General Information
Type Anime
Created by Medicrie
Years on Air 2010-2015
Seasons 2
Episodes 25
Others 1 ONA

First Season: Agukaru

Japanese Title: あぐかる

English Title: Agriculture Angel BARAKI

Set in the eastern Japanese prefecture of Ibaraki, Agukaru centers around Sanae Baraki, a farmer’s daughter who can see spirits. Every day she works on her field together with such spirits to produce the best agricultural goods. However, there is a group that aims for that field. With the blessing of the earth, she transforms into Agriculture Angel Baraki.

Second Season: Agukaru: Play with Ibaraki-hen

Japanese Title: あぐかる PLAY WITH IBARAKI編

English Title: Agriculture Angel BARAKI: Play with Ibaraki

Sanae has now left the countryside to view the tourist wonders of the Ibaraki prefecture. Villains are still after her so her agriculture magic powers still come in hand.

Episode List

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