1 (153)- "Tobidasou, Hirogaru Sekai!" ("Let's Fly into a Vast New World!")

Aikatsu! - Episode 153

Aikatsu! - Episode 153


Airdate: October 1, 2015

The episode opens with the explanation of Luminas' Japan Tour. Their first stop is the land of Hokkaido, and they plan to spend the next three months traveling all around the country in their self-designed Aikatsu Wagon.

As the girls stare out of the window, Akari opens it to yell out to everyone. Hinaki points out that they aren't in the mountains, but they agree how they're all excited and ready to begin. Hinaki then goe on to discuss Akari's change in hairstyles, and she explains her desire to change it into something new for their journey. With that, the girls turn on the television program discussing their plans. She takes the time to name each girl, the shows footage from the press conference the girls held. In it they explains their encounter theme to everyone and how special it is, and how much they are looking forward to having fun with everyone and growing as idols. A man from the crowd points out their aforementioned goals, so Akari explains how excited they are to look forward to meeting idols all around the country. With that the conference ends.

Akari wonders who they will meet as she looks out to the side, seeing a small town nearby. There, in a building are two girls; one of whom comments on Akari's new hairstyle. She approaches the small television screen as another girl joins her and tells her they need to leave. She comments on how "winsome" the group is, and the other girl agrees. They are excited at the prospect of meeting Luminas while they are there in Hokkaido.

At Starlight School, Johnny-sensei explains how much energy all of the idols have. Orihime goes over how everyone has been advances over the time, and taking their daily lessons even more seriously than before. Naoto points out that it probably because of Luminas and their sights they have set for themselves. Johnny agrees that it is inspirational, and Orihime wishes the girls luck with their goals. As this goes on, Luminas arrives to their destination.

The two girls from earlier are sorting the vast amount of potato when one suddenly sees something. Lisa asks what Nono may have seen, and Nono looks to point out the Aikatsu Wagon in the distance. Lisa is surprised, and Nono is encouraged to work even harder and quicker now, so that they can go and see them.

Stepping out of their van, Akari decides they should warm up with some dance practice. They remain in their school uniforms and start, until they decide to take a break. To their surprise, the towns people have seen them and compliment the girls. One recognizes Akari as the weather girl, and Hinaki compliments her as the man explains that this is the first time they have truly met real idols. One of the women next to him brings up that this isn't true, since they have Nono and Lisa there, causing him to realize she is right. Akari is happy by this prospect and the woman explains Nono and Lisa to the trio as the duo peddle their way through the fields.

She mentions that they are in their second year of middle school and are longtime friends. Nono's family also owns a potato farm that Lisa often stops over to help with. During their time working, the girls love to sing songs and she claims the are very talented. Whenever the two girls sing, they can't help but become filled with happiness as their aches and pains simply vanish. This encourages Luminas to meet the girls, and suddenly they hear the sound of a bike coming to a quick hault.

Nono observes the van up close and Lisa turns to spot the towns people and Luminas. She shyly points them out to Nono, who takes a moment to register who is before them. Excitedly she walks over, too excited to even speak until she forces herself. She is joined by Lisa, who quietly greets them as well. Nono is brimming to the top with excitement over getting to meet them and tries to amp up Lisa a bit, who is very withdrawn in comparison. Nono continues on to say how winsome the girls are, and uses the word "mightily" to describe them, but they do not understand until Lisa explains that only those in Hokkaido use the term. She translates it to the girls as "very", and the elderly lady explains that "mightily-winsome" means they are very cute.

With that, Nono asks to shake their hands and quickly proceeds to do so as Lisa stands to the side, still a bit nervous. Akari approaches her and asks to shake hands, surprising Lisa as she extends her hand to her. She also shakes hands with Hinaki and Sumire as Nono compliments her for doing well. Nono then brings up the venue and asks if they will be performing there and excitedly tells Lisa they need to come and watch the performance. Akari invites them to see a behind-the-scenes look at it, exciting the best friends - who take them up on the offer.

Inside of the concert hall, Luminas heads inside, alongside Nono and Lisa. The man is surprised to see them and Nono explains that the girls offered to show them around. As they walk around, Nono and Lisa explain knowing the man, since city council meetings usually take place there, along with some other things. The girls show them to the dressing room, where a plaque was set up just for the girls. Once inside, they observe the shiny, sparkling Aikatsu cards that Luminas keeps together for their unit performances. Hinaki explains how coordination works to them, and they two are instantly hypnotized by their beauty. Right away, Nono points out that the only cards they tend to have are Library Cards, but Lisa claims they also have a point card for the convenience store as well.

She goes on to say that she has heard of how vital Aikatsu Cards are. Nono is a bit confused by the phrase, "To idols, cards are life", so they explain that a performance is largely based on the coords put together by the performers. The cards are a large, powerful support, and with that the girls are taken back to the fitting room. Akari explains how the machine works as Lisa walks up to have a closer look - still seemingly in a daze over the amazement. Hinaki explains how changing works, and performances, causing Nono to become further excited as they claim a very big part of performing is the idols determination. Idol Activities are far more passionate than what a fan witnesses on stage, and soon the tour comes to an end.

The girls head back to home that evening and in Nono's bedroom, they chat about their day before Nono points out that they are much farther than they are. They look at an old photograph of them singing as litle girls, causing Lisa to bring up their ages. They are all the same age, and she finds their Aikatsu amazing. Nono watches Lisa for a moment to see how deeply in thought she has become in this time.

At their hotel, Akari and the girls have gone to bed. But Akari is unable to sleep, thinking about Nono and Lisa for a moment.

The next day, the girls head out to town before rehearsal. As they walk around the streets, Akari compliments the bookshop and cafe nearby and they pose for a picture. They step inside to see walls of books, along with a reading area and counter, then, looking further they spot Lisa. Akari greets her, who returns the favor and she goes on to comment on the wonderful bookshop. She goes on to ask Lisa what she is browsing for, but Lisa claims it isn't anything special. The books here never change, but despite that she loves to be there, where she can relax. She explains that there are plenty things she doesn't know about the world, among these books she has never read, and when she looks at them she gets really excited. She compares the feeling to the day before when she is joined by Nono.

The five girls sit down with some ice cream to chat for a bit, with Akari pointing out what she heard from some residents. Nono agrees to it, but Lisa claims it isn't really singing - though the others disagree. Nono explains that the very first time they did it was when she first came to help out. Everyone enjoyed whenever they sang during breaks, and Lisa's mother would give them singing lessons as a piano teacher. They would enter various karaoke contests and festival performances whenever they could as they grew, and that is why they are known as idols around town. Lisa claims they aren't really anything like Luminas, but they disagree because the girls make everyone so happy, and they claim that this is the first step to idoling. This makes Nono and Lisa pretty happy, and the girls take off to their performance.

At the changing area, the girls share some quick words and change into their brand new unit coord. They appear on stage and perform "Let's Aikatsu" for everyone.

After the performance, Nono and Lisa happily watch and comment on how wonderful it was. To her surprise, Lisa suddenly voices her desire to try their own Aikatsu.

2 (154)- "Jagaimo o Maiku ni Mochikaete" ("Change Your Potato into a Mic")

Aikatsu! - Episode 154

Aikatsu! - Episode 154


Airdate: October 8, 2015

Nono and Lisa have come to check out the tour merchandise. Unable to decide what to purchase though, the girls wind up coming home with a shirt, containers, a booklet, pins, keychains, and paper fans. Nono is still excited about the performance, as is Lisa, but she wonders how they can even become idols to begin with. Lisa suggests they apply to Starlight Academy, and Nono agrees.

Oozara Weather starts with Akari revealing she is currently in Hokkaido. She brings two special guests, Hinaki and Sumire to join her. Once it ends they get onto the tour bus and head to their next location.

At the Farm, Nono and Lisa are packing potato. Lisa recalls finding out that when an Aikatsu Idol is working, they tend to say "Aikatsu! Aikatsu!", so Nono attempts to repeat this. But she finds herself a bit distracted and repeats other words until they finish and head to Lisa's bedroom to hang out for a bit. Nono returns the magazine she borrowed from her earlier and Lisa reveals the pamphlet she picked up about Starlight Academy. She discusses how attending Starlight Academy works for the Idols, and brings up the entrance Audition. She tells Nono they need to do the proper research first before they take to their parents. Nono claims this is a great idea, but she already told her mom - although she didn't take her very seriously.

Lisa admits that for herself it won't be so easy to do, but Nono claims that she was mature already and has become even further mature over the past few days. She is sure it will go fine, causing Lisa to ask how Nono will do it, since she clearly needs to talk to her parents again. Nono claims she will be fine though, because she already knows what she plans to say.

That evening, Nono tells her family her plans to become an Idol again. She keeps stating that she will be fine, because Lisa will be there for her, but her mother is a bit concerned over this; while her younger brother flat out tells her she might be bothersome for Lisa to deal with. As this goes on, her father silently listens while reading his book.

At Lisa's, she sits down with her family to speak to them. They are very happy with her being upfront with them, and they understand her feelings, but they wish to think it over first.

The following morning, Lisa heads to school and meets up with Nono. They greet each other when Nono's mother points out she hasn't given Nono permission to leave yet. They ride off together and they express concern for a moment, knowing that convincing their parents wont be easy. But seeing how dedicated Nono is to becoming an Idol, Lisa feels encouraged to push for her dream as well.

Over the course of time, the girls practiced their karoke, they did their work, practiced dancing and training. They also continued to try to convince their parents, who also spoke to each other about it. The deadline for the Audition was approaching soon, so the two families decide to get together to discuss it.

Nono's mother points out that while she knows Nono loves to sing and perform since she was little, she isn't convinced. She has only heard that she will be fine because Lisa will be there for her, and Nono quickly points out that she made sure to give her mom good enough reasons to let her go too. Lisa tries to encourage their parents to agree, saying that they want to become real idols more than anything. Lisa's mom remarks that it has been a long time since she was this proactive about something, and recalls the time when Nono and she asked for singing lessons. With that, their parents agree to let the girls leave to take the Audition to attend Starlight Academy.

On the morning of their departure, the girls pack their items as their parents see them off. Before they go, Nono's father warns the girls to take full advantage of this situation, as they may never get another chance like this. They step onto the train and their parents give them words of encouragement, along with a little bit of teasing before they head off.

At Starlight Academy, the girls walk past the main entrance as Nono takes a picture of them standing by it. Then they head in, full of excitement, while observing various sights and the many students as they enjoy break. They are approached by Juri, who welcomes them to the Academy. Right away they recognize her and she reveals she knew who they were and has offered herself to show them around the campus. She shows them the classes, the lesson room, the cafeteria, along with it's donuts. The girls stop to try one and compliment how it tastes while Lisa remarks how wonderful the entire school seems to be. Nono voices that she really wants to get in now, since she is sure everyday there would be amazing. Lisa agrees as Juri watches with amusement.

That evening she brings the girls to the room they will be spending the evening in. Instead of sleeping, they listen to music of the song they will need to perform in the Audition. Lisa shows Nono the device she borrowed, known as the AiKara. With it they can take turns practicing, and Nono shows Lisa the book she was given earlier, revealing all of the coords they can wear for the Audition. Lisa asks if she found anything she likes yet, and Nono claims that all of them are "winsome", although she has taken a special interest in a coord by the brand Dolly Devil, due to it's cuteness. Lisa believes it is too flashy for them, then asks if they will be able to take the Audition well.

It's then someone knocks. To their surprise, Luminas has shown up. Akari reveals that Orihime informed them of their impact on the girls when they met them during their tour, so they wished to come and show some support during the Audition. They invite the girls back to their room for some tea and Nono is right away excited to see what a real Idols room looks like. They also enjoy the tea as Hinaki goes on to say they were surprised to find out they came for the Audition. Nono claims that it was due to what Akari said to them when they hung out together. Akari is happy to hear this and wishes them luck as they admit they are a little nervous. But one day they wish to shine just like Luminas and the other idols. Akari is sure they will do well though, and comments that little by little, she feels like she is still changing. When the girls express confusion, Akari points out that they have already changed from before they decided to come for the audition. It takes a massive change to get the courage to come and do that, and Akari mentions that she idolized Ichigo - which led to her making her own decision to become an idol.

The girls return to the room they will be staying in and question when exactly they changed. They agree that it happened way before they truly made this decision, and that it probably took place back when they broke into song in front of others. They were really young and back then Lisa had no confidence in herself to sing very well, but Nono claimed otherwise, and with that they started to take singing lessons. At that point it was more than just fun and games. Nono claims that if it was just herself, she probably wouldn't have got the idea to take up vocal training, and Lisa feels the same way when it comes to her encouragement. It's then Lisa says they may just be able to change more and they begin to overlook the Dolly Devil coord again.

The next day, the girls head to the Audition location. They reveal the cards they plan to use, expressing that at first they thought the brand was too flashy for them - but they believe it may help them change. Nono chose the Baby Devil coord, because the stitched ribbons match the ones from the set Lisa chose. While Lisa chose the Secret Devil coord, because she loves the mature contrast with the girlishness of the ribbons on it. Johnny compliments them and he wishes the girls luck, allowing them to head on into the changing area after they express a vote of confidence in one-another. They place the cards onto the machine and step inside, changing into their chosen coords and appear on stage, performing to "Lucky Train".

After it ends, Luminas compliment how well the performance went and the girls are sent to the office. Orihime reveals that they have both passed their audition and they thank her. She explains that as Idols of the School, they will continue their efforts to bring smiles to everyone around them. She reveals the newest Aikatsu Phone, the Aikatsu Phone Look. They explain how good it will be for them as idols and Orihime hands the girls their school coords. The girls observe them and remark on how winsome they are before Orihime continues to speak. The girls agree that they will do their best.

