstorm an idea on how to help them out.

Akari, Rin, and Sumire approach Miyabi to speak to her the next day. She admits that while Kokone has good intentions, she had to refuse. But she does tell them that Kokone always acts before thinking and can be pretty pushy; while her positive-nature is what attracts people to her. The girls understand what she means, and she recalls how they first met some time back. They were on a local show in town called Idol Mountain Climbing Project. As most girls were tiring out, Miyabi was trying to encourage them to keep going. Kokone then tried to encourage them as well an uses her positive nature to keep the girls going. This works and the girls continue, while Miyabi simply watches. While she knew Kokone was pretty tired, she kept going and they soon reached the very top of the Mountain. Everyone was so happy, though Kokone was clueless as to what she actually did to help them. Miyabi ends her story by saying that Kokone tends to effortlessly involve everyone and makes sure they leave happy. She's always been this way, and Akari points out that she's the one to know Kokone the best. So she is able to realize how pure Kokone's intentions were, and why she continues to push cute dresses.

In her dorm room, Kokone looks over the coord she picked for Miyabi. She knows it would look great on her, and Juri, Hinaki, and Madoka agree. She explains that she chose it for Miyabi, due to how girlish it was. She explains to the girls that she always feels better whenever Miyabi is with her, and tells them about their first meeting together in the Idol Mountain Project. She kept going, watching as Miyabi slowly encouraged the other girls to keep going. She knew that Miyabi was someone who could help open her world a little more, and she got excited with the thought of being with Miyabi. The girls suggest to her that she just goes and explains to Miyabi her true feelings they would be able to patch things up.

Come the day of their debut performance the girls apologize. Kokone admits that when she got the coord prepared she didn't even think to ask, while Miyabi claims it isn't a very big deal anymore. She asks Kokone if she believes in their unit and if she can see a future for it. Kokone convinces her that she can clearly see it, and how she wants Miyabi to embrace her cuter side and be on top of the world with Miyabi. She knows their unit will bring a whole new excitement to the Unit Cup as well, but admits that she got kind of pushy. Miyabi then shows her the coord she decided to wear and after embracing, the girls go to change and perform to "Love Like Caramelize".

After the performance the girls watch as they hear some of their classmates chat about theb rand new unit. Sumire points out that their new unit has caused a lot more attention to be brought to the Unit Cup, and just then, Yuu shows up with her roommate to announce they will be taking part in the Unit Cup too. She didn't want to miss out and they've already went on to form a unit. Akari tells the girls that they need to keep working as hard as they can now.

In her office, Orihime, Johnny, and Naoto discuss the attention brought to the Unit Cup.

Outside, Miyabi and Kokone run laps around the track. Kokone is too tired to keep going and accuses Miyabi of being too hard on her after she tells her they should do at least one more lap. To keep her going, Miyabi mentions that they can go try the brand new donut Yotsuba made after they finish and together the girls keep running.

36 (137)- "Wakuwaku Yunitto Kappu" ("Heart Fluttering☆Unit Cup")

Aikatsu! - Episode 137

Aikatsu! - Episode 137


Airdate: June 11, 2015

The girls have come to enjoy the Pre-Party before the upcoming Units Cup. Yotsuba tells the girls to try all of the wonderful new unit donuts he has made for them all and goes over what he did with them all in mind. For example, he made sure Miyabi and Kokone's donut was very fluffy and sweet with an interesting flavor, and he tweaked Jalapeno's donut by keeping the spiciness by balancing it with sweetness. While it is good, the girls still believe it may be too hot to handle, so he promises to keep working on it and introduces the donuts he made for Dancing Diva, which is cooling and sweet with a mint flavor. For Skips, he made their donut sprinkled with candy and a unique, popping flavor.

After everyone tries the donuts, Johnny-sensei summons them all into the Auditorium for the main event during the Pre-party; a special drawing to determine the order of performances the following day. He has all of the participating units come up on the stage and reveals the order of the eight performances before Orihime comes up onto the stage. There, she explains that they will be trying a new, expirimental scoring system that will be recording the idols actions off of the stage as well. This is a way to get everybody involved.

The next day, the Units Cup begins. The announcer explains what will be going on, such as perfromances and the fans involvements. He also brings up how fans can support their favorite unit by pressing a special button on their home remotes while viewing their before and after performance activities. The fans votes will be taken into attendence from this and with that, the announcer brings the first duo up; Hinaki and Juri. They change into their coords and perform to "Chica*Chica".

As this went on, Sumire and Rin watched from a room. A man comes by to tell them to prepare for their backstage reports and takes off after the girls compliment how wonderful Juri and Hinaki performed. The girls leave their room to find Akari looking around. She mentions how she is waiting for her dress to arrive, because she asked Sena to adjust the size of her dress. At first they worry but Akari assures them it will be fine since he called her earlier on to tell her that he would be bringing it very soon.

With that the film segment begins. Sumire welcomes everyone and tells them that if they enjoying the honest and unadorned actions by Passion Jalapeno that they will now be witnessing, they should put in their vote. They walk into the changing room and greet the girls before asking them about their thoughts regarding their performance. The girls answer while they wipe off sweat and take a sip of their water. Upon realizing out hungry they are, they decide to try some of their donuts for today, but like the day before, it's too hot. They are quick to drink their water, causing Rin to comment on this before her curiousity gets the better of her and she asks to try one too. She does and just like them, finds it way too spicy and downs the water handed to her while Sumire ends the segment. The announcer reminds the audience that if they enjoyed seeing this, they should vote on it.

In their room, Madoka is busy doing stretches while Akari brushes her hair. The second performance will be going on and Akari is a bit concerned that Sena won't be showing up in time. Madoka also voices concern, so Akari goes to contact him - only to stop as a girl working on Staff comes by to remind her that they needs to go on standby for their report. Seeing their disappointment, the girls asks what their problem may be and offers to lend them a hand after they explain how they were waiting to get Akari's dress. She runs outside to look and happens to spot a box labled to Akari. She asks to take it since she was expecting it and runs back inside to give it to Akari.

With that, Madoka and Akari begin their backstage report for Fluffy Sweet Nadeshiko, who are preparing for their turn. They step into the room, where Kokone is quick to do her catchphrase and pose. They respond to it before Akari asks what they do while preparing to go on stage, and Miyabi mentions how she likes to conentrate in a quiet room, while Kokone likes to take a quick and short nap. She claims she wasn't doing it right now though, instead she was going over an outfit she picked out for Miyabi. Once again she refuses, and to her shock, Kokone develops a case of the hiccups. She slowly panics, worried that she won't be able to perform on stage like this, so the girls try to help her. They get her a bottle of water, but this does nothing, then Miyabi mentions that she could try to hold her breath.

When this fails, Madoka mentions that sometimes being tickled can help. The trio tickle Kokone, so the girls keep tickling. They are reminded that they are out of time, so quickly Akari and Madoka try to hurry up and end the segment while they resume tickling Kokone. In order to lend them a hand, Juri and Hinaki go backstage to find some girls struggling with something. They were told to bring in the many fan sent in gifts but they are trying to find somewhere to keep them because where they are now is just an obstacle. Juri and Hinaki are able to help them determine an idea and they run off to find Kokone, Miyabi, Akari, and Madoka. To their surprise though, Sumire and Rin are also there. Hinaki brings up the hiccup situation and decides to try her own method.

Meanwhile, as the girls are picking up all of the gifts, they accidentally take the package with Akari's new dress.

With Hinaki's hiccup trick having failed, they move onto Rin's idea - which involves twisting the waist from side to side. This fails, so Hinaki suggests that Kokone yell. The girls keep trying to suggest ideas and in the background, Miyabi and Akari chat amongst themselves. Akari brings up that surprising Kokone would probably be the best bet and Miyabi agrees, so Akari hands her the cutesy coord Kokone wanted her to wear. She is sure that if Miyabi put it on, it'd shock Kokone and surely rid of her hiccups; but Miyabi hesitates because she doesn't like such cutesy clothing. But for the sake of her unit, she decides to put it on and quickly changes.

The girls surprise Kokone and let her see Miyabi. Her cutesy outfit and catchphrase that Kokone wanted her to do works to shock Kokone, and the girls are happy to find out that their plan worked. With that, someone announces that it is now time for the fourth performance, which is Kokone and Miyabi. They go to change and come on stage to perform to "Love Like Caramelize".

Afterwards, the announcer chats before he concludes the first half of the units cup. He shows everyone the scores of the units up until this point, and taking the lead is Fluffy Sweet Nadeshiko. Juri and Hinaki congratulate them for doing so well, not at all upset to be in second. As he is announcing everyone to stay tuned for the second half, Akari and Madoka watch the segment from their dressing room. They got very high scores, which encourages the girls to work as hard as they can too. But suddenly, Akari notices their dresses are not anywhere in their room.

37 (138)- "Sugao no Kagayaki" ("Unadorned Brilliance☆")

Aikatsu! - Episode 138

Aikatsu! - Episode 138


Airdate: June 18, 2015

Akari tries to figure out where their cards with their dresses went while Madoka searches around the room. Akari recalls what led to this moment, thinking about the underclassman who brought her the box earlier. She had offered to leave it on the table, but since it isn't there, something had to have happened. Madoka brings up that their turn will be approaching, since the fifth unit is performing now, and their the eight. She suggests that because of this, they should go ask the girl if she knows anything and the girls leave the room.

They run down the hallway trying to locate her and on the way, they bump into Kokone and Miyabi. They question if they are taking their report turn and Miyabi reveals they were tasked with interviewing Dancing Diva, but Akari stops her from saying anything else and runs off saying that they are in a rush. Kokone tries to talk to them but neither girl responds, causing her to wonder what may have happened.

Akari and Madoka manage to track down the girl and apologize for interrupting. Akari brings up the box, but the girl is confused since she left it there. Akari asks her to come back to their dressing room and the girl points out the exact spot she left it, choosing the center of the table where it would be really hard to miss. She describes the package while Madoka goes over what she's been told, stating that the cards had to have vanished right after that occurred. The girl feels terrible for what happened, but Akari assures her that it is fine and claims that she will find them in no time, even bringing up the time she once found three, four-leaf clover in a single day. With that, she leaves the room again.

On stage, the announcer reveals that Dancing Diva will be taking their turn next, so he has Kokone and Miyabi start their segment. They step into the dressing room after reminding everyone to vote if they are their favorites. There, they find Sumire and Rin having tea before their performance. Sumire shows them the tea, having made some for everyone. The girls join Sumire and Rin and drink the tea, commenting on how relaxing it is. This confuses Kokone, and she mentions that it's hard to believe they will be going onto the stage within moments. Miyabi is able to explain it poetically, using the tea as reference until Rin points out she is just exaggerating the report. With that, Kokone accepts another cup of the tea, then asks to have a cookie. Sumire allows her to have more, and she starts eating until Miyabi points out she has to finish the report.

With that, Kokone shows off her cuteness while eating and Miyabi scolds her by claiming she only reported the cookie, not Dancing Diva. It's then they are told that they have to hurry and finish, since they need to go onto standby, so Kokone and Miyabi finish the report while Sumire and Rin speak some parting words and pose together. With that they go back stage to change and appear on stage, performing to "Tu Tu Ballerina".

Afterwards, the announcer compliments how well Dancing Diva did while Madoka and Akari keep searching. They are unable to find anything and are joined by Juri and Hinaki. They have come to tell them that they will be doing their report, but Akari reveals what happened to them. Juri points out the lack of time remaining and they explain what happened earlier, and describe the box. Juri and Hinaki think and recall spotting it when two of the girls were trying to determine what to do with all of the fan gifts. The four girls realize they must have accidentally picked it up and taken it with them and they run off to check. Madoka suggests they go with them so the two quickly trail behind them.

In the room, they talk to the girls. But they were in such a hurry that they don't really recall spotting that specific box, but since they put all of the presents in the Reserve Classroom they offer to take the four there.

In the hallway, Sumire and Rin are greeted by Kokone and Miyabi. Rin happens to spot the six girls run past them, along with the camera staff. Juri and Hinaki have no choice but to quit, since it's almost time for their report. So they stay back while the other four try to determine what is going on.

