General Information
Type Anime
Created by Toshimichi Outsuki

Yasushi Akimoto

Years on Air 2012-2013
Seasons 2
Episodes 26

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At the start of the 21st century, an interplanetary war broke out. Earth's ecosystem was severely damaged, and humanity was forced to flee the planet. In several planets of this new society, things that "disturb the heart" like music and art are forbidden. 48 years later, the legendary idol group AKB48 is resurrected as the interplanetary troupe AKB0048, made up of girls who carry on the title and spirit
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of the original members. Held as heroines by some and labeled as terrorists by others, they must take up arms to bring their music to their fans wherever they are. The story follows a group of young hopefuls as they train to become the next generation of AKB0048.

In the year since the 77th generation kenkyūsei (研究生, understudies, also "trainees") joined AKB0048, the Deep Galactic Trade Organization [DGTO] and Destroy Entertainment Soldiers [DES] have stepped up their attacks on entertainment. In response, AKB0048 brings back the general elections and the Center Nova position. The understudies are now thrusted into a new competition directly against the successors. But as AKB0048 brings back policies not seen since Acchan's disappearance, a new more powerful enemy is quietly moving behind the scenes.

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