3 (155)- "Tokimeki Karatto☆" ("Exciting Carat☆")

Aikatsu! - Episode 155

Aikatsu! - Episode 155


Airdate: October 15, 2015

Nono awakens very early one morning and shuts off her alarm. Lisa questions why she's getting up already, then reminds Nono that they aren't home anymore - they're at Starlight Academy. For a moment Nono is surprised, then recalls what happened and comments on how it still doesn't feel real to her. She can hardly believe they are officially students now. Although it's early, the girls decide to get up and change to go on a jog, with Nono still in high-spirits. As they run from the school grounds they spot Akari and a van. They great each other and Akari offers to let them come and speak to her, should they need any help or have any questions. Nono and Lisa thank her as she insists they don't need to be so formal with her. Then she takes off in the van and they resume running.

Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki sit in the cafeteria as Akari recalls running into the girls that morning. Suddenly, they get a message from Orihime and are called to her office, where she reveals pictures of a jewelry collection. Hinaki is able to recognize the brand and comments on it's popularity, which Orihime confirms. She mentions that there is a commercial and they had come to Starlight to look for audition applicants, and she wished to include Luminas as one of the contenders for it. They quickly agree to enter and head off.

In class, Nono and Lisa are introduced to the other students. While Nono proves to be a natural when speaking to everyone, Lisa is a bit awkward at first; only to express embarrassment after Nono calls her by her nickname. To their surprise, they see that they share their class with Hinaki and Sumire. Once it ends, they run into Juri again and thank her for her help when they came for their entrance audition. She tells them to think nothing of it though, and they explain to Akari that Juri was the one to show them around. Juri momentarily expresses confusion after the word "mightily", but after the girls explain it's meaning, she tries out the word for herself, deciding she likes it.

In the Cafeteria, Nono and Lisa get to know Rin and Madoka, but they claim to already know them from seeing them on television. To Lisa's confusion, Madoka uses the same nickname that Nono usually uses for her, complimenting how cute it sounds. Nono then excitedly goes over what she knows about both girls and expresses glee after Rin comments on it while Akari and Lisa watch them. It's then Akari suggests they grab some lunch and the group pick a table to sit at after getting food. During the discussion, Nono and Lisa chat about how idol-filled the school is.

After lunch, Lisa and Nono head out to the training room to jump on the trampoline as the other classmates watch. Then they head into another room for vocal training, where the teacher compliments the girls for their practicing so much in the past and encourages them to keep going, then they finish the day with some dance training with Johnny. Nono expresses how much fun they had, only for Nono to excitedly chat about Johnny referring to them as "honeys" as Lisa once again asks why she is being called "Lisappe" by a third person now.

In bed that evening, the girls chat more about their excitement for the next day. They decide they have to continue working hard, but as Nono resumes speaking she realizes Lisa has already fallen asleep, so she tries to sleep as well.

The following morning, Akari and Sumire study in the library as Hinaki grabs more books. Nono and Lisa show up to find them in there and question what they are doing. They recognize the jewelry books and they explain their plan to enter the upcoming audition for the jewelry brand. They ask if there would be a written exam to go along with it, and learn that the girls are expanding their knowledge in hopes of shining even further for the commercial.

As Hinaki joins them again, Nono and Lisa mention how much they admire them. Hinaki then decides since they have a chance, they should take advantage of the timing and switch their studying to a quiz show format. Hinaki starts by asking, "the meaning of a ring chances depending on which finger it is on. Explain which finger is used to express love and why." Akari struggles to think of an answer, and Sumire chimes in with "the left finger, because the wedding ring goes there". Excited by how fun this looked, Nono asks if they can join them too. As Lisa gently scolds her, the girls agree to let them play too.

Later, the girls head to the Cafeteria. But they focus more on studying the jewelry, rather than eat or drink. Nono finds an article about Birthstones and shows the page to Lisa, only to happily point out her birth month of January, so she has a garnet. She goes on to point out that Lisa, whose birthday is in December, has a turquoise. Akari calls over to them and asks about April, and they show Akari the Diamond before Hinaki reveals her birthday is in June and asks about hers, then she points out that Sumire has an October birthday. They look up June to find a pearl, causing Hinaki to compliment how mature pearl accessories look. For October, they reveal that Sumire has an Opal, which they deem to be fitting for her.

Suddenly, Yuu calls out to Akari and joins the girls. Nono is very excited and reminds Lisa that she is in the fashion magazine they read. Nono asks Akari how she knows Yuu, and she explains that she was her original roommate when she first joined the school. Yuu is quick to tell Nono and Lisa that she would like to be their friend and she brings up how Luminas plans to enter the Jewelry audition. She reveals that she came to lend them a hand and shows the girls her ring collection. They'r all just glass beads, but she designed the bands they are on. The girls are very amazed with the pretty rings, and Yuu explains to know the dialect of Hokkaido, as she had a recent gig there.

The girls are surprised to know that Yuu designs jewelry, and she explains to them that as a model, she normally wears accessories for the photographs. So she figured it would be fun to design some. She takes out a ring and shows the girls how it looks before mentioning that she wouldn't be surprised if they have the girls take some test shots wearing their rings. She brought her collection to let them practice for their camera test. The girls get right to work, with Yuu complimenting them for doing really well. Nono and Lisa eagerly watch, with Nono proclaiming that she would go and buy a bunch of them if this photo training was a commercial. They begin to observe the rings and Lisa tries one on, spotting it from the entire selection and commenting that it is the one she is automatically drawn to.

Nono compliments it's mature look and they look to see the others watching them. Akari suggests that Nono and Lisa should enter the audition with them and Akari takes them to see Orihime. She agrees that the idea sounds interesting and asks Nono and Lisa if they want to. They agree, so she signs them up.

On the day of the auditions, the girls stand around in the waiting room as Luminas, along with Nono and Lisa take their turns in the speaking portions. Followed by Luminas posing for photos, with Akari claiming that their love of jewelry and teaching really paid off. She reveals that both groups managed to pass both parts of the audition.

While in the waiting room again, Nono and Lisa observe a box full of rings. They chat about how they can each choose one to wear for the final audition while two men watch from from afar. They deem Nono and Lisa to be very fresh and comment that they may need to change their plans now - as they originally had only intended on selecting three girls. With that, the eventual winners are announced, with Luminas chosen, along with Nono and Lisa. They are surprised as Akari and Hinaki congratulate them as Nono excitedly calls her mom; all while Lisa attempts to tell her to wait as the other girls and the staff watch with amusement.

They decide to hold a concert performance to celebrate the new Jewelry commercial. In the back room, Nono and Lisa discuss their families back at home before they change attire and head out on stage. They perform to "Lucky Train".

After the performance, it is revealed that their families were watching. They continue as the full commercial is shown, with both moms expressing a desire to purchase some of the jewelry now.

4 (156)- "YOU! GO! KYOTO!!"

Aikatsu! - Episode 156

Aikatsu! - Episode 156

Airdate: October 22, 2015

As Akari and Sumire finish packing they watch the television announce the new arc of Aikatsu Sensei debuting that evening. Only to watch when it switches to the "A Hot Look at Today", and the announcer reveals they will be observing an Idol taking an "upswing". He comments that she has introduced a new genre of idol, known as "travel idol", and to Akari's surprise, it's Yuu. They continue to watch the program as Yuu shows some various spots she has been to; ranging from a foot bath in the Alkaline thermal hot spring, a temple while the announcer points out that she has appeared on several travel shows, she crosses a long bridge, and even had tea with a woman donning a kimono. He points out that she has recently been selected as the campaign girl for a travel agency and will be journeying all around the country. As the program comes to an end, Sumire recalls that they need to hurry up and get finished.

They run to the van to greet Hinaki and soon get going. As they sit in the van, Akari reveals they are traveling to Okinawa - but before they go, Yuu stops them to ask for a ride. She thanks them for agreeing to it after they get sityated and asks them to drop her off in Kyoto at the TV station. She will be making an appearance on a weekly live show for one of the local stations, and Hinaki points out that it isn't an inconvience since they have a lot more time open for this schedule. They reveal that they were watching the show she was on earlier and she tells them to hold out their hands. She gives each of them a candy and Akari thanks her for giving her the flavor she favors most.

Hinaki and Sumire comment that Yuu really knows Akari well, and Akari reveals she has known Yuu for over a year and a half by now. They used to be roommates, and they first met last April on the tenth, the day that Akari finally got into Starlight Academy. She recalls that she got a late start as she was accepted through the special Idol Caravan event, and Yuu was her only friend at first. They remember first meeting, with Yuu recalling that she felt lonely returning home to an empty room. But she remained hopeful, and used to spend the time wondering what her new roommate would be like. Then one day she found out she would be getting a roommate, the surprising Akari, and she was very excited. She recalled watching her audition, when Akari first accidentally introduced herself as Ichigo, then remembered when Akari first came to the dorm room. Hinaki then asks Yuu what her first impression of Akari, and she takes a moment to think it over before saying she was unable to let her out of her sight, and recalls the first thing Akari did when she was setting up her side of the dorm. She put a rice scoop and explained how much she wanted to be like Ichigo, stating that it was a charm. Yuu decided from that moment she and Akari would be friends, causing Sumire to claim that Yuu probably knows a lot of secrets about Akari that they might not. Hinaki asks her to tell them, but she claims that while she wouldn't have a problem with it, Akari might be bothered.

Eventually they arrive to a rest stop and Yuu holds up a flag, offering to give the girls a quick tour of the spot. She mentions that the staff from the show made it for her, so she's been carrying it around when she goes out. She brings them to a soft serve stand, then to try free range milk, and some meat from another stand. The girls sit down for their snack and compliment the various qualities of it while complimenting Yuu for knowing so much. This causes Hinaki to guess that Yuu became a travel idol because of the exchange student program she was a part of. She recalls that she got to visit Kyoto when she switched with Miyabi, and Kobe when she switched with Kokone. In this time, she go invited to local shows to represent Starlight Academy, and people just started to call her a travel idol.

She claims it is all thinks to Akari, surprising the girls. So Yuu explains that Akari becoming her roommate gave her a huge boost, and Akari agrees with it. They finish their snack and get back onto the Van, with Yuu commenting that they will be arriving to her destination very soon. Sumire asks about the show she will be on, and Yuu replies by showing them a pamphlet she was given. She explains that they will be holding a Halloween Special and she asks the girls if they have time to go on a very special Hattori Tour. The girls note they have way too much free time right now, and they agree to join her.

They soon reach the location, with the girls voicing surprise as they didn't expect Yuu to bring them to the studio she was to be dropped off at. She claims that because she had a big part in the planning, it wasn't hard to get permission. With that she runs off to change and the program begins with Yuu introducing herself and the program, as well as the fact that it is the Halloween Special. She also plans to wave her Hattori Tours flag due to the special occasion, then reveals her special guests: Luminas. This surprises everyone to see the girls dressed up for Halloween and they greet everyone. Yuu compliments their outfits before she reveals her other special guests: Kokone and Miyabi. Excitedly Akari greets her, with Kokone explaining that she hurried over with Miyabi when they found out they would be appearing. Miyabi appears, dressed as a cutesy fairy and greets them - quickly pointing out that she was the one to choose their costumes. She shows them that she isn't nearly as shy as she used to be, and introduces everyone to her brand new, cute-styled introduction. With that, she and Kokone introduce their plans to put on a performance and change to perform.

Afterwards Yuu thanks them before Akari admits that she didn't expect to see them at all. She goes on to thank Yuu for being so kind to them, showing them around, and even letting them join her on this show. Then they go onto the stage to perform and show Yuu their thanks.

That evening, the six girls walk through the area while discussing how much fun they had. Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki will be spending the night at a hotel, and Yuu comments on how nice the road is while recalling she walked down it while there on exchange at Miyabi's school. Akari happily comments that Yuu must have learned a lot while on her travels, and soon they arrive to the hotel. Kokone and Myabi make a promise with the girls to do something with them again at some point and leave for Miyabi's place as the girls say goodbye.

In the hotel room, the girls notice that Akari has fallen asleep. Sumire covers her with a blanket and she asks Yuu what inspired her to go through with the exchanges in the first place. Once again, Yuu claims it had to do with watching Akari, and says that she continues to watch her shine more brilliantly than before. She recalls waking to see her cut her hair, or when she attended Aikatsu Boot Camp. She never quit trying to work her hardest, and despite the bumps on the road she kept working at it anyway, as if she kept being reborn. After they were forced to each get a brand new dorm room, they made a promise and recalls that day when it occured. They said goodbye to the room and Yuu mentions her plan to continue shining more brightly than the last, even if they are apart. Akari agrees and they make a promise on it. After finishing her story, she comments that she left on her journey to follow Akari.

The next morning, Yuu sees Luminas off. They exchange some words, with Yuu explaining that she may have wanted Akari to see who she was now, and Akari promises to put more effort into things from now on, with Yuu agreeing the same thing. With that she watches them leave, then quietly thanks Akari after they disappear.

5 (157)- "Koakuma Hapuningu" ("Little Devil Happening")

Aikatsu! - Episode 157

Aikatsu! - Episode 157


Airdate: October 29, 2015

Having finally obtained their Starlight School uniforms, Nono and Lisa change into them. Lisa reminds Nono that they need to take their Aikatsu seriously and they get a call from Orihime. She informs the girls of a job offer they received for the Urban Girls Collection. Nono is highly excited and explains that she and Lisa watched a program involving it and became enthralled with it. She incidentally embarrasses Lisa while recalling the memory of that day, and seems not to notice how anxious Lisa is. Orihime informs them that besides being included in the fashion show, they are to put on a performance. Right away, the girls decide they need to figure out how to get the Dolly Devil Premium Rare dresses.