In the classroom, the girls reveal the mountain of presents. This was why they couldn't find a good place to put them other than here, but Akari worries they won't be able to find the cards in time. With that, the four girls quickly begin to dig around for the cute little box addressed to Akari as the report segment starts. The announcer and fans are pretty confused by this, so Juri and Hinaki quickly explain the problem to everyone. The fans start to worry for them and they stand back to watch Madoka and Akari. They both worry over not being able to make it, but Akari expresses happiness in seeing how many fans everyone has. She decides that for them, they have to keep going and she apologizes to Madoka for causing her so much trouble that day. She is able to encourage Madoka to keep looking and to their surprise, their friends have shown up to lend a hand.

With that, Akari, Madoka, Juri, Rin, Sumire, Hinaki, Miyabi, and Kokone, plus the two staff girls all try to find the little box. The announcer and fans watch from the performance room, surprised by the turn of events but happy to see how everyone is working together, despite their rivalries during the Unit Cup.

As they continue to look, Madoka comments on how much Akari amazes her. No matter how many hurdles come her way, she always keeps on going to see to it that the fans are happy. They hurry and continue to look as the announcer reveals they are almost out of time, but just then Akari spots the box and she opens it to take out the cards. With that, she and Madoka hurry up and run with to the stage, while Juri and Hinaki continue to follow and end their segment.

From their living room, Raichi and Ringo watch and discuss how hard Akari and Madoka worked. Encouraged by this, he uses the remotes button to use his votes on them.

Akari and Madoka arrive to the stage sharing a few words before they step inside to change. They appear on stage and perform "Hello New World".

Afterwards, everyone comes back out and await the results of the Unit Cup. The scores are counted and while Kokone and Miyabi are in the lead, it's anyone's game. As it turns out, Dancing Diva surpassed Miyabi and Kokone, but Madoka and Akari have managed to surpass Sumire and Rin. Everyone congratulates Madoka and Akari and cheers for them. Johnny admits that he didn't really think Skips would win against Dancing Diva, and Orihime comments that Dancing Diva surpasses everyone in terms of talent. This causes Naoto to remark that it was another aspect that pulled Skips the win, which Johnny believes has to do with the fans and how they watched the girls continue to search for their missing dresses. Naoto comments that sometimes perfect performances isn't what wins everyone over in the end and they watch as Akari and Madoka end the event by performing their unit cheer with the audience.

38 (139)- "Jonī to Hanayome" ("Johnny and the Bride")

Aikatsu! - Episode 139

Aikatsu! - Episode 139


Airdate: June 25, 2015

Akari is busy recording a segment of Oozora Weather. She reveals the current time and temperature, and asks Oozorotter what the weather will be like later on. His shell reveals that it will be rainy, so Akari tells everyone to take care of their health, due to the chilly weather and ends the program.

Meanwhile, the girls are hanging out in the dance room, disappointed by the weather since they can't go outside to run or train. Juri tells them that even if it is raining, she loves the month of June because it was when her parents got married. She points out how wonderful a June Marriage is, because it promises eternal happiness for the bride and groom. As the girls comment on the romantic idea, they are joined by Akari. But she doesn't stay long, having gotten a text from Headmistress Orihime, along with Sumire.

The two girls head right over to speak with her. Naoto is there, to tell the girls of an offer they got, with Orihime mentioning a special Bridal Collection. They specially requested two current trending idols to bring some excitement into the event, and right away they agree. They take off while discussing the event, with each girl voicing her desire to see the other girl wearing a wedding gown. It's then they overhear Johnny-sensei discuss a wedding. He hangs up his phone and takes off, causing the girls to start questioning his call.

They head back to tell the other girls what they heard, such as Johnny mentioning not much time before the wedding. They find the news a bit hard to believe, and considering he is always at school working, and they find it too difficult to see him even meeting a woman - but just then, Johnny appears to ask what the girls were chatting about since he saw them having fun. They all quickly try to deny it, with Hinaki quickly intervening by discussing her unit donuts with the others. They all start to bring up their unit donuts, and with a bit of distraction from Juri, he leaves to go and order some of the unit donuts from Yotsuba.

The girls continue to discuss the possibility of Johnny marrying someone, and because he is always at the school, they all believe he may be marrying Orihime. Curious to find out more, the girls try to spy on them. They hear Johnny apologizing to Orihime, and due to their ambiguous words, they start to believe they were actually right, until they spot him in nice clothing and heading out of the building; causing them to believe that he might just be going out on a date with someone else. Wanting to find out, Hinaki sadly tells Akari that she and Juri, along with Miyabi and Kokone have a lot of work to attend to right now, so they can't continue.

Akari, Sumire, Rin, and Madoka grab their umbrella and trail Johnny-sensei all the way to Dream Academy. They are all a bit excited, since they have never come before, and Madoka brings up that Johnny must be marrying someone there. They spot him speak to a man and he heads inside, with the girls quickly following. A man stops them to ask if they have any permits, but he stops to greet a passing vehicle. Akari is surprised to spot Seira, Kii, Sora, and Maria inside of it and the girls bring them into the building.

Akari thanks the girls for their help after being seated, while Kii excitedly takes pictures of the girls to show Aoi later. Sora mentions that they tend to trade information all the time after Sumire brings up how close they are. Madoka talks with Sora, regarding her own work of designing fashions and modeling while she performs her own idol career, and Sora recalls meeting Amahane a while back for some help she needed. With Maria, Rin discusses watching Maria Zoo every week, and Maria thanks her before bringing up that a few weeks prior, Yurika came on with Alan, her bat friend. Kii then stops to point out that Maria will be in a milk commercial soon, and the music will be performed by Seira and her band. Akari voices excitement, and Seira reminds the girls of why they came so suddenly.

Kii seems to understand what they were theorizing, but the only person they can actually imagine marrying Johnny-sensei is Tiara. The eight girls spy on them to find Tiara and Johnny practicing their dancing. Tiara criticizes him for getting so emotional and she gently chastises him for not leading correctly. The girls are led to believe their theory is correct and with that, take off back for Starlight Academy. While they discuss the last few minutes of their conversation with the Dream Academy girls, Rin happens to spot Naoto above them on a path and recalls how he is related to Tiara. The girls decide to speak to Naoto and congratulate him for the recent news. But he has no idea what they are even talking about.

That evening, while they are in bed, Sumire and Akari discuss doing something special for Johnny. But they really don't know what.

The next day, Akari and Sumire have just finished doing some of the work for their concert coming up. Akari recalls that Sumire has some Dancing Diva work to do though, and Sumire takes off after they exchange farewells. Akari, left alone, decides to observe the wedding dresses near her, and down further is Sena. She runs up to him and he recalls that she will be performing in this event, and she shows him the coord she plans to wear. It's one he designed, and she asks why he is there. Sena observes a nearby dress and brings up his desire to someday produce one in the future, so he came by to study some of them. It was then Akari asks him to design her wedding dress, and he agrees, teasing her by asking who else would do it.

Sumire and Akari confront Orihime on what they found out, but she is shocked by the news and asks why she wasn't the one he chose. The girls, surprised by this, go to chat with the others and start to wonder if maybe she really did have feelings for him. Sumire doesn't believe that to be the case, but they are unable to chat further when Johnny approaches. He thanks them for wanting to celebrate the wedding with him and he asks the girls to perform for it, because he is sure the bride would like it. He finds himself ready to tear up, but stops himself and after the girls agree to help out, he takes off. Akari and Sumire are excited again and they promise to put on their best performance ever.

Eventually the day of the ceremony arrives. They feel a little nervous, but they are happy to see the beautiful weather. Orihime points out the bridegroom nearby and they are shocked to find out that it isn't Johnny after all. The woman suddenly reveals the bride and she addresses Johnny personally. This makes the girls realize that the entire time, it wasn't Johnny getting married after all, but his little sister.

At Dream Academy, the four girls have just found out the same news by asking Tiara. She wonders why they ask, and they bring up watching them dancing together the other day. She explains that she was asked to be Johnny's dance partner. He wanted to lead his sister properly for the dance, since it was her most important day. She then asks the girls if they really thought it was her, somewhat disapproving, causing the girls to awkwardly laugh as Ki admits that they did - just a little bit.

At Starlight Academy, Akari and Sumire have revealed the news to the other girls. They find the news amusing, considering they were seriously doubting it to begin with.

Everyone claps and cheers for the bride and groom and the woman announces that it is time for Johnny to dance with his little sister. He leads her while Orihime reveals that his father died when he was younger, and since then he acted as a father figure to Elisa while they grew up. While they dance, Johnny and Elisa make small talk with each other, and Akari watches with amazement as they finish. With that, the girls go to change into their coords and appear on stage, performing to "Hey! Little Girl".

After they finish, Orihime congratulates the girls for their job well done. By now the party has ended, and she mentions their great choice they made with the coords and song. They are joined by Johnny, who agrees with her. As they observe his sister, they watch as Johnny begins to cry. He claims to be very happy, and he congratulates his little sister.

39 (140)- "Aikatsu Resutoran" ("Aikatsu Restaurant")

Aikatsu! - Episode 140

Aikatsu! - Episode 140


Airdate: July 2, 2015

Akari fills the viewers in on the news that she and the others will be putting on a special play. It will be airing in front of a live audience and later be shown on Television. Everyone is excited to start the show and as the curtains start to rise, Akari introduces the show as "Aikatsu Restaurant".

The play begins, with Juri being introduced as the owner-chef, along with Madoka, who plays the role of a waitress. As Juri is making something she complains over a lack of customers, and puts blame into a nearby restaurant, which has a very huge line of customers. Madoka isn't very sure they can keep up with such a trendy shop, and while they lament this, Johnny watches with Naoto and Orihime from the audience. He describes the problem before voicing his opinion on an ending, involving the girls going to leave on a journey to find some legendary ingredient. Naoto points out that if the girls left, then they would get less customers, and this makes Johnny wonder if they went ahead and read the script. They both claim they didn't though.

As Juri continues to wallow in despair, Madoka is sure she figured out how to cheer her up. She places an order, but considering it's just for the staff of the restaurant, they won't make any money on it. As Madoka claims they should at least have one order a day, Juri just starts to feel depressed again.

It's then a mysterious girl (being played by Kokone) shows up. They watch as she looks around and comment on how suspicious she looks, so Madoka wonders if she may be there to collect money from them. Juri points out that even if they aren't bringing much in, they're not anywhere near debt at the time. Before they can even do or say anything to her, Kokone calls them out for not being at the door to greet her. She asks if being without customers is why they can't even do that, so Madoka quickly approaches to greet her and offers her a chair. Kokone insists she doesn't have the time though, revealing that she actually came to help them out. She introduces herself as the famous super-chef and reveals her disguise as the play takes a break.

In this time, Johnny-sensei begins to wonder if Kokone is actually there to help. He believes that Kokone may only be there to try to take over the shop under the guise of being helpful, but Naoto finds this hard to believe - since the play wouldn't be that dark. Orihime agrees to his reasoning, causing Johnny to wonder why his theories keep being so far off the mark.

With that, the girls watch as Kokone cleans a table. Juri asks her why she came to help, but Kokone just tells them that it's an obvious answer. She claims that she travels around to help out at all restaurants with a pure intent, though Madoka voices some doubt in this while Juri is eager to get to work. Madoka still has her concerns over this, but has little to no say in any of this.

Johnny is happy with the turn of events, and mentions that Kokone is the most caring, concerned waitress he's ever seen before. Though to his confusion, Naoto and Orihime voice that they believe Kokone is just hiding something.

Kokone deduces that for step one, she will be calling her master, a Fortune Teller over to lend a hand. She can do a reading on the shop while she uses the menu as a divining point and eats some of the food. In hearing this, Madoka quickly tells Juri that she thinks having to rely on a Fortune Teller is suspicious, though Juri believes she may have good intentions anyway. They are joined by Sumire, the Fortune Teller, and her assistant, Rin. Kokone introduces them to the girls and right away, Sumire is able to tell them their names; though Juri and Madoka are aware that she just saw their name tags.

Rin helps Sumire sit down and she starts a reading, then requests that they make an omelette. Juri tells her they don't have that on the menu though, causing Rin to curiously ask how this may be possible, since Sumire hasn't had any problems summarizing a menu without even looking at it before.

In the audience, Johnny voices his amazement in having such an ability. Naoto prefers to look over the menu though, and he is convinced that Juri may be hiding something as well, causing Orihime to compliment how sharp he is; leaving Johnny confused once more.