Madoka, Juri, and Rin call Luminas while they pass through Kyushu. Heading to Okinawa, they will need to board a ferry soon. They are joined by Nono and Lisa and the trio ask how they are doing. Lisa and Nono bring up their recent offer and Lisa complains that it seems like its too much to take in, due to how quickly everything is going for her. Luminas seem to understand her feelings though, with Hinaki mentioning that in the past, as a fledgling idol they were likely to grab whatever they could get their hands on. The trio share a laugh as Akari claims nothing has really changed, and they announce their plans to cheer the girls on. With that, they hang up, leaving Nono and Lisa with the other three.

Rin then brings up their plans about what coord they want to wear, and the trio express interest to know which brand they settled on. Juri describes the brand, while Madoka looks up information about Lucy Kisaragi from a magazine. She is the top designer and is noted for being a bit strange. Provided in the magazine is a small amount of information, saying that she values creative spark above all else, and is described as the embodiment of freedom. Madoka continues on to describe what she has learned about Dolly Devil, including its focus on the glimmer of cuteness found behind a veil of maturity. Lisa expresses her plan of obtaining the Premium Rare coords for them, and mentions how she felt as though she had changed after they wore the other set of Dolly Devil outfits for their audition.

Madoka comments that Lisa is normally composed, but when she becomes passionate about something she seems to express more. Nono points out that it is because of her that they were able to start their Aikatsu to begin with, then agrees with her about gaining the Premium Rare. The trio inform them that if they really want it, they need to ask the Top Designer herself. Juri flips the pages in the magazine and shows them the building where Dolly Devil is located, a Plaza in town. Rin and Madoka offer to show them the way and mention how easy it can be to get lost there. Lisa thinks it over, but decides they should go on their own. Nono agrees, so the girls wish them luck before they head out.

Meanwhile, at the building, A woman rushes into the room to inform Lucy that she is taking too long. But to her surprise, she finds that Lucy has vanished. As she reacts accordingly to this, she is knocked down by two other women, who have run in to speak to Lucy as well. She tells the women to hurry up and try to locate her, then comments that Lucy must be off in search of some inspiration.

In town, Nono and Lisa observe the area and remark on how crowded it is. Lisa is a bit concerned over getting lost, but as soon as she looks away, she notices that Nono has already began to wonder off. She scolds her for not being more careful, and just as she feared, Nono is separated by a huge crowd. As she attempts to catch up to her, she accidentally runs into an adult man and quickly apologizes - unfortunately running out of time to cross the path. Lisa heads to a secluded path and calls Nono, who has headed over to the Crepe Shop. With this knowledge, she tells her not to leave and hangs up. She looks up a map and to her shock, finds that there are a bunch of crepe shops.

Nono is about to eat a crepe when Lisa informs her that there are a bunch of crepe shops in town. She asks if there are any landmarks in the area and Nono accidentally runs into a woman. For a moment she is stunned, then screams in alarm upon realizing the cream from her crepe has stained the woman's coat. Lisa starts to panic when Nono hangs up on her.

As Nono apologizes to the woman, she claims it to be okay because she had been spacing out anyway. Nono looks around and notices a fountain located next to a children playground before impulsively grabbing the woman's hand and leading her to it to help get her cleaned. The woman is a bit surprised at first, but is quick to come around.

Lisa continues to wander around in search of her friend. But she finds herself overwhelmed and thinks about how easier things were back in Hokkaido. They knew the town like the back of their hands, and everyone knew everyone else. Suddenly, Nono calls her and apologizes for hanging up so suddenly. She tries to figure out where she is, revealing it to be Omohara Park and hangs up. Lisa looks up the location but struggles after her phone refuses to work. She approaches a bunch of people and starts to ask them where Omohara Park is. After a moment, the couple is unable to recall it, but a nearby worker informs Lisa how to reach it.

With the stain mostly gone, the woman takes her jacket back from Nono. She expresses a moment of gratitude before Nono explains that she got separated from her friend. She comments that it wasn't like this back at home, and mentions that she used to live in Hokkaido. Everyone knew each other, and seemed to be much more formal because of it. Here, she finds everyone to be overwhelming. Just then they are joined by Lisa, and Nono quickly embraces her. The woman approaches and Nono introduces them to each other. The woman goes on to ask them why they are even out here, then expresses a moment of surprise when the girls reveal that wished to speak to the top designer of Dolly Devil - as they wished to obtain the Premium Dresses for a Concert. Lisa comments that while it was really exciting, it was also hard at first to gain the courage to even take this step. The girls express how much each other means to her, and the woman is moved by their words. With that she walks off after saying bye. Lisa decides that in order to ensure they don't get separated again, she holds Nono's hand.

In the Cafeteria, Rin, Juri, and Madoka have received a confirmation from the duo to inform them that they have arrived to the Plaza. This relieves them as Madoka goes on to explain they ran into a bit of trouble.

After the girls head into the building, a woman approaches them to thank Nono and Lisa for helping "her". They express confusion, as they have no idea who she is speaking of until they head into the office and realize the woman Nono ran into earlier was Lucy. As Nono starts to panic, Lisa asks what she had been doing out in town. Lucy explains that she has a tendency to hit the town in disguise in search of an unexpected happening. The girls realize Lucy is like what Madoka told them earlier, and they get to the point by asking her to make them a pair of Premium Dresses. Instead of answering, she comments that they sparked her imagination, then agrees to do it.

Later, the five girls get together and chat about what happened while in the waiting area. They comment that never before has two Premium Dresses been made before at the same time for a brand, and Nono shows them the letter they got from her. In it, Lucy explains that she based the coord on Nono's scrunchies and the ribbon worn by Lisa. She wishes them luck for the concert and the girls take a moment to compliment the coord. With that, Nono and Lisa head to the changing area and share a few words before they change and perform to "Lucky Train".

Afterwards, Luminas call the girls again to compliment their job well done. Nono and Lisa thank them, then they hang up after promising to call later. More excited than before, Nono and Lisa remark on this event and watch as the sun setss in the distance.

6 (158)- "Aitakute, Okinawa" ("I Want to Meet You, Okinawa")

Aikatsu! - Episode 158

Aikatsu! - Episode 158


Airdate: November 5, 2015

Luminas heads to their next touring location, Okinawa. They chat about how different it is from Tokyo when Akari recalls that a program is starting and turns on the television before them. The announcer has invited Lisa and Nono as a couple of rising Idols and asks them how they feel since making their Idol Debuts. Nono admits that it was shocking when they were chosen, while Lisa comments that she has been happy and finds it hard to believe it isn't a dream. Nono pulls on her cheek to prove to her it isn't, then goes on to admit she did it to herself a bunch of times already, causing them to share a laugh. Together they share a message to the audience before their time on the show comes to an end.

Arriving at Okinawa, Luminas steps out of their tour van and take a quick tour picture as they admire the shore. But after finishing, they hear a girl nearby and observe her from where they stand. They compare the girl to Rin, and as they speak, this catches her attention - causing her to express shock.

Quickly she runs up the nearby steps to confirm her suspicions of their identity and excitedly greets them. They compliment her dancing and she introduces herself as Minami, an idol from a heavily dance influenced school. She recalls that Sumire is in an Idol unit with Rin and asks about it, causing Sumire to ask her if she formally knows Rin. Minami confirms that she does, having met her at a dance audition in Tokyo. She really loves Rin's dancing, and offers to chat about more her if they have some time. So they stop for some ice cream and sit down. Sumire expresses disappointment that Rin couldn't join them and Minami claims this is quick as nice. She claims that it is because of Rin that she continues to dance. Sumire is able to correctly guess that Minami is taking part in the Okinawa Dance Festival, and when Akari expresses surprise, Hinaki explains that Rin and Sumire were invited to perform there to make a Dancing Diva guest appearance.

This makes Minami happy, but Sumire informs her that due to conflicting schedules, she isn't sure if they can make it or not. Sumire recalls the office visit she and Rin had earlier on before leaving again, saying that there might not be enough time between the two to allow travel. She noticed how sad Rin looked, and assumes that it was probably because she was looking forward to seeing Minami. As Minami happily thinks about the idea of Rin showing up, the girls wish that they could get her there to allow them to reunite, but just then, they are signaled back to the tour van to get going. They promise to hope for the best and Minami agrees to come and see their performance after Sumire mentions that she would like to talk to her afterwards.

After the performance ends, Minami heads backstage to speak to them. She reveals a huge bouquet of flowers for them and compliments the performance, then thanks them for allowing her to come back stage to speak to them. With that, they get down to business by asking her how long ago it was when she met Rin. Minami takes out a picture of them and reveals they met in fifth grade. She watched Rin perform on a Dance Show and mentions that she keeps going with her dancing in order to become as good as she is. This makes the girls wish even more that Rin could see her, and after they get to their hotel room, Sumire is quick to call her. She brings up Minami and Rin admits that she felt the same way and recalls that Minami had been the one who taught her the true fun with dancing. They promise to tell her and Rin hangs up, telling Madoka that she wouldn't be able to make it there in time if the photo-shoot she has takes even a few minutes longer than it should.

The following day, Luminas decide to pay Minami a visit at her school. They had been invited to join everyone for a lesson and they greet everyone before admiring the scenery nearby.

Meanwhile, Rin has began her photo-shoot. While Johnny compliments how well she is doing, Orihime deduces that she is trying so hard to make sure she is able to get to Okinawa.

As the girls head out to the beach with Minami, they chat about the wonderful weather. However, they notice Minami has been quiet and catch her observing the sky as a plane passes.

As Rin takes a break, Johnny presents her with a lemon and informs her that she only has one more to get through before she can go. She is excited with the idea, and he wishes her good luck. Orihime joins her and guesses that Rin is hoping to get to see Minami, who she already seems familiar with. She asks how they first met and Rin recalls the memory, admitting that she was really nervous in the past. But Minami managed to get her to relax before it was her turn to go onto the stage. Minami said, "let it flow", and it was what got her to calm down as she assured Rin would be fine. She tells her to believe in herself and nothing bad will ever faze her. As someone who loves dance, she just has to go out and enjoy it like she normally does. Rin confesses that because of that, she not only had fun - but she did really well. Had she stayed nervous the way she did, chances are she wouldn't have done as good.

Johnny recalls how Rin was able to come in first place, while Minami came in second; just a point behind. She wasn't upset though, because she had fun and met a good friend through it. Rin told Minami that they would need to dance together again some day, due to the fun they had, and they made an agreement. With the condition that they danced in Okinawa, her most favorite spot. Orihime comments on this as Rin mentions how much Minami embodies everything about Okinawa. With that, Orihime hands her a flight ticket and she thanks her before returning to the photo-shoot.

The four girls sit together and continue to chat about it. They are convinced that Rin is working her hardest so that she can get there. With that they take off, heading to the stage for a practice run of the Dance Festival. Their teacher tells them that the schedule may be moved up, so they should stay loose and ready at all times until then. Luminas listens in the background, with Sumire noticing that the program's first guest will appear within thirty minutes to perform. They worry that Rin won't make it, but Minami tells that even if she is unable to, she will see to it that her feelings reach Rin.

The Dance Festival prepares to start as the girls warm up and stretch. Rin makes her way to the stage, appearing just as the announcer reveals it is time for Minami to go on. Rin reminds Minami of what she told her, to "let it flow", and she goes off with Sumire to change into their Dancing Diva attire to perform as the opening act. They change and perform to "Love Game".

After the performance, Minami is approached by Rin, who tells her they should dance together, just as promised. They head out onto the stage to together dance for everyone.

Later on in the evening, everyone gets together to watch the fireworks. The girls compliment that while they haven't seen each other in so long, their bond never wavered. This makes Minami and Rin happy and they express their joy in seeing each other again after so long. Minami tells Rin to just come by whenever she wants to hang out again and Rin promises she will as Akari takes a photo of them.

7 (159)- "Gyarakushī ✩ Sutāraito" ("Galaxy✩Starlight")

Aikatsu! - Episode 159

Aikatsu! - Episode 159


Airdate: November 12, 2015

The Starlight Academy girls once again star in a special drama, this one being set in an idol school in space. As the idols of Galaxy Starlight train to bring music all across the galaxy, the evil Jerseyschwarz, led by Johnny, plots to turn all the dresses in the school into jerseys. Believing there is a spy hidden in the academy, Orihime tasks Akari with becoming a top idol and piloting the Oozorakkon mech in order to protect the academy. Meanwhile, Sumire discovers that Rin is the spy swapping people's dresses for jerseys, becoming transformed into a Jerseyschawrz herself. As Rin is confronted by Nao and Madoka, Rin reveals she was originally sent as a spy for Johnny but came to love dresses, deciding to join the side of good and help train Akari to pilot the mech. Joined by her fellow idols, Akari fights through the Jerseyschwarz army, transforming them into cute girls, managing to recover Sumire and defeat Johnny, who becomes a dance teacher at Galaxy Starlight.

8 (160)- "Yume wa Pāfekuto Aidoru!" ("Dream of a Perfect Idol!")

Aikatsu! - Episode 160

Aikatsu! - Episode 160


Airdate: November 19, 2015

Juri, Madoka, and Rin happen to spot the girls of luminas down on the track running laps. They stop to speak to them as they approach, and explain how they returned to work on increasing their stamina and general conditioning to make it through the remaining concerts. Rin comments that they have been very popular lately, and they reveal their next destination is Osaka. Unknown to them, a girl spies on them. Akari seems to notice the strange vibe, but she sees nobody.