Sumire then orders some Apricot Tea from them, and Madoka runs off to prepare it. She returns a while later with the tea while the girls assume she may just be tea reading after Kokone tells them she is probably ready to make a prediction now. As it turns out though, Sumire just wanted some tea, she wasn't trying to tell them anything. Madoka asks Kokone if Sumire can really be trusted at this point, but to their surprise, she starts to do a reading. She is able to determine that the girls have forgotten something precious in their restaurant, so once they recover it, they will begin to prosper again. While the advice makes sense to them, the girls have no idea what that could be.

Johnny intervenes to mention his desire to actually see if anything was inside the crystal ball, and Naoto calls him out on being interested in that. He points out that what Sumire said probably related to the missing omelet item, from the menu. Orihime agrees and compliments him again, leaving Johnny utterly clueless.

Madoka asks Kokone if she has idea as to what could be missing, and while she doesn't, she knows someone who can find whatever is missing. She called an expert, and just then, Akari walks in, playing the role of a great detective. Juri and Madoka are confused by this, until Kokone points out that detectives can find anything. She came to lend a hand, and Akari approaches them to point out that Juri's father owned the restaurant previously, which Juri confirms. She asks how long it has been since he last ran it, and asks if there's anything missing now that used to be here. Juri points out that there was one dish that used to be on the menu, but since she took over she removed it. She admits that as soon as Sumire brought up the omelet, she knew something was wrong. She can't make them as good as her dad, so she removed them since it used to be the most popular item on the menu.

Madoka is sure this can fix their problem, but before they can say anything else, they are joined by someone else. Hinaki introduces herself as a writer and blogger at the magazine "This Restaurant is Too Crazy Good!". Madoka quickly approaches her to greet her, and Kokone reveals Hinaki is another friend of hers. Akari decides to take off knowing what she has so far, and Kokone points out that Hinaki can help them figure things out by writing an article in her magazine. If customers would resume coming in like they used to, then maybe they can determine it that way. Hinaki intervenes to point out her work won't be for free though, nor cheap, and Kokone isn't the least bit surprised. So Hinaki asks them to show her what they have on their possession at the time. She wants their gratitude upfront for her services and she offers three various plans; the highest costs a lot but is guaranteed to score tons of customers, the middle will get a fair bit, while the lowest will just snag the bare minimum.

Madoka isn't so sure what they should do, so Hinaki points out the best bet would be to take the highest offer, since she can get the blog made and posted by the next day and they would gain more customers than they know what to do with. However, to the girls surprise, Juri refuses to accept any of her offers. She explains that while she wants customers, she refuses to resort to dirty tactics just to get them back. It wouldn't be fair for Hinaki to write them a really good article if she hasn't even tried the food, and she refuses to lie to her customers. To her surprise though, Hinaki was just testing them. She reveals that due to her honesty, she will write a great article after trying all of their food.

Quickly, Juri and Madoka go to make and bring her the food items and have her try them. Hinaki is able to eat everything, but she finds it pretty confusing considering how good everything was. She promises to write a good article, and even spread the word, but she can't understand why there isn't any customers coming. She asks if they changed any menu items or recipe, causing Juri to admit that while everything is has remained faithful, she did take off the dish she was unable to replicate. Hinaki finds it odd that one dish could have that much effect, even with the regular customers. She decides to leave and write the article and wishes them luck in solving their problems.

Juri discusses how special the omelet had been, and claims that her dad tried to help her make it every chance he got. But no matter how many times she tried, it never worked out. He kept encouraging her to keep going though, and Madoka comments on the shop used to be back when he was working there and everyone came by. This makes Juri realize that by taking it off of the menu, she was essentially cutting the bonds between the customers and the shop.

Suddenly, Akari arrives with the news. She holds up a ringing bell and wonders if that was what went missing, and the girls recognize it as the bell they would ring whenever new orders came in. After they remodeled the interior they had rid of the bell, thinking it didn't fit in anymore. Juri had given it to a regular, who Akari just managed to locate. She moves to the side and asks the woman to join them, and in comes Miyabi, playing the role of a Long-Time customer. She apologizes for not coming by in so long, but Miyabi claims it isn't there fault. She believes that it was probably hard for Juri, to fail at reproducing the recipe her dad won everyone over with, and after losing him, it probably felt worse. Juri claims she should have continued to cook the omelet despite, because it was her duty to inherit the bonds between everyone. Suddenly, Miyabi requests that she makes her one and Juri agrees to it. Madoka picks up the bell and places in the order and Juri gets straight to work putting the items together.

After finishing, they bring Miyabi the omelette. She tries it and comments that it reminded her a lot of the omelet that Juri's father used to make. She deduces that Juri probably had a really close bond with her father as a result, which cheers Juri up. With that, Akari takes off since she has just finished her case. To her surprise though, a huge line of customers is outside. Juri asks Kokone if she had anything to do with it and she claims all she did was relay a message. She then produces them a brand new menu and the girls thank Kokone, who claims she actually owns her effort to this very restaurant. A few years ago she grew tired of her job as a waitress, which was actually her dream. She tried the omelet and it reminded her of how special food could be for others, and how it could rekindle love. So with new determination, she continued to bring food and energy to her customers. Miyabi compliments the restaurant and with that, the play comes to an end.

As everyone claps, Johnny is reduced to tears and claims that everything went the way he thought it would. Naoto has his doubts over such claims, but Orihime tells him to let him have the moment before handing him a handkerchief.

40 (141)- "Hotto Supaishī Gāruzu!" ("Hot Spicy Girls!")

Aikatsu! - Episode 141

Aikatsu! - Episode 141


Airdate: July 9, 2015

Juri and Hinaki watch a morning news program involving popular entertainment. The segment discusses the recent rise in popularity with Skips, causing them to win the Unit Cup and give them a lot of attention. Hinaki and Juri are happy, but as Hinaki expresses disappointment that they came in fourth place, Juri reminds her that they most-likely had the most passion - which cheers her up.

As they leave the Cafeteria they happen to spot a poster of last years Aikatsu8. Juri discusses how she saw it back then on television, but this year she plans on making it in the group. Hinaki agrees before voicing that she will give it her all as well. Juri is very happy to hear this, causing Hinaki to admit that she feels she has changed since they first formed their unit. But as Juri asks how that is, Hinaki gets a message from Orihime. She has called them both in for a job offer involving their unit.

She, Johnny, and Naoto bring up the Hot and Spicy Festival, which involves food cultures from all over the world showing off their best, hot dishes to everybody else. They usually invite idols to come along and aid their booths, in hopes of getting the most votes to win the best booth title for that year. Hinaki and Juri were asked to help the Mexican booth, and they explain why Passionate Jalapeno. The girls don't take long to think over the offer and quickly accept it.

The girls head out to the World Hot and Spicy Festival location and observe the large area they got for it. They observe the various food booths; like the Mapo Tofu for Japan, Indian Curry, and Thai tom yum. Juri is very happy and comments on how refreshing the feeling is while they approach the stage they will get to perform on. They are approached by a man named Jose, who runs the Mexican food booth. The girls introduce themselves and they thank Jose for his offer, causing him and Juri to dance together for a moment. Hinaki makes a remark before they head over to the booth they will be helping at, and Jose explains that the staff was encouraged to work even more once they heard Spicy Jalapeno would be showing up. He brings the girls to the booth and has them observe the menu, but Hinaki thinks she may see something odd, only to quickly pretend it is nothing.

The girls overhear Jose speaking to a staff member about some extra ingredients. Hinaki observes a basket of red peppers and takes a bite of one, but she is approached by a giant mascot pepper, startling both her and Hinaki. As she recovers from surprise, Hinaki begins to think about something else again; just to snap out of it as the mascot offers her and Juri some tacos. The girls are very happy with the taste and they compliment how great it tastes as Jose explains that it is a tortilla shell the girls are eating. Juri comments that in Spain, an omelet is called a Tortilla also, and Jose explains there is a reason for this. The name came from a Spaniard who visited Mexico and noticed that the shell resembles a tortilla omelet. They are pronounced differently due to the region.

Again Hinaki spots something odd, but she hesitates until Juri encourages her. With that Hinaki admits that they should call Juri's father, to come up with a special Jalapeno dish. As Juri talks about why they should bring him in, everyone begins to grow inspired again upon realizing such a hot, popular chef would be able to come up with a wonderful, fresh new dish. As Juri offers to call her father, they ask Hinaki if she may have any other ideas. She is flustered by the attention, so she suggests that instead of just one mascot, they should have a duo set to show off both the green and red jalapeno. Hinaki also suggests they include some spicy sweets, then brings up the donut inspired by their unit. Juri agrees to the idea and the others admit they never thought about such an idea. Jose approaches Hinaki to thank her and he tells the girls to give them whatever ideas they may have.

Later on in the day, Juri and Hinaki head back to school. She mentions that because of this great idea, they will probably be able to spread even more word about their unit, but Hinaki feels there must just be even more they can do.

The following day, Hinaki goes to Vivid Kiss' top designer, Kayoko, to speak to her about getting a special new Premium Dress for the Festival. She reveals that she has actually just finished a brand new design and shows it to Hinaki. She becomes awestruck and mentions it's similarity to Peter Pan, and she mentions that this was the plan; however, she feels as though it may actually be missing some real spice. Hinaki observes it, and she thinks about previous outfits she wore before getting an idea. She tells her that while the coord is great, she suggests adding a denim-inspired jacket. Kayoko loves the idea and comments that it is befitting of Peter Pan, so she grabs a book with swatches to begin looking through it to decide on a design and color.

Later on, Hinaki recalls what happened earlier to Akari, Juri, and Sumire. They are genuinely impressed by this, since they admit that they wouldn't have been able to do the same thing and just give out ideas the way she did. Hinaki admits that while she did worry at first, she soon realized that because it was a good idea, she had to just say it. She mentions that it has only been recently that she has been able to open up like this, and reveals that because she was in the idol industry so long, she ended up keeping her true opinions to herself. Even when she would get ideas to improve something, but not wanting to be a bother she wouldn't say anything. She worried too much over everybody and their own opinions, but after she met the others she realized she couldn't keep doing that. She has changed little-by-little, and she feels Juri has changed her the most out of everybody. She is always open and honest, and she loves how much emotion she is able to display. She is also able to keep her encouraged, but Juri claims that she can't take all of the credit. She points out that Hinaki is talented when it comes to getting new ideas, and it is one that nobody could replicate. Hinaki is very touched by her words as Juri proclaims that Hinaki is her best friend.

Soon the day of the festival arrives. Akari, Sumire, Rin, and Madoka have all come to check things out, but Rin is a bit concerned that somebody will see them. Madoka rest her worries by pointing out that since Kokone is there, a lot of attention is already directed on her. Miyabi asks her to tone it down but this just offends Kokone, since she claims this is a good chance for their own unit to gain some attention. With that the girls go on to locate the booth, where Juri and her father prepare four of their brand new special food items for them and the horde of girls who have swarmed to eye Juri's father, and observe their teamwork.

As the girls begin to eat, they are approached by the mascot, who turns out to be Hinaki. She realizes the time and calls to Juri, so they run out to change.

A woman on stage announces that it is now time for the character mascot competition. Juri and Hinaki are wearing the mascot suits and introduce themselves as Jalapi and Peno. Their odd, goofy behavior is able to win a lot of attention.

Meanwhile, as Kokone greets everybody, Miyabi attempts to hide herself even further. Hinaki offers Kokone their new donut, then gives Miyabi one. She explains that they spent a long time working on them to make sure they tasted better, and while Kokone hesitates, she takes a bite, alongside Miyabi. The girls are surprised by how good it tastes now and compliment it.

Elsewhere, Juri is giving everyone their own Jalapeno seeds, including the pot and sign resembling the mascot of the booth. A girl is surprised to learn that they can grow those there, and Juri explains that the Japanese summer is suitable for them. As the girls comment on how well Spicy Jalapeno is handling, Sumire observes the plant she was given while voicing that it probably took the girls a long time to put so much effort into hand-writing the signs like they did, and they are joined by Jose; who explains that Hinaki came up with the idea. She was sure it would allow everyone a way to personally bond with the jalapeno.

It's then the girls realize the time and they run to go and change into their coords. Kayoko arrives to give hinaki her updated cards. Hinaki is very happy, and after Juri compliments it she turns to find a coord for Juri to wear. She pulls out the Peter Pan coord made by Angely Sugar, Milky Wendy, and hands it to Juri before they go to change. They appear on stage and perform to "Summer Magic".

After their performance, everyone is asked to place their votes. A woman announces that the winning booth was the Mexican. The girls are delighted with the news as Jose brings them up onto the stage, telling everyone that it is because of all their help and everyone applauds them.

41 (142)- "Arigatō ga Iitakute" ("I Want to Say Thank You")

Aikatsu! - Episode 142

Aikatsu! - Episode 142


Airdate: July 16, 2015

One morning, the girls discuss their plans of holding Kokone a special send-off party. They are somewhat saddened to know she has to leave, but she comes from Kobe, so staying permanently was never an option. Akari reveals the special booklet she made, assigning roles to everyone; but before she is able to go over them, the girls spot Kokone. They run up to greet her and she responds, but as Akari tries to discuss the send-off, Kokone begins to yell and runs off.

Later, Kokone is in the middle of a dance lesson when Johnny tells them to break into a pose before ending it. In the hallway, the girls are waiting for them to finish, but when they run inside, Johnny reveals that Kokone has just ran out the door opposite of the one they stood at. They decide to give chase, not seeing her as she passes the hallway down the path from their own.

Eventually the girls stop at the Gazebo outside to chat about the situation. Akari wonders if maybe Kokone doesn't really want to leave, causing the girls to recall her response from that morning. Hinaki points out that she probably can't stay, since the exchange student program is only short-term. However, the girls decide to ask Orihime to find out if Kokone would be able to stay or not. But after they get there, it seems as they worried, and she cannot stay.

That night, Sumire and Akari continue discussing Kokone's predicament. Akari then gets a text from Miyabi and reveals to Sumire that she sent a message to her earlier that day to see if she heard from Kokone. Miyabi discusses an event that she and Kokone had together coming up, and mentions how much her fans have missed her. She knows that Kokone's Kobe Fans mean a lot to her as well, so she is sure that Kokone actually has no intention to stay there. With that the message ends, and Akari mentions that even though they have gone through this already with Miyabi - she feels really sad knowing Kokone has to go. Sumire mentions that it is entirely possible that Kokone feels the same way though, causing Akari to admit she never thought of that.

The girls regroup to go over Akari's plans, as she made copies for everybody. The girls are excited, so Juri shows everybody the outfits she managed to get. While Madoka reveals what she found out from a classmate, Sumire prepares her hair for her. Knowing that Kokone has been running around doing various things makes the girls wonder what she may be up to.

In the kitchen, Kokone is busy working on something. Yotsuba offers to take over for her, so that she can get some sleep but Kokone refuses; because this is something special for Starlight Academy. She wants to entirely do it on her own, but she stops momentarily to express her joy in getting to meet him, since she idolized him so much. She mentions how she never imagined a day when they could stand side-by-side back at Kobe, causing Yotsuba to reveal that he felt the same as an Idol. Back when he knew what he was doing, but felt unfulfilled and really couldn't see where his path would lead him. His dream was to always be a chef, and because he took the first step onto this path, here he is now. Kokone feels the same way and she goes over how much she learned while there, which is why she intends to do all of this herself. Yotsuba agrees to this before wishing her luck.

Later, a mysterious figure runs through the hallway. They come to Akari and Sumire's room and drop off a letter for each girl, shut with a single clover sticker. They decide to open them and are surprised to find out it's only from Kokone. She requests that they come to the Cafeteria, so the girls change and meet up with their friends, classmates, and staff, who all got the letter. They step inside to find that it has been decorated and Kokone steps out to welcome them. She has prepared a thank you party for everybody. She gives a small speech and has it begin. Right away the girls approach her to chat with her, and they find out that Miyabi informed her of the part they threw for her before she left; so she had a hunch they would end up doing the same thing.

Akari then asks her if she plans on staying at Starlight for good; but to their surprise, Kokone claims she is going home. They ask her why she was so against a send-off party, and Kokone claims that this is because it would have felt like they were telling her to leave. So by throwing a party herself, she is able to stay in the center and send her thanks out to everyone instead. Yotsuba joins the group and mentions how Kokone went and prepared everything - but she admits that she did need his help just a little bit, and some of the food came from her families shop. While happy with this change in event, Akari brings up her special plan and comments that they will still be going through with it. They practiced very hard for it, so they can't just not do it now.

With that Akari steps to the side of the room, where a small stage has been set up. She introduces it as Kokone Theater and Sumire narrates. She brings by bringing up their first time meeting Kokone, with Rin acting as Johnny-sensei and Madoka playing Kokone. While Orihime finds Rin's performance amusing, Johnny is shocked. With that, Madoka steps onto stage and acts like Kokone and they recall how nobody understood her catchphrase at first. The students find this amusing, while Kokone pouts and compares the situation to a bad joke. Hinaki takes over as the narrator and brings up how Kokone and Miyabi formed their unit, Sweet & Soft Nadeshiko, with Juri cast as the role of Miyabi. Kokone compares the two girls before they go over the incident when Kokone got hiccups; which makes everybody laugh, Kokone included.

Akari starts to narrate next, bringing up their play they all put on together. After finishing, everybody thanks Kokone for attending the school. Orihime and Johnny discuss how the girls bonded with Kokone, and she thanks the girls for what they did, complimenting Madoka for a job well done. With that, she reveals that she has a surprise for everybody.

She runs up and reveals something to them, trays of special donuts she made. She is sure that as long as they stay on the menu, nobody will forget her. But the girls tell her that they could never forget her, because they know their paths will cross again, and they will always be connected through Aikatsu. Kokone is touched by these words before Rin and Madoka tell her that she will be putting on a performance before going. She agrees and runs backstage to change, then appears on stage to perform to "Love Like Caramelize".

Afterwards, the eventual day for Kokone to leave arrived. The girls, along with Orihime came to see her off. Kokone admits that she feels saddened, but compared to the gratitude she feels, it means nothing. Akari tells her they are all just as happy to have met her, which everybody agrees with. Kokone tells them that she is really happy she came there, and she promises to never forget it. Before going, she gives her catchphrase, making a minor alteration to it.

42 (143)- "Senritsu!? Samā Airando" ("Horror!? Summer Island")

Aikatsu! - Episode 143

Aikatsu! - Episode 143


Airdate: July 23, 2015

Akari and Sumire are trying to determine why their plans for the day are suddenly wiped off of their schedules. They are joined by Juri and Hinaki, who had the same thing happen to them, along with Rin and Madoka. Orihime suddenly reveals herself to the confused group and explains that she gave everyone a summer vacation. The girls waste no time celebrating the exciting news before Akari and Sumire leave to go perform one last time before then.

After, the girls discuss how much fun the concert was before they meet up with the others in the Cafeteria. Madoka asks where they should go for their vacation, causing Hinaki and Juri to discuss how summer is used for the beach. Rin is worried about this idea though, pointing out that the beaches may be too crowded for them, and if they all showed up together it could become bothersome. They are joined by Naoto, who reveals that Orihime told him about a special beach spot for the idols to go to; where they do not need to worry about being bothered. He agrees to set up arrangements for the girls and Akari thanks him.

That night, the girls are busy packing. Akari is very excited, since she has never gotten to go to the beach before. She's never wanted anything more than getting to play beach volleyball with her friends, but Sumire warns her that if she was to get too excited she might oversleep. Akari claims that she may be too excited to sleep at all, but realizes that neither of them know where they were supposed to meet up the next day.

The next day, the girls observe Naoto's cabin cruiser that he will use to drive them over to the beach. They are joined by Akari, who stares in alarm upon realizing this very dock was the same one that led her to that hard idol boot camp she was forced to attend a while back. As the others question this, Akari tries to claim that nothing is wrong and convinces herself to just get excited again. Naoto calls for them to let them know he's ready and Akari quickly grabs her items; only to forget her beach volleyball.

While everyone enjoys their ride over to the island, Akari continues to think about her horrible time at the boot camp, realizing the island looks like it. As she is able to convince herself that she is over thinking it again, she suddenly sees the sign and stares in disbelief while the others discuss it. They notice something is off again and Hinaki reveals that Akari was sent here. She mentions being at her worst when she was sent here, but now that she looks back on it, she is also grateful for all of the hard work. Suddenly it occurs to Akari that they may have been tricked into coming here, and the girls express surprise at the realization; only for Naoto to claim that the boot cam isn't in season right now. It's basically deserted, which is why it's the perfect spot for an idol to vacation.

Excited again, Akari runs in to unpack her items. But to her sadness, she accidentally left her beach volleyball behind. While depressed, Hinaki claims there is a bunch they can do, with the other girls showing up with items; such as Sumire holding a inflatable dolphin, Madoka with an inner tube, Rin with tennis rackets, Hinaki with a water gun, and Juri with a board. Akari perks up soon enough and together the girls change into their swimsuits and run out to have fun. As this goes on, Naoto sets up a small area for himself to relax, but he reminds the girls to stretch first.

The girls do a variety of activities for a while, but for a moment Akari is reminded of how much she wanted to play volleyball with the other girls. However she doesn't feel as sad as she did before, so she watches with the others as Juri and Rin decide to have a race in the water. As this goes on, Akari helps Madoka learn how to swim; but the girls are forced to cut their time short after the sky suddenly darkens and begins to pour down rain. They run back and grab their shirts, deciding to take a break for the time being.

To lift their spirits, Akari pretends to host an idol program show. She asks for each girl to tell them a story or an experience they have had. Juri tells a story about the super-hot summer-colored tomato sauce her grandfather makes, then Sumire tells a story about the Chupa Chupa Chrubomega. She reveals that the island it lived on was a lot like this one, and she points out that everyone who tells the story ends up vanishing. The story effectively startled the girls, except for Madoka. With the sky clearing up they decide to hold lunch and set up a barbacue, but by now they realize Naoto is missing. Rin panics as she recalls what happened in the story and spots his swim trunks, which got left behind while the rest of his items are missing. Then as Hinaki reveals that their boat is missing, Rin passes out.

She recoils from the shock and starts to panic. The other girls believe that she is only overthinking it though, since they believe Sumire's story to be made up. Juri suggests that they should try to look for Naoto first and the girls head into the forest. They are able to find his items scattered around, causing Rin more panic at the idea that Naoto would be eaten by the scary monster. As Akari worries that it will happen to him she asks Sumire to read them a fortune; however, it scares them further, and even as she puts a pleasant spin on it, it doesn't help much.

With the other group, they try to call for him and see something jumping around. Hinaki and Juri run up ahead, along with a worried Madoka.

After a while Akari spots Hinaki's phone, while Rin finds Juri's hair piece. This makes them worry further that the Chupa Chupa may have already gotten them. Akari continues to call for Hinaki, but to her surprise she is grabbed by Hinaki and she has her shush, so that she can show her something. With the girls together again, they follow to find a group of monkey playing with their items. Juri then recalls how Naoto is still missing, causing Rin to say that he probably got eaten by the Chupa Chupa. However, Naoto rejoins the girls with the boat. As it turns out, he actually ran back to fetch Akari's beach ball since he knew how much she was looking forward to it.

Akari is very happy about this, but she asks that he tells the group about what happened; considering he vanished the way he did. With that, the girls start their game of beach volleyball, then they bury Naoto in sand, swim, have barbecue, and finished the day by enjoying shaved ice. They share a cheer while watching the sun set in the distance.

43 (144)- "Dokkiri Aidoru Daisakusen" ("The Great Candid Idol Operation")

Aikatsu! - Episode 144

Aikatsu! - Episode 144


Airdate: July 30, 2015

The girls discuss the summer weather one day during break when Sumire suddenly mentions her plans to head back to the school. She has a magazine interview to get ready for and plans to leave very soon. Akari and Hinaka wish her luck before flashing each other a grin after she is out of eyesight. Akari turns to signal to the camera crew watching them and begins to speak to the audience. As it turns out, Akari and Hinaka set up a hidden camera show for Sumire, where they plan to throw many surprises her way.

At a different location they speak to Director Itsumo, who thanks them for this. Akari mentions how excited they both are, as they hope to see an unexpected side of Sumire through this. After being told they will do anything to help, Itsumo informs them that they have some time before they need to do anything and has them go on standby. So while Sumire approaches her destination and is seated by one of the staff members, Akari, Hinaka, and Itsumo discuss how the interviewer is in on their plans as well. They are excited with the prospect of surprising Sumire, not only to catch her reaction, but because it's also their first time doing such a thing. Akari mentions that the biggest surprise yet will be from the final present for the day, but they refuse to say anything to Itsumo or the Staff about it.

The interviewer joins Sumire at the table and they begin to speak, greeting each other.