As they resume running, the mysterious girl pops out of the bush. She seems unimpressed for a moment, only to wonder why her "Destiny Prince" chose someone like Akari and not her. She follows the girls and thinks about her "Destiny Prince" acknowledging only Akari, but she is sure if she was to keep shadowing Akari she is bound to meet up with him. Distracted by her thoughts, each time they seem to notice her she quickly tries to hide - but doesn't realize they keep spotting her hair bow and ponytail, which are difficult for her to cover. While they stretch, she resorts to getting closer and closer to them; until she is practically right behind them on the ground.

The girls, unable to handle this any further finally confront the strange girl. Hinaki recognizes her from the class next to their own, and the girl introduces herself as Tsubaki Saionji - the Perfect Lady. She admits to being a little shy about this title, but she feels its completely true. They ask her why she was following them around and deduce it was so that she could investigate Akari. She confirms them to be right, and explains that she has done plenty of research to proven that Sena always appears near her. She believes Sena follows Akari, and she confesses to them that she is unable to obtain a Premium Rare dress from him, and seems to have a great deal of feelings for him as well.

After she tells them that she had approached him to request one, but he refused her and he's been too busy for her to visit him again, Akari offers to call him for her. She gladly agrees - but as it turns out, they haven't been able to contact him. While she seems momentarily disappointed, Tsubaki decides she has no choice but to follow and accompany Akari for the time being. She knows she may be a bother but she asks them to kindly ignore it, and Akari agrees to let her join her.

So Tsubaki trails Akari during her work and she asks about her schedule, noting that Sena isn't anywhere nearby. She is amazed Akari would do so much work despite her tour taking most of her time, and throughout the rest of the day, while Akari works she continues to search for Sena.

By the time they finish the day, she sadly notes that he didn't show up at all. As they leave, she asks Akari what sort of occasions Sena tends to appear, and Akari recalls a few of their past meetings while Tsubaki writes them down. She then notes a connection and decides if she combines everything, her flawless plan should work. So she grabs an otter mask and wears it while standing in the Train Station - but alas, nothing comes of it.

She returns to the school to find the girls in the Cafeteria. They seem to understand why she did this, and express amazement to know she was willing to stand there for three whole hours. As Akari attempts to suggest she pays Johnny a visit, Tsubaki is quick to flee before she can even finish the statement.

Tsubaki requests Johnny's assistance and asks that he holds another men's night, so that she can see him. He thinks it over for a moment but refuses because she is a woman. She couldn't attend. Tsubaki tries to get him to reconsider, but instead he gives her advice, saying if she keeps pulling a No, she should keep pushing for a Yes. He suggests she takes a bit of time to relax for a while and maybe then she will get a really good, easier idea. Tsubaki isn't too thrilled with the idea but takes off with nothing left to try.

Sadly she sits by herself on a bench as the sun sets. Akari approaches her to ask how it went, but she confirms it didn't work. She recalls his advice and Akari joins her, but Tsubaki claims she doesn't have the time to just slow down and take a break. She fell in love with the Dreamy Crown brand, and Akari agrees with her feelings. But she wonders if maybe she really as perfect as everyone else seems to think, questioning that she often doubts herself and wonders if she deserves this title. She is sure if she could wear one of Sena's dresses, the doubts would go away and she'd be even more encouraged to become perfect. Akari seems to understand her feelings well enough and tells Tsubaki that they should Aikatsu together. The harder they work, the more passionate their feelings - and Tsubaki agrees to keep going.

That evening, the girls head down the pathway, prepared to do some heavy training. Akari happens to notice she is carrying around the otter mask from earlier and questions it, so Tsubaki shyly explains that she's grown fond of it and uses it as a personal charm. They approach a bench and sit down their items before they go off running.

Their next few days are spent training in a variety of ways. From stretching and running, to practicing their jumps and climbing the mountain. They stop for a break, with Tsubaki admitting that she didn't realize Akari worked this hard when it came to her Aikatsu. Akari continues to run, mentioning that its time to get to work and Tsubaki comments that Akari seems to be more perfect than she herself.

In his office, Sena has just finished a phone call. He watches a report that goes on to detail that Akari will be appearing as a guest on a show that evening.

Akari shows Tsubaki the outfit she plans to wear for her performance, now in the preparation area. When she happens to notice Tsubaki observing her Premium Rare dress, Tsubaki is quick to claim that she isn't envious of her. She admits that now she understand why Sena refused her, because she isn't anywhere near perfect as an idol - and being with Akari helped her realize this. She claims she will be fine though, because she won't give up. Akari was the one to tell her to work hard in order to show her passionate feelings, and she knows that she loves the dresses more than anyone, so one day Sena will make her one. Akari agrees and heads backstage to change. She appears on the stage and performs to "Blooming♡Blooming".

Afterwards, Tsubaki is amazed to see a fever appeal. She then, just happens to spot Sena walking away, realizing she was indeed correct. She is quick to give chase and calls out to him and asks if he came to watch Akari. He compliments the performance and she quickly stops him as Akari runs into the room to see them talk. Tsubaki brings up that she had intended to request a dress from him again, but she realized now that she isn't ready - so she's going to keep working first, and when she has become perfect, she will return to ask for one again. Sena seems surprised at first, but gives her a sign of encouragement while leaving, causing Akari to congratulate her.

9 (161)- "Ōsaka Aidoru Monogatari" ("Osaka Idol Story")

Aikatsu! - Episode 161

Aikatsu! - Episode 161


Airdate: November 26, 2015

Luminas passes by Mount Fuji on their way to Osaka. They chat about the idols they met so far, sure that they will get to meet another while here.

Walking somewhere in Osaka is a young girl. She thinks over various calculations when a few high school girls notice her. After a moment, she quickly responds to them with one of her usual amusing quirks.

The girls arrive shortly after and begin to observe a few things. Akari grabs some takoyaki and they sit down, with Hinaki noting an Idol Event coming up; an Idol Comedy event from the renowned comedy school, Naniwa Grand Academy. She recognizes Nina and they decide to check out the event, heading to the stage where it will be taking place. They see a huge ground and when a man notices them there, he informs Nina that they showed up. Nina is excited that Luminas took the time to see her show and she promises to work even harder than usual. Another man then informs her its time to start and Nina is called to the stage.

As she heads up, Nina intentionally decides to trip herself on the last step - realizing this would be her best plan to get laughs. However, her plan fails after her trip winds up being a bit too real and everyone worries about her getting hurt. She quickly tries to calm the audience and stands up again while playing it off. She starts her show and assures them she's fine and they seem to respond positively. Nina introduces herself to everyone and she puts on a stage show with a variety of props and items. Akari narrates, saying that Nina was very funny.

After the show the girls sit at a cafe table nearby. They admit that it was so funny, they would have fun trying it too, when Nina stops by to join them. After Hinaki remarks that Nina seems different off of the stage, Akari seems to note her lack of an accent. Nina admits she only just moved to Osaka, and for a long time she had made plans to attend Starlight Academy. But when she realized her goal as an Idol was to make people laugh, she knew Osaka would be the best decision. Every day she practices and aims to get as many laughs as possible, and gets into a complicated explanation about how calculations play a big key in comedy. Having never looked at it like this before, the girls seem to be impressed with this. She goes on to explain how her passion for comedy started.

Back in elementary school she was a girl who took her work very seriously, which looking back on it - is probably why she takes a sabermetric approach to comedy now. She points out that both her "sproingy ears" and her "ya know" tick are both from the several calculations she has done, as they have proven to be the most effective things people respond to. This seems to be correct after a little girl spots her and approaches to say hi to her. After Nina greets her, her and her mother take off, and Luminas remark on this. With that, Nina invites them to check out the school and they accept.

On the way over, the four girls chat about how often now, comedian schools are becoming more common these days. She also discusses the importance of having a strong presence on variety shows for Idols. Which is why they also feature Idol activities lately. The girls recall that Nina has a point, and they soon arrive.

They head inside and observe the several girls in the building, noting how active it seems. Nina leads them to the Idol area of the school, showing them a dance lesson currently going on. They note how normal it seems, then watch as they practice their singing with the use of AiKara. Nina continues to lead them down the hallway, preparing to show them the comedy section of school. But they seem to be fairly shocked and confused at first to see how much training they go through; including letting metal basins fall on your head, and swatting a thick figure with the back of the hand. As the girls observe Nina, they see that she is really passionate for her activities as an Idol-Comedian, and they soon grow to respect the uniqueness of her training.

Nina confirms that her hand is alright, and she momentarily gets distracted. The girls comment on how different Nina is than on the stage again, and she apologizes for having spent too much time training to allow them to visit the rest of the school. The girls don't seem to mind much though, since seeing her passion encouraged them greatly. She asks if she can come to see them to perform that evening and they agree to it.

That evening the girls share a quick chat before they change into their Unit Coords and appear on stage to perform Let's Aikatsu!.

Afterwards, they stand backstage with Nina complimenting their wonderful job. She seems distracted for a moment again, and this time it doesn't go unnoticed. Nina mentions that while they were able to return some of the power back to her with their performance, but she felt that she has also regained her childhood smile. When noticing their confusion Nina resumes her story from before, saying that she never had a real smile until the day she decided she wanted to become a comedian. She was always serious whenever she studied, but because she was used to it she didn't think anything of it. But every once in a while, she would realize a strange, unusual smile on her face that came from watching idols or funny comedians. She would surprise herself, and eventually it drove her to the decision of making others smile as much as she could. However, she admits that she tenses up whenever she trains alone, so being with Luminas helped her stay calm and she is sure she could stay natural, for herself and the fans. She also asks that they come to see her performance, to show them this. The girls agree and Nina thanks them.

Eventually her performance arrives and the girls join the crowd while Nina stands backstage. She decides to trust her instincts rather than her calculations, realizing that they weren't what led to her befriending and meeting Luminas. She changes into her coord and appears on stage to perform Miel Miere.

After the performance, the girls compliment how well Nina performed.

10 (162)- "Metcha Panikku" ("✩Crazy PaniQ✩")

Aikatsu! - Episode 162

Aikatsu! - Episode 162


Airdate: December 3, 2015

Nina greets Luminas a good morning while being joined by Director Itsumo and his Camera Man. Akari narrates to the audience that they will be partaking in a program that he is handling, then recalls how it happened the evening before. They got a call from Orihime, where she, Johnny, and Naoto inform them of a job offer that came in. They had been caught on film during Nina's performance, so Director Itsumo would like for them to partake in a program with Nina to Aikatsu all day and create something wonderful; which he has decided to call, "Luminas + Nina Gaggle of Laughs Tour."

Director Itsumo explains to the girls that they will be visiting a variety of places to bring laughter to all sorts of audiences. Akari recalls how important they realized comedy could be after they took part on Tuna Palace, then they think about how seriously Nina took it during her training. While Hinaki is excited, Sumire and Akari are a bit curious still - while Nina is very dedicated to doing well. She is an Osaka native, and she may have gotten into the Naniwa Grand Academy, but she still spends most of her time trying to learn. Now she can finally test out her skills, and she plans to give it her best, which they agree with as well.

She is sure they will be great though, and they soon reach their first audience, a group of older people. They grab their props and head out on stage to explain to the audience who they are. Sure she can reach the audience, Nina is surprised that they don't really find them to be amusing. They seem to only treat the girls like little children and end up cracking their own jokes, which gets more laughs than they can. Itsumo suggests they head off to their next location after they collect themselves.

Back at Starlight Academy, Nono, Lisa, Juri, Rin, and Madoka watch the program as the girls take off. They discuss the difficulty of jokes there, saying that to be really good at it, someone has to invest so many years into it. Rin and Lisa are both sure they couldn't be comedians like that, while Nono expresses disappointment because it sounded like fun to her. She imagines how it would go, and Madoka wastes no time bluntly telling them that while it wasn't funny, they were at least on the same page. Juri is sure that Luminas can do it though, so the girls wish them good luck with the next place: an area full of high school girls.

Akari is sure they can do it this time, and the girls share a few words - a bit concerned, but determined. Nina assures them to just leave it to her, and she makes Akari wear an Ozorotter costume. The girls find her to be silly without her even doing much, and they record this while Nina comments their plan should have word. Discouraged, Akari runs back stage and sadly comments that they laughed at her, not with her. Director Itsumo decides they can just head out to their final stop now, since the mood seems ruined once more.

Juri expresses disappointment by how this went, and while so far the girls aren't doing very great, they still believe in them.

Luminas and Nina arrive to their final stop, a kindergarten. Nina seems to recognize it and asks if a specific child is there. Director Itsumo and Nina explain Kentarou to the girls, but he's known as "Ken-chan" to most people. If he gives his approval to someone, then you are guaranteed to be entirely successful as a comedian. Nina admits that she never thought she'd be meeting him so soon, and Director Itsumo voices that he was sure this would be a great way to end the tour. The girls, encouraged once more run out on stage to greet everyone.

Right away the children seem to recognize them. As Nina spots Ken-chan, she recalls how much she spent training and performing for everyone and pulls off her ears with the rest of the girls - while it gets them to laugh, Ken-chan seems not to be amused. She isn't discouraged however, and they move onto their next act, trying to pull out a giant turnip. Ken-chan seems to guess the act, much to their surprise, but they continue to go on anyway. The children find it funny, except for Ken-chan.

Next, Akari pretends to be Momotaro and explains why she came to Demon Island. The children seem bewildered as the other girls join her on stage and get a bit frightened to see them dressed up as demons. Once again Ken-chan sees through them, but they continue to act anyway for the sake of calming down the other children. Ken-chan criticizes the girls for their lack of impact and they retreat backstage for a break.