Meanwhile, Akari returns to Itsumo and Hinaki, where it turns out she has put on an elaborate disguise for the first surprise. They believe she makes a convincing staff worker and wish her luck before she takes off to put the first plan into action. She grabs a tray with two, fake glasses of water glued onto it. She approaches them and forces herself to stumble by tripping over the corner of a chair. While a purse is knocked down and the glasses come inches to her face, Sumire remains still; abit confused, but not surprised or startled. Akari is quick to apologize and she runs back to the van, where Itsumo and Hinaka await. She admits to her failure, showing the audience the trick tray and Hinaki prepares for the second plan.

As the interview is going on, a strange person is a cute duck costume is walking by with a bunch of bright, colorful balloons. The duck approaches Sumire to offer her a balloon, but to everyone's surprise, the balloons suddenly pop. Again Sumire remains calm and poised, and seeing this, Hinaki panics and takes off - much to the disappointment of the children. She sits down in front of the camera back inside of the van and removes the duck head while Itsumo fans her. Akari insists that it was a nice try anyway and gives her some water while she sadly confirms her defeat.

Outside of the van, Itsumo and the girls begin to chat. Itsumo suggests they try to take this in a new direction by thinking of an object or something that would surely cause her to respond with shock. Akari and Hinaki give it some thought, with Akari bringing up raw fish. He decides it is worth a try and they run off to prepare for Plan three.

At a studio, filming resumes. They explain that it will be involved with the next plan and recall how startled Sumire was when she saw all of the raw fish inside of the food container back when they went to the beach. A woman watching for Sumire enters the room to inform the girls that she is just about to enter and warns them to hide in another room.

Sumire and the Interviewer step inside and approach the set for Sumire. The interviewer explains that she wished to get some pictures of Sumire cooking and shows her the fresh ingredients they even brought in for her to use. She looks up to see a girl that resembles the one from the eatery earlier on, bring in a small cart of items. The three approach a counter and Akari uncovers the container, revealing a row of fresh, raw fish inside of it. Instead of showing alarm as they expected though, Sumire happily picks one up and compliments it's quality before asking if she can begin. With gentle ease, Sumire begins to cook while Hinaki complains over this plan failing. None of them can understand this, considering how she reacted a while back.

As she finishes, the Interviewer compliments her. Sumire admits that she was unable to handle Raw Fish before, but she recently trained herself to suppress her fears of them, knowing that she would have to be ready at a given notice to handle any sort of job that would come her way. She was very happy when she was able to finally touch one, then she decided to learn how to cook them in order to get used to handling raw fish; and now she actually really likes it. She goes on the reveal her finished food to everyone and tells the interviewer to try it, once she gets her pictures. After she takes a bite, the Interviewer is beyond amazed by how wonderful it tastes, and while this goes on, Akari and Hinaki sadly discuss being unaware of Sumire's training. With this they decide to get to their final plan and head out to a new location.

The girls have changed their clothing and quickly use a set of cards to explain their plan to the audience. They will lure Sumire to the bench and upon sitting down, the trap will activate, sending her up into the air and down a ramp that leads to a pitfall for her to fly into. As they finish the girls from earlier returns to let them know that Sumire is approaching with the interviewer. When they spot her, they call for her and the Interviewer explains she called them in to help with something. The Interviewer asks to take some pictures of them first and the girls suggest the bench. Sumire agrees to head over there with them, but before they can, Akari hears a sound and runs up the pathway with the Interviewer. She asks if this is part of the plan, but as it turns out, it is not.

They watch a loose sheep run straight for them. But at the last second, it turns and downs down the hill, towards Hinaki and Sumire. As Hinaki panics, Sumire is able to realize how frightened the sheep is and she quickly notices that if it was to keep running, it will run straight into the tree. Without a second though she takes off and jumps, grabbing the sheep in order to stop it. They land inches from the tree and it starts to lick Sumire as she is joined by Hinaki and Akari. They remark on how amazing this was and she comments that it is used to people, but probably got put on edge by all of the fuss going on here.

Meanwhile, Itsumo was also watching this but the noise of him and his Cameraman attracts the attention of Sumire. She asks about what was going on and they go back to the top of the hill and resume filming while a curious Sumire watches. Akari fills in the audience on the incident and their plans of letting Sumire know what they have been doing all day. She mentions that it was a Hidden Camera Show, and they had planned all sorts of surprises to try to shock Sumire. She mentions that she did think something odd was going on, but really wasn't all that aware of anything suspicious. With how this day ended, Akari voices how worn out and tired she is by now. She approaches the bench to sit on it, but suddenly Hinaka panics and points out that it was the trap, causing Akari to panic as she is flung down the slide and into the air, then into the pit fall.

Sumire and Hinaka join her at the bottom of the hill to check on her. With relief, Sumire is unable to hold back and a few tears fall from her eyes. She admits to being scared out of concern for Akari, so she is glad to know she is okay, but this causes the girls to realize that in a strange way, their plan actually worked. Sumire then starts to laugh, along with Akari and Hinaka as they finish the recording. Akari then calls for Itsumo and she mentions that they still have their special present for Sumire. They bring in inside of the Van and she questions what may be inside, but they just tell her to open it. She does and while initially expecting something bad, she is surprised to see the Growth Dorothy coord and the Aikatsu Cheer Bracelet. She spots the messages and reads it before expressing her happiness. She puts the bracelet on and takes out the cards, complimenting them and the Cheer Bracelet before thanking them.

With this, Itsumo requests that Sumire uses this coord to put on a performance to end the program. She agrees to the request and they head to the performance hall, where she changes and heads on stage, performing to "Emerald Magic".

Afterwards, she returns to Hinaki and Akari and Itsumo compliments their job well done.

44 (145)- "Atsui Natsu Matsuri" ("Hot Summer Festival")

Aikatsu! - Episode 145

Aikatsu! - Episode 145


Airdate: August 6, 2015

The host introduces Rin to everyone and comments on how long it has been since she last did a solo performance. She claims that she has been doing a lot of practice since then though, and runs off to change as he reveals the song she plans to perform to, "MY SHOW TIME". Afterwards, she leaves the office and is surprised to find Madoka waiting for her. Madoka mentions that out of excitement she decided to walk home with her, so she waited until she finished. Rin is also excited and they reveal that it is the time for the summer festival.

On the main floor of the building, Madoka shows Rin the message her grandmother sent, revealing that she has their Yukata made. Rin is even more exited, and they girls run into Akari, Sumire, and Hinaka. As Madoka and Rin were leaving, the trio was just showing up to begin rehearsing for an upcoming show they will be hosting. Akari informs them that it is for the Aikatsu Music Awards, which excites both girls while the trio confirm their own excitement building up for the event. Before seperating, the girls exchange wishes of luck.

The following evening, Rin and Madoka discuss their plans to pick up their Yukata from Amahane the next morning. Then, after Madoka finishes her concert they can change and head over to the festival. Rin recalls dancing with her Dance Team at the festival in the past, while Madoka remembers how she always looked forward to viewing the stalls with Amahane. They discuss the various things they love about the festival, such as candy apples, games, fireworks, and so on. They are joined by Juri, who mentions that she can go to the festival since she got the day off. She asks the girls if they would like to come with her to it and they accept.

The next morning, the girls head over to Angely Mountain and meet up with Amahane. She has them change to see how they look, along with doing their hair, explaining that the girls can think of this as a reward for working so hard lately. They compliment each others Yukata and how cute they look, causing Amahane to remark on their friendship. It's then Madoka asks if she will be coming to the festival, causing Amahane to recall her own plans of meeting Ichigo there to discuss her new dress. Madoka is a little sad to know this, but she understands since her grandmother should focus on her work. Amahane then recalls how Madoka has a performance that day and tells her that she plans on watching it, causing Madoka to promise that she will do well in showing-off the shine of the Angely Sugar coords.

The girls head to the performance area and Madoka runs back stage to change. She then appears on stage and performs to "Hello New World". Afters, it is now going on evening. The girls change and meet up with Juri, who compliments them for looking so cute in their Yukata. Juri thanks them for their own compliments and they head inside to get started.

While walking past the stalls, Juri mentions that she hasn't really come to the Summer Festival; due to her parents working so much and all of the work she had to do as an actress. She spots the goldfish scoop game and runs over to try it, but is annoyed by her failure until seeing the shiny candy apple. Madoka is happy to see that Juri enjoys how pretty it looks, but Rin shows up holding a few objects and items Madoka made her carry after buying them, asking of her plans as to what to do with them all. Madoka reveals that she tries to eat from every single stall, every year when the festival comes along. Rin is surprised and Madoka reveals that after they eat this stuff, there's still a bunch more stalls to it. However, she is sure with them eating with her, they could probably achieve her goal.

Akari, Sumire, and Hinaka have just arrived to the festival as well. Before they head inside, Akari thinks she sees someone suspicious, but stops and continues inside once Sumire calls to her.

As Rin collapes onto a bench, Madoka pulls a Taiyaki fish in half and hands one side of it to her. Rin asks that Madoka not try to make her eat anymore though, given how much they have consumed by now, but Madoka tries to convince her push past her limits; up until Rin accuses her of just using her because she knows she is unable to finish them all by herself. Madoka doesn't respond and after a moment, they happen to overhear Juri on the phone with someone. She apologizes and runs off, discussing how excited she is for her "date". Surprised, Madoka and Rin try to spy on her and watch as Sena reveals himself and approaches her.

But as it turns out, he was actually invited to attend with Johnny, Naoto, and Yotsuba. After they get caught by the girls, they curious ask of their plans. Johnny and Naoto reveal that they decided to come and hang out together, as a time to bond between men and to get away from girls for a while. Rin asks who Juri may be meeting up with, and just then her father shows up. He apologizes for taking so long and they embrace, causing Madoka to happily comment on the mystery being solved. With that, everyone resumes their own activities and fun.

Akari, Sumire, and Hinaka do some dancing, while Juri shows her dad the Candy Apples and Yotsuba offers to show them how they can make some, Naoto is unable to resist doing some sweeping, since he hasn't done it for a long time and noticed some trash, and Rin chats with Madoka and Sena, who reveal having known each other for a little while. Madoka recalls one instance when he actually joined her and Amahane at the festival and he mentions how she tried to make him eat half of the snacks; causing Rin to instantly agree with him on how it feels. Madoka is very happy by this connection between them, meanwhile.

It's then a Special Live is announced. Juri comments on how much fun the festival was and she thanks the girls for coming with her and making it something special. They agree as she shows them the cards she plans to use for her performance and runs back stage to change, reappearing to perform to "Passion Flower".

After the performance, the girls meet back up. Sumire, Akari, and Hinaka join them and express surprise in seeing Juri there - since they had no idea she was going to attend. Just then the fireworks start to go off, just as Sena arrives. Akari is surprised to see him there as well and he shows Akari the Dreamy Puppy mask, removing the otter one Akari wore to put it on instead. He then takes the otter mask and leaves the girls to watch the fireworks.

45 (146)- "Mōichido San'nin de" ("Three of Us Again")

Aikatsu! - Episode 146

Aikatsu! - Episode 146


Airdate: August 13, 2015

Akari awakens early one morning and gets ready to leave for her weather program. She comments on how the weather will be for the day before revealing the special Aikatsu8 election announcement special that is approaching. She reminds everyone to vote for their favorite idols, and they take a moment to explain how the Aikatsu8 election works to the audience. Akari admits to being nervous for the results - but she is also excited.

In the cafeteria, Yotsuba brings Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki some donuts while complimenting her program. He mentions his own opinions regarding Aikatsu8 and the girls go to sit down. While snacking the girls go over who was on Aikatsu8 the previous year; this being Seira, Maria, and Sora from Dream Academy, Mizuki and Mikuru from WM, and from Starlight, Ichigo, Yurika, and Otome. It's then Sumire brings up the fact that despite Ichigo being in Soleil with Aoi and Ran, only Ichigo got into Aikatsu8.

Elsewhere, one late evening, Ichigo and Aoi sit while being joined by Ran, who just finished her shower. They board their tour van and discuss how it has been a while since they were last at home, or at Starlight. But even they are excited for Aikatsu8, although they have other plans involving their unit as well.

At her office, Orihime, Johnny, and Naoto discuss their own ideas and theories for Aikatsu8. Orihime brings up that those who have been gaining attention for themselves during the voting period will have an advantage, then mentions Soleil's plans that will be revealed afterwards. Johnny is very happy to see how much the girls have grown, and they discuss how even the younger group have matured.