There, Nina comments on how true the rumors had been to Ken-chan. He has high standards, and they realize a half-baked gag isn't going to get them any smiles from him. More than anything though, Nina wants to see Ken-chan smile and laugh, and realizes that all day she treated this like a contest. They agree with her, and she admits that she wasn't trying to compete against the audience, but to bring them a good time. So for now they can't focus on winning or losing - but making Ken-chan smile and have fun. Nina holds up a treasure box and together the girls agree to give it their all out there.

Back on stage, Nina and Sumire act together when Sumire, as Otohime, presents Nina, as Tarou, with a gift. They are joined by Akari and Hinaki, pretending to be turtles. They try to convince Nina to open the chest and she agrees, but Ken-chan is so sure he knows the ending to this; saying Tarou would revert back into a child. But after it opens, he is shocked to see a character bento inside of it instead. This makes the children very happy, and they watch as Ken-chan starts to laugh and smile along with the other children.

Happily, the five of them head back to the stage area, where Nina will be performing. Luminas compliment the coord she chose and Ken-chan wishes her luck before they head to the audience area. She changes and goes out to perform Miel Miere.

Afterwards, Luminas prepares and takes off with Nina as the children see them off, with Ken-chan asking that they return some day.

Back at Starlight Academy, the girls voice their confidence in knowing how well they did. They mention how much fun it was to watch them, and how well Nina's performance went.

Director Itsumo thanks the girls for their hard work and he takes off with his Camera Man. Nina also thanks Luminas for their help and the fun time they had together, knowing they will be heading back to Starlight Academy now. She tells them to visit Osaka again soon, and Sumire suggests to her that she comes visit them at Starlight Academy someday as well. Nina agrees, promising to never forget their miraculous meeting.

11 (163)- "Hapinesu Pāti" ("Happiness Party♪")

Aikatsu! - Episode 163

Aikatsu! - Episode 163


Airdate: December 10, 2015

Akari, Sumire, Hinaki, Juri, Rin, Madoka, Nono, and Lisa have all been called to pay Orihime a visit to star in a brand new commercial. Right away the girls are excited, noticing the brand they're sponsoring is the famous Dandai - which they all played with as children. Naoto brings up how popular the previous commercial had been with Nono and Lisa, which is why they were chosen to be included. Orihime mentions that with the girls aid they will be releasing "Happiness Toys" a brand new series. They decide to let the people in charge of it fill the girls in on the details and Johnny gives them a vote of confidence to see to it that they do a well job.

The girls arrive to the Dandai building and are so excited to be there. As Juri recalls their catchphrase and Rin comments on this, they happen to spot a toy based on the Dancing Diva microphone. Rin recalls being informed of this, along with Sumire. Hinaki and Madoka observe some items in shelves, while Nono shows Lisa the section of Gachapon machines. Nono fawns over how much she'd love to play them until Lisa gently scolds her.

A girl runs up to the group and introduces herself as Nakaya, the project leader of Happiness Toys. She is quick to recognize each girl and fawns over them, proving to be very hyper and excited to get to work with them. She apologizes for being so worked up and explains that she never got to meet real idols before. She then leads the girls down the hallway while explaining her idea behind Happiness Toys; which is to provide fun for girls who dream of someday becoming Idols themselves. The girls find this an interesting concept, and Nakaya mentions how important this first line would be for their toys. She leads the girls to the meeting room and explains her desire to work from the "ground up", and reveals the room to be nothing more then an area with objects and children.

Nakaya explains that to make marketing analysis, they gather children to hear their thoughts and opinions. They're what matter the most, since they're the target audience. Quickly the children spot the Idols and quickly start to cling to them and fawn over them. From girls who flock Juri and know her from Aikatsu Sensei, to a shy girl who likes Akari and reveals she watches her weather program, girls who compliment Sumire's singing, children who crowd around Madoka and Rin while they pose for them, and Nono and Lisa watch from the side. They are recognized by a girl who confirms knowing them since she saw them on television. Nakaya makes notes while the girls interact with the children.

Akari lets the girls see her Aikatsu Cards before commenting that they must enjoy dresses as much as they do. Then together the girls sit down to chat with Nakaya, who reveals her plan to produce "Aikatsu Dolls" to fulfill the dream of girls who love the Dresses from Aikatsu Cards. The girls seem to understand Nakaya's idea, saying that the girls can pick their favorite idol to dress in her favorite outfits. However, now they need the top designers to sign off on the idea - so that they can make the dresses as accurately as possible.

To encourage the girls, Nakaya explains how special these dolls will be to the children getting them. Akari understands and recalls how much she adored Angely Bear when she was younger. When she saw the commercial Ichigo made, she fell in love with it and just had to get one. She got it for her birthday and loved it as much as she could, sleeping with it every night and giving it lots of hugs. Madoka comments that her grandmother would really like to hear this, and Lisa recalls how Madoka is related to Amahane afterwards, while Nono mentions that she always wanted whatever Nono got for her birthday; which was a month before her own.

After they finish Nakaya thanks the girls and they take off while chatting about the commercial meeting they have the next day. They notice that Akari seems a bit quiet and question this, and Akari mentions her desire to bring in as much passion as they witnessed with Nayaka, which the other girls agree with. So they decide to brainstorm some good ideas before then and keep in mind several things: Aikatsu Dolls, Presents, and Fun. They also want it to provide comfort, and suddenly an idea strikes Akari.

The stage is being worked on, and Orihime, Naoto, and Johnny were invited to check it out. Johnny mentions the theme being, "welcome to our home party", which he eagerly anticipates seeing while they discuss the smart idea.

The girls chat about the various things they would do during a Home Party, such as Hinaki preparing refreshments with her mother, and Juri watching her mother put on a scene from her show to amaze the guests. Madoka then recalls her own, and mentions helping Amahane with her own parties, like bringing presents into the room and seeing the Top Designers, which Rin finds to be a bit awkward when she thinks about how different they all are. Nono recalls the Fresh Potato Parties they would host back at home as well, in which everyone in the neighborhood came together at their house and they made all sorts of potato dishes and have a nice time together.

The girls are joined by Nakaya, who receals the Aikatsu Doll prototypes she made. The girls are amazed by their cuteness as they realize the dolls look like them. They note that every single detail was captured on each doll, including the various coords they were chosen to wear. Juri takes this as a sign that she got the Top Designers approval and Nakaya mentions how eagerly they all consented to the idea; but she never got Akari or Madoka's dolls back yet. She had shown Tsubasa the doll of Akari and he seemed to agree with it, but he felt that something was off and didn't really want to let her until he figured it out and could fix it.

Meanwhile, Nakaya actually didn't get in contact with Amahane yet because she's so busy at the time. Madoka recalls that this always happens at this time of year and she brings Nakaya and Akari to a room full to the brim with Angely Bear dolls. There they find Amahane and Madoka explains how busy she is stitching life into each and every bear. She puts her emotions into every single one. Madoka mentions this was why she was so happy listening to Akari's story the other day, because she could feel her grandmothers feelings in it.

Amahane, sensing them turns to speak to the girls. Nakaya introduces herself and the four begin to talk, and she shows Amahane the doll of Madoka she made. She compliments how well made it is, but she stops short and begins to sew something onto the skirt. Madoka recalls that her grandmother always uses her hands to sew something onto anything made, because in a way, this is her magic brought upon the object. Nakaya then asks that she can include Angely Bear in the commercial for Happiness Party, and she mentions that it would be perfect for those feelings she wishes to convey - the same feelings she wants to obtain from the Aikatsu Dolls. Amahane agrees, seeing how passionate Nakaya is, and so the girls take off to finish work.

Over the time, they speak over things, practice and rehearse dialogue, and prepare the for the commercial while spreading ads for the brand new series.

Eventually the day for the commercial airing arrived. As Akari stands by herself in the studio, Tsubasa appears to bring Akari her doll. She compliments how wonderful it looks while he apologizes for taking so long - explaining that he did it in order to make sure every detail was correct.

With that, everyone watches the playing of the commercial. It starts with Akari in bed while observing the night sky, she sees a tiny Ozorotter and follows him outside. She is led down a pathway and meets with the other girls, then together they float down from the building by holding onto balloons and slowly float through the evening sky, along with toys. In the party room they set up various items and dress up Ozorotter as the moon shines in the sky. Various children are shown waking up to observe the sky and arrive to the party, where Ozorotter greets them and the present box explodes - releasing the dolls and toys, which the girls enjoy while the Idols watch from the background. The commercial then comes to an end with a final shot of all the dolls sitting with Angely Bear.

12 (164)- "Sakidori Nyū Iyā!" ("Showstopping New Year!")

Aikatsu! - Episode 164

Aikatsu! - Episode 164


Airdate: December 17, 2015

In the Cafeteria, Lisa and Nono chat with Luminas regarding the fact they won't be able to return home for the Holidays because of the New Years program they were asked to partake in. They laugh a little before revealing that in most cases, a lot of programs wind up being recorded before the Holiday takes place. This surprises them, and they explain that Idols usually get the holiday to take things a bit more easier - which is why they work hard before them. Hinaki teases the girls by pointing out that after this they shouldn't expect the rest of the year to go easy on them.

At TV TKY the girls find out that their program recording is set earlier than the actual New Years. They realize just how much truth this serves, with celebrities often going on holiday or vacation around the same time they can appear on television. Lisa is happy with this because the staff will also get a some time off as well, but Nono repeats what Hinaki told them earlier and recall the "Fresh Idols Hidden Talents Galore" program will also be going on too. Hinaki explained that it was once at the height of popularity with their parents when they were younger, in which Idols of all sorts of talents would perform on stage. Sumire pointed out that they were chosen to be on it and decided to juggle for the act, and they hand a pair of the objects to the girls and warn them to practice whenever they have free time between gigs.

With that Lisa and Nono are called to get ready for the recording. Overflowing with energy and nerves, they excitedly head out to perform "Lucky Train".

Afterwards they quickly run to their next location to prepare for the "Rookie Idol Contest! Go New Year's Supper!" event. Where they cook Mochi Soup and chat about the differences between making a sweet version, or one from back at home. Nono would like to try making a sweeter variant but the man who runs the show reminds her that they were there to show them how their mochi soup differs back in Hokkaido. He then asks the girls how much Mochi they put in their bowls, with Lisa claiming one and Nono holding up a sliced up stack of it on a single tray. When the meal is finished the man compliments it and Nono holds up a container of Salmon Roe - which is a common topping for Mochi Soup at New Years.

Taking a small break, Nono and Lisa chat over how weird it is to be saying "Happy New Year" when it isn't even Christmas just yet. They go over their schedule and next they will be doing a collab with Vanilla Chili Pepper for the 24-hour New Year's special drama, "The Bride Went for a Second First Shrine Visit". They are joined by the group, dressed in their attire - which includes Juri as a Shrine Maiden, Rin as the husband, and Madoka as the Bride. They admit they haven't been able to practice much for their part in the Hidden Talents Galore due to having to run from place to place between gigs, so Vanilla Chili Pepper try to encourage them.

With that they record the show, where Nono and Lisa play the role of maids. Juri, the Shrine Maiden claims the culprit is really the Bride. She may have been eating with her husband and have an alibi for it, but she paid a second visit to the shrine. She also claims the priest heard Madoka there, praying twice. Everyone is shocked by this and they conclude the scene, with Nono and Lisa's parts done. However, the trio still have a lot more to film. It will be airing longer than an entire day, so they barely even touched the surface.

They are joined by Luminas, who go over the work they did that day and ask Vanilla Chili Pepper their own plans. The three girls cover their own multiple plants, which surprises Nono and Lisa to know they can really do all of this work and still manage to practice between it. They claim all of the work is fulfilling though, and they remind that the girls will be doing a recording on a variety show with Luminas and head out to the spot. Nono and Lisa are still in disbelief, knowing they can really do so much work and not be entirely wiped out by now.

After finishing, they chat about how much fun they had. They go on to say they have one more New Year's show to record before Sumire has to go to do her work with Rin as Dancing Diva. As Nono comments on this they suddenly hear someone nearby yelling, they recognize the dialect and happily realize it belongs to Nina. She is excited to see them and greets them in response, with Nono excited to get to meet her.

Together they sit down to speak to Nina and ask why she's there. She reveals that she is there for "Fresh Idols Gathering from Coast to Coast", a comedy program she will be taking part in. She can't just throw away a great opportunity like this and rushed right on over. Akari asks if Nono an Lisa could come by her show to observe it, thinking it would really pay off to check out comedians - especially one from Osaka, as it really helps when it comes to Variety Shows. She agrees to let them come with her after seeing how much they really want to, and they head on over and get into the audience while Nina gets changed and on stage. They watch her quickly steal the show before a special Idol guest appears; Ichigo.

She brings Nina and Lisa into Soleil's dressing room and speaks to them, noting that they never actually got to do before. She compliments Akari's good advice for them and they explain how its paid off. Ichigo then invites them to observe the show she will be doing with Aoi and Ran, as their unit. They waste no time agreeing to this and she happily watches them get excited.

With Luminas finishing their recording, Akari and Hinaki see Sumire off. They worry she might show up late for her work with Rin, because the studio is a bit away but she assures them it will be fine.

With Soleil the girls have changed into special New Year outfits and discuss their various traditions for the Holiday. Aoi explains that after family greetings were exchanged they sat down to eat Mochi Soup, followed by dinner, and visiting the shrine. After getting back Aoi always finished off the day by sitting down to watch all of the Idol shows she prepared to watch prior to then, but before that she also made sure to wish everyone a Happy New Year. They comment that Ichigo seems to enjoy the food the most out of the Holiday and they recall that one time when she did a few years ago. Ichigo then asks Ran what she does and she recalls paying her grandmother a visit. As they are chatting, Nono and Lisa watch them with content and ease.

Sumire calls Sumire to inform her she is stuck in traffic. She asks her driver to pull over, and promises to be there in time.

That evening with the show over, Nono and Lisa comment on how much fun they had watching everyone. They decide that they too must continue to work hard and Nono suggests they run back to the Dorms while practicing their juggling. Lisa is quick to remind her that they have a ride waiting for them.

As this is going on, Sumire runs down the streets to meet with Rin, while Akari, Hinaki, Madoka, and Juri practice their juggling.

Sumire finally arrives and apologizes to keeping Rin waiting. They share a quick embrace before a man calls them to get ready and get on stage. They change attire and perform "Love Game" for everyone.

Eventually the Fresh Idols' Hidden Talents Galore goes live. The girls performed their juggling act together and did very well, finishing their act with a bow as the curtains shut. They celebrate their wonderful job, with Nono suddenly asking Lisa to always remain by her side; currently overflowing with passion. Lisa gently chastises her by saying that because it isn't even Christmas she shouldn't be making requests like this yet.

13 (165)- "Ruminasu Kurisumasu" ("Luminas☆Christmas")

Aikatsu! - Episode 165

Aikatsu! - Episode 165


Airdate: December 24, 2015

With Christmas approaching, Hinaki discusses that their final performance on their tour will be taking place on Christmas Eve. Everyone is excited and they are joined by Johnny and Orihime, who came to share some words of encouragement. Hinaki points out that they will need to do their best for their home town and Akari agrees, excited that everyone they know will be seeing their performance.

The girls head out to check out the venue they will be performing at and Rin asks about the weather for that day. Akari mentions that the person she spoke to earlier explained it would be a miracle if it snowed this year, but they recall that it snowed the prior year and so on. Nono points out that it would definitely snow back at Hokkaido, while Hinaki and Madoka would both like for it to snow. Akari agrees, when Rin mentions Minami will be stopping by to watch them. She's never gotten to see snow before, so they really would like for it to snow now. They make their way back to the school with Akari checking the confirmed weather, but suddenly she spots Ichigo.

Akari calls out to her and she runs over to see them. They catch up for a moment before bringing up snow, and when Nono brings up how Hokkaido is probably covered again - Ichigo suggests they just head on over to pick up some snow and bring it back. This idea surprises the girls, but she claims to just be kidding and runs off to resume jogging.

That evening, Nono recalls what happened earlier with Lisa, writing and speaking into their phones to record the event. Nono brings up how she made a joke before the Tweet goes live. Raichi and several others happen to see these tweets.

The next morning Akari gets the tweet after she, Hinaki, and Sumire finish. They show everyone what they wrote and see the several retweets they got for it, including a Like from Aoi.

Meanwhile, Aoi is on Ichigo's radio show reporting something special. She brings up the tweet, which she knows everyone probably heard of by now. With Ran they chat about how popular it is, along with everyone getting excited for Luminas. Quite a few people wish to travel to Hokkaido to gather some snow and bring it back, and Aoi points out that it was Ichigo who brought it up to begin with. For a moment she seems clueless, but recalls that she probably did. Aoi then goes on to reveal the theme for that days letters.

And so word of Nono and Lisa's Tweets began to spread around the entire area. Nono mentions to Lisa that she really didn't expect their post to turn into such a big thing, but she's delighted. Lisa recalls that Sumire and Hinaki mentioned it, along with Akari during her weather program. Seeing the big deal being made around it, Nono and Lisa decide they can't let everyone down. They quickly set up a plan to gather tons of snow back in Hokkaido to take back to Starlight Academy.

In the Cafeteria, Yotsuba brings Johnny and Naoto some donuts and coffee. They chat about the report and Naoto points out that Lisa and Nono were pretty touched by the fan feedback they got and responded to it. Johnny agrees that everything is getting more lively, and brings up the event its turned into.

Around the various areas, people work together to gather snow and are sending it to the final Luminas Tour concert. Volunteers from all over the country are lending a hand.

Akari asks the staff members with her if they are still predicting a sunny day. He brings up that they might be able to use a machine to make it snow though - because of all the snow being gathered around. Akari voices her concern that it may melt.

Nono and Lisa bring beverages to the workers who brought the trucks of snow as far as they had. They noticed a small amount of it has melted but they pray it lasts until Tokyo. This causes Nono and Lisa to worry until they see some residents have brought them snow from their home town there. WIth that they fill the trucks and continue on their way.

Further down Yayoi requests everyone bring in some snow. When the towns citzens recognize her they are quick to comply when they spot her. She encourages them to gather the Akita snow and together they work, with the news report doing a heavily featured story on the subject. Concerns were held over the snow melting but thats to consistantly added snow, the trucks are fine to keep going ith no concerns.

Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki do their jogging as they recall their hard work they put into their tour. As they train, Soleil watch them with excitement, and Ichigo decides she wants to help them build up this feeling. Aoi and Ran agree.

The next day all of the several trucks of snow have formed. Nono and Lisa return and they thank the duo for their help. The girls thank the drivers who have helped lend them a hand and they claim they had fun, bringing out their daughters being big time fans of the girls. They thank the guys and promise to make the show really good.

Eventually the day of the final tour performance arrives. Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki stand on stage and observe the large mass of snow they were able to gather. The area fills with several idols, students, foreigners, and family members. Minami excitedly plays with the snow and she is joined by Rin and Madoka, while Johnny and Orihime inform the girls that its time to go on. They are joined by Mizuki, Ichigo, Juri, Ran, an Aoi, and they request to let Mizuki, Ichigo, and Juri join them. The girls agree and Mizuki promises they will put on a great performance.

The girls head backstage and meet up with the other trio to change attire. They voice their votes of confidence with them and together, the six head into the changing area. After they finish they reapper on the stage and perform "Hello Winter Love".

After the performance finishes, the girls have an after tour party and have cake while chatting with each other. From the side luminas watches everyone when Ichigo, Mizuki, Aoi, Juri, and Ran approach them. They all compliment how well the performance went and how much fun they had, with the others agreeing and promising never to forget. To their surprise, it suddenly starts to snow. They watch as it slowly floats down and Akari voices how happy she was that they held this tour, which Hinaki and Sumire agree with. Akari then says once the new year starts, the Starlight Queen Cup will be beginning as well and they turn to watch the glowing tree in the distance.

14 (166)- "Watashi ga Mitsuketa Saisho no Kaze" ("The First Wind I Found")

Aikatsu! - Episode 166

Aikatsu! - Episode 166


Airdate: January 7, 2016

Orihime has set up an assembly one morning to announce the next Starlight Queen Cup. Orihime reminds everyone how important the Starlight Queen Cup, and how the winner will become the Top Idol of te school. She tells them that everyone is allowed to try out, and she asks that everyone tries their hardest to heat up the chilly season before announcing their new addition to this years Cup. The Star Dash Party, which will be held to open it.

Akari, Hinaki, and Sumire head off to an event later on. Sakura steps out of a limo as the current Starlight Queen Cup. She is followed by Otome, who won last year, and Mizuki, who held the title for three years. They welcome the fans who have come to see them and head onto the stage, which is hosted by Johnny-sensei. Orihime joins him and asks the trio to speak to the other Idols and fans, to give them words of encouragement. Mizuki starts by explaining what it means to be Starlight Queen. She tells them to remain hopeful before Otome takes over and explains how the Queen Cup is a lot like a flower. She asks that the fans support Idols trying to become Starlight Queen and Sakura takes over for her. She voices her support for the upcoming idols and recalls how much she changed since she first joined the school. She tells them that over time they may give up on their dreams, but they must remain courageous and keep wishing to achieve their dreams.

Later, after the meeting ends, the girls decide to get started with their training. They run by Naoto, who has been outside doing some cleaning again.

Akari is quick to catch up with Hinaki and competitively the duo run while Sumire is several feet behind them. She tiredly catches up after finding them collapsed onto a bench, and they claim they were unable to help but keep running so quickly like that. They wish to keep that feeling of exhilaration for the Queen Cup, unaware that Sumire has been concerned over things since earlier. Suddenly they get a message informing them that the registration has been opened. Hinaki suggests they enter together, but Sumire tells them she wants to think things over first. They tell her she doesn't need to rush, which seems to make her feel better.

Orihime, Naoto, and Johnny happen to notice that they keep getting entries put in. All over the school Idols are entering while discussing how much fun it will be, and how they will be the greatest Starlight Queen, ranging from Rin and Madoka, to a passionate Juri at one of her job locations, and so on. Naoto brings up that many of the Idols were probably encouraged by Sakura to think about what type of Queen's they wished to be.

At TV TKY Akari ends her weather program and she starts to chat with the host of the Idol News segment about the Queen Cup. As this is going on, Sumire is shown watching the program. When asked about the type of Idol she'd like to be, Akari tells them that she wants to work as hard as she can to bring smiles to others. She wants to make as many of them smile as she can. While this answer seems to cheer up Sumire a little, she gets a message from Orihime.

Akari leaves while she thinks about her reason some more. She thinks about her dreams of climbing the Idol Stairway - which was started back when she admired Ichigo and was encouraged to try Idoling. She sees that she has a long way to go yet and continues to climb, picturing Ichigo at the very top of it until she realized she had to become her own Idol; causing it to lengthen even further. She wants to see how high she can really go and refuses to give up her promise to Ichigo.

At Orihime's office, Sumire speaks to her about many recent requests for interviews. One from a tv station, three from magazines, and one from a music publication. As it turns out they all wish to ask her the same thing: What type of Queen she'd like to be. She will have to start answering them beginning with tomorrow, and they note that Akari has already answered. They note that Hinaki's turn will be starting and turn on the program to find the host asking her this. Hinaki tells them she wants to become more famous, because she will gain several new opportunities and wants to expand her chance to bring even more fun to everyone.

Sumire goes out for a jog afterwards and continues to think. She is unable to find an answer befitting of herself and pictures the same stairway that Akari had. However, her path remains clouded. She is joined by Akari and Hinaki and they chat about the interviews after they decide to take a break. She voices her amazement to see how confident they are - but she feels unsure of it. Akari claims she knew for a long time though, and it wasn't something that just came out of nowhere. Back when she first saw Ichigo on television she wanted to be just like her; someone who can bring smiles to everyone. Hinaki claims the same thing happened to her as she watched her parents work, and how she dreamed of working with them some day.

Sumire recalls that her older sister was the one who pushed her to idoling, but back then she had no drive and pushed herself away from others. But after she met the other two and they began to compete, she realized she was changing. She found friends, and she started to open up and realized her dream was to become a singing Idol. Suddenly she realizes her answer, she will reach new heights through singing as the Queen. Hinaki and Akari are inspired by this and compliment her, then together they register while making a promise to fight their hardest. They feel another win in the air, assuring them that this is right.

Later, Hinaki joins Akari at lunch and asks where Sumire is. She received an invitation from Maya to pay him a visit, and actually just left.

At Maya's mansion, Sumire steps inside while she recalls going in the last time, and how she lacked no self-esteem. This time, courageously she steps inside and finds Maya waiting. He thanks her for coming and explains how he heard her speak for the interview. He decided to use her as inspiration to create a special dress for her to wear in hopes of making her become Queen. He asks if this is okay and Sumire agrees, and he tells her that he expects only the best from her.

Eventually the day of Sumire's solo live arrived. She observes the coord he made special for her and heads to the changing booth. She changes into it after a few words of encouragement to herself, then appears on stage to sing "Queen of Roses".

Afterwards, everyone goes on about how amazing the performance was. They discuss how she performed the fever appeal, which encourages Madoka and Rin to try even harder to do their best. From the background, Johnny and Orihime discuss the turn of events.

15 (167)- "Yume no Suketchibukku" ("The Dream Sketchbook")

Aikatsu! - Episode 167

Aikatsu! - Episode 167


Airdate: January 14, 2016

Akari starts her weather program and announces that today calls for clear skies; however, the cold weather won't be going away any time soon. She warns the viewers to dress warmly before speaking the hosts of the News program and she promises to try her best to become Starlight Queen.

Hinaki and Sumire leave the school for work while discussing just how much pressure the Starlight Queen will have. But they agree that it is also an important step for any serious Idol to try to take.

Akari thanks everyone for their help with the program for that day. One of the workers wishes Akari well and promises to cheer for her before walking away, and Akari realizes how important the Starlight Queen Cup really is - then recalls that only two months remain until it occurs. She decides she must get a special dress for it.

Meanwhile, at the Dreamy Crown Studio, Tsubasa suddenly falls down ill.

Akari walks down the corridor when she spots Orihime. They exchange words for a few minutes and Akari brings up she's on her way to an interview with Madoka regarding their duo unit, Skips. She admits that she has been preparing for the Queen Cup but she's been struggling on how to entertain everyone for it. Orihime voices confidence in her and Akari walks off as Naoto and Johnny join her. As she smiles, Johnny happens to notice it and she explains that Akari was trying to think about the audience instead of herself as an Idol. Johnny can't help but shed a tear of joy over noting how much she's grown up since she first started idoling.

During their interview, Madoka and Akari chat about the Queen Cup with the woman giving it. They decide to have a snack break and discuss how much preparations go into the Queen Cup. Madoka mentions her and her grandmother agreed she would use the Angel Alice Coord, and she mentions how much they discussed her dress, the song, and everything. The more they chatted, the more good ideas flowed through them and onto the paper. Madoka then recalls how her Grandmother says an Idol and their Designer must fit together very closely in order to create wonderful things, as they are a team and suddenly Akari realizes what she can do to get past her momentary slump. She apologizes for leaving so suddenly but runs off to get started on her own prep-work.

Outside, Akari dials Tsubasa to try discussing things with him. But she gets no answer and assumes he is too busy. A moment later he calls back, asking if she just called. She comments on how strange he sounds and he apologizes, as he was busy sleeping. This worries Akari, given the time, and she asks if he is okay. He mentions that he got a cold, but claims it to be nothing. Akari then hangs up and Tsubasa quickly falls back to sleep.