The following day, Hinaki joins Sumire and Akari, but to their surprise, two girls run up for all three of their autographs. Before they go, one of the girls reveals that she voted for Akari and wishes her luck.

That evening, while Akari lays in bed she thinks about what the girl said earlier. She is a bit sad to know that it's possible only one of her friends will make it into Aikatsu8, and she thinks about Ichigo and how only she made it. She steps outside for a moment before deeming the weather to be sunny for the next day. To her surprise, she sees Ichigo and approaches her. Ichigo mentions that she just got back and was wide awake, so she decided to take a walk. She has Akari join her to sit down and Akari explains being too excited for Aikatsu8 to sleep. Ichigo admits that even Soleil thought about it, and while their goal was to finish their nationwide tour - they want to also make it into Aikatsu8. Last year she was the only one chosen, but this year she wants to see to it that all three of them get it. Akari reveals that she felt the same way about Sumire and Hinaki, but Ichigo points out that getting what they want isn't always possible. Everyone advances at their own pace, and she reminds Akari of Mizuki and how she chose to work in solitude to advance, and with others she was able to achieve even better things. While the idea may sound harsh, the reason they can keep going is because they do their Aikatsu with no regrets.

Eventually the results program is going to start. Raichi calls for Ringo to come and watch while revealing his votes for Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran, then he shows Ringo his predictions booklet for this years Aikatsu8. Ringo takes a look at it and deems the ideas inside to be on the right track, then they sit down to watch the show.

The man announces the special and with that it begins. With everyone in the audience, he builds suspense before announcing the very first idol to be: Ichigo. Everyone applauds her and she thanks them before standing and heading on stage. The announcer gives a small comment as to what Ichigo has been doing, then moves onto the second member, Mizuki. She silently waves to everyone and joins Ichigo as he explains that she had an Asia tour, through Shanghai, Seoul, Singapore, and a few others. Third is Ran, who is very surprised, followed by an excited Aoi and the man reveals that all three members of Soleil made it in. He goes in to announce Sakura, Yurika, a surprised Sumire, and the final member, Akari. Akari is surprised by this, but the other girls congratulate her as she mades her way onto the stage. Everyone in the audience cheers for the girls as they stand on stage, including Juri and Hinaki. Raichi is delighted that he guessed every idol right and comments on how happy Ichigo probably is to be with Ran and Aoi.

He goes on to reveal that Soleil has a special announcement as well and they step up to take over. First they express their words of happiness in being together before Ichigo goes on to reveal their new project: The Great Starlight School Festival. It is an event that will hosts trio units and they hope it will become a goal for idols to strive for, along with bringing the fans tons of joy and fun. Ichigo tells everyone that they are invited to join in on it, and with that the Announcer reveals that to finish the show, Soleil will perform for everyone.

Behind the stage, the three girls exchange words of encouragement before they run to change. They put on their school coords and appear on stage, singing to "Idol Activity!". After the performance, the girls share a final message with everyone in the audience while Akari and Sumire watch from the side.

46 (147)- "Kagayaki no Ruminasu" ("The Dazzling Luminas")

Aikatsu! - Episode 147

Aikatsu! - Episode 147


Airdate: August 20, 2015

Hinaki watches a program regarding Aikatsu8 and their recent concerts. She is joined by Akari and Sumire, who had been trying to find her. They reveal their desire to form a unit with Hinaki for the Great Starlight School Festival. All three girls had the same plan of asking the other two so they agree to do it.

Around campus, everyone is going on about the exciting trio-unit festival approaching. As Hinaki observes a poster, she is joined by Juri, who brought her some orange juice to deal with the summer heat. Hinaki thanks her and takes the drink, and Juri sits down to join her. She discusses Akari, Hinaki, and Sumire's idea to form a unit before voicing her own desire to do it too, along with Madoka and Rin. However, while she talks she happens to notice that Hinaki has been quiet and questions it. She admits to having been thinking, and voices her frustration she was not to have made it into Aikatsu8 and grew worried that she may not have been good enough to be in a unit with them. But she knows that not being chosen has encouraged her to strive for something further. She hands Juri the empty glass and runs off to work in a perked up mood.

Hinaki goes for a jog through town, encouraging herself to work even harder now. She happens to spot a few girls and thinks over how well coordinated their outfits are while continuing her jog.

Meanwhile, Kayoko approaches a few stage workers and questions how things are going. She compliments their work before being joined by Orihime; who asks to stay and observe the photoshoot since her appointment ended early. Kayoko allows it, very happy to have her there and mentions that Hinaki will be coming soon. As it turns out, Orihime actually wished to speak to Hinaki - knowing how shocked she was by being left out of Aikatsu8. She thinks about the girls who got into it this year, and brings up how the girls activities was taken into consideration by the fans. Hinaki gained a huge deal of popularity as a representative model in a fashion magazine, and has been appearing on numerous magazine covers as of late. However, she compares her to another fashion-oriented idol, Ran, saying that her effort and work had made her suitable for the muse of Spicy Ageha's top designer. Kayoko says that Hinaki has put in her own devotion and effort, and tells Orihime not to worry over her.

It's then Hinaki runs inside and greets everyone. She voices surprise to see Orihime - who in tern brings up her good mood suddenly. Hinaki claims this to be true and explains how she ran there. She did it in order to build up her strength, and while doing so, she also learned what was currently fashionable now. Kayoko is sure that Hinaki is ready for the photoshoot and they go to have her change.

Eventually Hinaki finishes and heads over to watch the filming of Aikatsu Sensei. She thanks Juri for allowing this, and she plans to learn a lot from her acting. Juri encourages her and Hinaki wishes her luck as the rehearsal begins.

Later on, Hinaki decides to do some training. She jumps on the trampoline to practice her poses, then stops for a break before thinking of her next plan. She recalls that the girls need a unit name and makes an attempt to think of one - however, she struggles. Suddenly Johnny appears and reveals that Kayoko just called. She wants Hinaki to come back for a few more shots for the Vivid Kiss collection, but Hinaki is concerned by the retake and takes the transfer van, worried that she may have messed up.

Upon arrival she greets everyone before greeting Kayoko, who apologizes for making Hinaki come at the last second like this. Hinaki quickly apologizes for herself, leaving Kayoko confused until Hinaki claims the first set of photos must have been bad. Kayoko calms her worries by claiming they were actually the best she's ever seen, the only reason she called Hinaki back was out of greed; she created a brand new coord and wanted her to wear it. She explains that while overlooking the various girls they took pictures of, she was inspired upon viewing Hinaki's. She got so many ideas that she suddenly put together this, the Fine Drum coord. She explains what story inspired it before Hinaki compliments the wonderful outfit. Hinaki asks that Kayoko allow her to wear the dress after teasing her and Hinaki quickly changes to pose for some new photos.

While watching Hinaki, Kayoko thinks about the important things for a model. They have to be able to display the appeal of their outfits and themselves, and she knows that Hinaki has learned this and is able to show it for everyone to see.

With that the days flew by, with the girls training, working, and taking lessons. The Great Starlight Festival event would be approaching soon.

One morning, Akari is going through her weather program. She reveals the time and weather forecast and she wishes for everyone's health during this warm day. After she finishes, she goes over her plans for the day, and realizing that she actually has the afternoon off, she'll do some shopping. She changes and purchases a crepe from a stand she never visited before, then starts screaming upon spotting something amazing. She quickly takes a picture of it and contacts Hinaki and Sumire - who have been trying to work on thinking up a name. The girls run to her location before Akari points out something. To their shock, Hinaki looks up to see a large image of her dressed in the Fine Drum coord. She hears many girls speak of her and how much they like her. In this time, Hinaki suddenly thinks of a unit name: Luminas. She explains it's meaning and both girls agree.

With their new idol unit formed and a name, Hinaki runs to the performance when she runs into Kayoko. She put aside her plans for the day in order to see Hinaki perform in the brand new coord. Hinaki is touched and admits that she lost her confidence and felt bad after not making it into Aikatsu8 - but now, she has seen that her hard work has been paying off and she has gotten her confidence back. She asks that Kayoko continues to be there for her and she agrees before deciding that Hinaki is her muse. She explains the meaning of it to Hinaki and she thanks her before being joined by Sumire and Akari. They call for her and they take off, with Kayoko in tow for the audience area.

Back stage, the girls compliment each others special coords and their plan to wear them together. With Hinaki in the Fine Drum, Akari wearing Girly Violin, and Sumire in the Flute Mystery. Sharing a quick cheer the girls run through the changing area and appear on stage, performing "Little Beat, Little Wing".

Afterwards, the girls head outside and comment on how much fun they had together. They agree to make the Starlight Festival just as exciting and fun and share another cheer.

47 (148)- "Kaimaku, Dai Sutāraito Gakuen-sai☆" ("Raise the Curtain, the Great Starlight School Festival☆")

Aikatsu! - Episode 148

Aikatsu! - Episode 148


Airdate: August 27, 2015

One morning, PowaPowa Puririn is watching an idol news announcement. Akari reveals through her weather program that round 1 of the Great Starlight School Festival will be beginning shortly, and the team starting it up will be Soleil. Joining them will be PowaPowa Puririn, along with Luminas too. Akari claims they will do really good, with Hinaki and Sumire joining her to wish everyone for support.

After the program finishes, Otome claims PowaPowa Puririn will also do their best as well and decides that to start, they need to go over themselves to see what they have as a unit. She asks Sakura where their specialties lie, and she explains that they have on-the-scene productions and variety shows, they also have their concerts. She asks Shion what their biggest appeal is, but all Shion can think of is how each member has a high prestige, considering they have two starlight queens in their group. They also point out how Shion is playing the lead role in a new project - which she admits to being a little nervous about. However, she takes things easy while still being serious.

It's then Shion gets a an alert to inform her that someone has just sent her the schedule for filming. She reveals that the concert conflicts with one of the filming days, which disappoints Otome considering they rarely ever get to perform in huge venues like this. She claims she will be able to handle it and promises to stand on stage with them come that day.

Outside, Otome is finishing her walk along another slope for the day on her program. She is joined by Hinaki and they end the program, thanking everyone for their help before going to sit down for a break. Hinaki is shocked to learn that Shion has other plans that day of the festival when they need to perform. She recalls their discussion from earlier on - but believes that Shion will be able to make it work in the end anyway. It's then Otome gets a call and begins chatting with the person on the other end as Hinaki silently observes her, surprised to know how hard her upper class-man works.

That evening she joins Sumire and Hinaki in their room to reveal a plan that occurred to her. She thinks that in order to make the Festival even more wonderful, they should try to support and back up their upper class-man in anyway they can. The other two agree before asking her what she has in mind. So far Hinaki has only thought of one thing, and shows the items in her backpack before revealing to them that Shion is scheduled to go up into the mountains for filming. She feels that she could really use some provisions during this time, and plans to go as a representative of Luminas.

When that day comes, Hinaki tiredly climbs the mountain. She follows the map but finds herself too exhausted to continue until she spots a huge cliff above her. She continues to climb, and hurried to cross a bridge before falling down a small dirt hill. She hears noise surrounding her before spotting a strange girl, realizing it to be Shion before hurriedly running to her. She is delighted to have found Shion and they go to a nearby building to take a break.

As Shion asks why Hinaki came all the way there, she refuses the gift from Hinaki before revealing what she has to live off of during this time. Hinaki is surprised, but Shion explains that it is a valuable part of her method acting while in seclusion. Hinaki is very inspired, but asks if she will be able to make it back to perform in time. Shion is not sure, but she continues to push herself for the sake of not living in the shadows of her unit mates. Feeling more inspired, Hinaki decides to take off and heads back to home.

The next day, Shion arrives - dressed and ready to start filming.

Meanwhile, the announcer reveals that the Great Starlight School Festival is starting. He reminds everyone how it works before revealing that PowaPowa Puririn will be going first. Everyone in the audience patiently waits. In the waiting rooms, Akari, Hinaki, and Sumire voice concern over Shion before deciding to pay Otome and Sakura a visit. Otome is on he phone chatting with Shion and wishes her luck before Sakura notices them. The girls say good morning before voicing their excitement to watch them perform. Sakura points out that Shion hasn't arrived yet, but Otome is sure they will be fine since she believes in Shion; as does Sakura.