Akari rushes inside ot get dressed and take off, but Hinaki and Sumire stop her. They grab her hat and Sumire hands her a bag of herbal tea her sister makes, sure it will help.

As Tsubasa tries to draw, he struggles to work and forces himself to quit. He gets up, realizing he is missing something. While he paces, he happens to spot Akari in the distance from the window. He runs over to his door to meet with her, surprising Akari. She asks how he is feeling and he is surprised she is there, but asks why she is so concerned. Inside, Akari reveals the several items she brought for him; including apples, ginger, the herbal tea, and vegetables. She tells him to go and rest and offers to make everything for him, starting with the herbal tea. She takes a while to find his utensils - but as it turns out Tsubasa is able to handle a lot more than her within seconds.

After convincing Akari that two hands prove to be better than just one set, they get to work. He peels the apples while explaining his mom would do the same thing for him when he was sick. Akari mentions her mom did it too, and she agrees with Tsubasa before Akari recalls her father reading soil-based books to her; due to his work. Having her parents with her put her to ease, and at that point in time Akari decides she can handle the rest of the work. She makes the tea and asks about Tsubasa's pots; but when he sees her about to climb the counter he quickly gets up to grab them for her.

Eventually the meal is finished so they sit down. Akari feels bad since she made Tsubasa do so much work, but he claims the illness is mostly gone anyway so its fine. Together they eat some of the soup and he asks Akari if she would like to discuss her dress. She admits that this is why she called earlier - but she'd rather wait until he's better. Tsubasa claims they should just do it now since he wanted to anyway. He asks her what ideas she may have and Akari asks Tsubasa what type of performance she could do that would make her the Starlight Queen. He is quiet and listens to Akari voice her desires to become the Starlight Queen and how she wishes to bring joy to everyone. He recalls back when he first met Akari and how energetic and eager she was. She kept trying to get him what he needed to complete the Odette Swan coord, and because of her help it really helped Dreamy Crown get started.

Akari notices that Tsubasa has fallen asleep. She gets up and grabs the blanket, but spots his sketchbook. While he sleeps she picks it up and looks through it, observing his various drawings. She is touched that he worked so hard for her, but doesn't linger on it very long. She gets up to cover him, thanking him for his kindness before taking off.

Tsubasa wakes up a while later to notice that Akari has left. In her place is a note, expressing her joy that they spoke to each other, and that she hopes he gets better and put away the leftover soup. Tsubasa observes his sketchbook again and realizes that since meeting Akari, his passion for making outfits has grown a lot.

At Amahane's, Madoka gives her grandmother a little massage as thanks for her hard work. Amahane voices that while she does do a lot of work, but she never grows tired of it or dislikes it. She's happy to have Madoka and Ichigo favor her brand, and she is sure the other designers feel the same way.

Tsubasa spends his time observing some coords in a magazine; including two modeled by Ichigo and Madoka, made by Amahane. Tsubasa mentions that its because of them that the brand is able to thrive so well, and he observes a coord Akari modeled for him and he realizes that they are a great combination. If Akari could become the Starlight Queen it would be a big leap for the both of them to achieve their dreams.

That evening Akari returns to find Sumire preparing to do some evening run to calm down a little. Sumire asks how Tsubasa was and after Akari mentions it, she decides to join her. As they run, Hinaki joins them as well. Akari pushes forward and runs ahead of her friends.

Later, Akari prepares for her performance after Madoka finishes. She chooses the Ruby Blossom coord to wear for it and changes, appearing on stage to perform "Blooming♡Blooming".

After, she leaves the performance area and gets a message from Tsubasa. Madoka heads off before Akari and she picks up the phone, asking how he is. She is happy when he announces he is a lot better and reveals that he finished her new dress. He asks if she wants to see it, but Akari puts her trust in him and decides to wait.

16 (168)- "Hitotsu no Michi to, Wakare Michi" ("One Road, Different Ways")

Aikatsu! - Episode 168

Aikatsu! - Episode 168


Airdate: January 21, 2016

The girls discuss how well Sumire's performance went recently. They discuss how popular she's become suddenly, but they refuse to let Sumire keep the spotlight for long. They happen to pass by Nono and Lisa, who observe them before commenting on the sight. Encouraged, Nono suddenly starts to run while Lisa watches her.

The girls arrive at Sakura's current living arrangement a bit later, and Nono brings up that she was sure it'd encourage them to keep working hard. As it turns out, Juri, Akari, Hinaki, Madoka, Rin, and Sumire all got the same idea. They discuss how the name will eventually change with a new Idol owning it, so they start to discuss various names if they win it. Lisa points out that only one person can become the Starlight Queen however, and she recalls when they headed home to pay everyone a visit. Her mom commented on hard it was to believe her daughter was an Idol, but when her little brother brings up doing solo work, they are reminded of how they've always been together. Lisa is concerned over how Nono will do without her.

In Orihime's office they discuss the the current standings with the contest. Orihime brings up how popular Luminas as a Unit was - so chances are the three of them will have great rankings either way. They also decide they can't count out Juri, Rin, or Madoka out just yet though, and Naoto states that they should just prepare for any of them to win.

That evening, Nono is busy booking work, saying it will help her prepare for Starlight Queen. Lisa watches her for a moment before deciding she'll do the same. Suddenly, She sees something titled "Queens Cup" and enters the both of them into it. She shows Lisa what she found, but as it turns out, its the Potato May Queen Cup. They show up on location and observe several people, with Nono commenting that a lot of people from Hokkaido showed up. She takes out the paper she had, saying the Idols they wanted were for promoting Hokkaido-grown potatoes. Lisa is a bit frustrated, but Nono claims this is their specialty. To their surprise the others show up, and as it turns out they all entered as well. Sumire comments on how amazing it all for all of them to have entered, but Lisa is still concerned over Nono.

The event begins, with the girls standing on stage, ready to start working. First they must peel potato, and Hinaki struggles to leave anything bigger than the size of a strawberry, incidentally slashing at the vegetable instead of peeling it delicately. Akari and Sumire do well but with Akari being so careful, she's very slow. They try to encourage her while Nono and Lisa continue to work, unaware of Dolly Devil's Designer being there among the judges.

Next, five of the girls are in a contest to stuff the potato sacks. Rin struggles to shove them in, while Nono worries her bag will tear. Juri handles it passionately and seemingly to do well - until her bag incidentally tears from overdoing it. They watch as Nono and Lisa quickly make work of their bags, then move onto the next round, in which the girls must cook potato. Juri makes a potato omelet, while Sumire made Potato salad and Akari makes Fries. Hinaki makes potato with bacon, and Rin makes Potatoes with cheese. Madoka reveals something creative she made, based on candy apples. Nono reveals a buttered potato she used to make back in Hokkaido, and they compliment its wonderful taste and give it a passing grade. Lisa reveals to them a bowl of meat and potatoes that she learned from her mother. It gets passing marks as well and the announcer reveals which two will move onto the final round: Lisa and Nono.

A break is held while Nono and Lisa celebrate how much fun they've had so far. They are joined by the judge, who reveals herself to be Lucy. She thanks the girls for inspiring her today before mentioning she was struggling to think of anything for a new dress. Nono reveals they came to try gaining experience for the Starlight Queen Cup. They then request that she makes them both a Dolly Devil Premium Dress, because they wish to wear the best dresses for it. She feels this would be a bit boring though, so she decides that whoever wins today's event will gain it. They agree and head back out on stage, but Lisa feels troubled once more. Lucy notices how concerns Lisa is and she agrees to hear her out, causing Lisa to express how she and Nono have always been together. Now it seems like they're being forced to separate from one-another, but she only became an Idol to continue doing what she loved; singing with Nono. She's proud to see how much she's grown now, but she feels lonely. Lucy seems to understand, and tells her that at some points they may need to be rivals, but walking down separate paths doesn't need to be so lonely. She gives Lisa some advice and suggests that the next time she's concerned, she just dives in headfirst. This resonates with Lisa as she recalls her decision to become an Idol, then she joins Nono on the stage.

There the girls must sort potato within the time limit. Whoever has the most will win. Lisa and Nono recall how they used to do this all the time, and Nono recalls how they would compete against each other when they were younger. They would get so competitive about it, and Lisa claims it was because they had so much fun. Encouraged to just have fun, the girls get started with sorting. They quickly sort when the times suddenly runs out. Nono happily mentions how much fun it was to work with Lisa, then confesses to feeling a bit lonely since they have been busy doing solo work lately. Lisa starts to feel better as she hears Nono speak of feelings similar to her own, and recalls what Lucy told her.

With that it is announced that both girls have won the event. As it turns out, they tied. Lucy decides that because they both won, she'll make the both of them a dress.

A bit later she reveals the Silky Love Devil Coord to the girls. They compliment how pretty it is as she mentions their various characteristics that she kept in mind when making it. With that they head out on stage and perform to "lucky train!".

Afterwards, the girls meet up with Lisa thinks to herself over how she plans to focus on diving headfirst into her own path. She and Nono will always remain friends, so she doesn't need to worry anymore.

17 (169)- "Hinaki Mirakuru!" ("Hinaki Miracle!")

Aikatsu! - Episode 169

Aikatsu! - Episode 169


Airdate: January 28, 2016

While working with Kayoko on a Premium Dress for the Starlight Queen Cup, Hinaki learns that Mikuru, having gained popularity after becoming a top gardener, is holding a concert. The two go to see Mikuru, who joins them in helping them find inspiration for the new dress. They soon go on a training camp at Vivid Kiss' seaside cottage, only to find a French documentary team is scheduled to do a report on Vivid Kiss, so the girls decide to have the training camp be the topic of the documentary. Later that night, as Hinaki worries about how to perform a Fever Appeal, Mikuru shares her experience working with WM, telling her the only important thing is to make sure she has no regrets in whatever she does. Finding some tins of paint, Hinaki decides to go wild and paint the cottage in vivid colors, which inspires Kayoko to create the Street Art coord.

18 (170)- "Aidoru no Chikara" ("An Idol's Strength")

Aikatsu! - Episode 170

Aikatsu! - Episode 170


Airdate: February 4, 2016

Akari and Hinaki sit down to watch a program that featured her and Sumire in an interview earlier. They were asked about their performances, such as the coord and song they would be performing. When the announcer reveals Akari hasn't gone on to show her own coord, Hinaki and Sumire discuss their own, brand new Premium Rares and Akari claims she will be able to discuss this with them soon enough. She had helped Sena a little bit but decided to let him handle everything otherwise - due to her faith in him.

That evening Sena is busy working to finish but finds himself unhappy with the progress.

The next day the trio jog for a bit until Akari decides to take off early. She wishes to pay Sena a visit to see how he is doing while the other five girls remain back to discuss her visit. Sumire explains that due to her excitement she was unable to wait any longer. So the only suitable decision was to go and see things for herself. Madoka comments on how long Sena has been taking, and claims it to be unusual. She recalls her grandmother remarking that he is the type to dive into work and is unable to quit until they finish. The girls express further concern.

Akari approaches the large lake surrounding Dreamy Crown's office and continues to walk over. She knocks on the door, surprising Sena when he opens it. She admits that she just got too excited to wait and shows the bento she prepared for him. While initially annoyed with Akari tending to him, he lets her in without hesitation. She notes how messy the room looks but says nothing of it. She puts down the pack she brought and he prepares water for tea, but while unpacking it she catches several sketches of various ribbons he's made while he resumes cutting fabric. She sees how focused Sena is before stopping the water when the pot goes off, so they sit down for tea while Sena shows Akari the dress he has in mind; however he isn't satisfied with it and feels there are many more details.

A bit later Akari decides to take off as Sena promises to eat the bento later. Before she goes, something she says resonates within Sena and he promises to make her the ultimate dress. With that Akari leaves, and he heads back inside to resume work.

At the table, Sena continues to think over what he can add. Seeing how much she's grown on the stage made him realize it isn't enough, and he needs to make a grand dress perfect for her to continue growing while she wears it. He thinks of Akari's bright smile and gets to work.

Later while Akari waits for the train, she is concerned that she didn't help Sena. She suddenly gets a call from Sumire, who just finished work and they discuss the visit. Akari mentions her worries but Sumire assures her that things will work out because she knows Akari will find a way to lend Sena her help. Just then the train arrives so they end the conversation.

That evening Akari arrives home to see her parents. She decides that she's only staying for dinner though, since she has to get up early and will need to return to her dorm that night. She then brings a souvenir for her father - some soil that she found interesting. Her father is curious, but as it turns out the soil isn't unusual; just wet. Akari feels sad that she didn't find anything interesting but her father is happy despite that.

Later, Akari and her mother sit down to observe some images of Akari's idol work. Her mother muses that in the past Akari was a crybaby and a handful to tend to when she started school. She shows Akari the image of her first time failing the exam she took to enter Starlight, and she mentions that Akari began to smile much more often even against her hardships, and whenever it happened, she could feel at ease to see her daughter remain hopeful. Honestly she believes that Akari always had the makings of an Idol, something that confuses Akari at first. Her mom explains that she is often smiling, and she has a way of making tons of other people smile - just with her bright and positive nature.

With that Akari decides she should be going, but before she takes off her mother takes a photo of her. Then she wishes Akari luck and she wishes her a goodnight.

Akari thinks about how she gained many friends with the power of her smiling, and how even they encouraged and helped her. She realized that her smile is just the power she needs to continue helping everyone.

The following morning Akari is told that her performance will be starting. As she exits the room she runs into Sena, who ran to get there in time. He reveals he finished the coord and hands over the cards for it. Akari is amazed and Sena reveals the White Sky Veil coord, explaining that it was inspired by her. He realized the thing missing had been was from the feeling one got from looking up to a bright blue sky, and her visit made him realize this. The dress is perfect to make her a Queen and he believes she can do it. He thanks Akari for her help and comments that he feels the dress is entirely finished now. Akari is beyond happy with the coord and heads backstage after thanking Sena for his hard work. Determined again, she heads into the changing device and appears on stage to perform "START DASH SENSATION".

After the performance, everyone compliments the coord. Akari changes and prepares to leave while observing the coord she wore, recalling what Sena said earlier and decides that she will win Starlight Queen with it.

19 (171)- "Besuto Furendo" ("Best Friend")

Aikatsu! - Episode 171

Aikatsu! - Episode 171


Airdate: February 11, 2016

Rin grabs her items for the day and heads off just as Madoka is returning home. Madoka remarks that once more they will be missing each other, then wishes Rin luck before revealing she reserved a concert hall for the two of them. She explains that because they're so busy, she was hoping to have something with her, just the two of them again. Rin agrees with the idea and takes off.

Later when Rin returns home that night, she finds Madoka already changed. However, she is surprised when Madoka reveals the mochi anmistu she grabbed from the recommended sweets shop while on her way home. She wanted until Rin returned to try it out, and together they eat while discussing things. They chat about the sweet taste of the anmistu, and Madoka brings up that she was happy to get it since it meant seeing Rin happy, and Rin asks if she reserved the concert hall herself. Madoka confirms she did, saying that she was used to doing it since she lent Luminas a hand with their own concert work. Rin thanks her once more, causing Madoka to voice how much she's looking forward to this. When they first joined Starlight Academy they were always together, but lately their time cut down the center, to the point they could only see each other during the morning and evening. Rin agrees with her, but claims that even then, some things don't change - leaving Madoka curious.

The next morning the girls discuss their show with Akari, Hinaki, and Sumire. They agree to see it since they will have the time.

Orihime, Johnny, and Naoto discuss Madoka and Rin's plans to hold a concert. She mentions how happy she is to see them still so close, and Johnny agrees.

Later, the girls prepare to do some training. They go over their schedules to make sure they can get in as much training as possible. They start with jogging and comment on how long its been since they last jogged together. Then they practice their jumps, and then their dancing until late in the night.

Sumire is going over something when Akari joins her. They discuss seeing the two girls work so hard that day, and how much effort they put in to working together, and being together while they can, and this leads Akari to recall meeting them. She had been assigned the energetic and lively Rin, who amazed Akari with her dancing, while Sumire wound up with the charming Madoka. They seemed to be so different at first, but they quickly formed a wonderful friendship. Sumire remarks that it may have had to do with being roommates, and brings up that she and Akari went through the same thing. After agreeing, Akari mentions that she is excited to see them perform.

Meanwhile, the girls watch older Aikatsu performances; like Yurika performing Eternally Flickering Flame, Aoi with Stranger Alien, Otome's CHU-CHU♥RAINBOW, and Ichigo's Dance in the rain, in an attempt to determine which song to sing. It's then they land on Ichigo and Seira performing in their unit, and Madoka wonders if their partnership is like theirs. Suddenly, Rin brings up the song she wants them to perform and she changes the video to their performance of Friend. Madoka agrees after Rin points out its perfect for their relationship.

The next day, Johnny approaches Orihime and Naoto. Naoto comments on how loud he is, but Orihime states that because he's like this, she feels at ease. If he were to ever be quiet, she'd start to worry. She likes him as he is, and he claims he won't ever change - because some things are fine as they are. He then reveals he came because the concert will be held tomorrow. Naoto brings up that Madoka and Rin set up everything by themselves, and he's happy for them as their teacher, although he is also a little worried.

Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki chat among themselves in the Cafeteria. They wonder how the performance will go and reveal that they don't really know anything yet - since the girls won't tell them any specific details.

Worn out from training, Madoka and Rin sit down. They are sure they've done everything, but with how much fun they were having they really don't want to stop. Rin suggests that with the time remaining they go out for some fun, and after they change and leave, Rin explains her desire to show something secret to Madoka. She excitedly trails behind her, with various towns people noticing the girls as they walk by. They pass by a busy district and Rin quickly starts to run with Madoka until they wind up down a path away from the city and come across a large cafe up a row of stairs before them. Madoka is surprised, as she's been wanting to go there but didn't realize Rin knew that. Inside, she is further surprised when Rin reveals that she set up a little birthday celebration for her, even getting a cake made.

Seeing how touched Madoka is, Rin lights the candles of her macaron cake and wishes her happy birthday. They eat until only a few pieces are left, with Madoka claiming she refuse to stop. She is amazed to find out that Rin made the cake herself, and asks where she found the time to do it. She also used today to show an amazing view to Madoka at this time of day, and they look outside to see the sun set in the distance and as Madoka feels herself ready to cry, she resumes eating the cake to stay calmed.

Later the girls make their way back home by walking through the park. Madoka yells out that she loves Rin, but in doing so they get noticed by a couple. The two approach the girls and they compliment on how easy it was to spot the duo. The girl asks for Madoka's autograph, who then hands it to Rin afterwards. Madoka asks to see it, then makes a heart with the pen on their autograph before handing it back. The woman thanks her while the make asks if they go out together so often, and the girls admit that they don't lately. However they will always remain friends, and the two wish the girls luck for the Starlight Queen Cup before they take off.

Back at the Dorms, Madoka comments on how much fun she had for the day, and Rin is delighted by Madoka's happiness; and they both are really happy. However, Madoka refuses to accept that Rin is as happy as she is, and they share a small laugh before promising to put on their best performance tomorrow. Madoka then thanks Rin and claims to understand, recalling what Rin said the other day. That no matter how busu they are, they will always be best friends.

The following day, Madoka and Rin share a few words before they promise to make it a great performance. With that they change into their school coords and appear on stage to perform, "Friend".

After the performance the two take off from the concert hall and they discuss how the performance went. Rin asks if their unchanging feelings will always resonate with the fans and Madoka claims that even if it may not to the fans, it will to them.

20 (172)- "Haru no DoriaKānibaru!" ("Spring DreaCarnival!")

Aikatsu! - Episode 172

Aikatsu! - Episode 172


Airdate: February 18, 2016

Akari, Hinaki, and Sumire sit down to watch a program hosted by the Dream Academy girls. They reveal the upcoming DreaCarnival. They take turns going over various details involving it to entice visitors to come join them, with Seira finishing it off by saying they will hold performances for them. After the program ends, the trio comment on how it would pay to observe their performance and decide to attend the event.

On day of the event they notice various attractions and stands. They hear sound in the distance and find Seira playing her guitar for an audience. She thanks them before spotting the trio and invites them inside for some tea. They chat, with Seira noting that she hasn't met Hinaki yet. It's then Seira asks if they would like to pay the other a visit, starting with Ki, who is in the training room to show everyone how fun it cam be to attend the school while working hard. Sumire and Hinaki compliment before Ki offers to let them try the training gear. They change and agree to it, starting with a giant rolling machine. They do really well until turning the setting to the speed Seira runs - which while hard, they keep going.

Eventually they move on to a display room to find several items and outfit, most of which were made by Sora. They also watch girls dance for a bit, do tests, watch Palm, and watch a girl as she gives a presentation. It's then Sora joins them, playing with Sumire's hair. She recalls the drama she and Ran took part in a while back while observing the outfits she made for it, and Sora mentions that she usually watches Sumire perform.

With that they move onto the last stop, Maria, who has given the girls some sweets made with the milk she gathered that morning. She brings them to see Elizabeth the III, along with her baby Elizabeth IV. They see how long the lines are becoming, and Maria remarks on how bad she feels to keep everyone waiting. Hinaki gets an idea suddenly, and voices that while everyone waits, they can turn the experience into a memory by allowing them to see Elizabeth III for themselves. With that, she shows everyone how the milking goes and they offer the fresh milk to the customers while they wait.

Seira and the others head on to find Raichi speaking with Tiara. Raichi is surprised to see the girls there, but happily remarks on it before mentioning how Ichigo has been doing. They spot the Press band on Raichi's arm and he reveals he came as an official for the Aikatsu Times, his online version of the Aikatsu Newspaper, to see a guaranteed star that will soon be debuting. The girls are confused, but Tiara claims it is only a rumor - although they will be paying her a visit and invite the girls to join them.

They agree and walk down the corridor inside of the school. They try to determine which Idol Tiara and Raichi spoke of and bring up that Noel isn't with them.

To their surprise, they spot Noel in the other room and find her wearing the Dream Academy uniform. She sits with them and reveals that she enrolled last September, and this makes the girls realize the star Raichi referred to was Noel. She really doesn't think so, and claims to be worn out from just basic training. She mentions her debut isn't off for a while yet, and Raichi gives her an interview and asks why she decided to become an Idol. Noel reveals it had to do with watching Ichigo, and the feeling she got from it; but what sealed the deal was seeing Seira shine up on stage with Ichigo as 2Wings. Akari and her friends also encouraged her to follow an Idol career. Raichi then brings up everything he did to help Noel prepare. Noel also recalls telling Seira about her decision and suddenly the other three appear to collect Seira. She says farewell and takes off, telling the other girls not to miss the performance. Akari goes on to ask Noel of her desires in relation to Seira. She tells them that one day she hopes to catch up with her.

Eventually the performance approaches. The girls appear on stage and take turns performing. They finish it off by putting on a performance together.

After the performance concludes, Raichi and Noel chat for a moment. Akari then brings up that the next time they meet, it will be on stage. She promises to work hard for it and they take off.

As the sun sets the trio chat about how much fun they had. They bring up how the bar has been raised even further, and their desire to work even harder as the Starlight Queen Cup arrives.

21 (173)- "Daburu Mirakuru☆" ("Double Miracle☆")

Aikatsu! - Episode 173

Aikatsu! - Episode 173


Airdate: February 25, 2016

With word spreading about a top secret guest set to headline the Starlight Queen Cup, everyone becomes curious as to who it will be, including Johnny. While visiting Ichigo's bento shop, Johnny comes to the assumption that Masquerade is the special guest in question. His guess turns out to be completely off the mark, however, as the real guests are revealed to be Mizuki and Mikuru, who have reformed WM.

22 (174)- "Watashi no Move on now!" ("My Move on now!")

Aikatsu! - Episode 174

Aikatsu! - Episode 174

(私の Move on now!)

Airdate: March 3, 2016

Risa decides she wants to perform Mizuki's signature song, "Move on now!", for the Starlight Queen Cup, as it was the first song she sung on her own. However, she becomes nervous when she learns Mizuki herself will be providing live commentary. While doing a drama shoot with Juri, Risa hears from her about how she gained the confidence to become her own idol. The first day of the Starlight Queen Cup soon gets underway, with Juri managing to obtain an Appeal Ranking of A to place at the top spot. Risa finishes the day's events with her performance, placing just behind Juri, before receiving some personal thanks from Mizuki.

23 (175)- "Kanaetai Mirai-tachi" ("The Futures We Want to Come True")

Aikatsu! - Episode 175

Aikatsu! - Episode 175


Airdate: March 10, 2016

While the other idols prepare for the next day of the Starlight Festival, Nono makes Risa a meal to cheer her up, promising to win in her stead. The next day, as Miyabi and Kokone come to Starlight to watch the event, Nono kicks the day off with her performance, also falling just behind Juri in the rankings. Rin lands in the spot after Nono, while Madoka places between Juri and Nono. With Juri still in the top spot, Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki prepare for the next day's performances.

24 (176)- "Ibara no Joō" ("The Queen of Roses")

Aikatsu! - Episode 176

Aikatsu! - Episode 176


Airdate: March 17, 2016

Rin and Madoka decide to respectively help Sumire and Akari train for their performance, while Hinaki speaks with Juri before receiving some flowers from Mikuru. As the final day of the Starlight Queen Cup begins, Hinaki is the first to perform, managing to overtake Juri in the rankings. During her performance, Sumire attempts a Special A-Rank Fever Appeal but fails to land it successfully.

25 (177)- "Mirai Muki no Ima" ("Looking Forward to the Future")

Aikatsu! - Episode 177

Aikatsu! - Episode 177


Airdate: March 24, 2016

The episode starts off with Akari heading to the fitting room. She sees Sumire there and Sumire says that she believes in her. Then Akari gives her performance and was announced as the new Starlight Queen. The top eight participants (Juri, Hinaki, Madoka, Nono, Rin, Risa and Sumire), along with Orihime and Mizuki give their comments and final words. Orihime then asks Ichigo to crown Akari. Then, during the after party, while everyone was talking, Tsubasa comes in and tells Akari that both of them have become top in their own ways, and that he wants to make her another dress. Akari then heads off to participate in an interview and leaves for her new dorm, the Starlight Queen Palace. She then finds multiple notes left by Sakura around the manor that tells her to go to another location each time. At last, she opens the closet as instructed, and finds Sumire and Hinaki are inside. They slept together, and in the morning, Akari heads off to Ōzora Weather.

26 (178)- "Saikō no Puresento" ("The Greatest Present")

Aikatsu! - Episode 178

Aikatsu! - Episode 178


Airdate: March 31, 2016

Akari is invited out by Ichigo, who treats her to a special made bento to celebrate her victory. After her meal, Akari makes a request to have Luminas and Soleil hold a joint concert together. Following the performance, the other idols bring out a birthday surprise for Akari, pitting her in an obstacle course race against Ichigo for her present. Managing to catch up to Ichigo at the last second, Akari is treated with a spectacular view and is offered whatever present she'd like, which turns out to be a solo concert with Ichigo.

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