On stage, the announcer reveals that it is the unit's time to go on. Sakura and Otome come out and reveal to everyone that Shion hasn't arrived yet, as she is busy filming for her movie. This concerns and disappoints everyone, but Sakura asks that they be patient until Shion arrives, because they know she will. Worriedly, Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki watch from the side as Otome and Sakura asks that everyone prays with them in wishing that Shion will show up. The fans agree to this and pray alongside them, Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki.

Suddenly, Shion arrives out of nowhere, still in her ninja attire. Everyone cheers at Shion's appearance as she joins her friends on stage and she apologizes for being late. She thanks the audience and apologizes for keeping them waiting, then together the six run backstage again. Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki chat with them before heading back to watch their performance as the girls change into their unit outfits and appear on stage, performing to "Angel Snow".

After their performance everyone cheers as the girls thank them for coming to see them. They share a few words with the audience, but to their surprise the lights suddenly go out. The monitor turns on behind them to reveal the four Dream Academy students, causing everyone to cheer again. One by one the girls introduce themselves to the audience and reveal that they are currently in Okinawa for a Dream Academy Fan Meeting. They are having a lot of fun, but Akari, Hinaki, and Sumire realize that this must have been the vague thing Otome spoke of earlier. With that, the four ask that everyone watches their performance and they appear on stage to perform "Happy Crescendo".

Afterwards, PowaPowa Puririn thank Dream Academy for their special guest appearance and they go on to perform another song.

Later on, Akari asks how Shion's filming went off. Shion explains that due to her method acting, she was able to nail all of her action scenes in a single take, so it sped up the process. Sakura compliments Shion for her hard work, but Shion admits that there was a few times when she felt as though it was too hard - but with the reminder of her dear friends and unit mates, she was able to keep going. To celebrate they do their group cheer.

48 (149)- "Fuzoroi no Karā-tachi" ("Our Different Colors")

Aikatsu! - Episode 149

Aikatsu! - Episode 149


Airdate: September 3, 2015

Rin and Madoka are chatting about the recent performances they saw earlier on during the start of the Festival. Rin is inspired by the fact that PowaPowa Puririn doesn't use their cuteness over their actual talents, and Madoka voices how cute the Dream Academy Girls look. The two of them agree that they both wish to partake in the Festival as well and Madoka asks Rin to join her on stage - causing Rin to admit that she wants to perform with Madoka too. However, they need a third person, and to their surprise, said girl bursts through the room at that very moment to invite them to join her.

Juri voices surprise when the girls reveal they planned to ask her about joining them. They are so excited around her that they feel she is just what they need to. She is glad to know the trio is on the same page as Madoka recalls their fun during the Summer Festival. Juri claims it was also special to her as well and decides to enter them into the idol unit Festival; only for them to realize they don't have a unit name yet.

During lunch the trio go over the few ideas they came up with, but they haven't made up their mind yet. Madoka asks how Juri was able to come up with Passionate Jalapeno, but as she answers, Juri notices that Madoka only got ice cream for lunch. Madoka claims she ate too much during breakfast, so she decided to have something small. Juri reminds her of the importance of eating a full meal and they look at Juri's own food to see that she got something spicy. She comments that since she and Hinaki aided the Mexican Food Stall earlier on that year, she has been craving it for a good while. Madoka observes what Rin got and this makes her realize that their preferences are very different.

Later, the girls go on to train and realize just how different they are from each other. Madoka also points out the vast differences in colors between the unis; like PowaPuri's fluffy color, Soleil's glamorous color, and they are sure that Luminas will have a cheerful color to it. Their colors all clash, but Juri decides that first they need to find a way to unite themselves, which they unanimously decide that getting a unit dress with the same design would probably help, and give them a few hints regarding a unit name. Madoka offers to call her grandmother, but Asuka reveals that she is too busy with a recent collection. Rin also fails, as Sonny is somewhere in New York. Juri decides to contact the top designer of her favored brand, Sangria Rosa - but he reveals that he has an urgent dress order to cover first. So he is leaving and can't accept the request; however he does have someone in mind and reveals a young man that he knows, who is currently trying to start his own brand. He has been getting inspiration from his own work and trusts the boy, so Juri asks for him to introduce them. He agrees and hangs up to let the boy know.

Outside at the Gazebo, the trio meet up with Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki to discuss the news. The girls are delighted to hear this and they exchange a few more words before the trio leave.

On the train, Juri reveals to Madoka and Rin that Encierro left his atelier open to help them get their unit dresses made. The girls are excited to meet his disciple but they stop to observe the city for a moment before someone approaches them. The boy greets them before introducing himself as the designer of their coords. Juri is quickly impressed and takes the rose he offers her before promising to make them them great coords. Oddly, Juri notices how different his hand feels from the Andalusian winds she is used to feeling there. Muleta is excited to be given such a huge responsibility from his role model, and he promises to deliver great coords before asking the girls what they had in mind.

Juri explains that first they need to determine a color for their unit - something that will unite them. He observes the three girls and they decide to perform their song for him first, so that he can get an idea of what to expect. After they finish, he is disappointed and explains that he can see why they struggle so much. The girls are disappointed, then Madoka and Rin claim that Juri is the center of the unit and ask if it will help. Muleta seems to get the idea, and he asks for some more practice and training from them in order to get some ideas and determine just what their color is. He works over some drafts, but feels that something is missing, though he claims it not to be their faults - instead he believes it is his own for not being good enough.

Juri suddenly tells him that just giving the other two her own color isn't the right answer. She is glad the girls offered such an idea though, but replicating her doesn't solve anything. Madoka then goes on to ask Juri they each try each others behaviors - such as acting cutesy like Madoka, then being cool like Rin, but this doesn't seem to help much. Muleta is still uninspired and decides to take some time to himself to try to think things over. The girls decide to keep practicing, since she is sure an idea will come to them sooner or later.

Muleta observes the various outfits but still has no answer. No matter how much he tries, nothing comes to him until he stops to open his window and relax. He suddenly gets an idea as to why he is failing and decides that he lacks the passion of the Andalusian wind. The way to improve is to get hotter and hotter and storms out of his room, just to spot the girls napping together. Juri awakens to see Muleta, which wakes up the other two and they decide to keep training. Juri mentions they didn't eat lunch yet, causing Madoka to recall what Juri told her the day before.

Muleta continues to draw until Juri interrupts. She has him sit down while she picks up and he claims the girls aren't at fault, as he lacks the passion needed to make a good unit coord. Juri claims he has a lot though and to get his mind off of it she invites him to join them for lunch. She decides they will use the kitchen and curiously looks through his book, surprised by the amazing art in it. She asks to keep it and he agrees, then they head to the kitchen to find that the girls prepared a meal composed of all the things they like, with Madoka handling Dessert, Rin made steak, and Juri made something spicy. As he compliments the meal, Muleta suddenly gets an idea and the girls realize that by bringing a little bit of themselves together, they create something wonderful.

However, Muleta is still down on himself over trying to create a color for the girls in a way that allows their unique personalities to blend. Juri claims to understand, by saying one represents hot, one spicy, and one sweet. Diluting their personalities won't allow them to shine, and she claims that Muleta plays his own part too, because he is the one making their unit dresses. He is someone who may not be as hot as Juri or his mentor, but his cool and calm heart is just what they need. She takes out the book from earlier and reveals the picture of the three of them sleeping that he drew earlier on, surprising Madoka and Rin. Juri asks him to create a dress for them and shows him the warm and gentle picture he drew to encourage him.

Back in his room, Muleta resumes designing as the girls train.

Eventually he has created three wonderful coords and has the girls return to see them. Rin compliments the spice with the mint green and deep blue, while Juri sees the passionate red blending with a sexy deep purple, and Madoka compliments how blue and pink manage to appear sexy and cute. Muleta is proud of his work and he turns the dresses into a set of unit coord cards and hands them to Juri. They are joined by Encierro, who applauds the wonderful coords. He compliments his disciple for a job well done as well, for creating a wonderful dress that he would be unable to replicate. Muleta is being delighted over this and his words, and the girls decide to go.

Outside, Rin suddenly thinks of some key components of each girl and comes up with three words: Vanilla, Chili, and Pepper. She explains the inspiration behind it and the girls all agree on it, enjoying the unique name. The girls quickly run for home in order to get themselves entered into the Great Starlight School Festival.

The announcer reveals that Vanilla Chili Pepper will be going out to perform for the very first time. Backstage the girls share a cheer before they change into their unit coord. When they appear on stage, they perform to "Chica Chica".

Afterwards, the girls sit on the stage in the empty concert hall while observing the sun set. They discuss how much fun they had and how they may actually manage to come in first place. They rise together to share a cheer.

49 (150)- "Hoshi no Kizuna" ("The Bond Between Stars")

Aikatsu! - Episode 150

Aikatsu! - Episode 150


Airdate: September 10, 2015

Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki are preparing to do some training to prepare for their performance. They try to determine what the best methods would be to make Luminas shine even better, and Akari suggests that they should work on improving their unit appeal. They need something more dazzling, which they agree with. Hinaki plays a video of their previous appeal and criticizes how slowly they did, as well as the fact that they didn't get enough height. They need to improve three various aspects: Height, Speed, and Timing. Encouraged the girls get straight to work, deciding to spend every day training until they then.

Meanwhile, Kaede is outside when she spots someone using the training facility. She approaches it to see Luminas inside and right away feels inspired to be a part of the Great Starlight School Festival too.

The following day, Yurika finishes recording for a commercial. The director compliments her for a job well done, leading her to scold him for trying to imitate her. Suddenly, she notices Kaede in the distance, floating down to her and scolds her for startling her so suddenly. Kaede apologizes, but claims she did it to get herself even more excited, approaching Yurika to explain her recent idea. She tells Yurika that she wants to enter the School Festival with her, but Yurika points out it's for three member units only - which is why Kaede wants to enter it as Tristar. Yurika is surprised by this and thinks back to her time with Kaede and Mizuki, up until the point when she decided to separate from Starlight Academy and walk her own path. Their popularity remained, and they had the option to remain a unit even without her, but Yurika chose to disband it.

Kaede tries to encourage Yurika, saying that they could reform Tristar with this opportunity - and even form a better Tristar, as they have all grown in their Aikatsu since back then. More than anyone she wants to see this performance, and she asks Yurika to join her. Yurika refuses by saying Mizuki wouldn't return to them and walks off.

Later in the day, Luminas practices their various poses on the trampoline. Yurika walks in and thinks back to the days she spent with the other two as Tristar. She refuses to believe it can work, but gets a text from Sakura. In it, Sakura asks Yurika to stop by the Sakura Chateau when she gets a chance. Curious, she makes her way over.

Upon arrival, Sakura leads Yurika to a room, where Otome and Shion await with a bunch of tomatoes. Green Grass had a huge amount of tomatoes from their garden and the girls wanted to share them by having everyone get together to make tomato products; such as juice and sauce. They know how much Yurika likes tomato juice, but she quickly claims that she drinks blood, not tomato. But she is unable to avoid her enthusiasm, saying that she likes it with a little salt and pepper or splash of lemon juice. After Shion points out she just revealed that she does like tomato juice, she pouts and joins them in the kitchen.

As the girls prepare, Sakura reveals that she called Vanilla Chili Pepper, and Luminas will be joining them once they finish training. They begin to discuss their unit, the concert performance, their talents, and so on until Yurika asks if Kaede will be joining them.

A while later, Kaede runs up the path to spot Yurika waiting for her. She is happy and starts to head inside, only for Yurika to stop her to speak about something. Before she can get a word out, she is embraced by Kaede, who already has an idea as to what she wished to say. Flustered, Yurika quickly explains that she has been unable to think of anything but Tristar since the announcement for the School Festival. Like Kaede, she also wishes to perform with Mizuki and her friend again, and any idol affiliated with the school has the right to enter. Mizuki still has qualifications to enter as well, but she has chosen to walk away from the school so Yurika is doubtful that she will return. Kaede suggests they face Mizuki and Yurika agrees.

However, Kaede chooses to go by parachuting - much to Yurika's horror. She asks her why she isn't used to this yet, which earns her a yelling from Yurika until they spot Mizuki taking a walk. They land onto the ground after Kaede calls out to her and with a smile, Mizuki greets them. They head inside and explain why they have showed up so suddenly, and they explain their desire to have Mizuki rejoin them and reform Tristar. She thinks about it, and thinks about their time together in their unit. The girls are surprised to hear this, and Mizuki tells them how happy she is that they thought of her, quickly agreeing to it. However, she needs to meet with someone before she can say yes, and she calls Orihime for a meeting.

They sit together and she explains her desire to enter the School Festival under the reformed Tristar. She knows that she was the one who left in the past, but she wants to perform with her friends again, and she was hoping her previous affiliation will allow her to join. Orihime has no problem accepting this, as she feels that Mizuki is part of the reason that Aikatsu has kept going. Many idols populate the scene, but she has been the one encouraging everyone to keep going and try harder, and for this she is grateful. Mizuki thanks her and right away, an idol report is put up detailing the event as various fans and idols watch.

Everyone is very excited by the news and ready to see their performance, including the members of Vanilla Chili Pepper. They discuss the news and comment on how popular the unit was, and how they used to watch their performances. Johnny even discusses it with Yotsuba, and they discuss how many younger idols have been excited by the news. Naoto is happy for the turn of events but he questions why they are sitting around eanting donuts. The guys explain how good it is to have a little guy time every now and then, and Johnny mentions that he called Sena, causing Naoto to remind him he lives in the mountains and it is pretty far away. With that, they decide to hold their next guy bonding time at Sena's place and have barbecue. It's then Johnny recalls Luminas and decides to save them some donuts.

The girls continue to train and make a few more poses until they get too tired to continue. However, they are disappointed by their lack of progress.

Another idol report is held, with the man revealing that today, Tristar will be holding their performance. Everyone continues to grow excited as the performance time approaches.

As she walks through a hallway, Mizuki is surprised by Ichigo, who has come to speak to her. They stand on the stage, with Ichigo recalling that it was the very area where Mizuki performed, and where she saw her first idol concert that inspired her to become an idol too. Mizuki comments that it was also the spot where she gained her resolve to continue idoling, just when she was on the verge of quitting. Ichigo is very happy to have gotten to see Mizuki, and she claims that there was a lot she wanted to speak to her about. Mizuki agrees before revealing there is still time before the concert, so she asks Ichigo if she would like to do it now.

As Yurika and Kaede discuss sushi, they are joined by Mizuki. She apologizes for making them wait and to her surprise, Mikuru has come to watch their performance. She comments that she was really excited to see the performance, since watching Mizuki always makes her feel motivated, and she has even brought some flowers for her. The girls share a few words and head back stage to change. They appear on stage and perform "Take Me Higher".

After the performance, everyone in the audience cheers for them. The girls stand backstage together, and Mizuki thanks them for bringing her back into Tristar. The girls are just as happy and they thank her before they all share an embrace.

Outside, Luminas discusses how amazing the performance was, including their appeal. While happy, the girls are a bit concerned, but they decide to keep training anyway. As Luminas, they need to shine just as bright as their name, if not even more. Their turn will be approaching, and it encourages them even further.

50 (151)- "Sutēji no Hikari" ("Light of the Stage")

Aikatsu! - Episode 151

Aikatsu! - Episode 151


Airdate: September 17, 2015

While practicing their jumps and poses, Akari, Hinaki, and Sumire suddenly falter and fly down to the ground, bouncing until they get the trampoline to stop. They are unable to understand what their problem is, since they got the form itself down. They are unable to get their timing and height straightened out, and if they can't they will surely lose. With a smile, Akari tries to perk up her teammates and hands them each a towel to cool off with. With surprise, Hinaki reveals that the girls have been training for three hours. Akari encourages Sumire and Hinaki to keep going, believing that they truly can shine even brighter. This works and the girls get back to training.

Johnny-sensei reveals the remaining units to be performing for the final day of the Great Starlight School Festival. He explains to Orihime that he has been determining it with the use of a lottery, which was suggested by Ichigo. He shows that he has already picked one card, that being Soleil. The second card, he has just picked and he reveals it to Orihime.

Suddenly, Akari gets a call and she reveals to her friends that they will be performing on the final day of the Festival with Soleil. The very same news makes it's way around the idoling news channels, along with the fact that the top five units being revealed following those performances to crown the top unit. This adds more pressure onto the girls as they think about their competition. Akari quickly encourages Hinaki and Sumire to not get discouraged, so with the week remaining before their Performance they trained, sang, danced, and practiced their special appeals as much as they could until then.

As the days passed, the girls continued a variety of training. But as they did not too long back, they falter on their jump and still have not gotten it down. Hinaki worries she may have lost sight over it, and she asks if they will really be able to shine as they hoped. Akari claims she can tell, and tells her friends how brilliantly shiny they look to her. Everyone feels discouraged every now and then, and if you focus too much on your ideals and training you will lose sight of yourself. But without doubt, even by little they are still moving forward. They thank Akari before she comments hearing something similar from Ichigo. She reminds them of the limited time before their concert and with that the girls resume, unknowingly before Johnny and Orihime.

Until the big day arrives, the girls do a variety of things to use every single minute until their performance, like pull extremely heavy weights, bungee jump from the sides of buildings to practice their appeals, and even climb Angely Mountain. Once again on the trampoline, they jump high into the air and pose together, realizing they finally managed to perform the appeal they worked so hard to obtain.

Eventually the final day of the Great Starlight School Festival arrives. The announcer explains that Luminas will be performing that morning, while Soleil will perform during the afternoon. The two units great each other and give good wishes to each other before Luminas goes back stage to perform. They share some words of encouragement and change into their coords, appearing on stage to perform to "Little Beat, Little Wing".

Afterwards, everyone cheers and compliments their job well done. On stage, Luminas thanks everyone before Soleil make their way back stage to change. They share a quick cheer and change into their coords, appearing on stage to perform "Diamond Happy" in their brand new unit coords.

All ten units return to the stadium as the announcer reveals the top five. On the screen, the units are revealed to be Vanilla Chili Pepper, Tristar, Soleil, PowaPowa-Puririn, and Luminas. As the girls happily cheer over it, the other idol units sadly admit defeat as the winning units step onto the stage. He then goes over to reveal each of the units rankings, saying that Vanilla Chili Pepper came in fifth, while PowaPowa-Puririn came in fourth. In third was Tristar, much to quite a few shocks - despite the huge gap between scores. Kaede thanks everyone, along with Yurika and Mizuki. Luminas is revealed to have placed second, which surprises them as the announcer reveals they topped Tristar by 304 points. In first is Soleil, and together the trio thank everyone and share words over how much fun they had during the School Festival.

That evening, Akari goes for a walk when she spots someone using the training building. She is greeted by Sumire and Hinaki, who are equally surprised not to be in that building that evening; since they spent such a long time training in it. They are surprised to see each other there however, and Akari admits that despite how painful the entire ordeal was, ti was worth it. She knows they will have even more fun and reach their dreams in due time.

51 (152)- "Deai ni Tsudzuku Michi" ("The Road of Meetings")

Aikatsu! - Episode 152

Aikatsu! - Episode 152


Airdate: September 24, 2015

Akari, Hinaki, and Sumire watch the performance of Soleil once more. Akari suddenly stops the video and decides they shouldn't be wasting the time doing that, they need to learn more ways of surpassing Soleil. Hinaki asks what it may be exactly what makes them so wonderful to begin with, and Sumire points out that because they can shine so well by themselves, together they become blindingly bright. Akari adds onto this by saying that ever since they first encountered one-another, they inspired each other and pushed her to become her best. This allows them to grow beyond their limits, so Hinaki writes down the word "encounters". Sumire, realizing how their own encounters have helped them, looks into her fortune telling book to determine their own prediction. She reads to them, "A Premonition of wonderful encounters on a journey."

The girls think over what Sumire read and she hands Hinaki a tour book on Hokkaido. By the time early morning arrives, Akari reveals that the proposal for Luminas' Japan Tour is finished. The girls happily observe it with her for a moment before they leave to drop it off at the office.

Nervously, they approach Orihime, Naoto, and Johnny-sensei. They reveal their plans to embark on a new journey and Akari hands her their plan, saying that they would like to go on a nationwide tour. Everyone is surprised by this, and Naoto points out the difficulty behind it, and while Akari admits their plans aren't set into stone just yet, they want to do it no matter what. Orihime observes their proposal book as Akari explains the importance of growing even further as idols. She asks for permission for them to go onto tour and Orihime states their proposal needs more work; however, she tells them to get to work right away to complete it with their own powers. She believes the idea to be fantastic and gives the girls her support. She tells them that by taking the opportunity to make a big splash they are already on their way to success. She is sure if they overcome this together, their unit will grow even further.

The girls decide they need to start planning and they go to the Library in order to write down important factors. Such as location, various plans, and their budgets. They will need to reserve venues for the concerts and make detailed schedules as well. To their surprise, Juri, Madoka, and Rin have suddenly arrived to lend a hand. They found out from the Headmistress what Luminas was up to and wanted to help as much as they could. Together the six sit down and Akari points out they need to focus on a theme for the tour. Juri encourages them to put their passions into it, and Madoka asks them what inspired them to take the tour to begin with. They explain the importance behind encounters and because of this, they wish to go seek greater goals by learning and making new encounters.

Rin points out that this seems to be their theme and Akari agrees, writing it down. Hinaki questions how they can achieve such an open topic though, so Juri suggests they greet and talk to everyone the see. She watches as Akari draws a little doodle and asks about it, so Akari explains to them that she figured the best way to see the fans was to get very close to them with a vehicle. Hinaki loves the idea and shows the other girls, who all agree that their own special van will be a great way to see the fans up close and personally. While they know it wont be easy, they know that it will be worth it and help them grow. With that, Vanilla Chili Pepper decides to handle the paper work needed for the girls to acquire a van, pointing out that the other girls need to focus on their planning to make sure everything is perfect.

Suddenly, Juri brings up finances and asks who will cover it. To her surprise, everyone agrees that they feel she is right for the job - surprising her until she agrees to do it. She is an expert at math and is sure it will be fine. Rin also offers to take charge of promotions and public relations, and Madoka will look into available venues. The girls thank the trio for their efforts and Luminas goes out to release a press conference regarding the news. They explain their plans to everyone, surprising many of the fans.

Akari goes to the Television Channel she does her weather program under and speaks with the host and assistant about Luminas' plans. She explains the importance of encounters and she tells everyone to say hi if they spot the van. She plans to continue her Weather Program despite leaving, and she thanks everyone before taking off.

Later in the day, the girls join one-another again to discuss the various ideas they have come up with. Hinaki has includes a variety of songs and wardrobe, as well as Akari and Sumire. Before discussing it, Hinaki points out that Juri informed her that they were almost done with the specifics regarding their itinerary. She also points out that they get to see their brand new wagon van the following day, much to their excitement.

The next day, Johnny-sensei brings the six girls to the vagon van under the Academy's private use. They are granted permission to do whatever they please to it, and he encourages them to make it something special. Naoto brings some items from storage to the girls and tells them they can use whatever they like. With that the girls get to work, painting the wagon van a bright shade of blue and pink. They also make striped designs and include some designs around it until they determine they are finished. Rin asks to take a picture for some promotional items and she has Luminas stand together for it. Everyone compliments their job well done before the picture is taken, and with that a meeting is held back inside of the school.

There, Hinaki discusses how smoothly everything is going so far. Akari reveals they have something to ask of from Vanilla Chili Pepper, and together the trio get up and walk in front of them, saying that before going they wanted to show gratitude and say farewell to their fans there. They want to hold a special concert to set off the tour, but they would also like Juri, Rin, and Madoka to join them in this performance. This surprises the trio, as the girls explain that they wouldn't have been able to get this far by themselves, and they want to sing this song out of gratitude with them to blow everyone away. Juri, Madoka, and Rin agree to the request right away and together the six share a cheer.

At the concert venue, everyone prepares for the collaboration performance to start. In the back room, the girls chat among themselves until Orihime, Johnyn, and Naoto appear to congratulate the girls. Orihime compliments them for taking on the challenge of planning the nationwide tour and managed to pull it off, but this is just the beginning. The real trial will begin after they take their first stage for the tour. They will truly be tested in that time and by on their own, but everyone has high hopes for them.

With that, the girls go to change back stage. They change into their school coords and appear to perform "Lovely Party Collection".

Afterwards, they thank everyone from the stage and voice their excitement and thanks for their support. Juri, Madoka, and Rin tell the girls to do well and have fun, and Akari thanks them, alongside the many fans.

With that, the girls step into their van and take off. Akari narrates wile revealing that she has decided to change her hairstyle again, and explains that their eventual goal of becoming Starlight Queen.

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